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No Risk

HIV From Concrete/Object


I have extreme HIV anxiety and have been worried sick about the possibility of catching HIV from objects. Some say that the virus dies within seconds others say within 15 minutes, some say it depends on the amount of blood, some say that there's no way possible to catch the virus from objects, only direct wound to wound, transfusions, sexual intercourse, sharing needs, and breast milk. Please confirm? Is there anyway possible you can get HIV from person to object to person no matter how much time has lapsed?
The incident in question is a fall. I was at a shopping center where millions of people walk and frequent daily. I slipped and fell on concrete/grass and scraped both of my knees really badly to the point where they were both bleeding. I also scraped my hands and could see broken skin but no blood. Is there any way possible that if there were traces of blood on the concrete/grass where I fell (maybe came off someones shoe or a nosebleed etc) that I could contract HIV in this way? Also, a lady helped me up. I didn't see any blood on my hands but broken skin (small scrapes) If the woman had blood on her hands is there any way possible that I could get HIV through my small scrapes? Please advise!

Shower head

Thanks for answering my question of October 1 referring to the use of a detachable shower head. In the instance, my fear rested with possible semen fluids being left on the shower head from a previous user who may have masturbated in the shower by spraying his penis and penis with the shower head. You responded that there was no risk for HIV transmission and provided sound reasons and conditions which must exist for HIV transmission. I just wanted to add that in the process of wash spraying my own penis alone in the shower stall, I ejaculated. Does this change anything in terms of risky behaviour? Thanks

Kiss on the lips with dry lips, can I get HIV?

i've just gave a fleeting kiss to both cheeks to a family member with small cuts on my lips (i'm used to scratch them when i'm nervous). i don't think i'm in danger and think it's paranoia, but i want your opinion. thanks

Share something with HIV person, any risk?

Hi, administrator.I have some worried situations to ask you. I just known that one of my friend has HIV+ (I don't know she has HepB and HepC or not) . And I realize that I used to share something with her.

1.I shared food with her. We eat the soup from the same bowl. She put her spoon in her mouth and the put it in the bowl again. After that, I used my spoon to eat from that bowl. If that time both I and her had bleeding gum, there was a risk or not?
2.We used the same water dispenser. Once, she used her glass to collect water from that dispenser and I immediately used my glass to collect water after her. I afraid maybe there was some of her saliva (or mix with her blood) left on the dispenser and my glass touched her saliva and then I immediately drank. Any risk?

From 2 situations mentioned above, Do I need to go to clinic to test for HIV, and Hep?

Blood in ice water


I was at the bar with friends 5 nights ago and had asked the bartender for a cup of ice water. I noticed he filled a cup that was already filled with ice on the bar (closer to the bartender side than the patron side). I don't know if he had already prepared a cup of ice before he took my order but took it and drank about a 1/4 of it since I was so thirsty but stopped. I had this horrible thought of what if that was someone else's cup he just filled. And what if said person had gotten blood in the cup by accident. I know this sounds far fetched and a bit paranoid, but I suffer from OCD and I haven't been able to stop thinking about this. Can someone become infected with HIV if fresh HIV positive blood was in a cup of ice water and they drank it? And what if they had cuts in their mouth or sore gums?



Can HIV survive in vomit for 5 minutes?


I have a very specific situation.
In the morning, I vomited. It appeared to be clear with no indication of blood. About 5 minutes later, I was asked to put a bandaid on my friend who had had a mole removed. The wound looked red from removal (more than a few days prior) but was not openly bleeding, and had a layer of vaseline on it.

Could I have exposed my friend to HIV? I did not get to wash my hands even though I do not believe I touched the vomit.


Please Help, Trying to Get Smart About This

Deep Kissing on the lips and Risk of HIV Transmission (Worried)

