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No Risk


Hello, i am so glad you people are able to help settle fears of the unknown, i suffer from ocd, yesterday i paid for goods at the local store and my fingers grazed against her hand. Seeing that i i suffer from.such paranoia i began to panic if she had any open cuts on her hand, there was not any cuts on my hand that i was aware of, can hiv be transmitted this way?

sharing whistle

Hi doc Can I get aids from sharing a same whistle with an hiv infected person because I have small cut on my lips .. but I don't know if there is ablood on whistle from the infected person I can't stop thinkingThank you 

Fresh Blood on surface

Hi there. If I had just clipped my nails and small cut from clipper on my index finger and 30 seconds later touched a object that had infected HIV blood on it worst case thinking, and it got into my index finger can I get HIV?  So basically someone else's HIV infected blood from their hand touched an object then seconds after that objects rubs against by index finger cut can I get Hiv assuming my cut was not completed dried?
Is their such a risk from getting HIV from recent fresh blood on an object?
Also please be detailed with not only yes or no on risk but why?
And has anyone ever got HIV this way?
Lastly is this a reason to be tested?


Hi, I do not know how it is going to sound to you about my situation but I am very concerned about this situation and your valid reply will help me out.
Me and my roommate had a misunderstanding, due to which on angry when he cleaned the bath room floor and toilet  sheets, he dropped all the dirt, hair etc on the bath floor and toilet sheets after cleaning into my cupboard where I keep my mouth wash, tooth brush/paste, facial cream, hair gel, razor, shaving cream, contact lens and liquid and I used all these on daily basis without knowing this situation and not all the items are kept closed (like tooth brush, facial cream, hair gel etc are kept open) except few. Later me and my roommate got in to good understanding and one fine day he told me about this and he said sorry.
After that I am so worried as I used all these items in the cupboard on daily basis including contact lens/liquid, hair gel, facial cream, mouth wash, tooth brush and paste and worried on contacting HIV or any other STDs as we share the same bathroom/toilet and not sure about my roommate's STD status as I did not ask about it.
Based on this situation, whatever the impact may be please provide me the exact impact of acquiring STDs and HIV? Thank you!

cut on finger

I was playing with a guy until he ejaculated. I didn't realize I had a cut on my hand. It was small about .5 cm. Not too deep, red in the inside, but not actively bleeding, possible some clear fluid. The cum want over it. Any risk

body scrub at a renowned spa

I visited a spa for a body scrub last week. It had nothing erotic about it and was done at a renowned spa.
My concern is that at the time the therapist was scrubbing my foot, it seemed like she got hurt on her hand because of my nails which were slightly big. I did not think of checking her hand then for any bleeding as it did not strike me.
Later when i came back the thought of her having any sort of bleeding started to worry me. Even though i do not think i had any visible cuts or bleeding, is it possible that there is any way that the blood (assuming there was any) can get me infected. Also because of the hard nature of scrub what if it popped any pimple like thing on my body which could have then bled too and resulted in direct contact between both blood. I am not sure of any such thing present but it is making me think the worse and worried badly.  Pls help.

Honest truth

Is mutual masturbation truly safe even if some prec or semen got on my hand and then I touched myself right after? I just finished waiting for a three month test. I don't want to go through that stress again. Please reassure me! Thanks

Vidas HIV Duo Ultra Test

Hi, im a male...first.of all i thank you for this site that helps a lot of people..i had vaginal sex using condom with a sex worker last June 11,2013 but during oral sex i removed the condom...so i recieved oral sex with her without a condom..it took about 2-3 minutes..but i did not ejaculated in her mouth...during the oral sex..then after that i put new condom on my penis and have vaginal sex with her and ejaculated in her vagina..now last september 18 ,2013 i had my VIDAS HIV DUO ULTRA TEST...it came out negative or non reactive...was my test a good indicator that i dont have HIV? Or do i have to retest?


Good day i was wondering if one could contract HIV from being poked with a sewing needle??it was a few hours after someone used it and left it. Sorry. I suffer from.paranoia just wanted to find out 



what is the possibility of HIV infection?

Thanks for your service. I want to know , what is the possibility of getting HIV infection from the following1. rubbing bodies together2. kissing on the skin by CSW, no oral inserting,3 rubbing penis against the body of CSW(Not touchung penis with vegina) and having unprotected sex between the boobs of CSW. 4. Rubbing the vegina of CSW with knee. no iinserting5. Touching and hugging the CSW please answer considering that the CSW is HIV positive. how ever exact status unknown


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