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No Risk

Bar of Soap

My question is somewhat related to using a bar of soap. But in my case, I used a bar of soap and I didn't notice that I had broken skin from scratching due to jock itch. It was really small, but there was no bleeding. Is there any risk of contraction from that?

Picking up dirty dishes with a splinter / cut wound

I work as a waiter at a restaurant. I regularly pick up dirty dishes with my hands without the use of gloves or anything in between. I also don't handle the washing of dishes so I basically do not wash my hands until the end of the shift. But I don't take dishes out to the tables so I think I'm fine without washing hands.

Today it just hit me that I got a cut on my finger the other day, as well as a splinter wound on the other hand. Would picking up dirty dishes put me at risk for HIV? Let's just say that some HIV+ person bled into one of the plates that I just happened to make contact with my cut wound / splinter.

Ejaculate on me in shower (male to female)

If my partner ejaculated on the front of my pelvis/hip in the shower after I performed oral (hand only), if some of the semen was washed over my vaginal opening or I washed it in that direction with the shower head/my hand when washing afterwards, does that constitute a risk?

HIV through underwear

I was touching a guy that I'm dating when he put his penis back in his underwear before orgasming and cumming, my anxiety is that maybe some had flown out of his peins and landed on my underwear, could it then soak through and go up inside my vagina and give me HIV?

Would HIV transmit from Shaving Blades


I left my shaving blades in the bathroom for 3 days, and I used it in the morning. I checked my shaving blade before I use it, and it was dry. I rinsed it with hot water for about 1 minute. My question is If my roommates who were HIV positive had used my shaving blades without telling me, would I get HIV from using it? Thank you for your time.

Licked my hand after rubbing her genital part

Dear Mr, Ms,
One week ago, I had some sexual activities with a sex worker in Germany. We didn't had sex. She gave me a protected oral sex with a condom and I rubbed her vagina with my hand. While rubbing, the gel dried out and her vagina too, so I licked my hand one time with my tongue to make the rubbing easier. I have no idea if my hand catched vaginal fluid but I still remember that it was dry. My question:
is there a risk of HIV transmission in this case?
I checked my mouth and I had no bleeding gums or sores, but I checked my tongue and and the very end of it there are Candida albicans (white things) which I don't know if they are normal or not or they give a route for the virus.
Thanks for your efforts!

HIV transmission through towel.

Hi! I had sex with my ex last month in a motel room, When changing my clothes I accidentally used a towel with a semen on it, Given that the motel didn't changed their towel after the first one who used the same room. Is there a chance or Am I at risk of having HIV if the person who used the towel first is HIV infected? Because I used the towel with his semen on it?

Can i get AIDS if there was semen on my ballpoint?

My stupi*d (not anymore) friend sometimes acts like a pig. This happened probably like 6 months ago. I was sitting with him in school and he grabbed my ballpoint and put it in his pants for fun, so it was touching his underpants too. Im asking, can i get HIV if there was some semen on his underpants? He don’t masturbate in school, but maybe he had some pre-cum on his underpants, because maybe he had erection in school, so he could had some pre-cum on his pants. Then he gave my ballpoint back to me. I bite my nails so much, so let’s say i had bitten nails to blood and then i touched my ballpoint, can i have AIDS?

Eczema HIV please help. asked many times

Someone who may have had HIV touched my eczema on arm. I went to three doctors and all said that it was almost impossible to contract HIV from this way. But online it says that transmission of hiv through eczema is possible. It has been 3 weeks since contact with this person and I have a dry cough with mucus. Is this a sign of HIV or allergies.

HIV rapid test (finger prick and test cassette)

Please help me lessen my overthinking and anxiety.
I had the said test yesterday, it turned out non reactive.
My questions are:
The person who performed the test did not used a pipette in collecting my blood, he just gently pinched my pricked finger and put certain amount of blood directly on to the test cassette sample well, would it interfere the accuracy of the result?

And it may sound irrelevant but, my bleeding pricked finger touched the sample well of the test cassette (recently opened from a sealed pouch) would I be at risk of infection from it?



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