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No Risk

How long can window period be? I am tired after all those symptoms.

I have tested negative 4 times from 97 days to 151 days post risky exposure by CMIA method. I had most symptoms thats possible after one month of exposure. And now at 9th month I have chest congestion and rash/ulcer like feel in my tongue. Please let me know what could it be ? I am so worried.

please help me

.i have mass in the groin and i dont know if it is lymph node or not and i squeezed it ..it discharged pus outside skin
does it lymph node or abscess and i want to know does lymph node discharge pus

Spit on my penis

Hi a massage worker spat on my penis for lubrication. is this a risk for HIV?

Severe Anxiety (please reply asap)

Hi, I am so sorry to ask again…

I posted this question 3 days ago :


I was told it was no risk whatsoever, the incident happened on monday evening and since wednesday (yesterday) I have a really bad sore throat, which gets worse every day.
Can I have these so called "hiv symptoms", 2-3 days after it happened if there was no risk?
Is it really a zero risk? please be honest , I am the most concerned because we were rubbing our bodies together and we both had pre-cum, however we were fully dressed and I never touched his penis per se, just his pants…what if during the rubbing, his precum soaked through his pants and came into mine / my penis?

I can t handle re-testing, I tested neg- in october. I am usually super carefull and feel really guilty about this encounter… the guy seemed like he was lying.

and now I have these symptoms… I want to move on and enjoy my christmas break….

Hiv in semen outside the body

Hi, how long will hiv survive in semen outside the body? I'm concerned because I was involved in mutual masturbation with a man. We only masturbated our own penis at first. The problem is after he finished I was having problems finishing so he grabbed my penis and masturbated me with the same hand he had masturbated with without cleaning himself first. This was about 5 minutes after he had ejaculated. I know he had semen on his hand and he masturbated my penis head. This is a person I know well. The problem is this. 4 months later, just yesterday, he told me he tested positive for hiv. He was crying and told me I should get myself tested. I tested 7 months ago and this has been my only exposure. I'm in a dark world right now. My hands are shaking as I'm typing this. I'm going to get tested tomorrow. I thought by not having sex I would be safe but I'm not sure at all. All I keep thinking is that my life as I know it is over. Please tell me, does hiv survive in semen after 4-5 minutes even if the semen is wet? He tells me not to worry that he doesn't think I'm in danger. He had unprotected anal, that's how he got it . I'm so scared, please help. I'm dreading and all I see is a doctor telling me I'm positive.

razor blade question.

I was hoping you could answer a question regarding a concern of mine. I was shaving my bikini area around the sides and the middle. Sorry if I am too graphic, but I also am on day 3 my menstrual cycle. Anyway I just got in shower and and lathered up and began using my previously changed razor blade 1or 2 days ago. Anyway I shaved around down by my vagina and then took a look at ther razor and on it was soap from me lathering and a glob of red blood. I'm freaking out because I am thinking oh my gosh what if that blood was there before I used it? I know this seems far fetched but what if the manufacturer cut their finger while the blades were being packaged or what if someone put HIV contaminated blood on my razor. Since I am having my period I am hoping the blood came frm me but I was in the shower and ccan't understand how it would be coming from me if im wet and stuff wouldn't water have washed that off me if it were me? OK so basically I'm wondering if you can catch HIV from this situation if someone in fact put blood on my razor or if it came packaged that way? This happened in the morning after hours of sleeping and the blood looked wet. I live just with one person and know they didn't put blood on it. If it were HIV blood could I get HIV if I was shaving near my vagina hole and bikini line which by the way, was bleeding a little from razor irritation. The blood I saw was after I shaved near my vagina hole and it freaked me out but I am hoping this blood came from my vagina and wasn't put there. Do you think I need to worry about HIV transmission and get tested? Can hiv blood on a razor live long if its wet? Can it live through packaging then to the store then home with me and infect me then? I know HIV transmission is possible through razors so thas why iI am concerned. Im sorry if this story sounds nuts. Also, if it cannot live long how do we actually no it doesn't and is there proof that it does not live outside the body, even on razor blades? I'm so scared!

Hiv scared

After i kiss a girl i got burning sensation on my body ,hand and leg,shortness of breath,body rashes mostly in chest,joint pain,armpit pain,severe headache ,tiredness and more. All these are related with hiv?because i tested after three months, four months with negative result waiting for 5 and 6 ,,,..those who staying with me ,they also getting dry cough,red dot on their hands,and chest pain.1 ,why they also getting same symptoms which i got...2,if i do not have hiv why my symptoms are not going away even now 4 months finished.but i am suffering with these symptoms..3,i tested all kind of other test like tb,mono,hepatitis,herpes and more no disease found yet.. i strongly believe only hiv can take this much time... or what kind if infection test i need to test....please help me.......can i go to work ? i afraid ,if i can spread my disease to others...any disease that have above symptoms ....other than hiv....please help me............

Immediate but indirect transmission risk from mouth

I had a so called exposure. Pls assess if i am at risk and do i need to get tested.
1.) I went to a birthday party and gave a piece of cake to my friend which he ate. After that he made me eat the same piece of cake from which he eat eaten.( within 5-10 seconds ) He is Hiv+ and had blisters and a cut in his mouth at that time.
Later i checked that i also had a  fresh cut in my mouth. My concern is that is it possible that the blood from his blisters/cut can travel through the piece of cake to my mouth which has a fresh cut and infect me.
I contacted a doctor. He advised me there is no risk from the situation as the situation should be DIRECT AND IMMEDIATE. though this situation can be immediate here but there is INDIRECT CONTACT SO THERE IS NO CHANCE OF THE VIRUS.no way no how.
Is his assessment true? can you explain why or why not? shall i stop worrying.?
2.) Further, about 27 hours later i got the cut i drank fanta from the same bottle which my friend drank ( whu is positive and has cuts/blisters ). I want to know, my cut in mouth was healing after 27 hours, Will it still be a sufficient way for hiv virus to get in ( 25 hours healing cut ).
Pls advice to put my mind to rest.

Bar Glass

Hi there. So, I was at a restaurant with my family and ordered a large draft beer. When getting it, I immediately sipped from it, and a small sized almost like a ball bearing touched my tongue and I spit it out. It fell on my lap and onto floor.......I could not find it as it was dark. I asked the waiter and he said that they put the rim of the glasses into the freezer of ice and it was most likely a small clump of ice........However, my mind is now racing thinking what if it was a small clump of blood..........can you get HIV transmission if the clump had blood on it and touched my inside of mouth before I spit it out, or would the virus assuming there was HIV Viruse blood in the clump be already dead by the time the waiter put it on the table then I drank it..........I am worried that the waiter had a scab or something and it went on to rim of glass, then into my mouth etc...........Please be very detailed in your thoughts and answers ?  I know you cannot get HIV from a drinking glass under normal circumstances but would this be unnormal situation that could?


Not sure if my question went through....I drank from a glass where there might have been blood on the glass........if a bartender or waiter had a sore or had a little smudge/blob of blood on the the drinking glass while serving it, and then within a few seconds I drank from the glass, would I be at any risk for HIV?
Please be detailed in your response as I clearly would like to know the risk and why or no risk and why..


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