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No Risk

HIV and hcv transmission

Please I beg you to answer my question. Can a sharp broken plastic edge in yogurt plastic container I bought from super market and it prick my finger . Can this had been injured another person before who have hiv or hcv then I got pricked my finger after him , can this transmit any viruses..¿

Semen on Bloody Pimple on Penis


I accidentally scratched a pimple on my penis which I think was a skin cyst. It was inflamed. Then it started bleeding.
My brother is HIV + recently diagnosed so he has a high viral load.

I was out of boxers so when my brother left the house. Like 10 seconds after, I went to his room and saw my boxers on the floor
which I assumed he accidentally used. So I just put it on and there was some gooey stuff - maybe semen maybe not.

Scared it have gotten on the bloody pimple. Is this a risk?

Normal non-sexual massage but worried about cuts


I went for an oil (Swedish) massage and although it was normal, nothing sexual, I was naked except for disposable underwear. The massage therapist had long nails though which I could feel but could not see any visible scratches (maybe one tiny) on my back afterwards. She went quite far up my legs but didn't touch me intimately.

I didn't see if she had any cuts or blood on her hands and am worried because i have quite badly torn cuticles and on my thumb had some skin peeled back (red, but not bleeding). She only momentarily touched my hands but I am worried about the whole incident.

Was there any risk here? Please answer urgently in case I need to seek treatment as a precaution.

It was in SE Asia but in a 'nice' spa (not seedy).

How bad do cuts really have to be to constitute a risk? Information is really mixed on the internet. If it was bleeding when I pulled off the skin, but had since stopped?

I fingered a stripper then jerked off


Yesterday, I went to a stripclub in THAILAND (renown for its sex industry) where I found myself a nice looking girl to have some fun with. During our encounter, I fingered her then seconds later jerked off with that same hand (eventually cumming) Am I at risk of inheriting HIV? I know HIV isn't compatible with oxygen when exposed to, but i'm really nervous and I'm getting different types of responses. Some say HIV doesn't last long but how long???

Bar of Soap

My question is somewhat related to using a bar of soap. But in my case, I used a bar of soap and I didn't notice that I had broken skin from scratching due to jock itch. It was really small, but there was no bleeding. Is there any risk of contraction from that?

Picking up dirty dishes with a splinter / cut wound

I work as a waiter at a restaurant. I regularly pick up dirty dishes with my hands without the use of gloves or anything in between. I also don't handle the washing of dishes so I basically do not wash my hands until the end of the shift. But I don't take dishes out to the tables so I think I'm fine without washing hands.

Today it just hit me that I got a cut on my finger the other day, as well as a splinter wound on the other hand. Would picking up dirty dishes put me at risk for HIV? Let's just say that some HIV+ person bled into one of the plates that I just happened to make contact with my cut wound / splinter.

Ejaculate on me in shower (male to female)

If my partner ejaculated on the front of my pelvis/hip in the shower after I performed oral (hand only), if some of the semen was washed over my vaginal opening or I washed it in that direction with the shower head/my hand when washing afterwards, does that constitute a risk?

HIV through underwear

I was touching a guy that I'm dating when he put his penis back in his underwear before orgasming and cumming, my anxiety is that maybe some had flown out of his peins and landed on my underwear, could it then soak through and go up inside my vagina and give me HIV?

Would HIV transmit from Shaving Blades


I left my shaving blades in the bathroom for 3 days, and I used it in the morning. I checked my shaving blade before I use it, and it was dry. I rinsed it with hot water for about 1 minute. My question is If my roommates who were HIV positive had used my shaving blades without telling me, would I get HIV from using it? Thank you for your time.

Licked my hand after rubbing her genital part

Dear Mr, Ms,
One week ago, I had some sexual activities with a sex worker in Germany. We didn't had sex. She gave me a protected oral sex with a condom and I rubbed her vagina with my hand. While rubbing, the gel dried out and her vagina too, so I licked my hand one time with my tongue to make the rubbing easier. I have no idea if my hand catched vaginal fluid but I still remember that it was dry. My question:
is there a risk of HIV transmission in this case?
I checked my mouth and I had no bleeding gums or sores, but I checked my tongue and and the very end of it there are Candida albicans (white things) which I don't know if they are normal or not or they give a route for the virus.
Thanks for your efforts!


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