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mr worried knife

Hi. I am reall worrried so i want to ask u somthng. Today in local vegetable shop, a worker got angry with me. After a while he hit me from back. At that time i just felt a hit but after returning to home i looked at area and saw three lines of scratches that were red. They usually carry knife with them. So here my concern is that if that guy due to anger hit me from back with knife and that knife has got some fresh blood then is there risk for hiv. Again this sounds stupid but i just felt hit not any pain. So is it possible if a knife scratches u and you dont feel anything. Moreover i was wearing full sleeve shirt. Thanks

HIV by blood.

After talking for a while on my phone i found that there was blood near the earpiece (don't know whether it was mine). But iI freaked out when I found a wound near my ear. Are there any chances of HIV?


I had a shave with my shaving stick in October then after some days I began to notice some sores on my neck when new bears(moustache) was coming out which made me to visit the barbing salon in November. while in the barbing salon the barber shaved my bears with a clipper which was not sterlised and opened the sores on my neck with the clipper(during shaving) which caused some blood to come out from the openings and this happened between 7th Nov-12th Nov 2013(can't remember the exact date). after some days I had a cracked voice which I took care of with a strep drug and after about 3weeks later I started losing weight(not much weight loss) and if I eat food I will start having a running stomach which makes noise and sometimes made me to want to vomit. there was a time I wanted to have a sore throat but I took care of it with a drug and I do have a slight headache sometimes which will happen in some minutes and stop and maybe after sometime it will come again and stop. On Dec 13th, I went to a hospital and had some test including HIV test but the HIV test came out negative but I was told that I had a typhoid fever. I want to know whether it is possible that I have contacted HIV from that barbing salon? reply so that I will know on time.

Risk of HIV transmission

Hello Friends,

I had undertaken following four sexual activities, please let know whether I need to worry further and live peacefully a committed new life:

In 1st week of April 2013, I had received unprotected oral sex for 3-4 minutes at a massage parlour possibly from a commercial sex worker. She cleaned up my penis with water and tissue paper.

In 2nd week of May 2013, I had onetime protected vaginal sex with a commercial sex worker for 5-6 minutes. After that I had washed by penis properly with water.

On 10th November 2013, I have received hand-job from one commercial sex worker. I did suck/rub her nipples for 10-15 minutes. No vaginal/anal sex (but may have received unprotected oral sex).

On 5th December 2013, I had again received hand-job from a commercial sex worker but catch here is that she cleaned up my Penis with water and some used towels, may have been used by previous customers.

In all the above cases I am not sure of HIV status of service providers/their earlier customers.

I had no symptoms of HIV infection. Due to mental agony, I got myself tested on 23rd December 2013 for HIV 1/2 through ELISA method, which came out as non-reactive/negative.

Please guide if I need to go for further testing or I can forget above incidents and live a committed life from the new year onwards with single partner whose HIV status is negative and known to me. Your proper guidance would be of great help.

Single father worries


I'm alittle concerned.

I got an unprotected handjob from a csw followed by protected sex with no condom breakage or slipping from memory....I was Abit drunk but I do remember a condom being put on me and taken off after I ejaculated plus the lady said that she got tested last week and she's clean and a mother herself....she also said that she has to get tested regularly or the brothel won't let her work without a medical certificate and she always uses condoms.

I get tested regularly for sti's roughly every 6 months.

Should I test specifically for this occasion? Was I at risk at HIV acquisition?

Or can I just follow my regular testing routine?

I'm concerned as I'm a father and tend to cut my hands rather frequently due to my job and I don't want to get my son infected from a cut on my hand.

Xmas stupidity


I stupidly went to a csw and I got a handjob without a condom then had protected intercourse with a condom. There was no breakage of the condom.

Was I at risk for HIV?

Do I need to test specifically for this case or is my 6 monthly routine test okay?

Hand Sanitizer


If I put hand sanitizer on my hand when there might have been a tiny bit of fluid on it, will it kill the HIV? Does Hand sanitizer kill HIV?

Dirty, bloody water


Recently i got splashed with water while my office janitor was cleaning a ledge which I was standing under.

My worry is that this was extremely dirty water as the ledge had tons of old bird poop on it which the janitor was trying wash away with the water. I also noticed that the janitor's hand was cut and he was bleeding in to the water while holding the hose.

The water fell in to my mouth as well as in to my eyes.

Please let me know if I am at any sort of risk from this situation. I am really worried because of the bird poop as well as the blood from the janitor's hand. Maybe I need to get checked for bird flu as well.

Plz help me out.

response to public bathroom question I asked

I need clarification to your answer from my post I wrote. You said:

Please "keep in mind" that you are responsible for your own education in regards to your health. Please also keep in mind that "what if" and your herpes outbreak are not questions we can answer as we are not you and continue working with your doctor.

what does that mean? are you saying you dont know if you can get hiv if i did infact wipe with that same towel I used to close and lock the stall door if I did in fact have a hrepes breakout down in the vagina? I thought you said you cant catch hiv that way and yes i understand im responsible for my own health education but this is a forum that answers questions like this does that mean you are telling me answers that you are not 100% accurate on and that you say im repsponsible so then why would I ask a question if you are not telling me true info? I need clarification please. also you say keep working with my doctor? I dont have a doctor and why do I need to keep working with one? I never told you I had a doctor so are you thinking i am someone Im not

So very scared

My employee health nurse is making me test again for HIV at 6 months. I have to test again because there have been cases where nurses seroconverted after 6 months? Is that possible to happen to me? I had a needle stick and patient was HIV negative and hepatitis c positive. I tested negative for both at 6 and 12 weeks. However, my baby that I'm breastfeeding has had recurrent colds and ear infections and I read that indicates HIV in children. I really thought I made the right decision to breastfeed because of patient being negative and I tested negative at 6 and 12 weeks. But now I am afraid I have made my baby sick and have caused her harm. I just hope and pray I am truly HIV negative. I know I should be happy that the patient tested negative for HIV, but the window period applies to the patient as well, and the patient could have been in the window period. That's why I am so confused because I thought that you can get HIV from someone even if they test negative
because they could be in the window period. I don't know what to think. Am I ok?


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