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HIV from dirty toothbrush

I just found out my roommate used my toothbrush to clean the soles of his shoes (as a supposed joke) right before I brushed my teeth tonight. His shoes were dirty as he had been outside all day.
I am now worried as I used this brush straight after to brush my teeth. I have bleeding gums and an open wound in the side of my mouth from dental surgery. The wound bled a lot tonight when I brushed.
Am I at risk of HIV from his dirty shoes?

HIV from fish spa

hello, i was in greace and was on a fish spa. i hade a bleeding cut on my ancel and had shaved my legs before i got in to the tank. on the bleeding cut the fishes suced som blode and i wonder if i could have gotten HIV from this. i have heard that there are some risks! some sites on internet says that you can't get HIV from it and some says it is a chans but it is very low. do you think i need to be tested? do i have hive? i am very woried! please anwser

Possible exposure

Today in the hair shop I was getting my hair done. My stylist put me under the dryer while she did another clients eyebrows, which she used wax and scissors. I know she was wiping the eyebrows after she removed the wax but I'm 

afraid now that the client was bleeding and has either HIV or Hep B or C. After she was done I went back to the chair so she could blow dry me out and straighten. The girls eyebrows were red but that could be from the soreness after getting waxed. By the way we are both black. My stylist proceeded with touching me hair and scalp and accidentally brushed passed my forehead which I do have acne. Also my scalp itches a lot because of dandruff I suppose and can be sore at times but I am tender headed I'm just concern that if there was blood on her hands and she touched my scalp and forehead that I am at risk for HIV or Hep B or C. Please help. Oh btw I'm not sexually active nor do I use drugs.


Any risk of transmission?


Would appreciate it if you could answer my query. 
The restroom at a cafe i recently visited was extremely dirty and i had to pull the door handle with my bare hands to exit the restroom. Without much thought, a few seconds later i rubbed my eyes quite vigorously with the same hand. I wanted to know in a worst case scenario is it possible to be infected in case there was some residue on the door handle? Also how much blood/other bodily fluids would need to be on my hands for transmission to occur? I have hard that a few drops would not be enough for transmission is that correct?


Mouth kiss with massage parlor


I am very nervous and worried. 3 weeks ago, I visited massage parlor. I had mouth kiss with her but not deep (our tongue met but not too deep). Before kissing, I realized that I have pain in my tongue on the back, on which I was unsure whether it is ulcer or not. I did not do sex with her since I wore underwear while she was naked but then I ejaculated early on my underwear while we are standing to each other and then it was just that.
From last week (2 week post exposure), I have mouth ulcers but on and off by 1-2 days but today mouth ulcers starts to show on my mouth wall along with on my lips. Last night I had night sweat which force me to change my clothes.
I have visited doctor and searching on the internet regarding the possibilities of HIV transmission through mouth kissing which they all said that it is possible. For your information, I do have gas often long before this happen. I don't know whether it has correlation or not. Now I am worried, do not know what to do. I am scared to take the test because I can't face the reality, I am still 29 and just married. I have already told my wife regarding this and she already forgive for what I've done. I am afraid to face the reality (on possible condition that I have it through only a kiss while other people on the planet, do more that what I did but still free). I know it will be too early to take the test before 3 month or 6 week. Help me what I have supposed to do. I am very depressed, can't concentrate on my job.
Thank you


Should I worry? Wad is the risk?

Hi doctor,

So I used a public toilet today at a school and noticed there was blood on the toilet seat at the front area where I sit very close to and my vagina actually touched the toilet seat because I have a habit to sit very front. Just want to ask, is there any risk if the blood was from a HIV positive patient? There was someone using the toilet before me and I enter after she came out.. & also after I was done releasing myself, I dropped something on the floor which made me sit with the entire vagina touching the toilet seat, and also the blood.. Is there any risk in this incident? I am very worry as I do not know what risk there is or do I even need to be concerned about this? Help me doctor



hello! I would really appreciate if you could help me. I work in a very busy restaurant as a waitress and sometimes I notice small cuts on my fingers with a bit of blood or without. I take customer`s plates, drinks, money. I was wondering if I can get HIV this way because sometimes I notice those cuts after a while and im not sure for how long I had them uncovered.... I am really worried plus im planning for a baby ... would really like to sort it out. Thank you so much!


1)can HIV be transmitted through shaking hands with an infected person who is infected and they hav a healing cut you dont see? 

2) is the skin around nails an entrance for hiv? If it doesnt have cuts but is cracked around the cuticle?


Can i get HIV from recieving oral sex and touching penis with precum?

Okay, so thanks for everything you do here on this forum to try and help us. Here is my story
I am man 23 years old, and I always wanted to try gay sex. Basically what happened is that I had risky encounter with older male. All there was is me touching his penis with precum on, and he sucking my penis ( I didn't have condom ), I never touched his penis with anything other than my hand. I know that oral sex risk is lower than anal/vaginal but I am scared because he had those removable teeth, I am not sure what is the word ( english is not my native language so bear with me ) like a bracelet with teeth that you can remove whenever you want. Usually older people thing when you lose all teeth. I don't think he had blood in mouth, but i am flipping over here.
So that was that and I wouldn't be worried but several days ago I had night sweat on the neck, literally day after i had mild cold with coughing and my neck gland hurt a little. 
What is my problem now, those are symptoms of HIV, but I usually get cold at this time of year when summer is over and winter begins. Also I would like to add that my neck gland did not swell and just hurt like a sore throat and I think that has to do with my last tooth in lower jaw started hurting day before.
So all in all this situation is driving me crazy, I cried alot, thinking how stupid I was. I started making mistakes at work, being depressed etc.
at 10.01.13 will be exactly month since encounter happened. Please i seek help, do you think I am infected or it's all coincident.

Oral & Fingering

Hi, i received unprotected oral sex from a girl during that i performed a vagina fingering for a girl touching her vaginal fluids, after 4 weeks from that i did 4th HIV 1 & 2 (ag/ab) test and it was negative.- do you think that im under risk to acquire hiv from these activities, and is my test is enough or should i take another one, and can i start my sex life with my wife without fears.


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