8 months ago (Feb 2018), a girl deep kissed me on the lips. She was wearing a lip stick. After the kiss, all the lipstick were gone. There was no visible blood during the kiss. 2 or 3 days later I developed a mild sore throat with a deep red tongue. I also recall experiencing burning urine that lasted for two days with no discharge. The following day, I woke up with an insect (not sure if it was a tick) burrowed in my left hand. I pulled it out and it left a deep small pin like circle around my hand that took days to disappear. Later that day, I realized I could not move my left arm, left leg and had a mild facial numbness, burning and tingling on my left face and I could not smile properly. After that, my nails started pitting, palms of my hands and soles of my feet started peeling and crusting. After that episode had passed, my knees and elbows started scaling and itching and these lasted until early May this year. I kept asking my uncle if these were winter rashes and he said yes (but I still could not believe that the cold from the winter can cause nail pitting).I went to the doctor around that very first month of the kiss and they said that my blood work was normal (it was the CBC that they had performed). Also, in that very month of February ( even before she gave me the kiss), we discussed how we came to Canada and so we talked about medical testings and requirements that led me to ask the girl whether she had been diagnosed with HIV or any other infectious disease prior to coming to Canada. She said she had strep throat, scarlet fever, straw berry tongue ( things related to streptococcal infection in the first year she came to Canada). She denied having HIV infection. I also told her I was tested for HIV prior to coming to Canada and I was tested negative and my medical records were in order.So, looking back to the signs and symptoms that kept bothering after the kiss and after the insect bite, I thought that perhaps I was also infected with group A strep only to realized that Group A strep doesn't cause most of the symptoms I kept having. At the end of April I got a job an an institution as a cleaner (cleaning toilets with commercial cleaning chemicals and glasses with windex). 3 weeks into my job I realised my body started itching so badly, mostly at night and the rashes that I sustained were in my groin area, back of my neck and upper back with almost none on my chest. The rashes scarred and were highly pruitic. ( One of the cleaning chemicals had poured on my bed sheets the night before and I just went and slept on it due to a long day from work). On the 5th week of my work, I woke up again with the similar insect biting my hand and after that my left face remained swollen. I started waking up with itchy nose and reddened eyes especially on my left eye where my face was swollen. The NP who I saw gave me topical steriodal nasal spray which helped the situation in my nose a bit and has not fully healed up to now. Also, when I was working as a cleaner I always turned the heater on even though I realized that my room was prickly hot.
Also I started developing minor non itchy scaling at the proximal joints of my fingers and feet. I also experience mild joint pain now. I have lost 1 Kg over the past 8 months thinking about all these symptoms I am having which had never happened to me before. All sources have including previous posts on the Vancouver AIDs website clearly show that HIV can't be transmitted through kissing but I am very worried as the symptoms I experienced maybe the first presentation of HIV infection (given that In did not contract lyme disease from the tick bite).
I am a virgin, 26 years old pursuing my master's degree and I wouldn't want a kiss to mark the end of my life.
In september this year, I asked that girl again several times if she has HIV, she continuously kept saying she is not HIV positive and that I should go see a counselor. Last Thursday (October 4th I decided with my NP to test for all the diseases that can be transmitted through kissing, including HIV whose results have not come back yet. I am scared to go see my HIV results this coming week and I feel absolutely hopeless).
In the month of August I had already done tests for :
Hep A, B, C, chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Urology, Stool, CBC, VZV, MEV, RUBELLA, MUMPS which all came back negative. I tested positive for H. Pylori which I have currently finished taking antibiotics for.
My nose still itches especially in the morning, the itchy skin rash did not go away fully and it gets worse at night, after a hot shower and I can barely bundle up my clothes even though the waether is getting cold :(.
My question for you is, do you think a deep kiss on the lips at school can transmit HIV from that girl to my blood stream ? Do you think I am infected with HIV from the kissing? Or do you think I may have come down with the Boreilla species ?
Thank you for your time and advise.
E. (Updated Question)

can hiv transmitted through dirty water

last week i was masturbating and after it i peed and after that due to low(dim) light i washed my urethra by dirty water which we usually store for flushing bathroom after washing cloths.Is there chances of spreading hiv from that dirty water.Please answer my question i am very nervous about it.

Questions about HIV transmission

Hi! First off i want to thanks to everybody on AIDS Vancouver staff for the help they are providing for humanity and apologise for my lack of knowledge in this subject. Recently i made 20 years and i started to take action to take care of my health. With that, my anxiety hits me hard with a lot of questions and concerns that i never had before.

1°: I want to know if HIV can be transmitted by dry blood on broken acne. I was on college and on my jaw i had a pimple that was broken, later i passed my hand on the location. I really don't know if there was dry blood on my hand, but if had, is possible?

2°: I want to know if HIV can be transmitted through gnawing nails.

3°: That is my biggest concern. So, i was masturbating on my bedroom under my blanket and my penis was exposed to the fabric of the blanket. Later i found a bit of dryblood. I don't know if was mine or if my penis touched that spot, but my question is: HIV can be transmitted that way?

I read that HIV needs to go into your blood stream and acne is not a very profound wound that would put somone on risk. I read also that blood coagulates fast without the proper ambient... I read a lot and i think that was what made my anxiety wake up.

Sorry if some of my questions was already asked, but i think i will chill out if i ask them and i really hope that my questions will provide some help to people that are starting to search for more information on the subject.

Potentially semen/urine in food

Hello Aids Vancouver,

Recently I was walking around in my house naked after putting all of my dirty laundry
in the washing machine. I realized that I hadn't showered yet after I had self pleasure.
I also realized that some of the bodily fluids may or may have been present as I walked
and may have splashed some of my urine/semen into one of the huge rice packet and
dog food packet, some of which were open. Whether it was open or not, the fluid may have
landed inside the packets and outside. If it was splashed on the outside of the packet, the
fluid could be easily removed with a tissue paper. But it also came in contact with some of the
inside of the packets. I am panicking and I don't know what else to do. I just want to completely
sanitize both the packets that may have my semen/urine inside. If I try santizing it any other way,
it would only spread it more to the rice and dog food (kibbles) inside the packets.
To clarify, these packets are huge
and contain big amounts of these contents in two separate packets. Not only that,
these packets were on the floor with the opening exposed. I'm not sure how long this
happened but its been an hour or so and I don't know if
this increases the risk...

Would this be a risk of spreading HIV or STD? I know I was tested HIV negative and never had sexual intercourse.
I don't want my dogs to starve but I have no idea what I should do. I'm also afraid of asking this issue
to my parents because they don't take this information seriously. Whether or not if there is or isn't a risk, I still want to find out how I could perhaps sanitize these packets from the bodily fluids that I potentially splashed. I
heard that wiping the semen with toilet paper would decrease the risk. And I know food can't transfer HIV if
there's semen/urine on it. Lastly, the concentration of semen and a urine is relatively equal but I still find this very unsanitary. Please help!

Thank you so much!


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