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No Risk

PLZ RESPOND- very nervous

I cut my thumb with a knife and my room mate also cut his hand with same knife 10 hours back. I could not find any definite answer after how much time HIV dies in air. So my questions are (assuming my roommate is HIV positive)

1. My cut was very mild and few drops of blood comes out, and I put my hand under running water. Is it possible that running water might have pushed HIV deep into my blood stream?2. Can dead\dying HIV be again active after going into blood stream?3. Do I need HIV test?


Please help

I am not sure if my post was successfully processed because it showed kind of technical error. Sorry to start a new post. My original post is the following:
I am a bit nervous and need to confirm one more time please. Since the air pumper was used, what if there is a bit blood and saliva on the tube, is it still no risk because the air pumper was exposed to the air for 3-5 mins? I do not need to worry about the air pumper contacting my inner skin of my mouth. I'd appreciate if you can confirm this. Thanks.

Hiv transmission

2 months ago I was fingering myself and a friend had his bare penis out his penis brushed aganist my labia minora am I at risk for hiv

shared a dollar bill

Hi i shared a dollar bill with friends doing coke. No bleeading noses or no reason to beleive anyone has hiv. Or hep c. But still very worried. Do i have any reason to be worried? Only did one line.


Hey again!
Just to clarify! This is my original post (please read original post first):
Can you confirm that these herbal tablets of herb Peruvian Maca (with all ingridiants i have described) or any herbal tablets, consumed one whole year prior to test, and every day till the day of test and in the day of test, all that time with no pause, WILL NOT affect test result for 3rd generation test nor body immune response (antobody production). I know i sound like OCD, exually i have ocd and bad english too.
Thank you for your suport in these days of worry!


I really appreciate your help, my question is regarding sharing a cigarette with someone who is positive. I had     small scratch on lips and two weeks after l developed a fever  for abaut 2 dayes runnig nuse and 1 mouth ulcers afte 3 weeks  lost  appetite, night sweats  white tongue neck pain, muscle weakness  Could I be at risk if the person gams  were bleeding? Do l need an HIV test  in this  case ? 

Finger cut and soap dispenser

Hello, I was in a public washroom, I pushed the bottom of the soap dispenser to get some soap, and I had a small and 2 days old cut on my finger. If my cut touched the dispenser and if there was vaginal fluid on that, does HIV f transmit this way? My cut was not bleeding but it was red and a little bit wet, and just to make sure I washed it with soap and water immediately after I assumed it had touched the dispenser. Please assess the risk in this situation. Thanks for your time.

Unprotected Insertive oral sex, and A brief Protected Vaginal sex (lasted 5 secs) Question:

Im worried that i might infected through receiving oral sex (my penis get sucked), I had 5 encounters with insertive oral sex. 3 times in massage parlor and 2 with a street worker, happened on separate occasions. Is there a possibility of HIV transmission in this mode?
And also i had protected insertive vaginal sex, i inserted my penis to her vagina for about less than 5 seconds i think.. Supposing the condom had some small holes, will vaginal fluid enter to my urethra and cause HIV transmission?? I'm so worried this time. Should i need to be tested for HIV?

HIVthrough door knob and needle. please help urgently.

Hi, I went to a guys place whom i found through online website. He came out of his apt building to take me to hishis apt.The guy parties hard... We did not have any sex but he got naked and was using lube on his penis. I did not get naked but was only masturbating. I only briefly touched his thigh and knees but not genitals. He did not touch me. As i was leaving his home, i touched the knob of the door that was sticky and wet. The guy immediately took a rag to turn the knob and opened the door. I did see some open condomn on his table in his house. I am scared to death thinking if the door knob had some infected fluid and that can transmit HIV to me. The fluid could be his or someone else who might have come before me. The fluid might be there only five minutes before i touched it..meaning could be fresh.I do not have visible cuts in hand. He used rag to open the door and when i asked, he mentioned he had lube on his hand and knob and hence used the rag to open the door. I mean really scared given that knob was wet and sticky and i touched it with my bare hands. Further, i am scared if i got pricked by any needles at his place. Please help me as i am married and have a kid. Thanks


i  took today a HIV test and  now i become worried about the needle, if the nurse(man) has HIV and he prick his finger with the same needle and right away he collect my blood with the same needle can i be infected??


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