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No Risk

Dirty Restroom / Shower

Hello AIDS Vancouver,

I had a question regarding the risks involved with cleaning / using a dirty restroom. Would these two scenarios result in any potential risk of transmission?

1st scenario) Water from the toilet splashing into the eyes

2nd scenario) Putting on underwear after walking on the dirty floor (feet will have brushed the inside of the underwear), with the head of my penis being mildly irritated and the opening contacting the underwear directly. This will have occurred about an hour after the last person used the restroom.

Thanks for your time and any information you can provide.

Antiviral Therapy

Hi there,
I was wondering something about ART. If someone has been taking it for over 2 years now and is doing well and healthy, is their viral load most likely undetectable. I am just wondering if my family member is undetectable, but it is not something we regularly talk about.

Thank you.

Casual Contact Clarification

Hi there,

I am trying to educate myself and I was just wondering if you could please explain in detail why casual contact with someone with HIV is no risk. What if someone with HIV began to have a bleeding cut while casually hanging out with them and you accidentally came in contact with the infected blood by brushing up against them, hugging or shaking hands with them? Is this still considered casual contact even if they are bleeding? What if the HIV negative person had a cut or scrape on them as well. I am just wanting to make sure that it is safe for me to be around someone that I know with HIV as I have a baby and would never want to put him at risk. Thank you so much in advance.

Kissing/Making out

So, I read on here that there is no risk for regular kissing, with the exception of blood, is a no risk but I also read that a risk is created when bodily fluids are exchanged so does that make making out with the exchange of syliva a risk?

HIV through receiving blowjob

I received a blowjob from a girl at massage parlor on March 23, 2019. It was unprotected. I did not give her oral sex and neither was any penetrative sex involved (no vaginal or anal sex). On April 29th, 2019 (more than 5 weeks after the exposure), I went for the HIV Ab test, which came back negative. I know that most of the people develop detectable antibodies by 4-6 weeks. Considering the risk of my exposure, is any further testing warranted in my case? I will go for another test at 12 weeks, anyways. But how would you guys rate my current result? How much would you guys "consider" it conclusive?

local anesthesia injection confused about situation

, i went today for a treatment to a local Dermatologist , before doing a small day care procedure , he gave ,me local anesthesia shots around 10 shots from same syringe , small shots at every place to be treated ( removal of blisters ), i didnt saw him filling anesthesia medicine in syringe .

i am worrying if that syringe was used before me on someone else , what are the chances of mine getting infected from HIV or any other STD

requesting for a detailed reply
please reply today

Risk with handjob


If I received a handjob/touching around my anus from a masseuse if they were with another customer just before me, is there a risk of HIV if they haven't washed their hands? I assume they did the same things with the previous customer that they did with me. Just a bit worried about this.


sharing underwear.

My friend (who has a lot of unprotected sex) told me I could use her shorts to sleep in so she took them off and gave them to me to put on. She wasn't wearing underwear with them and neither was I...she may have had some discharge in them when I put them on. Am I at risk?

HIV from finger nail scratch on shaft

Thank you for all the wonderful work you guys are doing!

I was fooling around with a woman of unknown status (Let's assume she is positive) and she put her finger in her vagina and then put it down my pants and accidently scratched my shaft. Could this transmit? Please answer

Pedestrian crossing button incident

Hi! I was crossing the street and I was in a rush...I smacked absentmindedly at the crossing button which had a metal arrow embossed on it (for the visually impaired). It had a sharp corner, which cut the tip of my finger. I crossed the street and looked at my cut and it bled some. I washed it off and it sealed up almost instantly. I started thinking about all the people that touch the button and whether I could have contracted anything. No one had touched the button in the minute or so while I was walking up, and I was really careful to go back and check to see if anything was coating the button (it was clean...no obvious fluids or blood on it). It is also out in the open, not quite in direct sun but there was a lot of light.

I understand the transmission equation...but I am hoping someone can PLEASE confirm that this is a no-risk episode? I know you're very busy, but it would help me immensely if anyone could respond.



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