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No Risk

repairman is this HIV risk

hi i had a cut on my hand, it szopped bleeding.after nearly 25 minutes was cooking food and accidently vinegar fell down and i had to clean it up . whil cleann som vingar got on my cu and it has some bad sensation on my cut. after h even the repairman completed his job and he gave me his pen to sign. while he was writing i noticed cut on his hand and blood over his hand . by the same hand he handed me the pen. so what if his fresh blood got on my cut which i got 25 minutes before( considering not no blood coming out bu got vinegar just before) put me under HIV risk


hi guys first of all thanks for ur service.i am really worrried about hiv from the incident. last night the event happened. after a train stopped in station, i got on a train and had a sit in a seat. after few seconds a felt a poke in my butt. and i looked at a seat and there i foun a hollow needle but the plunger of the syringe was missing that means only a hollow needle was present. so now i am worried about hiv. so is this really a matter to worry about.

should I do test again

I had a risk expsoure kissing HIV +ve girl she was having ulcer and I bite my lips while kissing so it bleed , I did elisa 3rd gen test at 88 days it came back negative then I did another one in diff. Lab. At 97 days it came negative with 0.09 , is it risky ?! Should I test again at 6 months as am afraid that this number 0.09 increase by time , as I have swollen lymph nodes on both sides of my neck posterior cervical and oral thrush please advice

hiv from scar

Hi all ,thanks for all the help and support you do for alk worried people.
I touched for several times a chin for a female friend which is suspected to be hiv +ve while touching I felt scar and I had a look it was pink cracked recent healing scar and my finger was bleeding so there was a cut but her scar didn't bleed is there any risk ?!  

Tested after 5 weeks and 2 days

I masturbate a man and did not see i had on a finger a piece of skin off (no bleeding).   I was tested after 5 weeks and 2 days turn out negative.   Got tested again 8 weeks after, waiting for the results.  Is waiting to be tested for 5 weeks and 2 days was enough ? 

Anything to worry about?

Hi! Just this morning got results from my most recent STBBI test and all negative! Great, right?
Feeling pretty good, buuut there is an incident that happened over the weekend that made me a tiny bit paranoid.
So, I was hosting a party at my home in the country and my first guest arrived and needed to use the toilet, when she came out, she told me she had dropped a couple of quarters in the toilet! Apparently she had flushed, so I offered, like a good host, to fish them out for her! I realized that there was some backwash post-flush, since there was some toilet paper that had come back up and was mixed up with the coins.
I triumphantly pulled them out... Only yo realize that I had a giant open flesh wound- a gash - right on the outside of my hand! (had happened while I was preparing firewood outside, I guess!)
So my concern is, with open skin like that on my skin, am I at any risk? I mean the water looked pretty clean, but what if there was trace menstrual blood in the toilet water? I don't know this girl's HIV status (although she is a med student, so I would hope she might know...), do you think I should be concerned? I have not found a lot of  information about the survival of HIV in water.
I test myself regularly, every three months, just to be sure for myself and for my partner, which probably has increased my overall level of paranoia :s I thought to consult you folks, just to be sure, and get your input...
Thank you so much for your time and everything you do at AIDS Vancouver.

mr worried

hi first of all thanks for ur great service. actually i am too much worried about event that occurred with me. i was working in a restaurant. a delivery man came and he was bleeding and his 1 drop of blood got on my plastic tray. actually i got small cuts on my left hand bu a big cut on my right hand. with big cut the skin was peeled away and can see inner muscle and was red in color but not bleeding. the cut was half hour ago so my concern is if his 1 drop of blood touched my big cut (assume blood left body 10 to 20 seconds) before, whats the level of hiv risk . do i need testing

once again...

