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No Risk

Spit out drink

Today I was eating dinner with my friend in the cafeteria.she laughed at a joke and spit all of her drink on me. It got all over my arms and I believe in my face. I'm worried because I don't know her status and I have open acne and possibly scars on my arm. What if there was blood in her mouth? Am I at risk? I'm not engaged in sexual activity nor a drug user.

Knife injury - is it a risk?

While helping my friend pack his stuff and move out of his apartment I accidentally pricked myself on the abdomen with a knife being used by the movers. I notice some weird residue on the knife (may or may not be blood). 
My questions are as follows:
1. How deep would the cut have to be to enter the bloodstream? (Mine was very superficial but a couple of drops of blood were spilt)
2. In case the residue was blood, how soon after exposure to air would the blood no longer be a risk for transmission?
3. Am I at any risk and if so what kind of test can I get done? (Incident took place 3 days ago)
Thank you.

Concern about indirect contact and abrasion wound

About 6 weeks ago, I was invloved in an motorcyle pass-by accident which resulted in an abrasion wound on the front of my leg just below the knee, the wound was about 2mm deep (max) and about 3 cm in length. It completely healed by itself in about 2 weeks. 
The lady at a flower shop (which I had just left after ordering a boquet of flower) provided some first aid medication for my wound (this was a few minutes after the incident therefore it was still a fresh wound). There was no direct contact between her and my wound, therefore this eliminates any direct blood to blood contact. However there was indirect contact as she did give me a cotton wool soaked with betadine solution, which I applied to my wound. 
I am grateful for the lady's help but I can't stop being paranoid and pessimistic about the possibility of transmission (eg. if she had blood on her hands or if there were cuts on her fingers). I did not visually see any blood on her hand (which if bleeding actively, would surely have transferred onto the boquet of flower she had just arranged for me). How much blood would have had to be present to make transmission possible (bearing in mind that the cotton wool was applied with a betadine solution before being apply to my wound). I have also read online that betadine solution will immediately inactive the virus but could there have been any possibility of transmission? 
From the situation I have described, I know it is virtually impossible for me to receive the virus, but I would like an second opinion to ease my mind. I would like to thank you in advance for your respond.

Cut from Shared Knife

I live in shared room. I cut myself with a knife on my thumb and a very small amount of blood come out which stopped automatically. My roommate said in morning, he also cut himself with the same knife. I cut myself after appxx 10 hours after the incidence of my room mate. Knife was placed open on kitchen slab. Can I be infected assuming my room mate is positive. Should I get tested?

apple picking

I have sort of a weird question but I am really upset over this. I recently went apple picking and my hands were very dry as I forgot to put hand lotion on them and so I had some cracks on my hands that had been bleeding a bit but had stopped but the cracks were still there around near my knuckled.My issue is I was picking apples and after I was done there was a reddish/brown sediment and it looked like my hands had blood all over them that started to dry and cake on my hands. I am concerned that someone bled all over the apples I picked and the blood was on my hands and could have possible got in my open cuts because I did notice that they reddish/brown sediment was also near my knuckles. I know this seems like a weird question but I am afraid that I somehow could have got Hiv this way? Is this even possible? I was unable to wash my hands until i got home but I used a wet wipe which probably pushed the stuff into my cuts even more. I am struggling with fears of getting Hiv and seeing this stuff that resembled the look of blood on my hands freaks me out. I am walking around thinking it was Hiv contaminated blood. Please help me with this. Should I be concerned? If this was blood can you catch Hiv this way can it get on your hands from touching stuff and then get in my open/recently bleeding cracks on my knuckles or be pushed in the open/recently bleed cuts from wiping with a wet wipe?Do you think this sediment on my hands was blood?I am scared. Please let me know. Thanks,

transmission through eye

Hi i am a health worker in operating theatre.I was cleaning the tip of an equipment that run clean saline to the patient,after the use.i had a splash on my face and my eye with saline .eventhough the saline was clean , i am worried as my gloves were contaminated with the body fluid  and think that the clean saline might be contaminated before it reach my eyes.what are the chances of hiv and hep c infection in this situation


is it true that echinacea if using long term can suppres imune system? is that mean that hiv test is not accurate for someone who is long term user of echinacea ? is there any limitations for using something in period when hiv test is done or you can do it anytime, in other words is there any thing that can affect hiv test in any way?

Daily taking....

Does daily taking of any herbal supplements for more than year can affect hiv antibody test or immune response to hiv virus in any way? Is an hiv test definitive and conclusive with this circumstances, of course if it is done after window period?Thanks


Something had absolutely destroyed my sense of taste and smell. Everything either has ot taste or a foul taste. i cannot even smell a dead skunk on the road..I also have burning feet and hands and flaky dry skin. I have tested negative at a poc clinic several time with a rapid blood test after five months. Is there any way could be HIV?


HIV transmission risk through shaving brush in barber shop

First of all thank you for the incredible work your are doing. 3 days ago I went to the barber shop for shaving. I had never gone before for shaving, I saw the barber used two new blades but the shaving brush was intact and already had cream on it. After the first pass i got several cuts and visible blood and the barber reapplied more cream with the brush on the cuts so I start to worry about HIV and Hepatitis B/C because what if the previous customer left infected blood on the brush and i got in contact with the infected blood on the brush directly to my fresh cuts, is there a risk? Thank you.



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