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Hiv on bottle of vitamins, under the seal

Hello. You have a great site! I am sorry it may sound like a strange question. I bought vitamins in store the other day. The bottle had a protective seal on it, the one which is glued to the top of the bottle (over the hole). I lifted it up, took a couple of vitamins, and then saw some red mark , which looked like a drop of blood (smudged) . I am not sure, of course, if it was blood. But if it was, considering tablets might touched it when I took it out, and the smudge was "sealed in" between the bottle and the seal itself, (so not much oxygen) would there be a risk of me getting HIV if it was blood and it was from a positive person? I am very worried. I opened the bottle around 4 months after it was manufactured. Would HIV survive even if because it was sealed not much oxygen was touching it. Do I need to test? Thank you

Drank from a water fountain immediately after HIV affected person

I drank from a water fountain immediately after an HIV affected person did. Could I have come in contact with the virus?

Thank you,

Contaminated extraction tool

In case that extraction tool (for invasive intervention in healthcare) was not sterilized, but is exposed to air, does it allow to HIV virus being deactivated? Or if tool was sterile, but in the meantime it was exposed to environmental surface, can HIV be acquired in this way? This tool has direct contact with my blood, because skin is cutted with this tool.

Will I get HIV through hand job?

Hi, last 10 day I went to massage parlour, had a full body massage with oil then had a hand job masturbation with oil and without condom (I was naked), until I finished on her hand. (Before hand job I went to toilet pee and there is no pain in the urethra.)
First of all I would like to mention:-
1. I didn't touch her with my hands what so ever.
2.She only did me a hand job nothing more.
3.She didn't touch herself at all.
4. She is not naked.

After that I went back home for shower due to my whole body has oil, so I ended up use body shampoo to clean my penis and anal, after few second my urethra was pain/sting but after 15 mins not pain/sting at all even I pee. (There is no wound on my penis) I do google it is because body shampoo went in urethra caused it pain/sting, so it is true?

So my questions is:-
1. Would I be infected with HIV when she performed a handjob on me?
2. There was no vaginal sex, anal sex or oral sex involved. It was only a handjob mentioned in the current scenario. Is it even possible to get HIV through hand jobs? (She had not cuts on her and even I didn't have any cuts on me.)
3. Should I get tested for HIV?
4. If the oil had HIV from previous customers, would I be infected as well through the handjob?

Please let me know if I am at a risk. I haven't had any sleep since the incident. Thank you!

Soiled bed sheets

Hello. I am staying at the hotel. Room looked clean, I was very tired, so went to bed right away. When I woke up, I saw that the sheet I was sleeping on had a very large brown stain. Maybe blood, I do not know. Definately it did not come from me. I slept in my underwear, but it is very thin, right after the shower, so my body could had been moist a little when touched the sheet. If it was someone's blood, can I get HIV that way? I am very, very worried. Thank you

HIV from pimples

I thankyou for going through this question.Yesterday i killed a mosquito with my fingers. I think there was a small amount of blood. Around 30 seconds later i popped a pimple(blood came out). In case the blood contains HIV, do i have a risk of being infected. I am 15 years old and i really cant refer a doctor. Please help. Thanks

HIV through toe sucking of dried semen

Hi I am really worried and not able to sleep properly. Please help me. Recently i visited the sex worker for the first time in life. She did a blow job with condom on and i dint go for penetration. But foolishly being foot fetishist i licked and sucker her feet for 10 minutes. Now i am worried whether if her feet had any dried blood or semen/sperm which i might have sucked. I serched through the site and others but could not get the answer to the specific scenario like mine. So can you please please help me know my chances of getting HIV through the activity ?


If my dog licked something which had dried hiv blood on it, could he be keeping it in his mouth? How quickly does the virus die? Also, how does hiv die in air exposed blood?

HIV on food

Hello. Sorry if this is a silly question. I went with my little brother to a shop, where we bought sliced bread. He opened the bag with the bread in our car, took a piece, eat it and then as he was giving back to me the bag I saw something red under his nail. It wiped off and I am afraid it was something transferred from the bread/bag (maybe someone during the process of making/slicing the bread and putting it into the bag cut himself or in the shop someone touched it whilst bleeding?) Anyhow, it could had transferred to the piece of bread he was eating. It was about 15 minutes between us buying the bread and him eating it. Is he at risk of HIV? I am very worried and not sure if I should tell my parents and tell them to take him to a doctor. Thank you

More details on mutual masturbation

Dear AIDS Vancouver,

First off, I want to say how impressed I am by your website and its information.

I am a bisexual man and am trying to educate myself better on HIV prevention so I can have less anxiety about my sexuality and more empowerment to express it safely. There is so much info on the internet, and a lot of it is contradicting.

I have three questions for which I’m looking for thorough, research-based answers. (If you don’t mind just letting me know you’ve gotten this email, that would be great). To understand my questions, this is my experience: I met a guy recently, a stranger. He reports being HIV negative and on PREP but very sexually active. I stroked him for a few minutes but I’m not sure if he had pre-cum; he says he doesn’t think he did but is not sure. He did not ejaculate. He stroked me very briefly, I did not pre-cum or cum. That was it.

My questions:
1. Does my experience constitute as mutual masturbation in your terms? Smart Sex Resource says mutual masturbation is a low-risk activity but is more theoretical than real. How is mutual masturbation theoretically a way to pass HIV? Do you have any statistics on this specific sexual act and HIV transmission?
2. My biggest concern is that somehow his precum got into my urethra when he stroked me. Can HIV pass through the urethra this way? Are there any cases of this happening?
3. Some websites say HIV can only be passed into the bloodstream. Other websites I’ve read say that it can also get though a cell membrane. (I know this question is connected to question number two, but I want to understand the difference between membrane and blood as ways of transmission and if both are, in fact, ways HIV can pass to someone, ie the inside of the urethra).

The more detailed you can be, the better. I’m a scientific guy. If you want to send me papers, stats, or research on these questions, I’d appreciate that too.

I will happily become a donor for your organization as I am so impressed by what you do.

Thank you,


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