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hiv from blood in sink

sorry to post this twice but i was washing my hands in the sink at college. after i was done, i realized their was blood in the sink. (some idiot decided to blow his nose in the sink beforehand)

(the blood was located parallel to the spout in the front.

I don't think i touched the blood but the water might have splashed onto my hands which has small open cuts (some of them bleeding) (i have a TERRIBLE habit of biting my cuticles)

Should I get PEP?



Can you get hiv from sharing sunglasses with some one

I fear for my little sister

Dear Helpline Team

Hie..Thank you so much for all the great work you're doing, you are helping out so many people. Yesterday at around 1630 pm I bought some chips (french fries). Now in my country, Zimbabwe, french fries they are sometimes bagged into a transparent plastic bag. So I ate the chips, putting my hand into the plastic bag and digging for some more chips then removing my fingers and eating them. Now I got a small hangnail wound which had stung that morning and bled very minimally. I then ate some on the way home. I got home 15 minutes later and didnt finish all the chips and when I got home, I gave my little sister to finish up eating. I only started getting worried after I noticed that my hangnail wound was stinging (the skin was peeling and there was no active bleeding but a tiny red dot like a tiny sore inside the hangnail wound about 1mm)..So my sister ate the chips. I am now worried about the friction between my hangnail wound and the inside of the plastic bag..what about if a tiny amount of my blood went on the inside of my plastic bag..Could that blood somehow find its way onto my sister's fingers or the chips as she drew some of them out and ate them.

I've been so worried about having HIV I've never had sex before only fingered 2 girls with latex gloves on and got bit on the lip by a girl whilst kissing her

1. I am now worried that if a microscopic amount of blood went on the inside of the plastic bag of the chips and then when my sister was using her fingers to dig in for more chips, if it contacted her fingers and/or the chips and then she put those fingers and chiptrs in her mouth could she be infected?

2. What about if she licked her fingers or the ketchup inside the plastic bag?

2. This incident happened around 8pm yesterday. Should I take her to see the doctor and ask for PEP?

I am so scared of something bad happening to her I don't know what I would do if I infected her I wouldn't be able to live with myself. Please help me.

NB* I remember putting ketchup (tomato sauce on the chips before I ate them) so much of the inside of the plastic bag was covered in ketchup. Could the little HIV viral particles survive in the inside of the plastic bag and on the ketchup and be transferred to my sister's fingers then possibly the mucous membranes of her mouth when she ate the chips or licked her fingers?

Yours Faithfully,
Mr Worried

Can I get HIV from masturbating with fruits?

I am so sorry to ask such a vague question but still, I need to get this out of my chest!

I got a cucumber, put condom on it and masturbated with it ( i.e, put it in my arse ). After a few minutes, I noticed that the condom tore apart. A removed it immediately and threw them away. I am too afraid to have real sex, that is why I used a cucumber.

I started to think about HIV only after 2-3 days when some of my muscles started to ache and given the hypochondriac that I am, I started relating these aches to seroconversion. Is there something to worry about?

Am I correct in assessing that I CANNOT get HIV from a cucumber even if I use it without a condom?

Thank You for taking the time to curb my irrational fears

Please, someone help! HIV transmission through hugging?

Thank you so much for your time.
I am panicking, two weeks ago I hugged someone that was HIV positive. I am now experiencing a runny nose and sore throat and I am very scared, especially because I have a baby. If someone could please respond I would appreciate it so much. Is there a chance I have contracted the virus?

Casual Contact with Toilets

today I used a toilet to have a number two but before that I lock the door. And with the same hand I grabbed toilet paper to wipe my bum am I at risk of hiv or other infectious diseases

HIV+ Family Member

I have a distant family member who is HIV +, I was recently at a family function where he was. As he was saying goodbye to me he hugged me and briefly (1 -2 seconds) touched my hand. Afterwards I noticed that I had a hangnail on my finger. From what I could see, there were no traces of blood or other fluid on me, but I am very worried. Could I have contracted the virus? Thank you so much in advance.

Yogurt in fridge

I have a question and i hope you will answer me
Today i went to a store to buy a yogurt. When i took it out from fridge i feel something viscous on my hand. Maybe it is a stupid question but what if it was, i felt, semen. I read an article on Aidsmap.com that HIV can survive on cold temperature.
So could i get HIV by this way?
Sorry for my bad english


Am I at Risk?

When I was at Costco today, a lady was taking items out of my cart and putting them on the belt. I thought I saw dark blood at the base of her fingernail. I didn't ask her about it, but when I got home I decided to wipe off my items before putting them away. When I was wiping off a bag of frozen shrimp, there must have been an ice chip on it because I sliced my finger open and was bleeding. My question is should I be concerned about this and be tested?

Also do you have recommendations for becoming less afraid of contracting the virus? I have this real fear. My brother in law has aids and i always worry when we are together. In my mind I know it is not transmitted through casual contact. I just can't get beyond the worry and really want to. I don't like living like this. Thank you.

Blood in hydrogen peroxide dispenser

I'm a soon to be a doctor med student working in the Emergency Department of my local hospital. We often use a portable hydrogen peroxide dispenser for cleaning wounds, last Saturday a women came in with a small wound due to an accident with a fork. I started cleaning her and notice that the tip of the dispenser touched the wound, there was no visible blood in it but I assume there may have been some contamination. After I finish with her, I dumped the dispenser in a tub we use for cleaning reusable items like steel trays and such. A few minutes later I saw the same dispenser outside the tub, mounted and refiled with peroxide, ready for use. So I tell one of the nurses what happen and ask her if it was okay to keep using the dispenser given the fact that the tip of it touched someone else wound (and maybe even blood, although I couldn't see any of it), she say the dispenser is already clean and it's perfectly okay to keep using it (just to clarify, the only cleaning it may have got was just a quick bath in tap water, nothing more). Then a new patient came in, it was woman with a dog bite lesion, small in size but certainly profound and actively bleeding, so it was my task to clean her wound again (using the same dispenser of course). I dumped some peroxide in a white tissue looking for signs of visible blood in the peroxide dispenser, it seems clean, there was no visible blood, so I just use it again to clean that dog bite.

I want to know if (in the context cited above) there is some risk that blood in the tip of a peroxide dispenser infected someone else with HIV or any other common blood borne disease. Also I would love to know if this situation constitutes a negligent act from my part or a professional misconduct (I know this last question may exceed the helpline objectives, but I want to clarify that I'm specially referring to the risk of exposing a patient to the HIV virus).

I will really appreciate any answers, this whole thing keep me thinking for days and I'm honestly terrified by the idea that mistakes like that could compromise the most important thing I keep in mind as a future doctor, that is to do no harm. Thanks for your time and excuse my poor english. Goodbye


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