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No Risk

Potentially semen/urine in food

Hello Aids Vancouver,

Recently I was walking around in my house naked after putting all of my dirty laundry
in the washing machine. I realized that I hadn't showered yet after I had self pleasure.
I also realized that some of the bodily fluids may or may have been present as I walked
and may have splashed some of my urine/semen into one of the huge rice packet and
dog food packet, some of which were open. Whether it was open or not, the fluid may have
landed inside the packets and outside. If it was splashed on the outside of the packet, the
fluid could be easily removed with a tissue paper. But it also came in contact with some of the
inside of the packets. I am panicking and I don't know what else to do. I just want to completely
sanitize both the packets that may have my semen/urine inside. If I try santizing it any other way,
it would only spread it more to the rice and dog food (kibbles) inside the packets.
To clarify, these packets are huge
and contain big amounts of these contents in two separate packets. Not only that,
these packets were on the floor with the opening exposed. I'm not sure how long this
happened but its been an hour or so and I don't know if
this increases the risk...

Would this be a risk of spreading HIV or STD? I know I was tested HIV negative and never had sexual intercourse.
I don't want my dogs to starve but I have no idea what I should do. I'm also afraid of asking this issue
to my parents because they don't take this information seriously. Whether or not if there is or isn't a risk, I still want to find out how I could perhaps sanitize these packets from the bodily fluids that I potentially splashed. I
heard that wiping the semen with toilet paper would decrease the risk. And I know food can't transfer HIV if
there's semen/urine on it. Lastly, the concentration of semen and a urine is relatively equal but I still find this very unsanitary. Please help!

Thank you so much!

Can I get HIV from a shower head?

I went into the shower and used a detachable shower head to wash my body including my body parts, penis and anus included. I am slightly paranoid when it comes to hiv/std's infections. If someone had used the shower head immediately before for masturbating and some body fluids were left on the shower head would that pose a risk for me when I used it to spray myself with the water, an awful lot of water coming out from this shower head? Thanks for taking the time to alleviate my anxiety.

HIV infection from home based test


A few days ago I bought a HIV kit. there is a needle in the pack. I pierced my finger with that needle and put my blood in the kit. I'm afraid the needle was infected with the virus. Is it possible to get HIV and hepatitis with needle?

HIV Risk from Pubic Lice, Scabies, and Body Lice?

can pubic lice, scabies and body lice transmitt hiv ? my friend is hiv positive. he stays with me sometimes and now realized that have body lices, pubic lices and i am afraid of it. it is danger for mi about hiv ?

Eating Food off the floor with cut in Mouth

I apologize for my probably ridiculous fear. The other day, I had been walking in a seedy area of a big city. I was later eating some candy and dropped a piece on the floor, hitting my shoe's underside. I then ate that piece, but as a I did, I bit my cheek and created a small bleed. Is there any way HIV could be spread this way? My shoe had no visible blood and was dry, but it was obviously dirty. Thanks much in advance.

HIV transmission through public transport

A few weeks ago I was having protected sex with my boyfriend. The condom slipped off and we stopped after that. I went home by train and there I touched bars, seats and buttons and from the train to home I took a 10-15 minutes walk. Before taking a shower I wanted to check if the condom wasn't stuck in my vagina, however before checking I forgot to wash my hands. My question is can I get HIV like this? I don't remember seeing any bodily fluids on the train, if there were any it was probably dry but I'm still a bit concerned.

Kissing and low immune system

Hi, I am sorry for asking you guys this stupid question, but I am really worried.
One night I had got deep long french kissing (dunno if one or both of us had there some blood but it is possible) and I also was a bit sick, like having a cold and starting flu.
I know, that there is no risk of getting HIV from kissing because in saliva are some enzymes, but when I was ill, isn't it then possible this way?
Thank you for your answer.

Genital Warts and Increased Transmission! Nothing on the web about this.


I'm worried about a few sexual encounters I have had over the last year. I was tested for all STDs a year ago including HIV which came back negative. Since then I have seen some sex workers and have had the following performed. Made out with a stripper, oral sex received with condom on twice, 3 hand jobs without condom. Now the biggest worry I have and can't find answers for is that I have a couple gential warts from HPV, that I have had for a few years. These have been there before my HIV test a year ago. Reading online, I have heard its easier to get HIV when you have a penile wart. The only skin to skin contact was through hand jobs in which I noticed no active bleeding from me the receiver or the giver. Am I at risk? I'm re thinking these casual encounters, the worry is not worth the reward.

Thank you,

Sharing a drink

I have recently shared a drink with an HIV positive person.
It was very quick and I used a separate straw but it was from her cup.
She is my colleague at work and I always see her use the same cup and she never really washes it.
Would there be more HIV virus in the cup since she never washes it??
Could you please evaluate my risk? Do I need to go for a test?

Thank you very much

Transmission from cellphone

Hello, I was in HIV clinic few weeks ago (probably little paranoid visit), and during the visit I have used my cellphone while waiting in waiting room (stupid decision). My hands were also wet because it was raining that day. After I finished my visit I washed my hands twice, but I forgot to sanitize my cell phone and continue to use it regularly. Am I at risk of contracting HIV because I bite my nails and went to pee one hour after? I have touched the doorknob and pen in clinic before using my phone.


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