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No Risk

Blood on toilet paper


If toilet paper had blood on it and it was used to wipe the vagina, would that be worry enough to get and use PRep?

Thank you!

HIV risk from possible touching of blood stains in a curtain?

So I went to a public hospital to accompany a friend recently. We however need to go to the laboratory to get some results but along the way we have to pass a corridor with a door with a curtain. When I passed there, I noticed some blood stains and spots in the curtain which apparently looked dried to me but I was not very sure but I needed to move away the curtain so we can get through the hallway. I was not sure if my hands touched those blood spots but then after maybe an hour, I was very thirty and need to look for a canned drinks and of course I needed to open the can with my hands and fingers. Suddenly, I was hit with concern if it is possible to get HIV this way if my hands and fingers touched those blood spots and then I touched the lid of the canned drinks and drank through it. I mean my hands could have touched the blood spots then got transferred to the canned drinks and then through my mouth. Is this possible? Im worried if I should get tested. Thank you.

Pimple actively bleeding exposed to Urine?

Hello and thank you for reading my question.

Before arriving to a house party, I popped a pimple on my finger just below the nail and it pussed and bleed a little. Shortly after arriving to the party I was subconsciously scratching at it with another finger on the same hand and went to the restroom without thinking. After finishing, I lowered the toilet seat and the pimple (may have been actively bleeding) came into contact with a fluid on the toilet seat. (I believe it was probably urine left from someone shortly before me but it could have been semen or really anything...I know it wasn't blood though) The hole to the pimple was maybe 2-3 mm wide.

What are the risks from acquiring HIV from this situation? Or Hep C, or anything? Am I just making a mountain out of a mole hill? Please help!!

Do I place in the risk?

Hello The HIV Helpline,

Please, answer this question.. I am very concerned about my scenario.. So, I can not sleep every day... I am from other country and went to the strip club 3 weeks ago. I got a lap dance at the club as I was wearing short pants and long sleeve t-shirts. While she was dancing, Her pussy touched my knee twice for seconds. Fortunately, I did not have any cuts of blooding on my knee and she put her nipple into my mouse only once. But, my below lip was cracked (like a blood clot Not blooding) with applying chapstick.. Just in case, I tested Oraquick 2 days ago (after 20days) which was negative.. But, I am still concerned about the scenario... Do I place in the risk?
Please, answer my question.. Thank you for reading my answer.

Best Regards.

Hiv from money eating

Can you get Hiv from eating after touching money if you forget to wash your hands please tell

touching surface with bloody finger

Hello helpline aidsvancouver! yesterday i pricked my finger by clean lancet for diabet testing. it was bleeding. after that i touched surface with bloody finger. if there was some body fluids on the surface, is there any risk to get hiv?

best regards

Hiv touched sore

Today I was received a hi five and as it happened the person slipped and touched my bleeding sore am I at risk of hiv or infection please help

answer the points , i am waiting please

i went for a blood test , at a registered medical lab the lab in Yangon Myanmar , the lab is super clean , the nurse covered her hand with gloves ,placed tissue on my arm and over tissue she adjusted a tight strip to make vein visible, then cleaned my arm area with alcohol patch for drawing the blood, and she used multi sample collection needle , (venipuncture ), vacutainer needle ,
till here everything was fine or is fine
the issue is i did not see or i did not noticed that the multi sample collection needle was sealed or not , as she picked it from a basket full of multi sample collection needles may be 20 or 30 ,( black coloured with white seal on all of them ) after the blood was drawn she immediately threw it in dustbin , i am now being paranoid

1.as if she has used a old one ,
2.or someone has touched the needle and then covered it again ,
3. can i get hiv or hepatitis or any other infection ,
4.please tell that if a needle cap once opened cannot be put back
5. what is the possibility that someone can get infected this way as the blood was being drawn out not injected
6. what if it was touched by someone
7. can it be re used ,
8. Sharing link showing exact picture of needles not the brand ( https://www.medline.com/product/Multi-Sample-Blood-Collection-Needles-by...)
9. is hiv test required

I am in doubt , can a health worker do this , or how safe are these multi sample collection needles are , can there cap opened once cant be put back or what are the chances it was old or someone has just touched it and pack it back , my fault is i didn't noticed its seal but now i am being paranoid , how stupid i can be

more ever i went again to that Lab, to see again , they are super clean , place needles in a basket all were sealed and they throw immediately after use as she threw mine after my test , but i am being paranoid thinking only about it , and no one is answering my query also , please help

sir please reply


Dear Team,

I had a brief kissing incident in December where my lower lip was slightly bitten by the girl. I wrote to this helpline and my exposure was deemed no risk. I also consulted a doctor who told me that there was no risk as I was only exposed to saliva and not blood. I am very sure there was no blood in her mouth (I pray there wasn't). I am now worried as the girl was having symptoms consistent with ARS at the time of the kiss.

1. Is saliva an infectious body fluid if a person is undergoing ARS? Because I have read that the viral load at this point is at its peak but does that apply to blood and not to saliva?

2. What about if the saliva of an infected person gets into a small cut is that a risk?

Thank you for your help

hiv from spray

Please get emergency help.
I go to the toilet and have a habit of using a spray on the anus. If there is blood on the spray holes, I risk hiv infection
Many thanks


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