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nail bites infection

hi.. I was jerking off this guy and he came all over my hand. I bite my nails and I was wo wondering if there is a posibility to get infected with hiv or any other stds this way.. thanks for your answer.

Worried i have a std

So I found a condom that glows in the dark , unused in its package , the package was little bit damaged ( it had a small cut probably because people might have stepped on it , and the color of the package was faded as well ). The condom didn't have any fluids or what so ever, it was unused , just a little sand ( I live near the beach ) . So I wore it just to see how the condom looks . Is it possible that i have caught any STDs ? I am so worried. I want to do a blood test .
thanks in advance

HIV infection from deep kissing

Hello, i am HIV negative , i got tested 3 weeks before, after this i had a deep kiss with a girl, later came to know that she is HIV positive and also have little blood when she brush in morning , during kiss i didnt felt any blood , the kiss was 2-6 minutes . how many chances are there of getting HIV infection ? present day(appx. 2.5 weeks after exposure) , i am having running nose, itching in throat , moderate fever...... am i infected ????? i am very nervous .... plz help me out.....

Kissing with potential blood to blood lips?

Hello, I have a bit of a problem I am going through with my mind running in the possibility I contracted HIV. Based on my extensive research I have done, I am quite certain I am in the safezone, but was not able to find anyone with the same situation I had. The other night, I was at a strip club, and a girl offered me a lap dance. After the first, she said lets do it again, but then she started to kiss me. They weren't deep kisses or anything, but a few times she bit my lip quite hard to where it actually hurt and I had to say stop. I remember waking up in the morning and seeing a tiny cut on the top of my lip from where she bit and it had me worried. I didn't know this girl at all, and since it was dark, I don't know the status of her mouth. Worst case scenario, if she was HIV+ and she had a bloody lip herself, and it touched my newly formed bloody lip, could I have contracted HIV? I know kissing isn't a way to get HIV, but if it was blood to blood on the lips, is there a possibility? The cut was very small, and within 48 hours had already completely healed up. I appreciate any feedback on this.

Wisdom Teeth Removal/HIV


I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed months before being I kissed this stranger. To the best of my knowledge I had no open sores or anything around my mouth (with exception to my wisdom teeth areas) and the guy that kissed me stuck his tongue into my mouth a lot so there was lots of saliva. I don't know if he had any open sores or not, but he did have gold teeth in the front of his mouth if that addition matters. I guess i am just really worried that my wisdom teeth being removed provided an entrance for hiv.

vacuatainer tubes

i touch blood tubes with no gloves nothing spilled am i in risk

Diabetes lancet

my roommate is diabetic and HIV + (undetectable at his last dr appt and a t- cell count of 750+) he was having trouble getting the cap off his lancet device. I know this was stupid but i tried and got the top off but it pricked me. What should I do am I at risk for transmission and infection..he had tested himself about a half hour before. I did bleed but was very minimal stopped after a few seconds.


hello sir, i am HIV negative , as i just got tested for it . I had a deep kiss with a girl for about 2-5 minutes, later the girl informed me that she had diagonsed with HIV , on further inquiry she told me that she has little blood in gums while brushing her teeth. During kiss i didnt felt any blood. Her other results like herpes , syphilis and hepatitis B are negative. how much chances are there of getting HIV infection ?

Hiv from touching eye

Please I need your answer!
I am a girl which I don`t know yet my status about hiv, I`m so worried and anxious that I get infected by hiv from the doctor in hospital when I went to do the hiv test before two an a half months. There was no hygiene, I saw in the desk used rapid test.
He touched a bottle with a pippete in top of her to draw my blood and to put it in the rapid test. She wasn`t as usually pippets that i saw in internet she had a body like bottle and a pippete in top of her. Pippete was new but her body or her bottle was the same for all patients. And I suspect that this bottle was infected with hiv from hiv parients who goes there and was not disinfected. He touched her before I went there for other patients, her winding paper(packing), with wet hands from cotton ball with solution and hiv blood on it you know what I mean ( soaked cotton ball in solution and hiv blood on it after he pierced patients finger).
I saw that this bottle which I think she was infected was set in a close box before he thouched her to use it to draw my blood where I think she couldn`t be dryed completely even if her winding paper was infected with hiv. After he touched her he touched my finger all around to look where to pierce him and then he pierced him so blood came out and came in contact with my skin finger where he touched her before, so I`m so anxious but I can`t do the hiv test here in my country before three months because here has no tests which could detect earlier.
So today my little sister accidently put her fingers in my eye( she touched my eye inside) and then immediately put her fingers in her mouth.
If I`m infected can I infect her in this way from my eye to her mouth?
Please I`m so anxious help me, and sorry for my english I hope you could understand me

Can HIV be transmitted through toilet seat

Usually I'm not just cautious but even over cautious. But that time when I went to the toilet in the shopping I wiped the seat very well as usually and sat on the toilet, and I was shocked after I got up that there was urine at the back of the seat that I don't know how I missed. I never sit till the back of the seat I usually just try as much as to touch a small area of the seat. So as far as I remember, I didn't touch that spot. Do u think there is any chance of getting infected?


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