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Negligible risk

Am I at risk?

Hi and thanks for your great service. I had a drunk night and wound up going to a hotel with a girl from a bar. I never ever do this but it happened. We played manually (I fingered her and her anus) and I received oral sex twice. At one point I was between her legs and pushed against her with a limp dick and I don't think I could penetrate her as I was not hard. She reached down to push but I back away. A second time she was going to get on top and I stopped her as I didn't use condoms. Am I at any risk for contacting HIV - I am going to get tested for STIs as I realize that is a risk. But what is my risk for HIV? I have no idea about her sexual history although she said she has been tested in the past and was clean. I am freaking out a bit today. dumb, drunk decision but one I can't take back. Thank you.

oral sex

Hi , I had unprotected introducing oral sex (blow job) with a woman of easy virtue just few secands , her HIV status is not known to me, respectively. The question is: can I get hiv ? And should od test?

Risk of HIV

First off, thank you for giving people a place to ask questions and hopefully get answers during a stressful time. i am 44 year old male and I am recently divorced after 21 years. I was at a stag party for a friend on the weekend and there were several escorts there. I had intercourse two times with one of them and now I am very stressed out. The reason I am stressed out is because, during the second time, she was on top and in the light coming through the window, I could see what looked like track marks on her arms and hands. I asked her what had happened to her arm and she confirmed that they were in fact track marks from iv drug use, but that she had been clean for three years. I asked if I had anything to worry about and she said no, that she was drug and disease free. obviously I don't know this girl, so I am not sure if I can trust her and that is why I haven't slept or eaten in days.

Details :

2:30 am = She gave me unprotected oral for several minutes and then I put on a condom and we had vaginal intercourse.

3:00 am = She gave me unprotected oral again and then I put on a new condom and we had vaginal intercourse a second time.

Both times the condom was intact when we finished. But of course there was touching and rubbing involved and I am worried that even though we used condoms, that I would have the virus on my hands and when I put the condom on the second time that I transferred the virus to my penis?

I apologise if this sounds silly and I am wasting your time, but like I said above, I was married for the last 21 years, so I have never had to deal with anything like this and I am not familiar with the risks of HIV or any STD for that matter. Should I go get tested now? should I wait a specific amount of time before testing? Do I have a high risk of HIV? If you could tell me what my i should do next, that would be great. Thank you

finger stick and sex

I was pricked in the finger with a used lancet. The HIV status of the patient was unknown since we couldn't determine who it was. I then had unprotected sex around 12 hours later. When does HIV appear in seman and what is the risk of transmission to my sexual partner?

oral sex only

I had risky sex[oral sex only] activity 9 weeks ago. At 30 days (4 weeks and 2days ) and 50 days(7 weeks and 1 day), I took a ELISA HIV test in China and it came out negative[I never take drugs].
The WHO Web site display : Window period :This is the time between original infection with HIV and the appearance of Detectable antibodies to the virus, normally a period of about 14-21 days.[ WHO:http://www.who.int/diagnostics_laboratory/faq/window_period/en/] ,Can I rule out HIV? I need to test after 12 weeks or not?

Do I Need To Test Again?

On March 28th I had protected sex with a woman unknown HIV status. She performed unprotected oral on me and I inserted my fingers in her that I later may have put in my mouth. 14 days after the incident I was tested with the RNA test. The result was negative . On the 44th day I was retested with 4th generation test which was also negative. Do I need to test again or can I trust that the two test in combination are conclusive?

Unprotected Oral Sex

I had unprotected oral sex with an escort 6 and half weeks ago.
The thing I am worried is I cum in her mouth. Nothing else was done, no other sex.
I had a full STD testing at 5 weeks and the HIV Rapid test, all came back negative.
The escort also did a full STD Testing on same day at 5 weeks and all came back negative.
What are my chances of contacting HIV afterwards even with no further sexual activity since that oral sex.
Is there anything else I should do or wait for 12 weeks test?

Receiving Oral Sex And open mouth kissing

1.about 2 months ago I received unprotected blowjob from a women after we were done I didn't see any cuts or trace of blood on my penis.
2.about 2 days ago I french kissed a girl, (not that deep) and also Im sure I didn't have bleeding gums but we did it at morning I guess she had her mouth brushed about 30 before kissing. Should I be worried about getting infected?

Mr W


I have visited a massaging parlour recently, and in addition to receiving normal massage services, the masseuse had performed unprotected oral sex on me for two different times, each only lasted for around 5 to 10 SECONDS, which is then followed by an ejaculation. After the second oral sex, I immediately went to take a shower, and had washed my genital area thoroughly with hot water.

I have read different FAQs on the internet and know that the risk of HIV transmission in receiving oral is almost negligible, however, my question is that if the masseuse had poor oral health or maybe a bleeding gum, not really bleeding a lot, but a little like the kind that some people have after brushing their teeth, does that little amount of blood poses risk of HIV transmission practically?

I may seem a bit paranoid, but I was just wondering if that really happens, given the above situation and circumstances, what is my risk of HIV infection? And also how about the other STDs that are practically transmitted per the above? Thank you!

Urgent need for assessment of HIV risk

Hi, I have two incidents from the same encounter with a CSW that i'm extremely worried about and need advice on the possible risk. For the first incident, the csw performed protected oral (with condom on penis) after having performed vaginal sex with her for 5-10 minutes. She then proceeded to remove the condom and perform unprotected oral sex on me. The next day I found what looks like an open wound (was not present before the encounter) that you would see if you scratched your skin hard enough to expose a raw red layer. What are the risks of vaginal fluid being transferred to her mouth and infecting the wound through oral sex. The second encounter involves her inserting her finger into her vagina to apply lubricant before sex. She then proceeded to use the same finger and inserted an inch into my anus without any fingering motion. What are the risks of her cutting the inside of my anus and transferring any possible hiv present on her finger to me through the cut. Need urgent advice. Please and thanks.


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