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Negligible risk

Cum on Anus With Genital Warts/Herpes No Penetration


I had a sexual encounter with someone who was HIV positive. There was no penetration but he was grinding my anus and ejaculated. I have genital warts and herpes around the anus so very worried this could put me at great risk. Very anxious at the moment and would love to know if this was high risk

Thanks in advance for your advice

Oral sex transmission

I received oral sex from a sex street worker after I climaxed I pull out my penis there was blood on it from her. I didn't have any cuts or sore on my penis. Could I have contracted HIV ?

Anal sex with HIV positive partner


I got a HIV test result Negative in July 2015 and the test’s name is HIV Combi PT. The test was conducted at:
– 17th week after unprotected anal sex
– 16th week after protected anal sex
– 10th week after unprotected oral sex
– 29th day after my partner fingered my anus

Should I get tested again? I had an unprotected oral sex a few days ago which makes me worried now.

All the exposures occurred with my partner - a HIV positive person.

Many thanks!

Oral sex and HIV

Good morning four months ago I did a prostitute ora by condom in Finishing took off his condom and finished in the mouth during my ending touch with the language of the underside of the penis and bit her lip . You may stick hiv in this way?

Very worried after what I believe is a risk 09/22/15

Hi and thank ver answering this question.
I recently was with a csw. I received oral sex with protection but I am not worried about that. The sex worker also grinded on me unprotected. I was nude and she had on underwear/lingerie. The reason I am worried is that I'm not sure if I penetrated her while she grinded on me. I highly doubt I did and this is coming up from my anxiety and imagination. I even went as far as into texting her and asking her if I did and she assured me I didn't and she would never let anything slip in without a condom. But what if vaginal fluids were on her underwear? Would that pose a risk? I don't think I penetrated as I think I would have noticed plus she had underwear which would make it harder to penetrate . I'm scared Please help
Thank you

RISKY handyjob and fingering of prostitute - Please help


I would like thank you for all your hard work, its really important and many of us are very grateful. Here is my story/questions;

1 - I went to a massage parlour and had a very aggressive handjob from a Russian masseuse. I had a medium sized sore on the shaft of my penis that was slightly bleeding when I squeezed it. I could not tell if her hand was bleeding though but lets assume that it was. I am also uncircumcised. Am I at risk? Do I need to test?

2 – I also fingered her for about 10-15 minutes. It was quite deep and she was quite wet. I also had a small cut on my fingers. Is this a risk? Do I need testing?

I am quite anxious over this event so your soonest reply would be really appreciated.

Thank you


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