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No Risk

Transmission trough oral

My friend is HIV positive . On one occasion i share piece of cake with him i had eat same cake piece after he eat with so there is risk of negligible transmission or there is 100 % no risk (if he had sores in his mouth )


I recently found out one of the people i've been smoking with (passing joints with) is living with full blown AIDS.what are the chensis of geting HIV if he had fresh blood in his mauth? 

After 3 weeks l hed hai fever and chills for 1 day and sweats , mild fever four ather 3 days and after 5 weeks night sweats white tongue neck pain, muscle weakness.do you recommend HIV testing?


received masturbation with pants on and risk of hiv

Four guys took turns and masturbated me. I had my jeans on but no underwear. They were touching tip of my penis although my jeans was on. My jeans was wet as i pre-cum a lot. Those guys were having oral sex with each other, they were naked and touching each other everywhere. Assuming they had any bodily fluids in their hands, can they transmit hiv to me while giving me masturbation and touching my tip of penis,.although with my jeans on with no underwear. I am uncircumcised. Please respond back as i.am very scared. Please let me know if this is no risk.for hiv or sti. Thanks

hiv risk?

Hi I have a question and was hoping you could answer me. Let's say perhaps you went to the store to buy a pack of bar of soaps and bought them and something kind of wet was on the package and then you realize you had the soap sitting in the shopping cart on some gross unknown substance. Anyway the item was already purchased and brought home. Couple days later you go to the package of soaps and take the plastic wrap off to get in and grab a box (You know how bars of soaps are packaged with plastic holding all the boxes of bars of soaps together) anyway you open up take plastic off, then take a new box of soap out and open that bar. You then proceed to wash your body with the soap and also your private parts soaping them up good. Both front and back. What are the chances there is a risk of HIV by doing this under these circumstances?
1) I did not wash my hands first before washing my body or front and back private areas after touching the package of soap that did have some sort of unknown wet substance on it or was sitting in something gross in the cart beforI purchased it. If the substance was a bodily fluid perhaps, semen or vaginal fluid, spit any body fluid that someone could have wiped on the cart and then my items i bought touched it  and I used it to wash my body including my vagina and bbum, am I at risk for catching HIV or any other std if it the stuff that my stuff was sitting on was bodily fluids, HIV ect? I'm not even sure but the fact that I didn't wash my hands either before beginning to wash my self makes me think I am at risk. Please note that my soap was regular unscented soap and is not antibacterial soap does that increase my chances of catching disease even more??? See I THOUGHT YOU COULD CATCH DISEASES i you got other peoples fluids on you in areas where transmission is possible, i.e.,bum, vagina body with cuts perhaps. Am I at any risk or would you safely say my risk is none? And why? Please answer soon I'm scared!

Survival in semen

Hi there. Today i was at a public restroom where i cut my hand with handle of door. On the handle there was something sticky looked like semen. There was no one when i went there. Let's say that specimen was 5 minutes old. Am i at risk of HIV infection?

urine and hiv

I used a public bathroom and there was urine all over the seat. I had to wipe it off to use the bathroom. I have tiny open cuts on my fingers from cracked dry skin. Am I at risk of HIV if any of the urine got in my open cuts? There was a good amount of urine I wiped up like a puddle

risk from prick by earing

I was kissing a girl. while i was kissing her my finger touched the back of her ear and was pricked by the pointed pin like thing that is attached on the earing which goes through the ear. My concern is that i asked her and she told that her ear hole was bleeding when she put the earing on her. will i be at risk from the prick. Please note i was pricked after 1 hour she was wearing the earing. And the pointed part of the earing was outside her year and exposed to air. Am i still at risk or the hiv virus will be dead by them. Thanks

Blood splatter from cough


Recently a colleague and I were sharing a cubicle and he had a nasty cough. On more than one occasion he coughed on me. What worries me is that he mentioned that there were traces of blood in his phlegm. While I don't know about his HIV status I wanted to know if I am at risk. In case some of his phlegm/saliva mixed with blood fell on my eyes, nose or mouth would that be a transmission risk? I would like to point out that I did not have any open cuts or sores in my mouth.


blood on towel

I was in bathroom and while washing my face I got soup on my eye so I used the towel to sweep my face and after that I saw fresh blood on the towel and just before me there was a guy shaving his chin and used this towel so it was so fresh , how risky is that for the towel touching my eyes ,nose and mouth .

repairman is this HIV risk

hi i had a cut on my hand, it szopped bleeding.after nearly 25 minutes was cooking food and accidently vinegar fell down and i had to clean it up . whil cleann som vingar got on my cu and it has some bad sensation on my cut. after h even the repairman completed his job and he gave me his pen to sign. while he was writing i noticed cut on his hand and blood over his hand . by the same hand he handed me the pen. so what if his fresh blood got on my cut which i got 25 minutes before( considering not no blood coming out bu got vinegar just before) put me under HIV risk


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