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No Risk

Hiv from blood on table

Today I touched a table that had fresh blood on from the previous person who sat their
My finger had a large cut am I at risk of hiv and hepatitis

HIV semen in the shampoo

I am extremely scared of HIV blood ,semen and etc, and my roommate seems to be a gay.I am so afraid that he will do some masturbate in the bathroom we share together and put his semen into my shampoo.Yesterday I used the shampoo and some water and foam flows into my eyes.Please tell me how long could the HIV seamen be alive in the shampoo and what kind of risk I am experiencing.Thank you

cat sctrach under pants please answer

hey there !! i want to know whether i was at risk in this situation or not.. please explain me in details !
i was sitting with a person in a closed shop " all windows were closed as well as the door which means the air outside was not coming in" and that person always does Sex with many women and he never uses condoms , i was holding my cat next to him"i was playing with my cat" and then my cat accidently scratched that person , he then screamed and said " oh your cat scratched me" it did him a small paper cut but he did not bleed and im pretty sure 100% that the nail of my cat got into his bloodstream , after like 10-12 seconds he said "LET THE CAT GET AWAY" he screamed on my cat and wanted to hit him , my cat got scared and sticked his nails in my pants and jumped away ...i felt my cat nails on my skin and i dont know if they broke my skin or not but most likely they broke it a bit > here are my question :
-the windows of shop and door were all closed so does that mean we were in a temperature room where HIV needs hours to die and not seconds or minutes ? how long can HIV live in this shop ?
- can i get HIV this way ? we all know that the nails of cats are covered with hair so once my cat scratched that person.. in half a second the nail got back to hide in that hair and im afraid there wasnt a sufficient Oxygen to kill off HIV
- after 10-20 seconds my cat sticked his nails in my pants and broke my skin a bit , i have readed that paper cut and small wounds do not provide direct acess to bloodstream and that the small wounds start healing and forming barriers preventing viruses from accessing inside and also the blood outside cannot reenter the bloodstream which means HIV would be killed by the air BUT !!!! how could air kill off hiv when my small wound is inside my pants ? there is no air inside !!!! and also lets say that my very small cut was inside pants ....what is your explanation about my pants rubbing the very small cut inside where the hiv outside the very small cut isnt exposed to oxygen because its inside clothes ..cus when people walk or do moves the pants rub a bit the skin , thats how i see it will that pose any risk ? ... please give me an answer !! was it at risk ?

Peace of Mind

Hi good morning,
I would greatly appreciate your support on the below. I am a really anxious person and my conscience plays a really big part in my daily life. So, since the below situation occurred, I have been in complete sadness not only for the risks that I experienced, but for what I did to my wife, son and family… My feelings of regret are unbelievable.

I had an encounter with a transsexual woman last sunday. At the beginning we did not do much, but then she touched my unerect penis with my underwear on for about 10 seconds, then I touched and kissed her breast for about 10 seconds or so, then I touched her bare skin penis with my hand for about 10 more seconds – she was not fully erect btw. Then she put a condom on her penis and I decided to do protected oral (making sure the condom was properly wore in first place), but after 10 seconds or so, I stopped because I did not like it (it felt awkward and not right) on top of the nasty latex flavor. Then she masturbated my penis for about 10 seconds, but I decided I wanted to do it on my own so I “finished” in my hand. I asked her about her HIV status and she told me she was clean (although she was upset with my question). As far as I have seen, these activities (breast kissing without any fluids, brief mutual masturbation and protected oral sex) offered little to no risk of infection, but I need to have peace of mind…

I took a really close look at her, at her hands her breasts, penis and I did not notice any kind of signs of infection. Also she reassured that she was not sick…

Later that day I took a plane and started feeling a sore throat and little bit of cough, so I started having fears of what i did (not sure if the onset hiv window could be so fast!). Also I noticed that I had a really small canker sore in my front lower gum (not bleeding btw)…

Support group, please let me know what should I do? Should I just learn from this sad episode and move on with my life? Or should I get tested? If I should get tested, is there any quick test that can be trustworthy at this stage or should I wait for 90 day window?

Please help me, Im desperate!


Received oral sex post to my surgery.


I am so worried about my situation. I received oral sex from a sex worker two weeks back (12th July). However, it was protected(with condom) and I licked her breast and nipple, also rubbed her genital area with my bare hands.

I worried because I had a gallbladder surgery two weeks before the incident happened. The wound is completely healed, but the stitches were there. I didn't remove my shirt during the oral sex session. So, I believe nothing would have passed (Virus) through the operated area. She didn't touch my upper body.

Please advise my risk assessment of catching STD and HIV infections.

Hiv Infection by rubbing body to body

hi I am male 42 , recently i had gone for massage and ended up with naked body hugging and touching / she sat on my thighs and did some vagina jerks for few seconds. no touch of vagina with penis at any point.She told me that she was tested negative for HIV in February 19 . She has one year visa in Bahrain/ Middle east. so medical is compulsory.
Now i am worried and anxious about me getting hiv from her touch and hand job.
please help me what should i do.I am really worried. I have no cuts on my body.

HIV and hcv transmission

Please I beg you to answer my question. Can a sharp broken plastic edge in yogurt plastic container I bought from super market and it prick my finger . Can this had been injured another person before who have hiv or hcv then I got pricked my finger after him , can this transmit any viruses..¿

Semen on Bloody Pimple on Penis


I accidentally scratched a pimple on my penis which I think was a skin cyst. It was inflamed. Then it started bleeding.
My brother is HIV + recently diagnosed so he has a high viral load.

I was out of boxers so when my brother left the house. Like 10 seconds after, I went to his room and saw my boxers on the floor
which I assumed he accidentally used. So I just put it on and there was some gooey stuff - maybe semen maybe not.

Scared it have gotten on the bloody pimple. Is this a risk?

Normal non-sexual massage but worried about cuts


I went for an oil (Swedish) massage and although it was normal, nothing sexual, I was naked except for disposable underwear. The massage therapist had long nails though which I could feel but could not see any visible scratches (maybe one tiny) on my back afterwards. She went quite far up my legs but didn't touch me intimately.

I didn't see if she had any cuts or blood on her hands and am worried because i have quite badly torn cuticles and on my thumb had some skin peeled back (red, but not bleeding). She only momentarily touched my hands but I am worried about the whole incident.

Was there any risk here? Please answer urgently in case I need to seek treatment as a precaution.

It was in SE Asia but in a 'nice' spa (not seedy).

How bad do cuts really have to be to constitute a risk? Information is really mixed on the internet. If it was bleeding when I pulled off the skin, but had since stopped?

I fingered a stripper then jerked off


Yesterday, I went to a stripclub in THAILAND (renown for its sex industry) where I found myself a nice looking girl to have some fun with. During our encounter, I fingered her then seconds later jerked off with that same hand (eventually cumming) Am I at risk of inheriting HIV? I know HIV isn't compatible with oxygen when exposed to, but i'm really nervous and I'm getting different types of responses. Some say HIV doesn't last long but how long???


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