Hi!I wrote to you on 4th of October... this was my post with your answer:hi! i went to a massage parlor 4 weeks. i got a normal massage for 30 minutes and then the masseuse gave me a handjob with some oil....i don't remember that there was blood on my penis but now 4 weeks ago i got a common cold (without fever!!) - i hope so - and now i am in anxiety of getting infected through masturbation although i think to know thats NEVER impossible....but what if there was some blood from a finger cut or something else?!?!? sorry for my english i'm from germany...Answer: Hi there and thanks for using the AIDS Vancouver Online Helpline as a source for HIV/AIDS related information.First of all, nothing in the activities you describe can pass HIV. For an HIV risk to exist, certain HIV+ fluids (blood, semen, anal/vaginal fluids) must come into direct contact with the bloodstream of an HIV- individual. Additionally, HIV is an extremely weak virus and dies once exposed to air.Your right, it is impossible to infect yourself through masturbation.There are no clinically-defined symptoms of HIV. Some infected individuals experience a strong, flu-like illness 2-6 weeks post-exposure which disappears within 8-10 days. However, some infected individuals experience no symptoms, whatsoever. The common cold you experienced 4 weeks ago has nothing to do with HIV.I trust these answers relieve your anxiety and I can assure you that you do not have HIV. If you have further concerns, feel free to contact us again.PROBLEM ;):I know that i can't infect myself, i meant if it#s posible being infected when there were fresh cuts on the girl's finger although I#ve not seen blood while cleaning myself with paper....sorry for my stupid question but hand-job is always described as NO RISK but with fresh cuts I think it's HIGH RISK or BODY to AIR to ANOTHER BODY always NO RISK because virus is damaged/dead through air???thx so much....

Afraid to give hiv to girlfriend

Hello and thank you for answering my question. This was my exposure: I received a nude massage at a massage parlor known for providing handjobs. I'm in a serious relationship and know this was a stupid mistake I made. The masseuse gave me a massage with oil on my back. I was then cleaned with a towel. Later on I recalled I had slipped and scratched my back which bled. That was 5 days prior. I was then asked to turn around. She used oil to massage my penis until ejaculation. I'm uncircumcised. She then cleaned my pebis with another wet towel. My fears are that 1. I acquired hiv through the towel which may have semen from other man.
2. Her hands which may have semen from previous customer 3. Towel when penis was cleaned may have had semen.
I know these are what ifs scenario us but I'm trying to assess my risk.
Please tell me what are my chances? This was 2 months ago. I have not had sexual intercourse with my girlfriend for fear of transmitting hiv to her. I've come up with all kinds of excuses and is ruining our relationship. I have had joint pain on my wrists and ankles. Then i developed dry mouth, which then led to a whitish tongue. I don't know how much of my symptoms can be attributed to stress. I've been very stressed with this. I don't know what to do. I'm waiting for the 3 month mark. What are the chances i could test positive based on this exposure? should i be witholding sex with my girlfriend for fear of transmitting hiv to her based on this exposure? this had been my only exposure. no sexual intercourse took place. She was fully clothed and i never touched her in any wat. Someone told me I put myself at a small risk. Kindly answer all my questions please. Thank you.

Hiv transmission , afraid

I knew an Ethiopian girl who had sex before with her boyfriend back in her country, and i met her in Egypt
What worries me that i licked her tits and her nipples , gave her some soft bites but i had something like infection or sore in my mouth due to the fact that i am smoking shisha also i may have some bleeding gum recently so i am afraid that i got something from her breast ( milk ) which can transmit hiv to me through the sores i have in my mouth and gum
Another thing that i touched her vaginal over clothes ( over legging ) and my hand was between her legs all the time but she was wearing as i said legging with a very soft textile , and the i lie on her her with her clothes and my on ... Now the point is that i knew later that he was on period so i am afraid of getting blood on my clothes or hands which can transmit hiv to me
My questions are:
1) can i get hiv from Licking nipples ( i dun remember that anything came to my mouth) but if anything came i mean, specially that i have kind of infection from smoking above in my throat and bleeding gum ?
2) if while touching her, could i catch any blood from her being on period menstrual i mean ? And if so, would it pass to me hiv ?
3 ) i slept on her top and her clothes was on and mine was on me also, but afraid to catch her menstrual blooad on my pants ?
4) what is in general the probability of getting hiv from a hiv positive female to hiv negative male from above activity
Please help


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