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No Risk

Need clarification on risk

Hi Team,

Last night I met an online friend and the below has happened.

We just played with bodies.

I didn't remove my pant.

I touched his penis which was slightly wet.

I bit on chest and played with nipples.

My partner didn't touch my penis also we didn't kiss. My partner just hugged me and touched my butts.

All the time I didn't remove my pant and partner didn't touch my penis too.

I don't know whether he is effected or not. However, I wanted to know whether I am at risk with the above mentioned process between us.
Kindly help me on this.

Pricked with a sewing needle

Hi, I lived for a couple of days with a person whose status is hiv+. She told me her viral load was undetectable at the moment due to medication. One afternoon I accidentaly pricked my finger 3 times with a sewing needle which was stuck on my bag. I'm not sure whether that sewing needle pricked her seconds before (at least 10 seconds before) or not. Given the case she also pricked herself, Am I at risk of transmission? I am very concerned, thanks in advance.

Is it possible to get HIV from toilet bowl water?

I washed my butt with water from the toilet bowl a couple of times, and am wondering if it's possible to get HIV from it.

living in anxiety and fear

Hi, Hope you can help me
I had the following incident last month
i had come across a girl of unknown status. she was a massage therapist. i touched her breast , not lactating , i touched her vagina superficially with palm -no penetration . she sit on my legs naked and rubbed vagina on legs for few secs. I had no cuts or sores bleeding. Then she gave me handjob, which i finished my self. now i am really worried from this. I am feeling nervous that i have got hiv from her. she told me that she was tested negative in march 19. i am living in fear of hiv. not able to concentrate . googling every time about symptoms and information on transmission of hiv. Ihave started losing weight due to fear. Please help me what should i do. I am really worried mind is thinking negative all 24 hrs

Hiv in the park

Hello. I was walking barefoot in the park the other day and saw a bloody tissue lying on the ground (blood was very red, so I assume it was recent). I DID NOT touch the tissue, I walked around it, but I had blisters on my heels and now worry what if a person bled on the ground too...and it touched my blisters, would there be a risk for HIV? I did not see anyone near the area for at least 3-4 minutes. My blisters did not bleed, but they are sensitive a little to alcoholic wipes. Thank you. I am worried out of my mind because I am pregnant and do not want to hurt my baby. I walked barefoot because my feet are swollen. As I said, I did not touch the tissue, walked around it, but I am still worried Is there a risk? Thank you

i dont have a Spleen and a cat sctrach under pants please answer

hey please sorry for asking again but im really inquired !!! answer my question scientifically and in details please !!! im asking the same question that i have asked before and your answer was NO RISK but i forgot to tell you that i do not have Spleen since 23 years they took it off me when i was 4 years old and i understand that the Spleen is one of importants parts in Immune system
so will it be the same result NO RISK even if i dont have spleen in the The scenario mentioned before ? because superficial cuts start healing and forming barriers preventing viruses from accessing inside and this is one of the Immune system job , but when some one does not have the Speed , will the chance of acquiring HIV increase this way ? ..lets say the chance of acquiring HIV this way with a person who has Spleen is 1% ....will the chance increase to 15 or 20% if this person does not have the Spleen ?
and here is the scenario

i was sitting with a person in a closed shop " all windows were closed as well as the door which means the air outside was not coming in" and that person always does Sex with many women and he never uses condoms , i was holding my cat next to him"i was playing with my cat" and then my cat accidently scratched that person , he then screamed and said " oh your cat scratched me" it did him a small paper cut but he did not bleed and im pretty sure 100% that the nail of my cat got into his bloodstream , after like 10-12 seconds he said "LET THE CAT GET AWAY" he screamed on my cat and wanted to hit him , my cat got scared and sticked his nails in my pants and jumped away ...i felt my cat nails on my skin and i dont know if they broke my skin or not but most likely they broke it a bit > here are my question :
-the windows of shop and door were all closed so does that mean we were in a temperature room where HIV needs hours to die and not seconds or minutes ? how long can HIV live in this shop ?
- can i get HIV this way ? we all know that the nails of cats are covered with hair so once my cat scratched that person.. in half a second the nail got back to hide in that hair and im afraid there wasnt a sufficient Oxygen to kill off HIV
- after 10-20 seconds my cat sticked his nails in my pants and broke my skin a bit , i have readed that paper cut and small wounds do not provide direct acess to bloodstream and that the small wounds start healing and forming barriers preventing viruses from accessing inside and also the blood outside cannot reenter the bloodstream which means HIV would be killed by the air BUT !!!! how could air kill off hiv when my small wound is inside my pants ? there is no air inside !!!! and also lets say that my very small cut was inside pants ....what is your explanation about my pants rubbing the very small cut inside where the hiv outside the very small cut isnt exposed to oxygen because its inside clothes ..cus when people walk or do moves the pants rub a bit the skin , thats how i see it will that pose any risk ? ... please give me an answer !! was it at risk ?

