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No Risk


Weird question... but while walking on the street, my shoelaces decided to untangle right at that moment. The next 3 seconds I saw a used condom. When I bent down to tie my shoelaces, I felt my shoelaces being wet as I believe my shoelaces came into contact with some sperm on the surface of the condom. I tied my shoelaces and I do have hangnails on my fingers and somehow the sperm came into contact to my cuts on my fingers (it hurts - could it be considered to be microscopic tears?) Would there be any HIV transmission in this case? I do not even understand why there would be a used condom on the ground in the first place, but, do you know approximately how long it would take for the HIV virus to die when outside the human body? (I've seen things from a second to minutes to hours to really quickly outside the body so I am confused about the survival of this virus). I am sorry if this question is a difficult and very odd one.

Concerned about HIV

hi, today i was walking around my college campus and saw a friend and he shook my hand , i had a cut on my hand and he also had a fresh cut and his cut ended up touching my cut, is there a possibility i might have HIV if that person is HIV positive ?

blood in saliva

hey guys,
sorry for my english. 2 weeks ago. I spend the night with a man( I am a woman) We didnt had any "real" sex. but he licked my breast. and a little bit of my buttcheeks. After 15 minutes I went to take a shower. But I saw some scrates on my butt. So I know there is no hiv in saliva. But I dont know if his saliva had any blood in it. thats why I am so scared he infected me this way! So I wanna know how high my risk is?

Vaginal Fluids on the penis

Hi, 4 weeks ago an unregistered commercial sex worker gave me a hand job. before that though she fingered both her vagina and ass. she then put cream on her hands and gave me the handjob. as far as i can remeber i didnt have any open cuts on my penis and i cant remember if her hand went directly near the tip of my penis. I had a negative test at 1 and 3 weeks. do i need more testing? am i a risk?

Band-aid (II)

I arrived at the airport with my son (8 years old). We took a lugagge cart for the suitcases and we realized after some seconds that in the place where we put the hands to push it, there was an used band-aid that we both touched. I could not see if there was fresh blood on it (but we didn’t have visible blood on our hands after this).
We didn’t have our skin with cuts but we had arrived from a long trip where we had used a lot of alcohol-based gel hand disinfectant and our skin was somewhat irritated. I am worried, basicaly thinking in my son in the case the band-aid had blood (after touching the bandage we went to the rest room and wash our hands and then used alochol-based gel).
Should we be worried? Thank you for your answer.

Sorry, but in my previous question I forgot saying that in one of my fingers i had a hangnail. I am not sure if that changes the answer…
Thank you, again.

Masturbation with Dirty Hands

I went to a AIDS clinic to get tested. I tested negative. I went home (about 30 mins later) and masturbated. I forgot that at the AIDS clinic I had shaken peoples hand. And when i got home I didn't wash my hands. I didn't see any visible blood in my hand but there could have been microscopic blood. Is there any risk from masturbating after getting home even if I had HIV blood on my hand?

Spit / blood in mouth from African man

Today I was talking to a security guard asking for directions and he came really close to my face and shouted at me. Whilst doing so his spit landed straight on my tongue. I know that people say saliva is not a risk but what if there is blood in a persons saliva - surely it is a risk then. And I didn't see the saliva I felt it - so i don't know if it looked red.
The man was african. 1 in 25 Africans in the UK have HIV.
I have sores and cuts all over my tongue as a result of orthodontic work that I had done two days ago. So the tongue would offer as an entry route to my blood stream this way right?
I need some information on this as I don't know what to do and I am freaking out.


Hi doctor, a couple of months ago I shared a cigarette with an hiv positive friend, before I knew he was positive. I took a few drags from his cigarette. The reason I'm parranoid is because I don't remember if I had any cuts or sores on my lips. However, I normally do have chapped or flaky lips. I have heard that hiv patients sometimes have bleeding gums or sores in their mouths so this doesn't make me feel any better. What would be the chance of me actually gettinG infected this way and even if there was a small amount of blood on the butt of the cigarette, would the virus even survive once exposed to the air and on the cigarette? Your answer will really help me with my anxiety about this. Thank you doctor.

What is classified as a direct link to bloodstream?

I've noticed that throughout this helpline, it has been stated that hiv needs direct access to bloodstream to be transmitted. I was wondering, what is classified as a direct link to blood stream? Is a bleeding pimple, small cut, or bleeding scab a direct link to blood stream? How large do cuts have to be to be at risk? Thank you in advance!

Can I get hiv from these specified situations? Or am I just paranoid? I'm really worried!

I'm a male, and I've never had sex, but I'm really paranoid about getting hiv! I just wanted to know if I could get hiv from:

-Touching something (a toilet, tap, etc.) and then masturbating (not in a public area)
-Touching a bleeding pimple, cutting myself, opening a scab

Basically, what I'm asking is, can I get hiv if I touch something with hiv and then doing the previously listed actions? If it is possible, how likely is it?

Sorry if my question isn't worded correctly, hopefully you can help me out!


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