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Negligible risk

hiv and STD

hi there,

i have done some risky activities today, i have been masturbated by a random guy using hand .then suddenly that guy tried to suck my penis. the sucking only up to head of my penis for only 5 sec which is i stop him before going further.i asked the guy about his HIV status and he already taking HIV test and the result is negative on 28/10/15. so my question is:

1) is there any possibility for HIV or any other STD will infect me?
2) do i need to do HIV test because the sucking is very short and i don't ejaculate inside his mouth .

please advise.


Is it more risk

Hello today i called your help line and i asked the same question mentioned here
i received unprotected oral sex from woman have cold sore on her lips and they say it's low risk while in here you answer me its still negligble risk
Can you please you please explain to me im very depressed and can't sleep or do anything

Object and surface

HIV is never transmitted from objects (except needle and syringe) or surfaces, because any fluids on it will be exposed to air, thus virus is not transmissible any more? Is it right?
Even if i have bleeding cut on my skin and that cut contacts with such objects or surfaces, i am still safe?
Short query: Any object (not needle and syringe) and surface are always safe from HIV?

hiv risk, bleeding eczema.

Hope this finds you well,

I suffer from severe eczema all over my body and if i scratch them they tend to bleed, they dont bleed a lot but just like 2 - 3 drops basically when i scratch them they bleed from the head for a little bit and only little blood for around 2-5 minutes.

Yesterday i was in the steam room, a guy masterbated himself and im assuming there was cum on his hand he approached me directly after he masterbated himself and touched me on my stomach where there happens to be a lot of eczema.

i went out directly and put the towel on my stomach exactly where he was touching/feeling me and saw on the towel like 3 small drops of blood. hence my eczema was bleeding when he was touching me inside the steam room. i assume he was touching my skin so hard that he scratched them or i was itching in the steam room because it was so hot inside.

I do not know they guy and i am scared he is hiv+ so his semen got into my bleeding eczema, am i scared i got infected pls tell me what you think?? i read somewere that if you massage or push infected semen into an open wound then there is a chance of infection, which is excatly my case. and i also know what hiv dies when exposed to air but will take a couple of minutes, my entire scenario took 2-3 minutes so there is a chnace that the virus was still active..

please let me know what you think ? i am soo worried i cant move on with my life.
your help is much appreciated..

My boyfriend fingered me

If a guy aggressively fingers a woman, rubbing her clitoris aggressively and rubs his penis between her butt , without any vaginal, anal or oral penetration, what are the risks of getting HIV?

Oral sex + 6 and a half months test negative

Hello Guys,

Thank you for answering my questions in advance!
I have had an contact with a true positive person. I received fellatio, thats all i have done!
That happened on January 27... my last test is on august 17 i think (among many other tests..)
I have been tested well over 10 times, I have had 3th gen elisa's, 4th gen duo tests, westernblots, and one time RNA PCR test on 9 week after exposure.

I have had many symptoms(i will not go into much details) the remaining symptoms are:
Isometric Tremor (when i flex my muscle and try to hold it just shakes and cant remain steady), brittle nails, cold feed, eyefloaters and some weight loss + pain in the head when i look right with my eyes.

I am considering to get another test, but I am too scared to do this now... I have had so much hard time, every test i engaged i died inside waiting for the dreaded news... THANK GOD I remained negative, but even after hearing so many negative tests, I still cannot get back to normal :(

Can you please advise me how to proceed in this kind of situation? Should i go to another test and if so, what is my chance of testing positive after almost 7 months negative duo test, 9 week RNA test - undetectable + westernblot ( and many more tests).

THank you! I love you!

Should you seek PEP after insertive oral with a condom from a CSW

If a male recieved oral from a csw with protection should that male seek out PEP to ease anxiety?

Hiv transmisson

I recently had sex with sexworker I used condom for vaginal sex erection didn't last longer then I pulled out condom before ejaculation then I started fingering vagina and masterbated penis with same hand she also gave me hand job is there possibility of transmission of hiv

hiv ultra duo insertive fellatio expired condoms

Hi I had a possible exposure of insertive fellatio on sep 28th 2015 I also had vaginal contact with a expired condom but I know I did not come inside my partner because I ejaculated within the condom when I was not in contact with my partner, I have been having sex with this partner for over a year, but this insertive fellatio was the first unsafe contact, she looks healthy and i see her everyday, I took a hiv duo ultra test on 7th day post exposure I was non reactive, again I rechecked Elisa test on 9th day and negative, I retook the hiv duo ultra elfa test on 20th day and it was non reactive again, I'm starting to have high stress on this matter and also skin itching which comes and goes away, I met my doctor, he advised me to retake the test on 3rd month post exposure, every time I took the test i also had my CBC taken which was all within range, I'm dying on anxiety am I at risk of hiv, what is the chance my hiv test does not change in the future, please answer my question , I can't concentrate on anything

Different answers ?

Hello i have just read an answer about receiving oralsex on smartsexsource say that they don't consider receving oralsex as hiv risk but here it's risk thank you


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