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No Risk

mutual masturbation with precum

Hi, I was wondering why mutual masturbation is considered not risk even if someone touches my penis with the same hand that has their fluids on it; Can it enter the tip of my penis? Have there been studies between magnetic couples proving this doesn't occur? Is HIV unable to infect immediately after it is exposed to the environment? I was involved in some mutual masturbation and I may have gotten some of the persons fluids on my penis. I am worried about needing to test. Thanks


I recieved a letter in the mail from a friend known to be HIV positive. We lost contact over a year ago while she was deep into drugs and I made the decision to end contact with her because she was not in a good place and I did not want her around my children until she got help and clean.Anyway... I saw some orange/red stuff on your envelope and card. I have a very long paper cut on my hand that I got a few hours before I opened the letter. It never bled, so I'm thinking its just the top layer of skin, but I'm very concerned. Could HIV live on the card (since it was in an envelope and sealed off from environment)? I have a 3 year old, a 1 year old, and one on the way and this incident is making me very concerned.I appreciate your time and expertise! 

door knob and needle, HIV transmission. please help.

Hi, I went to a guys place whom i found through online website. He came out of his apt building to take me to this apt.The guy parties hard...you know what i mean and had stuff with him. We did not have any sex but he got naked and was using lube on his penis. I did not get naked but was only masturbating. I only briefly touched his thigh and knees but not genitals. He did not touch me. As i was leaving his home, i touched the knob of the door that was sticky and wet. The guy immediately took a rag to turn the knob and opened the door. I did see some open condomn on his table in his house. I am scared to death thinking if the door knob had some infected fluid and that can transmit hiv to me. The fluid could be his or someone else who might have come before me. The fluid might be there only five minutes before i touched it..meaning could be fresh.I do not have visible cuts in hand. He used rag to open the door and when i asked, he mentioned he had lube on his hand and knob and hence used the rag to open the door. I mean really scared given that knob was wet and sticky and i touched it with my bare hands. Further, i am scared if i got pricked by any needles at his place. Please help me as i am married and have a kid. Thanks

Fingering and then Masturbating

Hello I had a question:
A couple days ago it was my first time fingering a woman. I got some of her fluid on my finger and then wiped it off on the side of my pants and then masturbated. Is there any chance that I could of HIV or any other form of STD/STI? She told me that she went to the doctors a month ago and she said she was clean. I'm clean because I'm a virgin.

massage parlor

hi! i went to a massage parlor 4 weeks. i got a normal massage for 30 minutes and then the masseuse gave me a handjob with some oil....i don't remember that there was blood on my penis but now 4 weeks ago i got a common cold (without fever!!)  - i hope so - and now i am in anxiety of getting infected through masturbation although i think to know thats NEVER impossible....but what if there was some blood from a finger cut or something else?!?!? sorry for my english i'm from germany...

Bleeding Pedicure

Hi, I have a friend that we suspect that has HIV. This particular friend of ours and I went to a salon and had pedicures (this happened prior to us thinking that this particular friend of ours is HIV infected). He was the first one to have his pedicure, then I followed. After we had the pedicure, we noticed that some of our toe nails were bleeding. After 5 days, came our thinking that our friend might be HIV infected because we saw the guy that he had sex 3 years ago and he has AIDS. I am very scared right now but I read that it should be at least 6 months for me to get tested after any risky activity. We used the same nail clipper and nail pusher that's why I am very scared because both of us saw bleeding on our toe nails after we had our pedicure. and I never saw the pedicurist clean the nail tools that were used. Am I at risk? sorry for my bad English. I'm from the Philippines. Thanks...

Toddler-worried about transmission

Hi there! I recently went to a doctor appointment and brought my toddler with me. While I was talking to the doctor he was playing with my diaper bag and wallet. I did not see him go near the sharps container that was on the floor (between the exam table and some machine), but I'm worried I may not have noticed him go over there, grab something out or somehow prick himself with something. (The top was slid open) When I peeked in the container I only saw gloves and some pads on top (no needles). If he did happen to touch any of those items with out me noticing would he be at risk?I suffer from extreme paranoia and contagion issues which is normally treated but I am 7 months pregnant and not on any medication, so this his been bothering me for some time.I appreciate your help!

sitting on needle

I was at a school assembly and since it was packed I had to sit on the floor. My left thigh felt weird and was pulsing a little bit. I didn't want to stand up and distract people or seem odd. afterwards I looked at the spot and saw nothing but what if somebody accidentally kicked it away as they were leaving. I looked at my thigh and saw two small raised bumps near my buttocks but it could be something else its hard to tell since I have brown skin. I've had this fear of catching HIV for months now and I can't think of anything else and now I believe I'm going to die. My thigh now itches/sensations. Would there be blood if I did get pricked from a needle? But I had black pants on so seeing blood would be hard.

am I exposed?

Dear Sir/ Madam:Please be so kind to answer my question since I am quite confused and worried as not able to evaluate my case.Yesterday I had some married couple in my office to sign certain document. About 15 minutes time before signing it a girl scratched her hand and it looked like it was bleeding a little. As said, about 15 minutes after that happened I had them sign the document and she signed it first passing her pen to her man to sign it. Right after he signed that document he stood up and shook my hand. It was quite uncomfortable for me since I had some few days old itching skin rash on my hand which I believe was not quite healed yet since it burned a little when alcohol was applied (but not bleeding or so, otherwise). However, thanks God my skin rash was located above the area he touched while our handshake.At that instance they had left, just in case I went into the bathroom and I washed my hands for about 20 seconds with a rubbing alcohol which I happened to have, and after that I washed them again with soap and water for about 10 seconds. During my hand washing I covered my entire hands with a soap including the area being effected by my skin rash, and soon later I started to worry if I could have transferred any possible HIV virus with that soap into my rash effected skin and in turn infect myself with it before the virus died? I mean HIV virus if his wife was HIV positive for instance (I don't know?), and could have transferred some blood after scratching her hand (as mentioned above) into her pen when signing her document, and which was then passed to her husband who in turn shook my hand right away?Please forgive me if perhaps I am overreacting here, but I don’t know if there are any bases to worry and if there is any realistic HIV infection risk in all this? I truly apologize for any intrusion, and kindly ask you to share your expert’s knowledge with me to clear my mind.I trust this will receive your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.Respectfully yours,Richard.

Handjob and Bruised Penis

Hi, I'm Shen. I had a nude massage and had my asshole massaged and a handjob as well. I ejaculated on the hand of the man I just got to know. During the shower, I noticed that my penis was bruised slightly. Could I get HIV infection that way? I did not check his hand to see if there was a fresh wound. Should I be concerned? Should I get myself checked then. THANK you so much for answering my question.


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