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No Risk

Can I get hiv from a shoe?

So me and my mates where doing truth or dare and ,y dare was to lick the bottom of a shoe. And afterwards all ,y mates where jocking that I will get aids now. By me doing that is their a risk of getting hiv? Thank you.

Blood on croissant


today i bought two croissants for my wife an me.
As i ate mine, i found blood at the bite edge. It was still wet, mixed with salvia. I wiped it away.
So i believe, it was my own blood.
My question: If it wasn´t my blood, could blood stay wet after 3 hours after buying?
It was small like a pinhead. Or has it been dryed since it was such a small amount. Even on the surface of a croissant (fat)?
What is the chance to get HIV if the blood was contaminated? It came into contact with my teeth an the muscius membrane.
Best regards

Scalpel injury in laboratory.


I am currently working on a laboratory and I am handling cancer tissues which are stored in the fridge.
Each tissue is the size of a peanut and it has been stored in deep freeze for more than 10 years.While cutting one of the tissues with the scalpel, I accidentally held the scalpel wrong and I got a small cut in my index finger(maybe 1mm deep? It did not require stitches, I washed away the blood and I cleaned the wound immediately). The scalpel was not new, it was a bit dirty from previous tissues (though anything on it was dry)
Should I worry or should I seek prophylaxis?
The patient giving the sample did not have a known history of HIV, however I am considering the possibility that he was on a serological window or that he did not know it. In general, there were no tissues with known HIV, there were some with Hep which I did not handle.

Thank you and please answer as soon as possible!

hiv scare

I really hope you would answer these questions.

1. i asked this question: if there hiv+ blood on sugar and i put it in my coffee or ate it can you get hiv this way? i know hiv doesn't survive outside the body, but is this a way to get HIV?

A nurse told me that there is a little chance for getting HIV this way ( question above)

2. What kind of medical background does the volunteers have? I just would feel safer knowing what kind of medical background the people answers this have.

3. Can you get hiv ift there is hiv positive blood inside a cigarette, if the hiv positive blod is inside and on the tobacco inside the cigarette paper? can you get hiv this way?

I really hope you guys would answer these questions! it would mean alot to me!

hiv sharing food

if i share a chips bag with someone and we both touch the chips inside the bag, and if he has hiv positive blood on his hands/fingers, and he touches the chips, and i eat them after, can i get hiv this way? and can you get hiv if you eat somebodys food/candy and they have hiv positive blood on their fingers/hands and the hiv positive blood gets on the food/chips/candy and i eat it? can i get hiv this way?


can you get hiv from sharing alchoholic drinks. if someone drinks from my glass and they have hiv and there comes hiv positive blood in my glass from them and i drink from it after. can you get hiv this way? the drink is alchohol.

please answer im scared

im going to ask a question im 17 year old boy i do self anal for many years now it started 4years ago i use my own finger and fuck my self deep inside sometimes i use my spitt as an lube i do it until but imso scared that maybe i will get any std or hiv please answer i cant sleep

hiv in sugar

if there hiv+ blood on sugar and i put it in my coffee or ate it can you get hiv this way? i know hiv doesn't survive outside the body, but is this a way to get HIV?

Very Worried, Please Help - HIV and Milk


Can HIV survive in cow milk? I'm concerned that somehow, someone has contaminated the milk I bought, with HIV, and I'm worried of ingesting said milk, and/or getting it on my hands and then transferring it to other places such as inside anus/penis when washing/going to the toilet.

Please Help Scab

Hello. I have a question. i had a scab on my right thumb. And thats where cum ended. Is there any chance of infecting hiv? scab is already 5 6 days before this event. it didnt hurt, it didnt bleed. i hope you understood the question. sory for my bad english!


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