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No Risk

hiv from spray

Please get emergency help.
I go to the toilet and have a habit of using a spray on the anus. If there is blood on the spray holes, I risk hiv infection
Many thanks

I'm losing sleep

Dear Team,

I just wanted to thank you guys for the awesome work you guys are doing around the world, helping people such as myself. I had a question. I had a kissing incident with a little biting last year, and I'm sure there was no blood involved. I went to a doctor who didn't advise PEP. The girl that I kissed was having symptoms consistent with ARS. I don't know if she was positive or not but all the sources I have read like avert.org, CDC say that saliva is not implicated in the transmission of HIV. However, I also read that when a person is having ARS during the acute stage, viral load is at it's peak.

1. Does this apply to the viral load in blood or saliva as well?
2. Is saliva infectious when a person is having ARS symptoms or it is never infectious regardless?

Please help me I have been losing some sleep over this incident

Yours sincerely,


HIV Transmission possibility; very concerned, please help.

Hi, thanks for the work you do in helping people from all over the world.

I've found myself in a situation where I thought I might be at risk of contracting HIV, and since that, everything scares me. I can't have a normal day without the fear of contracting HIV.

If I have got some bodily fluid containing HIV on my hand, and go to the bathroom to thoroughly wash my penis and anus with that same hand that has HIV bodily fluid on it, am I at risk of contracting HIV? I've seen your HIV Transmission Equation, and that doesn't make me feel any better because, you're still putting the HIV bodily fluid in and/or on your penis/anus.
Also, can I contract HIV if I have a bodily fluid containing HIV on my hand and I go to the toilet and touch my penis and/or anus while wiping?
Another thing that scares me, and is getting in the way of basic daily functions is using soap. I use a liquid shower soap when I clean myself. Is it possible for HIV to survive in liquid shower soap and then contract the HIV that was in the very same liquid shower soap?

Please help. I don't want to leave the house or interact with people because I'm so scared.


hello , i recently when to Barbershop . he did apply some wax to remove unwanted hair on my face. after removing hairs from my face , there was minor bleeding from hair follicle pores.
the barber applied big Ice cube on it to stop inflamation and to prevents reddenning . But what if he used the Ice on the previous client and what if there was blood from previous customer or any kinda infection from previous customer . i am so worried and i have so much anxiety , i can not even focus . i am so stress . Can Hiv survive on Ice cube . They keep Ice in a Ice box .

cant decide the truth of needle

today i went for a blood test , at a registered medical lab which is dam super clean in yangon Myanmar , the nurse covered her hand with gloves , then cleaned the area of my arm with alcohol patch , and for drawing the blood she used multi sample collection needle , (venipuncture ), the issue is i did not see or i did not noticed that the multi sample collection needle was sealed or not , as u know or you remember they keep all these in a basket and pick one for the test , after the blood was drawn she threw it in dustbin , i am now being paranoid as if she has used a old one , or someone has touched the needle and then covered it again , can i get hiv or hepatitis or any other infection ,
or please tell that needle cap once opened cannot be put back , or what is the possibility that someone can get infected this way

I am in doubt , can a health worker do this , or how safe are these multi sample collection needles are , can there cap opened once cant be put back or what are the chances it was old or someone has just touched it and pack it back , my fault is i didnt noticed its seal but now i am being paranoid , how stupid i can be

i visited that lab again today morning , and saw everything again, the needles were in basket , sealed everyone , i asked their manager , she told me they only use needle once , but i am still paranoid

The way to transmission HIV

Hi, my english is not good so firstly i'm so sorry about that.
I want to know what is the right way to transmission hiv. I have my hair cut a few day ago and barber cut into his finger and bleed. I don't know exactly which Wounds or scratches on my scalp.
As i find out, virus can be transmissed if the blood contact with wounds or scratches. But some forum about Hiv said that, hiv just can be transmissed from blood by sharing needles that you inject with.
So can you said to me if i have in a risk of hiv. and the right way to transmission virrus
Many thanks

near the vagina rubbing over the clothes

I was nude but the girl was wear two lair of thin clothes (salwar kamiz , pajamas ) , I just rubbed my bare panis near the vagina over her dress , but not so very hard rubbing , can it get hiv ? or can anyone get from hiv this way , please confirm me and also I want to know , in that time ,if there any vaginal fluid stand on her cloths , can it get hiv to bare panis through rubbing from there ? please please confirm , can anyone get from hiv this way? for your kind information there were no intercourse, just rubbing bare panis near the vagina (not in the vagina ) but vagina covered with two lair of cloths, she were full covered dress, but only nude bare panis .

please reply regarding this article , according to it saliva spreads hiv


it says Blood (including menstrual blood and any blood in saliva, urine, and feces)
if blood in saliva spreads hiv , then it means kissing also spreads hiv ,

please reply with a clear answer , every website has diffrent answer

if saliva spreads hiv then deep or french kiss , has the risk of spreading hiv ,

my case is

i met a women hiv status unknown , we did not had sex , but i kissed her ( french kiss deep ) and sucked her breasts and nipples
. i wanna know please help

1. is it possible to get hiv through kissing as i kissed her many times , but i dont have any cuts or sores in my mouth , i cant tell about her ( we exchanged saliva , is it possible if she had cuts or sores in her mouth and she is hiv positive the blood from her mouth came into mine and went to my stomach can i get hiv , or the blood might get me infected bec it came to my mouth ( i did not tasted any blood )

2. i sucked her breasts and nipples , it is possible that i may get infected by sucking breasts and nipples no liquid come out while sucking

i am worried , we didnt had sex at all , just deep kissing and breasts and nipple sucking

please reply i am begging for your reply from past 6 days ,
do i need hiv testing ,
i am worried

begging for help and reply

blood splash from the dryer in public toilet

please help me
My son was using a dryer located in a public toilet Immediately after some guy that bleeding from the hand used it And my child felt that blood had entered him to browse through the air and a return that would come out of the dryer Is there a risk for my child to be infected with HIV?

thank you :(


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