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Can a used lancet from a diabetic transmit HIV to me? I was working at a restaurant, and a costumer came in that was diabetic. He took out his diabetic kit to test his blood sugar. He used his lancet to prick himself and then took his insulin. He then preceded to wrap his trash in a napkin and asked me to toss it for him. I reached for it and prick myself on his lancet and blood came out. I asked if he has anything and he said no that he was healthy other than being diabetic. But still I am worried if he was telling me the truth or not. Could he have transmitted HIV to me through a lancet. I research that a lancet isn't a needle that is hollow but a solid pin. Please help me I am unease right now in my mind.

Kissing and masturbatiion risks


I have two 'risk' scenarios I'm concerned about.

The first is from mutual masturbation. A guy wanked me and I'm not sure if he had precum on his hands from his own penis when he touched me. He rubbed the head of my penis with his fingers, including the tip (urethra). What is my risk from this?

The second is with a guy I know who has had bareback anal sex (insertive) and has never tested for any STI's. He tried to kiss me last week and slipped his tongue in my mouth twice. I had a very sore ulcer on the roof of my mouth. Just under two weeks later and I have had severe headaches, body aches, particularly my neck and shoulders, but going down to my arms and also in my wrist and hands. I don't feel any lymph nodes swollen but the pain moves from area to area and I've also had bad nausea, too. Is this ARS? I've not had any fever or rash.

many thanks!

HIV transmission - fingering, possible exchange of body fluids

Hi there,

Recently I engaged in rimming and brief fingering from a man where I was on the receiving end. He did not know his status 100%, but otherwise I am aware that both of those activities are a negligible risk. However, I do know know that he was engaged in condom-less sexual activity with a man who is HIV undetectable within a few hours of me.

I am essentially concerned if he had not washed his hands after engaging in anal intercourse or being in contact with body fluids, how much of a risk I would be in? I will be getting a test within 11-12 weeks, but otherwise I find conflicting information on the internet in terms of how long HIV can survive outside the body. I understand viral loads can be in different levels, even when someone is undetectable.

Finally, I also engaged in protected sex (receiving) with another fellow. When he pulled out he, ejaculated on my buttock to my surprise, and some near/on the entrance to my anus. I wanted to also ask at what point do mucus membranes begin in the anus? I stood up quickly, but the combination of these two events has asking myself things I had not considered before! Thank you.

tooth extraction and drink sharing

hello. please, i accidentally drunk from a glass of my friend, on the same day as i had tooth extraction (three stitches and still bit bleeding). it was not like from hand to hand, it was "sitting" on a table for a while, but very short - seconds to minutes, i just made a mistake and took hers instead of mine. I think hiv would die in water and if it is on the glass, then it would be only tiny amount and also would be incactive, but as there is real wound in my mouth, i would like to hear your opinion. I would not bother, but actually we did talk about our dental problems at that time - and about bleeding gums (i suppose gums usually bleed only when being washed by toothbrush, but... I am afraid.


Hi there,

You might laugh with my question. i know it's a very silly and might be stupid question. i had weared and masturbated a (washed and completely dried few days) panty of my friend unknowingly due to same color. is there any issue come for me? i know HIV wont survive outside world, but still i'm being anxioused. I can pretty sure we both are HIV negative (Non infected males).

Can you clarify me plzzz?

Superficial cut on finger/knuckle area?

Hello, one day I was playing a game of pickup basketball in the gym, and someone scratched me (most likely with their fingernail) which caused a small scratch mark on my knuckle area on my finger. It was not big at all since I didn't even notice it until the game was over. It did have some blood, but not the dripping type of blood, just blood that covered the small indent of skin that got scraped off and kind of dried up over it. Like if you were to imagine someone's fingernail scraping a piece of your skin off and blood forms and fills the area, but not dripping. Now with that being said, during the game someone else also got scratched on his arm and was bleeding. If he were to have used his hands to wipe the blood, then touch the basketball, and then the basketball were to touch my cut area, would this pose any risk? And also, if my cut area had not fully dried up yet, and his blood were to touch my cut area, would that pose any risk either? Or is this fingernail scrape not deep enough to give access to my bloodstream? What is considered deep enough for access to the bloodstream?

Thank you!



Can HIV survive in Neosporin if infected blood has been dipped into it?

Blood on mouthpiece

After having a struggle with the doc, next visit i took the mouthpiece of the lung function tester in my mouth without checking for dirt. I worry what if s.o. put HIV Blood on it? Risk?
6 weeks after this i felt tired (like burnout).
Would you give me an advice? Thank you.


I was wondering if HIV can be transmitted thru an impacted tooth while kissing? I have an impacted tooth that doesnt really bleed not unless you suck on the gum exposed really hard

Mutual masturbation Std worries

I was cuddling with this guy and this ended up in Mutual masturbation. The guy was tested for stds half a year ago and had nothing. He has done nothing but Mutual masturbation with 2-3 other guys. We both did not cum but there was some Pre-cum that touched my hand and my penis and perhaps my anus(i have an anal fissure, not bleeding at the time). Should i be worried about Hiv/other stds? I'm really worried that i have an std now, please help. Thanks for your time


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