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Negligible risk

Please help

Hi. I need to know whether it is possible to transmit HIV by fingering a girl. Could it happen if a bit of saliva was used? There was no oral sex.

do i need extend pep treatment !

i am taking pep treatment! the day before yesterday which was 15th day, a gay gave me an oral sex ,he sucked me ,and i didn't wear a comdom, i don't know theather he has a dental ulcer or blood in his mouth or not, yesterday morning i found some red spot on my dick surface! now i want to know wheather i need extend the pep treatment for more 15 days ,because i am worride about that the rest of 13 days medicine couldn't enough to kill the virals which entered me on 15th day if that guy has hiv positeve! please help me,thank you!

Give cunnilingus oral sex to proffesional woman - VERY STRESSED - PLEASE HELP

i Will try to be as specific as possible with few words.

13 days ago visited a professional woman with whom:

1. She gave protected oral sex using a condom. I think this action is low risk
2. i had protected sex with her using a condom. I think this action is also low risk. After the sex we both checked the condom and everything was ok.
3. I performed unprotected oral sex to her for about 1-2 minutes. The problem is that about 30-35 minutes before this activity i accidentally bite my lips from inside when i was eating which casued a bleeding for 2-3 minutes (also i had drink some beers that night). My problem is how risky was the oral sex considering the wound in my lip.Do you consider this as open bleeding wound that would provide a access to HIV in my blood stream? I can't understand how you define the risky wounds and cuts inside the mouth. please calrify

- 4 days after this incident i got a rapid test which was negatine (non-reactive) bu the window for this is 3-months
- 9 days after that i took a duo test which was negative.

Can you please provide an answer because i'm fully stressed and i can't slip. The CDC is my country says that probably i do not have nothing but i am very afraid.

Give Unprotected Oral sex to a Prostitute - Full Stressed - PLEASE HELP

9 days ago i visited a professional escort (prostitute) to have sex with her.

We performed the following:

1) she gave me oral sex with condom
2) i gave to her unprotected oral sex (she did not ejaculate)
3 ) performed sex with using condom

The problem is that 40 minutes before the act i bite my lip from inside and a had a little bleeding. Is this considered as "wound" ?
No dental, cuts or gum bleeding was present in my palate.

I'm very stressed, i have read many of your answers here but please advise what to do?

Small papercut happend during fingering

Hi, I am spending sleepless nights after the incident happened to me.
I visited an escort 1 week back. She was from Congo (Africa ). I did finger her with my index and middle finger.
Later after an hour, i noticed a small papercut (2mm length)on my index finger, at the root of my nail. When I saw that it was not bleeding but get hurt when i pressed it. I am afraid that it , might happened during fingering. I did not saw any blood on my fingers while fingering, so I take this that the girl was not in her periods or her vagina was not bleeding.
Am I at risk of HIV transmission, if the cut happened during fingering?. Please help me.


Hi, I received 2 second unprotected fellatio, 2 second condoms protected fellatio, and then, I had about 12 second condoms protected anal sex with a female sex worker from Mongolia (people in Mongolia has high rate of HCV) at 3.5 months ago. After 3 months of that event I gave a test for HIV 1&2 (4th generation ELISA), antibody Hep C test, and other STIs. The results came negative. Could you please kindly let me know if I still should retest for HCV and HIV after 6 months of exposure. I read in CDC guidelines that 97% of people develop Hep C antibody after 6 months, is this true and valid? Some others say an antibody test after 15-16 weeks is conclusive for Hep C?

What test I can give now to 100% make sure about Hep C?

Thank you very much

fingers inside HIV positive women's vagina


yesterday i have put my fingers inside HIV positive women's vagina, and with same hand immediately i tried to put condom on my penis, i have touched my penis's sensitive skin with same fingers, am i at a risk of HIV or STD???

Please help me i am really worried.... Please..

Oral...Please help! Very paranoid and worried out of my mind!

