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Negligible risk

Possible hiv from a stripper?

Im worried i may have put myself at risk for hiv. About 2 weeks ago i received a lap dance from a stripper. I fingered her, and i do have cuts on my fingers from biting and picking them. I also cant remember if i touched myself after so is there a chance of contracting hiv from touching your penis with vaginal fluid. Also she spit on my penis so im wondering if that could make me concerned too.

fingering hiv

Sir i went to a movie where i met a csw and i received a handjob ...at the sametime i inserted a finger into vagina and withdrawn immediately as i felt some wetness. pls assess my hiv risk and do i need to test. thanks

I'm able affected by receiving Blowjob unprotected.


I went to this massage parlour 2 yrs back and happen to get blowjob from this massager girl. My penis did erect and i start to suck her nipple. She stop doing the blowjob and gave me handjob. As she was giving me handjob she tore my foreskin( ferenelum) and i was bleeding. I had to stop her and rush to the hospital. The doctor circumsized my foreskin. My question is i'm affect to HIV ?


I have been to a massage parlor. I inserted my finger in her vagina, she gave me hand job, and kissed me it was not deep but i did felt her saliva on my lips, we both were nude. I dont remember if i have any cut on the finger which i inserted. I was having a mild bleeding gum but it was not bleeding at the time of kiss. And i kissed on he upper body as well.. Now i am really worried its been six months since that happend and that was my first time and i never had sex before and after this incident. i have not got myself tested, am i at risk?? Please help

Frottage and fingering with cut


I was with a man who fingered me very rough and cause some irritation and bleeding in my external anus/crack area, then he rubbed his penis outside my crack which was some irritated like the irritation from the baby's, and his penis has lots of precum on it , there was no penetration, but I am scared that some of his precum touch that irritation/cut outside my crack/anus. What is my risk for Hiv and do I need to get tested for this situation??, Is it the irritation/cut in my situation was enough for the hiv transmission, or it has to be a deep cut ??


Penis Rubbing To Vagina With Vagina Fluid Can Cause HIV

A Few days ago , I had sex with a SexWorker(Most probably She is from Philippine ) in Bharian . Only for one time and after that I am in fear of HIV.
First of all I don't know if that girl has HIV or not . I kissed her and also fingering then I try to put my penis without condom , but it's not happened as it was not as hard that will go smoothly then I try to make it hard with my hand and touches the vagina Lips with penis (foreskin pull back) where vagina fluid present, and within few mnts I ejected in top of vagina with rubbing my penis without insertion in fact not get time to insert . Her vaginal fluid touches my penis top my Urethra ..

I am still in a trauma. I rubbed my penis on the lips of a vagina . Vaginal fluid touches my penis top means urethra WITHOUT PENETRATION .

Is that any chances to get HIV+. Please help me out , I am very scared. What should I do now.

I did several test,
Rapid HIV 1/2/O Antibody Only after 33 days Its showing only one line in C (with fingertip blood)
Rapid HIV 1/2/O Antibody Only after 40 days Its showing only one line in C (with fingertip blood)
Rapid HIV 1/2/O Antibody Only after 42 days Its showing only one line in C with fingertip
Rapid HIV 1/2/O Antibody Only after 45 days Its showing only one line in C with fingertip
Then on 49 days : HIV 1/2 & P24 Combo(CMIA) from LALPathLab : 0.23 Non-Reactive.
Then Day 52 : HBsAg SeRUM (CMIA) from LALPathLab INDIA : Non-Reactive
Then Day 52 : HCV SeRUM (CMIA) from LALPathLab INDIA : 0.07 Non-Reactive
Then Day 52 : HIV 1 RNA QUANTITIVE (Real Time PCR) from LALPathLab INDIA : Target not detected Copies/ml
Then Day 56 : HIV 1/2 & P24 Combo(CMIA) from LALPathLab INDIA : 0.24 Non-Reactive.

As I work in GCC region so after 84 days I can only able to take rapid home test at 84 days ,should I go for that or my above test are conclusive ?

Please suggest ... I can't Sleep,can't work .
Please help me out to understand the result accuracy % and risk.
Should I continue sex with my wife without protection ? Am I free from HIV 1/2 ??

About hiv fear

I am male and had a unprotected oral sex with male 3 and half months back there was no penetration just touched his anus with my tool,he said he had mouth sores due to heat regular and took b complex tablets,so after 10 days i just had some pimples on my right arm shoulder and checked with doctor it was not herpes ,but I had intercourse with my wife and started worrying about hiv thinking that if his semen touched my penis tip,so I got tested myself with tridot test four times at different intervals and last test was at 13th week I took which all came negative ,so i spoke to that guy whether does he is infected he said no and I requested him to get tested with the same tridot test on 7th week from our exposure and again on 14 week with same tridot test which came negative,so my question is that is am I free from infection and can I move in my life ahead without any kind of sexual acts with anyone else just want to be active with my wife kindly pls answer me

HIV transmission through shaving blades

I went to the barber yesterday and had a beard shave. After the shave I did not feel any cuts or bleeding. But there was a sore feeling on my upper lip on the left side. I asked him to apply after shave. But then I got scared that what if the blade was used and the razor too. After I got home i took a few wet tissues and pressed them greatly against my skin wherever it was shaved to see if any blood was present. I couldnt see any traces of blood. My question is,
1) Can HIV be transmitted to me in the scenario that I have said
2) Could it be that blood was not visible on tissue because of using after shave so that HIV may be transmitted
3) Can the HIV be spread through the razor (not the blade).

Your prompt response is highly appreciated. Thank you.

Masturbation with saliva and HIV

A few months ago, a guy gave me hand job. During masturbation, I noticed he used his saliva once or twice before I stopped him. I wasn't nervous until recently after reading an article about risk of HIV with masturbation. My question is whether I need to worry about HIV infection and whether a test needed in this case.

What is the risk of receiving oral sex?



Questions about oral

Pls help, I had unprotected oral sex with a girl(gave and received), after that I noticed I had bruises on my penis, really scared, I went and did rapid antibody test with the girl the next day and we both came back negative. Do I need another testing at 12 weeks?


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