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Negligible risk

Contaminated extraction tool

In case that extraction tool (for invasive intervention in healthcare) was not sterilized, but is exposed to air, does it allow to HIV virus being deactivated? Or if tool was sterile, but in the meantime it was exposed to environmental surface, can HIV be acquired in this way? This tool has direct contact with my blood, because skin is cutted with this tool.

Risk assessment

Thank you for your help. Here is my question ...I had a terrible ear infection so I went to see the specialist . The office was busy and chaotic . My concern was the doctor just grabbed some flexible scope and put it up my nose into my throat to take pictures . I don’t know if it was sterilized or not and now I am anxious .
Is there an HIV risk or Hep C risk from this assuming it was previously used on another patient?

Prostate Massage with Sex Toy

If a masseuse uses a sex toy, anal stimulator when providing prostate or anal massage - is there a risk of catching HIV from that?

hiv risk from trimmer superficial cuts

can hiv transmitted through pimple cut on face during shaving by trimmer?


Dear Mr/Ms,

Yesterday, I received oral sex from my gay friend (with HIV positive status), during that I released sperm on his mouth. He has been taking ARV drugs and HIV is below detection threshold. So Is there any HIV risk for me from this action? Will I need a test for this particular situation?

Thanks in advanced for your support!

(Lee from Vietnam)

Sex worker put condom on with her mouth!


I am feeling very anxious while intoxicated I got a blowjob from a sex worker. She first gave my back a massage with coconut oil (could the oil be contaminated?) I had small scratches on my back the next day, didn't look like the skin had broke though. After that she gave me a blow job but first put on a condom using her mouth. A trick I have seen before. My questions are below:

- Could I get infected from the massage and scratches? Could the oil if mixed with blood for some reason infect me through my back, through an open scratch or cut?
- When she put the condom on me with her mouth, what if her mouth brushed my penis beforehand? I had the condom on until I released. She was also slobbering quite a bit and I think I felt saliva at the base of my penis, didn't look like blood was in it but could of been trace amounts.
-Last thing I remember was also touching her boobs with my hand. Any risk there? What if she was lactating and I didn't remember. I wasn't black out but I am just trying to cover my bases.

Thank you for helping put my mind at ease. I hate doing these things and the guilt/worry makes it not worth it.

HIV transmission through sharing a joint

Hi, Actually Im worried about the scenario that happened with me. So me and my buddy were sharing a joint together and my buddy is sexually very active and had sex with a lot of strangers so I don’t know if he’s HIV positive or not. Actually what happened was that we were in the car and he ignited the joint and took 4-5 puffs from it and then passed it to me right away . I smoked a lot instantly and then same thing passed it to him he smoked and finally I finished the joint. after that we went home and I saw that my buddy has a cut on his lip with blood on it. moreover he might have cuts or sores in his mouth and blood from his lips or mouth may have got onto the joint while sharing the joint back and forth twice and entered in my mouth when I smoked the joint. Thing is I have bleeding gums and blood from the joint may have came in contact with my gums and entered in my bloodstream. My gums doesn’t bleed profusely but still bleeds sometimes here and there. so my question is what are the chances of getting HIV from the scenario explained? Im really really really worried.

Oral Sex

Hi. I am Male .Today i get oral sex from a transgender.it was just for 1:30 min.And There was no blood in my penis.is this cause hiv .Should i Go to Doctor.I am very worried and crying all the day What i did .Pleas answer Me.....

Handjob at massage parlour, slight rubbing of vagina on penis, nipple sucking biting lick of me

Hello Folks,

I am worried sick. Here are the two scenarios:
1. Nov 16th Friday: Went to a massage parlour, received a massage for 20 mins, then handjob without condom while she bit, licked and sucked on my left nipple and I ejaculated on masseuse's hand and towel. Then she cleaned it up.

2. Nov 19th Monday: Went to a Deja Vu all nude strip club's private room where the stripper completely got naked, tried to briefly rub her vagina on my penis by pulling it out of underwear, may be had 4-5 seconds of contact. But then I removed her hand and put my penis back. Then she sucked, licked and bit my left nipple (coincidence or may be she saw me playing with them) and proceeded to rub her vagina on my body and nipples for 30 seconds before I dragged her out of me. She even tried to make me lick her nipples although no milk came out (she claimed it will).

3. Nov 30 (after about 15-11 days): I am travelling and I just noticed that the lymph node under my ear and on the jaw line is -swollen and slightly painful. I also have white dot like pimple on my testicle. I also have a pink white pimple on my chest.

I am worried sick and want to make sure that I am not at risk. Also please let me know if I need to take the fast HIV test or not.

I cannot sleep or eat and am sick worried.

Please help.

Got a bite on chest over my pimple

I went for a party and lady bite on my chest . I did a ELFA test 4th generation. Am i at risk?


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