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No Risk

transmission through eye

Hi i am a health worker in operating theatre.I was cleaning the tip of an equipment that run clean saline to the patient,after the use.i had a splash on my face and my eye with saline .eventhough the saline was clean , i am worried as my gloves were contaminated with the body fluid  and think that the clean saline might be contaminated before it reach my eyes.what are the chances of hiv and hep c infection in this situation


is it true that echinacea if using long term can suppres imune system? is that mean that hiv test is not accurate for someone who is long term user of echinacea ? is there any limitations for using something in period when hiv test is done or you can do it anytime, in other words is there any thing that can affect hiv test in any way?

Daily taking....

Does daily taking of any herbal supplements for more than year can affect hiv antibody test or immune response to hiv virus in any way? Is an hiv test definitive and conclusive with this circumstances, of course if it is done after window period?Thanks


Something had absolutely destroyed my sense of taste and smell. Everything either has ot taste or a foul taste. i cannot even smell a dead skunk on the road..I also have burning feet and hands and flaky dry skin. I have tested negative at a poc clinic several time with a rapid blood test after five months. Is there any way could be HIV?


HIV transmission risk through shaving brush in barber shop

First of all thank you for the incredible work your are doing. 3 days ago I went to the barber shop for shaving. I had never gone before for shaving, I saw the barber used two new blades but the shaving brush was intact and already had cream on it. After the first pass i got several cuts and visible blood and the barber reapplied more cream with the brush on the cuts so I start to worry about HIV and Hepatitis B/C because what if the previous customer left infected blood on the brush and i got in contact with the infected blood on the brush directly to my fresh cuts, is there a risk? Thank you.


Negative results after 45 days

I have tested negative after a window period of 45 days. As I received the results within 15 minutes, I assume that I had a Rapid HIV test. My question is this: The laboratory employee took blood sample from a vein instead of my finger. Is this an indication that the rapid test was of latest-earlier generation thus my window period varies accordingly?
I am asking because I currently reside in Africa and even though the facility I went is of a UK charity with all the equipment in place, I still have my concerns.
Thank you

New tests

Is the hiv Insti rapid test the most modern and accurate test available? Could youhave a type of hiv that it would not pickup despite numerous tests outside the window period at a poc clinic?

Can I get HIV like this?

So I accidentally scratched a random guy at the park while playing basketball. I dont know how deep is scratch was but after that about 40 minutes later i picked and scratched my scab with the same nail and touched my bleeding cut with the same nail. Sorry if it sounds silly but im just really paranoid.


Precum on Anus From Anal Rubbing

I am a male, and I found out my male partner was HIV positive. He rubbed his penis with precum on and around my anus. With the precum making contact with my anus, what is the HIV transmission risk? There was no penetration. I am just really worried because he was recently diagnosed and has not started his medication yet. Do I need to be tested over this specific incident? Thanks.

HIV from dirty toothbrush

I just found out my roommate used my toothbrush to clean the soles of his shoes (as a supposed joke) right before I brushed my teeth tonight. His shoes were dirty as he had been outside all day.
I am now worried as I used this brush straight after to brush my teeth. I have bleeding gums and an open wound in the side of my mouth from dental surgery. The wound bled a lot tonight when I brushed.
Am I at risk of HIV from his dirty shoes?


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