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No Risk

Health Worker

I am an health professional. I feel like I am being very paranoid about this situation.
I was involved in the care of a patient who had just gotten out of surgery. There were copious amounts of blood all over the bed. I had to insert an X-ray plate behind his back. I double gloved and performed what I need to.
When I left the patient and got back to my own department. I knocked one of the gloves on the counter corner. The one glove ripped, but the other glove did not appear to have a hole in it. I did not notice any blood present on the gloves. My thumb did not appear to have any visible cuts, but my skin was dry and chapped a bit. Could this present a risk for HIV? I feel like I am over reacting, but it has weighed very heavy on my mind.
Thank you.

Worried about Massage

I went to a massage parlor and had a massage - where i tickled the nipples of the massage lady for 2 minutes - no sex/ no touching her private parts ,nor me touching my private parts. I did not notice any breast milk/blood neither on her nor on my hands - my hands were completely dry all along . IS there a chance of HIV or STD . Later she asked if was interested in happy ending or sex and i fatly refused

Hand job with injured penis

Dear Sir, recently I was in spa center, after getting full body massage the girl offer hand job. I lay flat on my back. She put her hands over- squeeze - my pen*s and scrotum using oil till I cum. She didn't suck my pen*s and I didn't perform oral sex on her only sucking here breasts. I did not touch her vagina. And that was it, no penetration into her, I know it may sound silly but is there any risk of contracting HIV or any STDs from this encounter. Especially if I may get injured in my pen*s during masturbating by her hand and i was not using condom. Thanks for the time to answer this question

so worry about needle pricking


thank you for your great job that helps me so much!

I have a potentioal exposure three days ago.

Here is my concern:

Three days ago I stood in front of a supermarket waiting for the bus. I was focusing on my phone and did not notice a tall guy came very closely to me (20 - 30 cm).He smiled very weridly and said something strange to me that I didn't hear clearly. But then I was freaking out since I have never had such situation before. Because of fear, I did not move away immediately. After around 20 - 30 seconds, I saw the bus coming and took the bus to leave. Even I sat on the bus, I saw that he still had a very weird smile to me.

I know there are some cases of hiv transmission by needle pricking (maybe not in North America but in some other places). And I am so scared that he may prick me with a hiv+ blood needle and I did not notice that cuz I was focusing on my phone.

Please tell me whether and when should I go to clinic for hiv and other sti test.

Thank you so much!


lesbian frottage

if me and another girl performed frottage but i had on underwear and she didnt and her vaginal fluids got thru my underwear can i contract hiv this way im a lesbian and theres not much on the web about this and also if i fingered her and i didnt have cuts on my hand but she begin to bleed a little would be infected this way as well thanks in advance for your advice>

Infection from finger in mouth


I was in a HIV clinic to support a friend and remember opening/closing the door other patients have been using before.

Since I tend to bite on my nails (and the skin around the nails) I kinda had some of my fingers in my mouth that 'may' have been contaminated.

Should I worry?
I should add that I have a tendency to be paranoid so I basically need 100% reassurence that everything is alright.

Thanks in advance

Pre-semen on Breasts

Hi, 50 days back I met a shemale. I just kissed her on her breasts, neck, and stomach, and I also sucked and licked her nipples and breasts. What I am worried about is that she used her hands to rub her penis, and then she used her hands to press her nipples and breasts. So, I think she maybe had pre-semen on her hands from her rubbing penis, and her pre-semen would be on her nipples and breasts because she used her hands to press them. And then, I sucked and licked her nipples and breasts, and I would get her pre-semen in my mouth (note: I did not see any fluids on her nipples and breasts, but in case it could have). So, can I get HIV from what I mentioned? And, thanks so much for your helps.


I was in a doctor's office last time and she used the same thermometer she used on a previous patient on my ear to check my temperature. I was afraid after the incident. My questions are(1) Can someone contact hiv through this way? (11) What if the previous patient had a blood in the ear and the thermometer got stained with his blood, can I get hiv as the doctor inserted the thermometer direct to my ear (3) Does ear stand like an intact skin that does not allow blood direct to the bloodstream?
Please I am dying in worry here.

visiting cruising place(sexclub)

I visited some kind of gay crusing place(sexclub maybe?) and when the time I was visited there there are no person inside so I took a shower and waited but no one came so I masturbated and fingered my anus.
Here's the question.
1.If there was other people's body fluid on the matress and I touched it and finger myself, can this incident can occur a infection?
2.I wore a gawn they give to me. but if that gawn wasn't washed properly, can this occur a infection?
3.If body fluid mixed with tab water, can it still infectious?

Need Help...

while kissing my partner had blood in her mouth,when we kiss i found the taste of blood and we stop only one kiss(2-4 second) and i had a one small dry cut (no bleeding) in my mouth. is that any risk oh HIV??
and now i am suffered from sign's of HIV like sore pain(like tonsil),lymph nodes(2-4),nausea,back pain.
is that any risk??


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