About a week ago I received a blowjob from a girl that I did not know, thus I do not know her health status and whether she had HIV/Aids or any other STI/STD. She also gave me a hand job for a bit. This all happened in a threesome while my friend had sex with her, but I only received the blowjob and hand job and she never gave him a blowjob or anything. So like I mentioned before I have no clue what her HIV status is but my friend who had sex with her a couple times before and has been having sex with her for nine months now said she was clean. And to the best of my knowledge my friend is free of any STI’s. I also can’t recall whether she had cuts or anything on her hands or cuts or sores in her mouth or whether she had bleeding gums or anything. I also never got fully hard and never ejaculated because I realized I was doing something that could be high risk and just ended up leaving. I don’t know if the not fully erect part or not ejaculating would affect anything, im just giving the full story. About ten to twenty minutes after I left, I decided to take a shower. I used a brand new sponge to clean my genitals and after that I noticed I needed to shave my pubes which I did in the shower. After I shaved I believe I used the sponge again to clean my genitals. I don’t remember bleeding after the shave but most likely had shave irritation and some minor shave cuts but again I don’t remember bleeding or anything. I know that the risk of getting HIV is very slim when receiving a blowjob or handjob but the fact that I don’t know whether she had any cuts or bleeding gums or anything and the fact that I shaved my pubes and then used the sponge to clean the area when there was some slight irritation has me concerned. So please answer these questions in order, Im really freaking out and I just want to be certain when it comes to my health. Some of these seem paranoid but when it comes to this kind of stuff, I live by Murphy’s law…what can go wrong will go wrong.
1- What is my general risk of getting HIV whether she had cuts or bleeding gums or not in her mouth when I received a blowjob, or if she had cuts on her hands while giving me a handjob? Also to the best of my knowledge I had no cuts or sores on my penis but again I cant be certain. I don’t know if you can get HIV from say blood or saliva getting into the urethra? Also remember I did not ejaculate or get fully hard, so what affect does that have if any?
2- In theory what would be the risk of getting HIV if I had a cut on my penis and she had a cut or blood in her mouth and she gave me a blowjob? Or say I had a cut on my penis and she had a cut or something on her hand? How deep of cut would there need to be?
3- I don’t remember seeing blood on my penis or anything after the blowjob but in theory if there was how long could the virus last sitting on my penis?
4- (Very paranoid question) So say the virus somehow stayed alive what are the chances it survived through the sponge wash I gave my penis, somehow got attached to the sponge then got into my bloodstream after I shaved and then used the sponge to clean the area again?
5- Also in general, would the slight cuts or shave irritation be a deep enough cut that would allow for the virus to get into my bloodstream? Or say if there was a small amount of blood from the shave cuts, would that be a deep enough cut for the virus to get into my bloodstream?
6- I know the risk of getting HIV from receiving a blowjob is very low, however how does that change if she has any cuts in her mouth or hands or if I have any cuts on my penis or both?
7- Also say she had vaginal fluids come out of her vagina and then got on my friends penis and say she touched his penis when they were re positioning and got some of the fluids on her hands and then gave me a handjob? Would there be any risk there, or would the virus die?
8- Do you think im at all at risk of getting HIV in this whole given situation? Should I get tested and if I should how long should I wait to get reliable results? Ive seen it takes 3 months to get reliable results but I don’t think I can keep this on my mind for 3 months….
9- Also since I don’t know her health status I plan on getting tested for other STI’s soon and would it be about two weeks after the potential exposure, that’s why im wondering how long it will take to get reliable results for HIV.
Thank you for the help!

31 day hiv duo negative but ongoing symptoms

Hi Dr,

I am a 39 yo man. I had unprotected oral sex with a man who I allowed to ejaculate in my mouth. I didn't swallow but I know I exposed myself to a very big risk. 4 weeks after exposure, I had swollwen lymph nodes under my armpit, my throat and groins. Unfortunately, approx. 10 days after exposure, I also had sex with my wife, protected vaginal but unprotected oral, I didn't ejaculate but she might have received precum from me.

At 31 days post-exposure, I had a so called "duo" test. The results were:
p24 antigen 0.00 (negative)
hiv 1/2 ab/ag antibody 0.07 (negative <0.25)

This was encouraging but still me and my wife has swollen lymph nodes and a bit fatigue.

Can you please comment on my situation?

Thanks in advance.

A blowjob from a shemale

I had a crazy night of drinking 2 days ago, and while in the club I met a transgender and we made out for a minute or two, and then went to the bathroom and she sucked my penis and my balls, and then I put my penis around her anus and I am 90% sure I didnt penetrate her, would I feel it if I did?, and I put my finger in her anus as well for a second or two. no protection was used.

I had cut on my penis that hurt when she sucked me, so it only lasted for about 1 minute cause I couldnt take it. I then masturbated myself with my own hand and no exchange of sperm or precum happened between us.

I am really afraid of the cut I had on penis, I had it due to rubbing myself without any lubricant early that day, it was about 1cm long and 0.5 cm wide, but it was mostly dried up except the part in the middle, I dont know if it opened during the BJ or it was opened before.

I am really scared from catching HIV, what should I do, am I at risk of any sort? I read tons of online material, they all said it is nearly a 0 chance to get HIV from similar scinarios, but I just had to make sure


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