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HIV infection bleeding cut on a hand

I would like to ask you advice. 2 days ago I was at the gym, and during my trainig I cut my middle finger. It was a bleeding cut, but I didnt notice it until I shaked the hands of some of my gymmates there with my bloody hand. My question is that is there any risk that I catch HIV if I shaking hands with a bleeding cut ? Maybe it's a silly questions, but I'm not expert in these things and I was scared a little bit.
Thank you and Best Regards, Balazs

Hiv from popping my pimple please read

Well this is a very weird story. So firstly there was this guy in my class he was biting his finger and I don’t know if he was bleeding. But today he did a fist bump and I had my glove on. What I am scared is that if he might have been bleeding, he seems like a dirty person. After I touched my gloves and popped my pimple. But there was no blood on my gloves. I am scared that there could of been blood residue ?? That could of infected into my body.

blood on the subway train

Hi, I was on an escalator in the metro when i noticed blood on the bottom of the ramp. I'm not sure if it was dry or not. If it was hiv+ and wet, and if my clothing touched it, and if i touched that part of my clothing (i did not see any blood on my hands) and then went to the bathroom, could i get anything?

Please answer me! Am I at risk for hiv?

I sent a question in recently but noticed it was not answered and I was hoping someone could please answer my question. I am worried about a bottle of lubricant I have that I am scared someone contaminated. I am worried that someone may have used a needle that is used for injecting (filled it up with bodily fluids, blood or sperm) and injected into my lubricant bottle. Then when I had sex my boyfriend used some lube and placed it on his penis and then in my vagina and I am worried that if someone did contaminate my lubricant by injecting bodily fluids in it, could hiv live in the bottle of lubricant and then infect me the way that I described? The person that I am worried about used to be a drug user and alcoholic and they were at my house as a guest and now I am worried for some reason that they went into my room and found my lubricant and injected something into it. I don't know why I am thinking like that probably because I am being irrational but I was wondering if that is a way of transmission and if this is something I need to be worried about? I am also worried that they touched my insulin needles that I use to inject insulin in my cat and am worried they did something to them. I accidentally poked myself prior to injecting insulin into my cat with one of my (new needles) that I am worried what if this person contaminated my needles.. They do have access to needles because they use them on their own diabetic cat and of course they were a drug user. Anyway do I need to be worried now about hiv or am I sounding irrational? Please tell me the truth. Can you catch hiv in any of the scenarios I asked and do you think I need to throw away the bottle of lube now and should not use it? Keep in mind this person as far as I know did not go into my room and opening up drawers to find this bottle of lube that I know of but for some reason my mind is worried that they did this. Please let me know if I am at risk? Can hiv live in bottles of lube that have a cap? Do you think I need to be worried that they found my cats insulin needles and started poking themselves with them or injecting bodily fluids into them with the hope that I accidentally poke myself or do I sound really irrational? I never saw them going through any of my stuff including touching my cats insulin needles that I actually hid because I knew they were coming over and I just forgot to hide the lube bottle but that was away in my room in a drawer but I did not see them or anyone go upstairs. Please answer me as soon as possible! Am I at risk, should I throw away my lube, do you think my cats insulin needles are contaminated? Sorry for the questions I am really stressed out.


Hello,I’ve pierced my ears many years ago but yesterday found that I couldn’t wear earings because I hadn’t used earings for long time and my ears holes were closed and had tiny layer of skin on their.so i used my earings to open the holes and it caused bleeding and inflammation. I’m not sure that those earings and my hands were clean or not,but I’m sure nobody use my earings at least for 2 days.so am i at any risk?thank you so much

Breast being sucked and HIV Risk

Dear Expert,

I had a sexual activity with a man who may be HIV+, he only sucked and licked both my breast for about 5 minutes. His sucking action is rather aggressive. Is there any risk that I may be infected by HIV assuming there was no visible trauma to my breast? Are there any cases where a woman can be infected by this sexual activity. I could not find any similar case in your archives, most were men asking about HIV risk if they sucked a woman's breast. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

The barber hurt my ear by scissors, is there a risk of HIV infection?

Dear professor

My ear was hurt by a scissors. The scissors used by the barber were not disinfected. The wound on my ear was very small However, there was a lot of blood. Later I applied my wound with iodophor and It quickly healed.

Is there a risk of HIV infection when my ear was cut by the barber? Do I need to worry about it?

Appreciate you deeply


Masturbation after touching vagina

Dear Vancouver team,

Greetings of the day. It is in reference to a incident that has got me worried. I visited a massage parlour and in the moment i requested the girl to undress. I touched her vagina and masturbated using my own hands. There was no sex involved just touching and kissing on cheeks. Can fluid from her vagina infect me? I have never involved myself in sexual intercourse outside a committed relationship that i am in. But this has got me worried as after few days of this incident i am having a sore throat.

Please reply
Thank you

HIV transmission through a bottle of water with semen in it

I drank from a full bottle of water, and believe that it had been unsealed and ejaculated into before being re-sealed. I don't recall if the re-seal was somewhat tight or looser. I have a cold with post-nasal drip and sore throat. Could HIV survive in the bottle, and if so under which curcumstances? I do not know how much time transpired between the ejaculation and my drinking the water. Thank you for your time and attention.

Wound during party


I was drunk and damaged my hand with sharp item. My wound was about one on one inch size and actively bleeding. I had no possibility to dress the wound, and one guest came and give me a strong handshake. I did not had a chance to hide my hand because he grab it. I do not know this guy and his status. Is it possible if he had blood on hand to infect me?


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