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Gloves dental xray

I have a question about dirty gloves. I'm not sure if the gloves the girl was wearing was clean. She was taking my dental xray. I noticed when she came to get be she already had it on. She kept touching inside my mouth with those gloves along with moving the dental xray machine with it. I'm worried the gloves she wore was dirty and if there was a possibility with someone else's salivia or even blood; would I be had risk for anything? HIV, etc.

after shave stone has blood marks on it

Recently, I went to barber to shave, he changed new blade and
Did a clean shave at last he found a couple of cuts on my upper throat. So barber did this,
He had a special barber stone, which he cleaned/rubbed my few drops of blood with it and stone has rubbed blood marks on it
My concern is, if the same stone have been rubbed to few other clients earlier my shave with a span of 3 to 5 minutes may have live HIV blood on it
Blood, what if the blood enters in to my cuts I am too much worried about it can’t sleep
Please help

Semen on bleeding scratch

hi! Im so scared. A guy (i dunno if he is hiv positive) came on my back after protected sex. As i went to the shower, i wiped my back with the back of my hand. I the realised i had a cut on the back of my hand (i must have scratched myself against some furniture during sex). As i wiped, the wound got covered in semen. I removed the semen with soap immediately. The wound had blood on it, but looked superficial. How high is the likelihood of hiv transmission?

Mr F

I recieved an unprotected handjob from a prostitute 7 weeks ago. I have not had any symptoms, but a week ago i began to have a rash which looks like pityriasis rosea. I had taken a metronidazale medication and i researched that it might be a cause of this rash. Now i'm freaked out. am I seroconverting? Is it possible to get HIV from a handjob? I think there was a small cut on my penis when i recieved the handjob. Am at risk? Please help

Brother masturbating in my compression shorts

I just came home like an hour ago after hanging out and when I went into my room I saw my brother jacking off in my compression shorts. He didn't see me but I had 2 walk out because I started to laugh. It was really funny. But he wasn't jacking off like I do u know with lube and my hand right on my diick he was jacking off underneath my compression shorts so his dick was right where mine had been and he had his hand on the fabric touching his dick. First of all the shorts were dirty. Second of all isn't is dangerous if I wear the shorts after he cummed in them- like an std? Is he gay- jacking off in my compression shorts or even compression shorts anyway? And what should I do? Could I get HIV?

Nipples and balls sucked

Are there any risk if a female sucks your balls and nipples?

Am I at risk? Stepped in blood with bare feet

The other day I was doing contact sports. We are not allowed to wear shoes during training. One person was bleeding and before I realised it I accidentally stepped in a few tiny droplets of relatively fresh blood with my bare feet. Unfortunately, I could not wash my feet until after the training. I am informed that HIV cannot penetrate skin, so I was not worried at that moment. However, when I came back home and washed my feet I realised that I had 2 by 4 mm wound between 2 toes and that is were the anxiety started kicking in. The wound appeared to be superficial since it was not actively bleeding but it did have pink flesh colour.

Am I at risk for contracting HIV if this person's blood contained the virus and if some of the droplets entered my small wound?

Thank you for your consideration

HIV Questions

Dear volunteers,
75 days ago, I met a ladyboy at a guesthouse. First, I pressed her breasts and nipples and I also sucked and licked her breasts and nipples. Second, I kissed her abdomen. Third, I rubbed my bare penis against her breasts and nipples. Last, I had rubbed my penis against her penis for 10 minutes ( note: while I was rubbing my penis against her penis, I was wearing my shorts and my underpants and she was wearing her panties only), and I noted that during this rubbing, her penis was not erect and I did not see any fluids on my shorts. And, she and I did not ejaculate .
Based on my activities, I would like to ask you several questions:

1 Can I be infected with HIV from my pressing her breasts and nipples and my sucking and licking her breasts and nipples?
2 Can I be infected with HIV from my kissing her abdomen?
3 Can I be infected with HIV from my rubbing my bare penis against her breasts and nipples because my penis's tip touched her breasts and nipples?
4 Can I be infected with HIV from my rubbing my penis against her penis, which is mentioned in the last activity? One more thing, if she leaked her pre-cum and/or semen on my shorts that I could not see, can I be infected with HIV because after this encounter I still wore my shorts to sleep for one night without my underpants?
Please answer my questions soon because I am really worried about this so much, and thank you for your helps.

Anxiety after rapid test


I am sorry to bother but I am scared and I would like to have an answer.

My story is stupid. I had partially protected sex (the oral part happened without condom) with an escort. I took two test of fourth generation after this, the last one 11,5 weeks after this episode and they were both negative.

I had a rapid test last monday almost one year after exposure and it was also negative. But while I was waiting for the test results, filled with anxiety, I touched the table on which it was performed with the finger that had just been stung. There was no apparent trace of blood but I got scared somebody who was infected could have touched this table before me.

Is there any risk of infection in that case? I know my question might seem stupid but in the turmoil of scare I am living, I can't get rational all alone.

Thanks a lot for your answer in advance,

Small Cut on finger whilst cleaning dirty hotel - HIV risk?

Hello, whilst replacing bed sheets I cut my thumb slightly due to the sheet catching on a flappy piece of skin and pulling it off. I remember the cut being quite shallow and now that it has healed the scar is quite small. The cut was bleeding quite a lot, however I washed it and carried on but I'm worried that I may have contracted the virus as I touched various dirty sheets and some moist towels, but tried to ensure that my small cut didn't touch the dirty laundry. I don't think I touched any dried blood or another dried bodily fluids but I'm concerned that I may have without realising it. I'm really anxious and worried that I may have contracted the virus as the hotel itself isn't the most reputable. Is there any chance that I may have contracted it?

Thank you, Amrit


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