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Breast being sucked and HIV Risk

Dear Expert,

I had a sexual activity with a man who may be HIV+, he only sucked and licked both my breast for about 5 minutes. His sucking action is rather aggressive. Is there any risk that I may be infected by HIV assuming there was no visible trauma to my breast? Are there any cases where a woman can be infected by this sexual activity. I could not find any similar case in your archives, most were men asking about HIV risk if they sucked a woman's breast. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

The barber hurt my ear by scissors, is there a risk of HIV infection?

Dear professor

My ear was hurt by a scissors. The scissors used by the barber were not disinfected. The wound on my ear was very small However, there was a lot of blood. Later I applied my wound with iodophor and It quickly healed.

Is there a risk of HIV infection when my ear was cut by the barber? Do I need to worry about it?

Appreciate you deeply


Masturbation after touching vagina

Dear Vancouver team,

Greetings of the day. It is in reference to a incident that has got me worried. I visited a massage parlour and in the moment i requested the girl to undress. I touched her vagina and masturbated using my own hands. There was no sex involved just touching and kissing on cheeks. Can fluid from her vagina infect me? I have never involved myself in sexual intercourse outside a committed relationship that i am in. But this has got me worried as after few days of this incident i am having a sore throat.

Please reply
Thank you

HIV transmission through a bottle of water with semen in it

I drank from a full bottle of water, and believe that it had been unsealed and ejaculated into before being re-sealed. I don't recall if the re-seal was somewhat tight or looser. I have a cold with post-nasal drip and sore throat. Could HIV survive in the bottle, and if so under which curcumstances? I do not know how much time transpired between the ejaculation and my drinking the water. Thank you for your time and attention.

Wound during party


I was drunk and damaged my hand with sharp item. My wound was about one on one inch size and actively bleeding. I had no possibility to dress the wound, and one guest came and give me a strong handshake. I did not had a chance to hide my hand because he grab it. I do not know this guy and his status. Is it possible if he had blood on hand to infect me?

blood splatter hiv with water

Hi, I'm David from Barcelona Spain. A few days ago I asked a question about a splash of blood mixed with water. The case was about a HIV man who was in a vehicle and was sprayed with water by the hoses of the firemen. I was on the outside of the vehicle a few meters from the window and I splashed water on my face and eyes. You told me that before this scenario there was no risk. Now I worry about the fact that if this person had a very high viral load the risk would be the same? or would it vary? Thank you very much and person for the inconvenience.

Blood on Door

Hello. I was a helping an elderly relative of unknown status put up his storm doors. He has neuropathy in his hands, so he can't always feel it when he cuts his hands. Anyway, he cut his hand sometime during the installation...we found a few drops of blood on the door handle. I had work gloves on most of the time, but did take them off to move something at one point. I went to the bathroom to wash my hands...I did NOT see any signs of blood on my hands and I did NOT have any cuts...not even any cuticle peels (thank god!). But given worst case scenarios...that he was infected and blood did get on my hands but I just couldn't see it or it smeared in, would this still be considered a NO RISK? I hope so...about a year ago, a pipe from a dental office dripped on my head...I had HIV and hepatitis tests done at 1, 3, and 6 months and hope to never have to go through that stress again! Thanks.

unknown white fluid

hello guys, terrific job here. !
I was entering the subway, and the guy next to me, hit my hand with his backpack.
I felt something liquid, and I saw a trasparent fluid (water or ...?) on my palm's upper side.
I am an ocd with hiv, yes, so I immediately wiped my palm with a napkin - it was clear -
and then I wiped it with alcohol.
Is there any risk of hiv infection, considering that my hand had no cuts, wounds etc ?
(what if it did, actually ? we often have minor cuts in hands.)

thanks a lot for your annswer, and the fabulous job you are doing here.




Hello, I had a blister on my ankle from wearing the new shoes,my blister was fresh and as size as a coin(in was about 1.5 cm),and my blister was poped by my shoes pressure,also it bleed about one drop,it wasnt actively blooding ,but mu skin vas inflamed and irritating.and i let my blister open to dry(didn’t use band aid).now my question is it possible hiv or hep c transmit through this kind of injury like blister(epidermis was completely destroyed and dermis layer was being shown and inflamed).i scare when i let my blister open without using bandaid,some fluids that hiv-contaminated touch my blister,is it possible ??should i get test?thank you

Pls reply me urgent.

I went to laboratory to do a conclusive hiv test(3 months) on 17th of September 2018 after the last protected sex I had on 1 July 2018. But When I got to the lab that day the lab girl wore a dirty handglove to gently massage my thumb before piercing it with finger prick needle. And I suspected she might have used the handglove on previous people before me. After the rapid finger prick hiv test it came out negative.

2weeks later I had a diarrhea for a day and that made me to go back to the lab girl to complain to her that I might have contacted an infection by that massaging of my thumb with dirty handglove she did before pricking my thumb but she insisted she didn't use a dirty handglove on me. After about 3weeks after the incident I started having rashes on my chest, shoulder & back and I went for widal test they said I have typhoid though I wasn't down with the typhoid yet, I started treatment thinking the rashes was caused by typhoid but it didn't go away... I had hiv test at 5 weeks after that incident and it was negative but I am still having rashes.

Pls can I get infected assuming there's hiv on that handglove she wore to massage my thumb before piercing it to collect my blood sample for the finger prick test?.

N.b. she wasn't wearing the handglove before I came but she wore the handglove after I entered the lab for the test... though I am now confused whether she had used it on other previous people before wearing it again to use it on me.


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