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No Risk

put a band-aid on a cut.

My friend cut his finger and asked me to put a band-aid on his cut. when I was putting band-aid on the cut I touched blood stain on the band-aid. I had no cuts or cracks on my fingers. Am I at the risk?

Thank you

Hiv from shaving

I was at a barbers shop for a shave and haircut and noticed i was bleeding from one of my bumps beneath my jaw. When i asked if the hair clipper had been sterilized the barber said no because he had run out of the alcohol spray. This was a very busy day for the barber and there lots of people who had been shaved and had a haircut before me. This happened in Nigeria. Please do i need to commence PEP? Thank you for your help.

HIV infection in healthcare setup

I had went to lab for blood test 7 months ago. After drawing the blood lab assistant put a pre used cotton ball on my elbow from where blood is spilling out. The cotton he used contains blood from the person who might has visited earlier. I know the cotton contains blood because I noticed red spot on it but I don't know why I have not reacted at that time.

I had a joint pain that occurs after 2 weeks of a possible exposure. I had pain in my Knee, elbow and fingers joints at regular intervals(5 to 15 minutes). My joins pains for 10-30 seconds and stops suddenly and next pain attack comes some where after 5 to 15 minutes. There was no swelling or redness in any of my joints. This pain lasts somewhere between 1 to 1.5 months. I do not experience any other symptom.

I had ignored that symptom considering various articles on internet suggesting transmission does not occur that way. But recently I come across the news that scientist has discovered that HIV can live long enough out of human body in blood and can cause infection. Which makes me concern about the indecent after 7 months. Can you please let me know am I at risk. Which test should I opt for considering 7 months has already passed to the indecent.

Blood on Cup


I had went to restaurant and ordered a drink to go, the drink was in a styrofoam cup. I started drinking about half of the drink, which is 44 ounces. I was looking at the cup and saw a dried red line on it. I had a cut in my mouth from where I had bitten my gum while eating a few days ago. If this red stuff had got in the cup or I had touched it with my straw, could I contract HIV if it was blood?

Cut on scrotum may have been in contact with vaginal fluids

Hello - I had a fresh cut on the scrotum and received a body to body massage using PH neutral massage gel. The masseuse rubbed her entire naked body up and down my back for 30 minutes and I am worried that vaginal fluid may have mixed in with the massage gel and dripped over the open cut throughout the session. There was no sexual intercourse of any kind. Should I be going to get a PEP regimen?

Am i at HIV risk?

Hi, i've been having a headache for about 2 days know i dont know if it is lack of sleep or not because i always have a headache when i sleep for about 6 or 7 hours. I've never had sex with anyone or used anyones blood or any of the other stuff. i Masturbate alot and something accidently Masturbated with toothpaste. i dont know if i am at HIV risk or not. Am i?

Possible Exposure Electric Trimmer


I was wondering about my risk of exposure with a razor trimmer. I used an electric trimmer used by a known HIV+ person who is on ART. The trimmer had been left out for many days on the counter in the bathroom. During my exposure event I nicked the shaft of my penis near my public hair. The cut was very small, didn't bleed long and healed within a few days.

I also got an INSTI test back that was non-reactive (after 7-8 weeks). What is my risk level of acquiring HIV?

Massage Parlor - Updated kk

Hello there,
I went for a massage two weeks ago and asked for a happy ending,
she licked my balls and penis for a couple of seconds and also licked and sucked on my boobs (i am male), i also kissed her for not more than 20 seconds but only from the outside (no tongue action was involved). Is there a possibility i get HIV or hepatitis B or C from such activity. just to add, she also sneezed at the beginning of the massage but gave me a handjob 30 minutes later.
Your response would highly be appreciated,
Thank you

HIV Need Help

while kissing i had small amount of HIV+ blood in my mouth from my partner.and i had a small dry cut(no bleeding,0.5 cm).is that any risk of HIV??? and only one kiss is there. please answer...

scratched by a sharp blister strip

the country where i come from medicines are dispensed in a blister strip. now this one had a very sharp edge, and it belonged to HIV positive individual with a AIDS complex. he was showing me the medicines and the sharp edge struck me on my thumb although there was no visible scratch cut or open skin the point at which it struck showed sub cutenous haemorrhage and pain .
now thinking if this had happened to him also . are there any chances of transmission howevere remote. i know that HIV breaks down immediately in contact with air..


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