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No Risk

HIV transmission through drinking water and tea

Few months back I went to one known person home for some maintenance work.I had there one glass water and cup tea.After some days I knew there was a HIV patient in their home.I am scared and worried.Please calrify any risk for HIV.

HIV in 37 degree celcious !

Dear Volunteer of Aidsvancouver,

First of all thank you you guys so much for educating people. I am now facing with a very concern problem that I cannot stop thinking.

I already read the article that HIV virus cannot stay outside human, but the article also said that the optimum temperature for HIV virus is 37celcious.

I went to the country of hot weather which is approximately 37degree celcious when I check the weather from my phone. I went there to do the bycicle trial ( one kind of sport). Before I had a ride, i went to the toilet and I feel some fluid touched my vagina when I sat on the toilet seat (maybe blood), but at that time I didn’t think too much because I knew that people cannot get HIV infected by using public restroom. But after the toilet, I went on biking and had an accident on my vagina due to the unsmooth road and my vagina hit with the bicycle. After the biking I hurt my vagina when peeing and at the time I realized that before the bike my vagina touched with some fluid in the toilet seat before! I am now concern because the country I went had 37 degree celcious, so I worried that when the last person used the toilet and there fluid still on the surface and the virus will still alive due to the optimum temperature. And also I have an accident while biking the fluid can easily access to that wound on my vagina.

Due to the situation, do I need to concern on anything? Do I had risk with this situation?

And I want to know that if HIV virus gonna be inactive if it come out the human and face with oxygen but in hot country which approximately 37 celcious? Can we use the same rule with cold country?

Sorry for my poor English

Best regards,

hiv question - 3rd time answer please

I had an exposure 115 days (16.5 weeks) ago ( protected sex at a massage parlor, un covered blow job and pussy licking). NO PEP

I had a HIV 4th gen and HIV RNA test ( both at Loabcorp and Quest) on week 6, 12 and 15. All were Non reactive(for 4th gen) and NON detectable(for RNA). Can I 100% consider conclusive HIV negative with my week 15 test( 105 days after exposure). I read some threads about 2nd hiv window period and late seroconverstion in some people. Would those people also be conclusive by week-15. Also on some websites it still says they recommend another test on 6month mark, is completely outdated info.

is there any possibility or scenario for antibodies and antigens to stay at a very low un detectable level for the 4th gen and RNA tests on week-15

I wanted to make sure that am 100% safe with my 3 neagtive results and can safely move on with my normal life and sexual activities.

Eating Dirty Food with Bloody Throat

So I have a sore throat, and have coughed up phlegm with strings of blood in it - so I'm just assuming that my throat is inflamed and has is bleeding slightly.

I touched blood with my hands, and then proceeded to grab food and eat it without washing them.

Are there any risk involved with that?

And also, is it possible to get HIV through a burn?

HIV from Rubbing Alcohol

As a germaphobe, I often find myself using rubbing alcohol to clean and sanitize things. Earlier this week, I was off put by using a public bathroom. When I arrived at my place of work, I found a bottle of rubbing alcohol with a little left, and proceeded to use it on my thighs and genital area. However, after the fact, I realized that this bottle could have been here for an unknown amount of time, and could be contagious with anything. Should I be concerned.

Hello, possible high infection

So, I am a guy and I did anal protected with a man and oral unprotected. the guy ejaculated on my chest where I hadn't any wound, I took a bit of that semen with my finger and putted on my tongue, I have to specify I hadn't any injury, wound or really small injury, or an injury who was on healing on the mouth, after the sex, that day I washedmy mouth with mouth water colagate who hadn't a strong mint taste or burn effect but it gived an mint taste on my mouth, I also did a hot shower, now is the 31` day after the contact with that guy who did hiv test in 2018 june and it was negative, he told me he hasn't and a guy told me he heard he has, I asked more person and they don't know about him, I did this sex on a vacantion on another city, this is the 32 day and I bitted my tongue strong, is there an chance it may give me hiv and the hiv survived on my tongue 32 days during my routine with washing mouth with colagte mouth water, washing my face with cold water and sometimes I cleaned my own teeths with colgate pasta who letted me with a strong mind taste in my mouth, I didn't knew about the pills anti hiv even if I heard right the second day after I had the sex with that person, to clearify in present it's the 32 day after the incident and after I bitted my tongue right after 20 mins I putted sanitary alcohol on my mouth and letted it there and now I feel my tongue is slowly burned a bit, please answer me I am worried, the knowledge is the cure for fear, and I miss the knowledge on this cause



I just came from a teeth cleaning at my dentist's.
The assistant adjusted the lamp on the chair and touched the handle.
While she was cleaning my teeth I saw foreign blood (dried?) on the handle of the lamp.
She said that she had probably overlooked it.
Could the blood have come from the handle over the gloves into my mouth and have infected me with HIV while the bloody cleaning procedure?

Hiv From Blood In Bathroom

I may have gotten blood on my hand from using a door handle in a public restroom. There was a man bleeding and I noticed that he did not wash his hands when exiting the restroom. After realizing this, I went and got some hand sanitizer and applied it to my hands. I rubbed the excess sanitizer on my arms and legs where I noticed some small pimples or perhaps a minor skin rash. Should I be concerned of a possible transmission of HIV?
Thank you for your help

risk from blood on the ice cream

I have found out that the virus does not live long outside the body.
However, viruses live in cold temperatures for a long time. If the ice cream I eat is bloody, my mouth is cracked and there are wounds, then I am at risk for hiv or no. Many thanks


is the belly button a route of hiv transmission? if there is hiv positive blood on finger and touch inside belly button, can you get hiv this way?


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