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No Risk

Soaking shoes stepped on a puddle of urine

When i was in public toilet I accidentally stepped on a puddle of urine. My shoes is soaking, if there is any chance thah urine is infected and can pass through shoe for my leg?

Possible needle scratch

Good evening, found on the the patella and dried blood scratch near a 3mm, do you think there could needle through jeans made scratch? I wan riding tram in the morning,and now thinking that someone scratch me with needle.There were no signs of blood on the jeans, have I risk?

Eye follow up

Thank you for great reply below. When it says HIV dies after being exposed to air for some time below, does that include only 1-2 minutes of air time would kill the HIV?



I was at the gym and using a dumbbell. A reddish fluid was in it and not thinking after using dumbbell I rubbed my eye with same fingers used on dumbbell. If the fluid was hiv blood from previous user 1-2 minutes earlier is their any risk of HIV transmission into my eye?

Hi there, thanks for contacting AIDS Vancouver

HIV dies outside of the body fairly quickly after being exposed to oxygen. Your chances of contracting HIV from possible blood on a dumbbell after being exposed to air for some time is no risk.

HIV survival in needles

Hi, I am a little worried about something that happened recently with me. I went for some regular blood work at a highly reputable hospital lab in my country (third world). The phlebotomist followed all the universal guidelines right by wearing new gloves, cleaning with alcohol swab, opening the syringe from teh packaging in front of me, place a cotton ball and then finally placing a bandage. However one thing happned during this process taht has made me worried. When he was drawing blood he pulled the plunger of teh syringe too much so then he pushed it a little bit back to stay on par on how the blood was filling in teh syringe. At first I was ok but now I am getting afraid that lets say if teh needle even taken out of the packaging might not have been totally disinfected and might have had some blood left in it and when he pushed teh plunger back, that blood might have injected in me. The syringe was perfectly clean as I saw it before he started drawing blood but I am afarid of the needle. I have read conflicting statmements on teh internet. Some say blood clots in needles after a while and hence any virus present in it would be dead whereas others say teh blood remains in them for a long period of time with teh virus being alive in them. I dont know what to belive here. In addition lets say there was a small blod clot in teh needle and it got injected in me, would be virus be still alive in it?
Lastly, after drwaing blood, teh guy placed the bandage without removing teh paper wholly from teh edges which I removed myself and discraded in teh garbage bin where these guys disposed off their gloves, used cotton balls, packageing meterials etc. Now I am farid that since I touched taht garbage bin, I might be at risk from some blood on the garbage bin cap. I didnt see any blood on it but it could be small amounts visible only from close examination. My fingers are all ok but I do bite my nails and there was a small scab (a day or two old) on one of my fingers.
Please provide your opinion as the internet is full of information that is misleading. I am afraid of the needle and the garbage bin but after reading from teh internet am also afarid if teh cotton ball had small spec of blood from the other patients and it was placed directly on my wound, then I am at risk. I am concerned from HIV, HCV and HBV and need your advice on my risk.

barber's incident

While I was in barber shop and before he started shaving my beard and neck, he was preparing a new razor and blade to shave me and his hand slipped and injured his thumb-finger and I have seen few blood drops, he stopped working for a minute and he washed his hand, dried using tissue, wrapped his finger with plaster and got another new razor and blade.
After that he resumed shaving my beard and neck. But I have noticed that he still using his hand with wounded-wrapped-finger to hold and fix my head in order he can shave safely, and sometime this wounded-wrapped-finger touched shaved skin which really worried me that it could transmit HIV. His wounded-wrapped-finger was touching the water and I am worry there was a slippage of blood (through the water) on my shaved skin.

Am I at risk here and shall I go for HIV test?

I am married person.

Antibody confusion

I had protected anal sex but unprotected oral. I tested using naat and rapid at 4 weeks and 80 days. Both times negative. The counselor at gay and lesbian center in la said no more testing. My droctors friend who is a hiv specialist told me 6 month test is conclusive. Why?
1. Why do some say naat is only good at 2-3 weeks after exposure?
2. If antibodies werent produced at 3 months wouldnt naat find the virus because there are high amount of them? Or could there still be low amount of virus that cant be detected?
3. Can you produce antibodies but in a small amount that cant be detected by the rapid test at 3, 6, 12 months or even years after?
4. When can i absolutely be certain that i dont have hiv because some specialists say some take longer than 6 months for hiv to show or that the body uses different defenses before using antibodies?
PLEASE HELP IM A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT GOING NUTS!!!! By the way i dont know if the guy is negative or positive.

HIV & Neutropenia ( please need your help )

I am a male , 29 years old,

I had unprotected vaginal sex with sex worker 3 months ago (27-11-2013) at Dubai and i don't know her HIV status.( i was very drunk and i don't know how i did that )

During my window period i took extacys pills twice, 1 time haf of tramadol 1.25 pill trying to go out of anxiety and and this didnt work at all.

