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Is it possible to get infected from a drop of dry blood on a derma roller?

hi Ist possible to get infected of hiv on a derma roller if someone put a drop of blood on it? Ive ordered a derma roller, sealed and new but upon opening I saw some kind of dried blood thing on it, not sure , it looks like a blood or rust.i got my facial hair newly shaved that day but i cant remeber if I cut my self, then after 2 weeks I got a mild cough but not a dry cough since it has some plem..that goes on for a couple of weeks well its like a morning sickness that I feel it in the morning and at sometime of the day, since Im from a tropical country so I leave my window open at night since its summer it gets hot at night, then after a month I got my self tested Test Results

HIV 1 & 2 (Quali)
Method Immunochromatography

TP-PA (Qualitative) <1:80 NEGATIVE NEGATIVE

ist conclusive? and also if i think i got expose to virus 6 yrs ago which im not sure if I got expose ist also conclusive? thanks..

Concerned About Touching HIV Blood With Bare Hands

I work in public safety. I responded to a car crash where the victim had aids. I touched his arm without a glove. I did not notice any fresh blood or open cuts on him. I did not have any open cuts on my hands. Is there any risk factor for transmission? I'm concerned that I did not see any fresh or dried blood and I touched it with my bare hands.

Thank you.

Thumb poked with scalpel


At work I was using a scalpel and felt a sharp poke on my dorsal thumb, I was wearing sterile gloves on top of regular gloves (two barriers before skin). I immediately checked to see if my gloves were broken and if I was bleeding. Filling both gloves with water, there was no leak in either glove. I was not bleeding at all, and putting rubbing alcohol on my skin did not cause irritation, so I do not think my skin was broken. Patient was extremely low risk for HIV. Most of my colleagues told me that it was not an exposure, should I be worried?

Cigarette Burn!


I know there are more question about this but with a lot of factors, I only want to ask if a stranger in a bar burn me with a cigarette in my hand it's possible to get infected.

Thank You

Could I get HIV from getting cum on cut?

I bite my nails a lot and I tore skin off a few days ago and the day after I gave my boyfriend a handjob and he got cum on my thumb. I washed it off 1-2 minutes later; the place where I tore the skin off at is small but it was red and I don't think it was healed, it kind of looked like it was open. After I washed it off the area bled a bit. My boyfriend assures me he doesn't have HIV, but we don't know until his test comes back. Am I at risk if he has HIV??

Handshake with

Hi. I hand shake with friend. 5 sec later i clean my lips with my hand. It was cut on lips but not deep cut and no bleedind. I saw blood on my hand and touch my cut lips. Than i saw my friend hand is cut and litle blood. I need test I afraid pls help me..and whos. Ansvering in this site. Drs ..thans

Kissing on tattoo and pimple and HIV

Hi, I had a massage from CSW during my travel. She did my back massage and also did hand job without condom. I didn't touch her vagina. How ever I kissed deeply ( No cuts) on her back and neck. there was a tattoo and a small reddish pimple on her back. ( No bleeding ect).
I am worried if I can get HIV or STD from kissing her, Also I am getting itching sensation on my lips after this act.
Please reply I am really woried

Tire needle

Hi, I work at a tire plant where we retread tires. Theirs a small bore needle (no syringe attached to it ) we use as a tool to poke air bubbles out of the tires. This needle has a opening on the top and at the tip but we put a cap back on the tip after use. It was sitting around for 2.5 days without any use with the cap on the tip and the top opened to air then I used it and poked my thumb ( small poke with little blood coming out ). Since theirs an opening on the top of the needle where air gets to it could I get HIV if someone poked themselves 2.5 days prior or would the virus be inactive?

HIV from cut in the gym

Hello there- I am here again with a question. I cut myselves in the gym. The scrape is very similar to the picture in http://flickrhivemind.net/blackmagic.cgi?id=146487937&url=http%3A%2F%2Ff...@N00/146487937

It is a really crowded gym and I am worried if someone had cut themselves in the same area just a minute or so before. Is there any HIV risk from this? Is this cut deep enough to provide bloodstream access?

Bitting and hiv

Hello! Id like to know if bitting is considered a way of transmission of hiv. Someone i hardly know bite my cheek. It hurt abit when he bit me, i had a bite mark for a little bit but disapeared an hour or so later. I didnt bleed or bruise or anything. For hiv to be transmitted does one have to bleed? Also do bites always break the skin, or if it didnt bleed it means he didnt break my skin. Also, whos more at risk the person who bites or the person who gets bitten. I was hoping you guys can help me solve my situation and ease my anxities. Because now im worried i must get tested for this situation!
Thank you :)


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