Must reply, its about my daughter who is only 16 months of now..

Three months ago, i went to the blood lab for getting some of my blood work done.
However the mistake i made by taking my two small daughters there.

As i was talking to the receptionist.

My younger daughter who was 13 months of old at that time, took the blood cotton who was lying on the floor and had the blood in it.

she put that cotton and licked or sucked on that cotton.

As soon as i was done talking to the receptionist. i saw that and threw the cotton, washed her face and tongue..

Ever since that she has been exposed to the flew, bronchitis and finger blister in her index finger.

and she has got alot weaker in these 3 months..

What are the chances of her getting disease from that bloody cotton?

I am so much worried about it and afraid to take her for testing.

please tell me know if its something serious.. its killing me.

Feeling infected after visiting massage parlour

I visited a massage parlor 11days before and post massage, therapist asked me that i need a HJ but i denied it. Then i started suspecting the place, like if the therapist is infected with HIV/possible semen/blood could have present over bed which i ad laid down.

Also, i have few pimples on my back with dry state/black colored state could allowed virus to get inside.

So, i started thinking like what if therapist could have previous client semen/blood in her hand/oil used might capable of hosting a virus.'

I also suspect the therapist could intentionally infected through her saliva/vaginal/blood from her hand cut(assuming as when i turn on other side) pouring on my shoulder because im not trusting the place that i visited since they offering HJ service.

Symtoms i have:
1.After two days started feeling fever and continued for three days
2.My HIV fear begins on fifth day then on sixth day i wnt to clinic to check my BP was high and no fever its within body temperature 98.6f however i started feeling hot flashes on same day and next two days.
3.on fifth day, i started feeling gum/cheek pain on right side
However i started feeling hot flashes on same day and next two days.
3.on fifth day, i started feel mouth gum/cheek pain on right side and loosen mental stability upon observing these symptoms.
4.from 7th day onwards am having difficulty in GL(bowl moement as am no abe to free my stomach)
5.had three night sweats but not severe
6.lost weight upto 3.5kg
its been 12days, m unable to come out of the stress and weight loss making me so sad.
These symptoms mostly related to HIV infection.
Please advise is there any caase similar to mine/ should i be worried??

Since i have not done any sexual activities but still am suffering from symptoms.

feel like my life is gone and sometimes feel good when i see comments about raw vaginal/anus intercourse/mother to child can infection occur. But not sure about current infections.

football bruise

I bruise my leg against someone's leg on a football match, and I had scratches on it (no bleeding) please am asking, assuming the other person also had scratches as a result of the the bruise am I at risk of hiv?

Facial Extraction

Good evening.

Last year I went to do a facial to remove black heads.

The tool used was a comedone extractor. One end is a loop and the other end is a lancet.
It looks something like in this link:

I had a lot of acne and blackheads at that time.
I don't remember if the lancet was used on me. If I remember, I only remember the loop being used on me.
However, I shouldn't make assumptions.
I asked the staff how they cleaned the equipment and they said that they only drenched it in rubbing alcohol.
They said that they boiled it, but another staff said that they only drenched the lancet and the loop with alcohol (asked a few weeks after).
After that they clean it with tissue.

I had a lot of acne at that time so there was bleeding. I remember them using their gloved fingers to pop the pimples. I don't know if a lancet was used to pierce
the pimples.

This happened in Hong Kong so US sterilization rules don't apply here. The people that did the procedure on me didn't speak English so I had trouble communicating with them. I think they didn't boil the comedone extractor tool as shown in the picture.

This post says that the risk is negligible: http://helpline.aidsvancouver.org/question/blackhead-remover-risky-0

Is it negligible in my case? Do I have to get tested? I've been really bothered by this event. Please do answer.
My parents told me that I'm going to be fine, but I keep worrying about the situation.
This link as well: https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV---Prevention/Any-Risk/show/2028666

I've called the HIV helpline in Hong Kong:
and they said that it only involves very little blood and I don't need to get tested.
She said:
(1) Profuse bleeding needs to occur, like in a war when someone gets wounded. She said a facial wouldn't have profuse bleeding. I further searched and
i compared what happened to me with getting a tattoo. A facial would have significantly less blood exposure than a tattoo. Am I right?
(2) The needle was not hollow so the risk is lower. Lancet pricks are apparently negligible to no risk. I think there was no customer before me for at least 30 minutes
to an hour. Does this mean that the risk from a facial would be negligible to zero? There was a lancet and a loop on the other end. Pimples were popped by
The local free testing services won't let me get tested because they said that the scenario I explained was no in the list of risky activities.
But there was bleeding and a lancet. My mind keeps comparing it to the risk of tattoos because the skin is repeatedly stabbed. I understand modern tattoos have a
reservoir (hollow) so is high risk but other tattoos needles are not hollow if I'm not mistaken.

Do I have to get tested?
Should I worry about Hepatitis C too?

I need someone that has proper English to clarify my situation. Please it has been bothering me.

Thank you whoever you are for answering.


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