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No Risk

should I worried about acne

Dear all , 

Am so scared and really need to know I was at risk or not , I have injured fingure which have recent blood on it (my blood was not so dry ) I touched a girl acne recent cracked pink scar and she is HIV +ve do I have to worry about it.kindly advice me am so worried


Blood on my hands


I have a 6 month old puppy which loves to lick people's hands. Recently my dog licked the hands of my new gardener who happens to be HIV +. He generally tends to have cuts on his hand due to the nature of his work. Immediately after that my dog licked my hands. I generally tend to wash my hands immediately after but this one time I forgot to and I think I rubbed my eyes and nose with my hands which probably had a bit of my gardener's blood on them. 
Am I at risk? How soon can I get tested?


please be so kind to assess and evaluate the following hiv transmission risk through eyes.

my servant is hiv+. he was handing over me a bottle of coconut water. there were some drops of tap water and coconut water OUTSIDE the bottle. while passing me this bottle he squeezed the bottle and some drops of coconut water and tap water which were outside the bottle came into my eyes passing through his hand.
immediately i saw his hands which were bleeding from many places. (and he is hiv+).
now my questions.
1.) if the mixture of drops of coconut water and tap water (from outside the the bottle ) and blood from his hands flew into my eyes, can i get hiv infected? why or why not? how much is the risk?
2.) i saw on the internet that water dilutes hiv and kills the virus so there will be no risk in this situation as blood must be diluted from the water drops? does coconut water also dilutes blood the same way as normal water and inactivates the hiv virus.
3.) is it really possible that when the drops of water flew into my eyes, while passing his hands they must have taken the blood from his hands and this blood enter my eye. can this happen or is it impossible?
 i have been really sad after the incident. so kindly advice all of the above answers so that i can put my mind to peace. your help is greatly appreciated. i also wana donote to your foundation.
kindly explain in detail
thanks .

HIV 1 ,2 test 3rd generation Abbott Elisa negative at 88 days but symptoms still appear

Dear all thanks a lot for your help but am really so worried regarding my case , I have a deep kiss with HIV +ve female , while that my inner lip get cut and bleed directly after kissing , this was 9th july , then I noticed swelling tender lymphonodes at both sides of my neck , then on 28 sep I had flu symptoms mild fever cough sore throat which lasts only for 3 days , I don't sleep at all no appetite red eyes , white tongue , I have tested -ve on 6 october which means after exposure by 88 days ? Is it true and enough ? Also why I have these symptoms while am negative!!! Am gonna die thinking 

thanks a lot for your concern to read my message.


possible exposure

i hope someone can ease my mind. I cut my finger on a door and it was bleeding. Immediately after it happened someone accidently touched my hand where my cut was when they handed me a pen. This person may have had HIV. I did not see any blood on them. Is HIV transmission possible if they happened to have any blood on then? Or is there nothing to worry about as this is casual contact?

Thank you


are handjobs a NO RISK or NEGLIGIBLE RISK

are receiving handjobs NO RISKor NEGLIGIBLE RISK if exchange of body fluids are present in the hands

please help me

i hope you can help m and reduce my stress which is affecting my life

i went a week ago for vacation and i entered a strip club where girls are dancing, one of the ladies sat on my legs nude. i touched her breast and her vagina and then she took me to a private room where i took my clothes off and she touched mine until cum ... after 5 days i had mouth ulcer and rash. can HIV transmit through this way ??? am i infected with this virus ? please helpthanks for this interesting website where we can find all the useful informations


PLZ RESPOND- very nervous

I cut my thumb with a knife and my room mate also cut his hand with same knife 10 hours back. I could not find any definite answer after how much time HIV dies in air. So my questions are (assuming my roommate is HIV positive)

1. My cut was very mild and few drops of blood comes out, and I put my hand under running water. Is it possible that running water might have pushed HIV deep into my blood stream?2. Can dead\dying HIV be again active after going into blood stream?3. Do I need HIV test?


Please help

I am not sure if my post was successfully processed because it showed kind of technical error. Sorry to start a new post. My original post is the following:
I am a bit nervous and need to confirm one more time please. Since the air pumper was used, what if there is a bit blood and saliva on the tube, is it still no risk because the air pumper was exposed to the air for 3-5 mins? I do not need to worry about the air pumper contacting my inner skin of my mouth. I'd appreciate if you can confirm this. Thanks.

Hiv transmission

2 months ago I was fingering myself and a friend had his bare penis out his penis brushed aganist my labia minora am I at risk for hiv


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