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No Risk

Plz answer blood draw gone wrong !!!!

Before my blood draw, the phlebotomist picked up a used latex glove off the ground and thru it in the garbage can and touched the can with her hands .Then she felt my vein exactly where the puncture sight was going to be. If her fingers had wet or dry blood on them from the latex glove via garbage can then she felt my vein could the needle push contaminated blood into my vein or is it literally impossible to get HIV thru a scenario like this?

Transmission in Household Settings

CDC inform about few (eight cases shown in table) HIV Transmission in Household Settings. (https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/00030972.htm)

I have heard that HIV is never transmitted through casual contacts, and now I am little concerned about this information. Could you explain?

Dentist hiv hepatitis

I went to the dentist and the tools were inside the package that goes to autoclave, it seemed to be sterelized, because of the black mark. But when i looked closer, a part of the package was a little bit open...just a part...all of the rest were sealed. I am worried a lot, is there any possibility to contract a disease, hiv, if the package wasnt sealed properly?....or its usual some packages open a little bit after the hot temperature in autoclave.

3 people saving a cat who was stuck in top of a tree

please tell me whether i was at risk of aquiring HIV in this situation or not
first of all , i ve never been engaged with any Sexual Activity the only thing i do not have is a SPLEEN which is an important part of the Immune system and that was since 23 years ago i removed it when i was 4 years old
we were 3 please outside ( the two people idk if they are HIV + or not but the street where i work is full of bad people i think), we saw a cat meowing from a top of a tree "he wasnt stuck there very high" so i asked these two random people to help me save him !
the first person climbed and caught the cat from his belly with one hand and the cat was so scared and was screaming i saw him moving his 4 legs but not sure if he scratched that person or not but most likely i can say 70% he wasnt scratched because that position of holding a cat doesnt make him scratch you that's what i think and 30% i think it scratched him but who knows !!, and then he was asking the two of us to help him descend the cat
the 2nd person was close to the first person a bit and im the one who was in the safe place but i was also close to the 2nd person ,
the first person threw the cat on the person 2 ( they were close to each other) and then immediately( in 1-2 seconds) the 2nd person held him with two hands and threw him on me , i tried to catch him too but unfortunately he scratched me(he did me 2 ro 3 superficial sctrachs they did not bleed they only hurted me) so i screamed a bit and throw the cat on floor and since im a person that fears viruses i rushed so fast to my shop and used the HYDROALCOHOLIC GEL on my both hands and rubbed them so fast and i felt my hand hurting after using that GEL too ( the time btw the cat sctrachs and me using the HYDROALCOHOLIC GEL was like 1 to 1.5 minutes )
and then i started panicing the day after. i was deliberately coughing all the time coughing and coughing deliberately with no reason i really dont know why i did this !!! and then after a 1 or 2 weeks i got a sore throat and and fever and headache and few sweats after i woke up from naps but did not get them in night ! i did not get the swollen lymph nodes nor the rash neither the ulcers in the mouth ..i visited the doctor and he said maybe because you were deliberately coughing because throat muscles can be affected this way too and since the weather was a bit cold you encountered this ...but this doesnt mean we exclude the fact that i encountered a cat scratchs !
here are my questions please answer them all :
1-please tell me if i was at risk or no
2-lets assume that the cat really scratched the two people and then immediately sctrached me..will the HYDROALCOHOLIC GEL kill off all HIV that got in my small cuts after using it in 1-1.3 minutes ( i could have asked them if they got scratchs too ! but from fearness i didnt have the time to.. because i rushed so fast to my shop ) please asnwer me !!

Licking a public school toilet seat

Can I catch the hiv virus from licking a toilet seat in the boys bathroom

sharing toothbrush when bleeding gums

Could you let me know if this is a risk when I used toothbrush just few minutes after somebody and my gums start bleeding during cleaning? I did not see any visible strains of blood but I can not exclude that this person has bleeding gums too. I applied toothpaste before cleaning.

Risk of hiv from sharp objects

I know hiv can be spread through needles, but what about sharp objects?
today I got a steel wire stab in my hand and bleed, if that iron has just stabbed into another person and got bloody then I am at risk for hiv or not, do I need to drink PEP?
Thanks you so much

I got my own semen into my eye

Hello there I accidentally got my own semen into my eye while masturbating alone in the shower. Is there a possibility of getting hiv ot hepatits through what I've mentioned.
I really appreciate you for your advice and invaluable response.

HIV/STD risk from handjob

[HIV Transmission Equation ](www.aidswindsor.org/healthy-me/hiv-transmission/)Hi, I appreciate your hard works guys, I'm a 21y old male, and I went to a massage parlor, which ended by him (yes a male) giving me a handjob, he was fully clothed, no other sexual activity, the problem is I live in a country where they have hiv/std stigma so that's why I'm really afraid, can you guys help me and relieve some of my concern about the risk of acquiring hiv/std from this incident, do I need to do any test regarding this incidence, since I'm not sexually active. And lastly, if the guy was wearing a non-medical gloves, would this be more safe?

please answwer soon as possible

im 17 boy i do anal my self while masturbating many times for years now sometimes i use any stuff to anal my sself i also use my siliva as a lubricant i aslo go finger my self while my hands is dirty does it cause hiv sometimes after cumming i put my semen in my anus does it cause hiv im really scared i cant sleep i dont want to die im scared cause my anus is ichy also wheen i poop my butt get bleed then afterwards i finger my self its safe?


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