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Negligible risk

Mr W


I have visited a massaging parlour recently, and in addition to receiving normal massage services, the masseuse had performed unprotected oral sex on me for two different times, each only lasted for around 5 to 10 SECONDS, which is then followed by an ejaculation. After the second oral sex, I immediately went to take a shower, and had washed my genital area thoroughly with hot water.

I have read different FAQs on the internet and know that the risk of HIV transmission in receiving oral is almost negligible, however, my question is that if the masseuse had poor oral health or maybe a bleeding gum, not really bleeding a lot, but a little like the kind that some people have after brushing their teeth, does that little amount of blood poses risk of HIV transmission practically?

I may seem a bit paranoid, but I was just wondering if that really happens, given the above situation and circumstances, what is my risk of HIV infection? And also how about the other STDs that are practically transmitted per the above? Thank you!

Urgent need for assessment of HIV risk

Hi, I have two incidents from the same encounter with a CSW that i'm extremely worried about and need advice on the possible risk. For the first incident, the csw performed protected oral (with condom on penis) after having performed vaginal sex with her for 5-10 minutes. She then proceeded to remove the condom and perform unprotected oral sex on me. The next day I found what looks like an open wound (was not present before the encounter) that you would see if you scratched your skin hard enough to expose a raw red layer. What are the risks of vaginal fluid being transferred to her mouth and infecting the wound through oral sex. The second encounter involves her inserting her finger into her vagina to apply lubricant before sex. She then proceeded to use the same finger and inserted an inch into my anus without any fingering motion. What are the risks of her cutting the inside of my anus and transferring any possible hiv present on her finger to me through the cut. Need urgent advice. Please and thanks.

Fingering with a 1 day old cut, 20 seconds oral sex

long story short, after a couple of french kisses, I proceed to finger her with a slight cut that burned slightly and them some oral sex which only featured one or two licks, then attempted to insert my penis (not hard) in her briefly and failed then she attempted oral sex on me but gave up after me not getting hard..
I suffered from a dry sore throat 2 weeks in and a one day long fever. No other symptoms arise so far besides bad breath which I remember having the day of the infection because I asked for tooth paste and a slight white tongue which a doctor denied being oral thrush.. also one painful gland under the chin which didn't hurt until I checked for swollen glands about 25 times.
I had bloodwork done for antibodies and antigens done 3 weeks in after the day of risk, and then I preformed an oral swab test a couple days later (both returned negative), her on the other hand had a HIV test 2 month prior and another oral swab one when I did.. They both returned negative which scares me even more because acute infections carry the most virus..
Am I at risk of anything or am I being delusional?

Please help

Hi. I need to know whether it is possible to transmit HIV by fingering a girl. Could it happen if a bit of saliva was used? There was no oral sex.

do i need extend pep treatment !

i am taking pep treatment! the day before yesterday which was 15th day, a gay gave me an oral sex ,he sucked me ,and i didn't wear a comdom, i don't know theather he has a dental ulcer or blood in his mouth or not, yesterday morning i found some red spot on my dick surface! now i want to know wheather i need extend the pep treatment for more 15 days ,because i am worride about that the rest of 13 days medicine couldn't enough to kill the virals which entered me on 15th day if that guy has hiv positeve! please help me,thank you!

Give cunnilingus oral sex to proffesional woman - VERY STRESSED - PLEASE HELP

i Will try to be as specific as possible with few words.

13 days ago visited a professional woman with whom:

1. She gave protected oral sex using a condom. I think this action is low risk
2. i had protected sex with her using a condom. I think this action is also low risk. After the sex we both checked the condom and everything was ok.
3. I performed unprotected oral sex to her for about 1-2 minutes. The problem is that about 30-35 minutes before this activity i accidentally bite my lips from inside when i was eating which casued a bleeding for 2-3 minutes (also i had drink some beers that night). My problem is how risky was the oral sex considering the wound in my lip.Do you consider this as open bleeding wound that would provide a access to HIV in my blood stream? I can't understand how you define the risky wounds and cuts inside the mouth. please calrify

- 4 days after this incident i got a rapid test which was negatine (non-reactive) bu the window for this is 3-months
- 9 days after that i took a duo test which was negative.

Can you please provide an answer because i'm fully stressed and i can't slip. The CDC is my country says that probably i do not have nothing but i am very afraid.

Give Unprotected Oral sex to a Prostitute - Full Stressed - PLEASE HELP

9 days ago i visited a professional escort (prostitute) to have sex with her.

We performed the following:

1) she gave me oral sex with condom
2) i gave to her unprotected oral sex (she did not ejaculate)
3 ) performed sex with using condom

The problem is that 40 minutes before the act i bite my lip from inside and a had a little bleeding. Is this considered as "wound" ?
No dental, cuts or gum bleeding was present in my palate.

I'm very stressed, i have read many of your answers here but please advise what to do?

Small papercut happend during fingering

Hi, I am spending sleepless nights after the incident happened to me.
I visited an escort 1 week back. She was from Congo (Africa ). I did finger her with my index and middle finger.
Later after an hour, i noticed a small papercut (2mm length)on my index finger, at the root of my nail. When I saw that it was not bleeding but get hurt when i pressed it. I am afraid that it , might happened during fingering. I did not saw any blood on my fingers while fingering, so I take this that the girl was not in her periods or her vagina was not bleeding.
Am I at risk of HIV transmission, if the cut happened during fingering?. Please help me.


Hi, I received 2 second unprotected fellatio, 2 second condoms protected fellatio, and then, I had about 12 second condoms protected anal sex with a female sex worker from Mongolia (people in Mongolia has high rate of HCV) at 3.5 months ago. After 3 months of that event I gave a test for HIV 1&2 (4th generation ELISA), antibody Hep C test, and other STIs. The results came negative. Could you please kindly let me know if I still should retest for HCV and HIV after 6 months of exposure. I read in CDC guidelines that 97% of people develop Hep C antibody after 6 months, is this true and valid? Some others say an antibody test after 15-16 weeks is conclusive for Hep C?

What test I can give now to 100% make sure about Hep C?

Thank you very much

fingers inside HIV positive women's vagina


yesterday i have put my fingers inside HIV positive women's vagina, and with same hand immediately i tried to put condom on my penis, i have touched my penis's sensitive skin with same fingers, am i at a risk of HIV or STD???

Please help me i am really worried.... Please..


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