After 4 weeks i had a Sore throat for 8 days,
after 8 weeks till now :night sweat , loss appetite , loss weight till now( 8 kg).
After 10 weeks : a flue for only 3 days with a fever of 38
after 12 weeks : diarrhea for 6 days

Tesets did with result : ( i don't know the test technology or generation )

2 monthes : Hiv antibodies 1& 2 ( negative)
11 weeks : Hiv antibodie ( non reactive 0.12)
82 days : HIV antibodie ( non reactive 0.11)
85 days : HIV antibodie ( non reactive 0.24)
90 days : HIV antibodie ( non reactive )
94 days : HIV antibodie ( non reactive )

i decided to go to a doctor ( not HIV doctor ) to check on myself who ask me to do another general tests,
Other tests:
i did syphilis, virus c,virus b (all came back negative)
urine analyses, liver function (normal) and a lot of others normal text with normal results.
but i had Herpes virus type 1 antibody positive

he ask me to do complete blood picture.and here came another new surprise with the result on the 91 days
Hemoglobin: 14.9
Haematocrit(pcv) 42.5
RBCs count 5.47
MCV : L 77.7 (Low)
MCH : 27.2
MCHC : 35.1
RDW-CV: 12.0
PLAtelet count : 370
Total LEUCOCYTIC COunt : 4.7
Differential leucocytic count:
Neutrophils: 35.7 % 1.69
Lymphocytes : 48.1 % 2.28
Monocytes : 10.1 % 0.48
Eosinophils : 5.7% 0.27
Basophils: 0.4% 0.02
( comment: RBCs show mild microcytosis .Relative Lymphocytosis. Relative Monocytosis. Absolute Neutropenia)

The doctor told me to retest for HIV in 6 months and then in 1 year .

i went to another doctor how ask me to retest the full blood pictures , and i did it in the 93rd day and it came back ( normal blood picture ).

1-Does neutropenia or any thing can be cause for false negative HIV test result at 94 days ??????
Should i retest again / When ???

2-Should i retest again / When ???

3-What does it mean by ( non reactive 0.12 and then 0.24 ) this number it can continue in increasing ??

can't sleep or eat or work, your opinion means a lot for me!
( sorry for my weak English )

Dry blood stained blade cut

I asked earlier but didn't get any answer.please help.
1 had a cut with a blade that had dry blood stain on bottom of it.top edge cut me.edge was clean.that blade is used for cutting plaster and bandages.I don't know from where that stain came.it was dry. Initially it was not bleeding and then I cleaned with spirit swab then small amount of blood was oozing. Bloos source unknown. I was afraid Did hiv antibody test on 22th day and antibody plus p24 test on 26th day.both came negetive. Do I need to retest?

Makhonya Negative

I’ve kissed an HIV positive lady for days while I was away on an assignment. The kiss was very deep, tongue to tongue type of a kiss. I kissed her on the 8th, 9th , 10th 11th and 12th of November 2013. Each time after kissing her I’d have diarrhoea during the night and she told me on that she’s positive afterwards.
On the 8th – I kissed her about 30 minutes after I used toothpick as we just had supper.
On the 12th – After I kissed her I went to the bathroom to rinse my mouth and as I spit out I notice that my saliva was missed with blood. I then quickly rinse my mouth with cold water.
I then went to the Doctor on 13 November 2013 who prescribed ATRIPLA for me. I only took this medication only for 2 nights (2 tables only) and thereafter it was stolen as I was flying back home. 2 and half weeks later I started getting very sick, my body was very itchy, diarrhoea, my feet and hand we numb at night, burning sensation on my body, malaise, excessive night sweat, my skin changed, muscle pain and lost so much weight. These symptoms carried on for about 2 months.

On the 52 days (7 weeks) I had a PCR and 4th Generation Duo Elisa tests with Lancet (Lab) and the results was NEGATIVE. I also did a Rapid antibody test (HIV ½ Ab/Ag test) at the Doctor’s office on 11 weeks and it was still NEGATIVE. At 83 days I visited a pharmacy and hand a Rapid antibody test and still it was NEGATIVE. At 101 days I tested again at the pharmacy using Rapid antibody test and still it was NEGATIVE

I have the following question:
1. The medications (ATRIPLA) which I took for 2 nights will it affect the accuracy of the test results at 101 days?
2. Do I need further testing?
3. Furthermore, I went for an Operation on 18 November 2013. Will the medication which I took after the operation affect my test results, including anastistatic which was used to put me to sleep during the operation?
4. Would Neurobion (Vitamin B) affect the test results?

Fisting using Gloves and Lube


I met a man who fisted me using gloves and lube. I would like to know if there is any risk for HIV.

Thank You


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