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No Risk

Genital-Hand-Genital HIV Transmission

Hi, I had an encounter with a women yesterday and was wondering if there was any risk of HIV transfer (assuming she has HIV). No intercourse occurred but I did use baby oil and touched her vagina for a few minutes, I didn't put my fingers all the way in, just touched the top of the skin on the clitoral hood. I then straight away touched my penis on the top of the foreskin for less than 5 seconds, I may also have touched the head of penis in the process for a split second. Is it possible HIV could have been transferred this way? Also would the use of baby oil have increased my chances of a risk?

Possibly consumed HIV+ blood while actively bleeding in the mouth?

Hi there,

I've read up on a lot of your answers about oral transmission, and needless to say, I'm still anxious. I was snacking on a vegetable when I looked down and noticed that it had blood in it. I also realized that I was bleeding from the gums (actively). I know that HIV dies when exposed to air, but what about if someone injected HIV+ blood into the vegetable? Would consuming it put me at any risk, given that it was in a "sealed" space, and then put into my mouth which was currently bleeding? I also realize that saliva breaks the virus down, however, I didn't have much it the time and was chewing rather "dry." Please help. Feeling really anxious and need to know if I should PEP or not.

HIV transmission through sucking of nipples


Thank you for taking my question. About 5 months back i had a chance to get close to a lady at a massage parlor. I got a hand job done and i sucked her breast nipple for 30-40 secs. I'm worried now, although i didn't taste any blood in my mouth and don't remember having any cuts or sores in my mouth. My question is, while sucking her nipple i think, my teeth could've left a minor scar which could've resulted in minor bleeding from her nipple, what is the risk here in my case? i currently have no symptoms but my mind keeps bothering me. Can you please educate me through your guidance and, is testing necessary?

Risk of contraction?

Hello, I'm a dental student. I was polishing a restoration, and my hands which had gloves graced the bur I have a small red spot on the area. I check my glove it had no holes and I also did not bleed from this area. I felt this area and also it does not have a feeling of any flesh missing it looked more like a pimple if anything. The bur is sort of like a drill head, I've been told a bur same as a razor unlike a needle is not air sealed thus the virus will die within seconds, Moreover the fact that if at all it was a superficial cut it should not be of any concern. I just want some confirmation about this. Thanks.

nail bites infection

hi.. I was jerking off this guy and he came all over my hand. I bite my nails and I was wo wondering if there is a posibility to get infected with hiv or any other stds this way.. thanks for your answer.

Worried i have a std

So I found a condom that glows in the dark , unused in its package , the package was little bit damaged ( it had a small cut probably because people might have stepped on it , and the color of the package was faded as well ). The condom didn't have any fluids or what so ever, it was unused , just a little sand ( I live near the beach ) . So I wore it just to see how the condom looks . Is it possible that i have caught any STDs ? I am so worried. I want to do a blood test .
thanks in advance

HIV infection from deep kissing

Hello, i am HIV negative , i got tested 3 weeks before, after this i had a deep kiss with a girl, later came to know that she is HIV positive and also have little blood when she brush in morning , during kiss i didnt felt any blood , the kiss was 2-6 minutes . how many chances are there of getting HIV infection ? present day(appx. 2.5 weeks after exposure) , i am having running nose, itching in throat , moderate fever...... am i infected ????? i am very nervous .... plz help me out.....

Kissing with potential blood to blood lips?

Hello, I have a bit of a problem I am going through with my mind running in the possibility I contracted HIV. Based on my extensive research I have done, I am quite certain I am in the safezone, but was not able to find anyone with the same situation I had. The other night, I was at a strip club, and a girl offered me a lap dance. After the first, she said lets do it again, but then she started to kiss me. They weren't deep kisses or anything, but a few times she bit my lip quite hard to where it actually hurt and I had to say stop. I remember waking up in the morning and seeing a tiny cut on the top of my lip from where she bit and it had me worried. I didn't know this girl at all, and since it was dark, I don't know the status of her mouth. Worst case scenario, if she was HIV+ and she had a bloody lip herself, and it touched my newly formed bloody lip, could I have contracted HIV? I know kissing isn't a way to get HIV, but if it was blood to blood on the lips, is there a possibility? The cut was very small, and within 48 hours had already completely healed up. I appreciate any feedback on this.

Wisdom Teeth Removal/HIV


I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed months before being I kissed this stranger. To the best of my knowledge I had no open sores or anything around my mouth (with exception to my wisdom teeth areas) and the guy that kissed me stuck his tongue into my mouth a lot so there was lots of saliva. I don't know if he had any open sores or not, but he did have gold teeth in the front of his mouth if that addition matters. I guess i am just really worried that my wisdom teeth being removed provided an entrance for hiv.

vacuatainer tubes

i touch blood tubes with no gloves nothing spilled am i in risk


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