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No Risk

HIV+ Family Member

I have a distant family member who is HIV +, I was recently at a family function where he was. As he was saying goodbye to me he hugged me and briefly (1 -2 seconds) touched my hand. Afterwards I noticed that I had a hangnail on my finger. From what I could see, there were no traces of blood or other fluid on me, but I am very worried. Could I have contracted the virus? Thank you so much in advance.

Yogurt in fridge

I have a question and i hope you will answer me
Today i went to a store to buy a yogurt. When i took it out from fridge i feel something viscous on my hand. Maybe it is a stupid question but what if it was, i felt, semen. I read an article on Aidsmap.com that HIV can survive on cold temperature.
So could i get HIV by this way?
Sorry for my bad english


Am I at Risk?

When I was at Costco today, a lady was taking items out of my cart and putting them on the belt. I thought I saw dark blood at the base of her fingernail. I didn't ask her about it, but when I got home I decided to wipe off my items before putting them away. When I was wiping off a bag of frozen shrimp, there must have been an ice chip on it because I sliced my finger open and was bleeding. My question is should I be concerned about this and be tested?

Also do you have recommendations for becoming less afraid of contracting the virus? I have this real fear. My brother in law has aids and i always worry when we are together. In my mind I know it is not transmitted through casual contact. I just can't get beyond the worry and really want to. I don't like living like this. Thank you.

Blood in hydrogen peroxide dispenser

I'm a soon to be a doctor med student working in the Emergency Department of my local hospital. We often use a portable hydrogen peroxide dispenser for cleaning wounds, last Saturday a women came in with a small wound due to an accident with a fork. I started cleaning her and notice that the tip of the dispenser touched the wound, there was no visible blood in it but I assume there may have been some contamination. After I finish with her, I dumped the dispenser in a tub we use for cleaning reusable items like steel trays and such. A few minutes later I saw the same dispenser outside the tub, mounted and refiled with peroxide, ready for use. So I tell one of the nurses what happen and ask her if it was okay to keep using the dispenser given the fact that the tip of it touched someone else wound (and maybe even blood, although I couldn't see any of it), she say the dispenser is already clean and it's perfectly okay to keep using it (just to clarify, the only cleaning it may have got was just a quick bath in tap water, nothing more). Then a new patient came in, it was woman with a dog bite lesion, small in size but certainly profound and actively bleeding, so it was my task to clean her wound again (using the same dispenser of course). I dumped some peroxide in a white tissue looking for signs of visible blood in the peroxide dispenser, it seems clean, there was no visible blood, so I just use it again to clean that dog bite.

I want to know if (in the context cited above) there is some risk that blood in the tip of a peroxide dispenser infected someone else with HIV or any other common blood borne disease. Also I would love to know if this situation constitutes a negligent act from my part or a professional misconduct (I know this last question may exceed the helpline objectives, but I want to clarify that I'm specially referring to the risk of exposing a patient to the HIV virus).

I will really appreciate any answers, this whole thing keep me thinking for days and I'm honestly terrified by the idea that mistakes like that could compromise the most important thing I keep in mind as a future doctor, that is to do no harm. Thanks for your time and excuse my poor english. Goodbye

HIV phobia blood draw


I know it is irrational, but I just could stop worrying. I had an HIV test at a clinic (not hospital or Lifelab). After I done I started to worry about the needle used to draw my blood. Although I saw the nurse open the package and take out the needle, I still feel it might be used. I know it sounds very irrational, but I can't stop thinking about it.

Afraid I might infect family

Hie. I am a 26 year old man. I had a wet dream (nocturnal emission) last night. I woke up at 05:06 am. And I noticed some semen (was still wet) on my bed when I woke up..I touched some of it with my hand and then went to sleep..I was woken up by my little sister. She usually comes in my room and I give her transport money for school. She then brought some change and handed it to me on that hand that had touched my semen..I'm certain her fingers touched that hand..She then got her bag and grabbed some snacks and went to school. I then immediately examined my hand it was completely dry. Is it possible that, if I have HIV, the viral particles from the dried semen could transmit from my hand to her fingers then maybe into her eyes when she rubs her eyes or mouth when she eats the snacks? I'm so worried and so scared I will kill myself if anything bad happens because of me.

I find myself always worrying about having HIV..I had a negligible risk encounter last year in September where I fingered a girlfriend of mine who was on her period. I used a latex glove for the fingering but am scared that maybe something went wrong (e.g. microscopic holes) and the viral particles entered through peeling skin on my finger (no blood, no redness or pain)...I also french kissed a woman who bit me slightly on the lip as we kissed. I learnt from this forum it was no risk assuming there was no blood..She has a very dodgy past and apparently sleeps around. I fingered a 3rd woman in November (with a latex glove again). From all the fingering encounters the body fluids from the woman stayed on the outside of the glove I checked..For the first fingering I washed my hands 25 minutes after I had taken them off when I got home and the 2nd fingering immediately afterwards.

So now I am so scared of infecting my family..I always worry, about sharing water bottles, touching door handles after leaving the toilet in fear that they may be exposed to my body fluids. I am so scared and no longer have peace in my life..Every symptom that comes up I try and correlate it to HIV its driving me crazy. What should I do? I am scared to test because if I'm positive I will face discrimination and I will never be accepted. I live in Zimbabwe and all this is killing me...Please help me


Last week i went to a massage parlour for Body to body massage. The masseuse and i both were naked. She rub her boobs all over my body with massage oil. Later on she ask me to flip over. She then continue to lick and suck both my nipple for about 5 minutes. After that she went on to give a handjob until i finish on her hand.

My question is
1. Assume she is HIV+ and she had cut on her hand and give me a handjob, am i at risk of getting HIV?
2. If she lick and suck my nipple, am i at risk of getting HIV? Not sure whether she is bleeding or have soar in her mouth.
3. I have quite a few pimple (not sure bleeding or not) behind my back, and she rub her boobs on my back. What if she lactate some of breast milk and might have direct contact with my blood?

HIV by sharing earring

thanks for your time
I wore my friend's earing who is HIV positive, but she wore it 2 weeks before I use it, befor wearing it I rinse it with tap water, I freaking out about HIV,
do I need testing?

cum got on my leg

so i am a man and hooked up with another man. we kissed and did oral but the cum only went on my leg and there was no open cut or anything on my leg. Is this a risk at all?

HIV Question

Hi, Thank you for your help. This is the incident that I am worried about.

Last night, I was taking a walk with my young daughter. She stepped on something while we were walking and asked me to pull it off from the bottom of her shoe. I pulled what looked like a crumbled band aid off her shoe. Then when I dropped the band aid on the floor, I noticed that it had quite a bit of blood on it and a little bit of the blood had rubbed off on my finger. I had some hand sanitizer in my purse and I squeezed some on my hand and then I washed my hands when I got home. However, now I am scared that the blood might have been HIV positive and I got the blood on my finger. I did not notice any open cuts on my finger but, I do have some raw cuticles because I bite my nails. I am very scared.

Am I at risk of getting HIV? Should I get tested?

Thank you very much for your help.


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