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Contact with a cup that had blood on it

I was at a restaurant and drank water from a small white porcelain cup. When I turned the cup to its side, I noticed a thin, bright red line on it (similar to that from a red pen). I had a suspicion that it was blood, and I used my finger to wipe it. It left a fading brown streak there and I was positive that it was blood. Immediately I went to wash my finger with water and soap rigorously, but at that time I did not wash my mouth at all until several hours after I left the restaurant.

My questions are the following:
1. Especially since the blood streak on the cup was bright red, I'm not sure if the blood was left there recently or not, so I cannot determine if it is no longer infectious. Could I possibly get an infection if my mouth/lips/gums come into contact with infected water? My lips do have some small wounds (not actively bleeding, but if I stretch my lips enough, a relatively deep wound is visible, almost as if my bottom lips have two pieces that are separate from each other. That evening, when I was brushing my teeth, my gums also had blood coming out from them, so I am also afraid that my gums were also vulnerable at that time.

2. If my mouth, lips, or gums came into direct contact with the blood streak left on the cup, what are the risks of infection?

3. What about consuming water that came into contact with blood? What are the risks?

3. I am reasonably positive that washing my finger (which had no wounds) should solve the issue, but I'd like a word of confirmation as well.

Should I seek treatment as soon as possible?

Hand Injury At Work Risk Assessment

Hi. I recently injured my finger at work. The cut is not deep but not superficial either. It was bleeding quite a bit. My coworker rushed me to another room and then simply grabbed a clean tissue from the lobby and gently put it on my finger to make it stop bleeding and also using it as a bandage. He just put the tissue on my finger. He didn't press or directly touched my finger.

Was this situation a potential risk for HIV and Hep C transmission knowing that he did touch the tissue before putting on my finger and my finger was still bleeding at that time? I carefully watched his hands/finger and saw no blood on the tissue whatsoever but I am still really concerned about what happened.

Thank you.

4th Generation assay, VL by PCR and PEP

Please allow me to raise some questions/concerns related to HIV topic.
1. On the result of my serology test, it is indicated as follows:
Dépistage par électrochimiluminescence sur COBAS Elecsys 411
VIH 1/2 et Ag p24 (HIV Combi PT Cobas / ROCHE) : Négatif
According to the above information, could you please tell/confirm wether it is of the forth-generation assay?
2. After the exposure, I did take the PEP.
Is the PEP able to delay the conclusiveness of the serology test assay (even with the forth generation)?
First test at 31 days after the exposure (1 day after I finished the PEP); VIH 1/2 et Ag p24 (HIV Combi PT Cobas/Roche) : Négatif
Second test at 45 days after the exposure (15 days after I finished the PEP): VIH 1/2 et Ag p24 (HIV Combi PT Cobas/Roche): Négatif
For reassurance, at the 45th day post-exposure, I also requested to perform the Viral Load HIV test.
Conclusion: HIV-1 RNA non detected.
In most articles I have found, it is recommended to have a confirmatory test at 3 months post-exposure.
Waiting for the next test is still very stressful and anxious for me.
Thank you in advance for your answer.

Had a oil massage in Thailand 10 days ago

Hi I was in Thailand and had a oil massage and it ended in masturbation and ejaculation is there any chance I could of acquired hiv from this exposure I have a girlfriend here and now I'm worried if we have sex will I give her something thanks, as am notbsure if the guy before me that's saying if she had one if she washed her hands or possible she had cuts on them.

A drunk lady wiped her profusely bleeding palm or hands on my forearm

So I was walking last night along the sidewalk when a random drunk lady whose hand was bleeding profusely ( she hid her hand in her jacket) suddenly touched my forearm with her bleeding hand. I got so much blood on my forearm which i then washed to a nearby restaurant's washroom, it took me couple of mins to get to the washroom so it kind of dried on my forearms. And While i was about to go in the restaurant to wash she ran away with her friend and wont answer my question if she has any disease like hiv or any bloodborne disease. I have a small wound on the side of my posterior palm that i covered with bandage. Some blood stained the side of the bandage but not on top of the wound. I have no other wound on my forearm except very few redspot (like one or two petechiae) Probably it was around 15 ml of blood that stained my right forearm that i washed. I tried not to get my wound wet so as not to get any blood on it. Im not sure if a little water went to my wound while washing. It is small wound from burn that hasnt healed yet. Im just a bit worried. also im not sure if small bits of blood went anywhere else in my skin/ Should i get checked asap? What are the risks of getting hiv if ever she was hiv positive who doesnt take any medication. please help.

Road traffic accident contact

Hi, iam Ramesh from india
I had a small wound (2mm) at the dorsal side of my left middle finger with little blood. After half an hour while travelling , saw a man (lorry driver) got injured at road. He had multiple cut wounds but blood has already dried. I helped him by holding his hands and legs. Some amount of sweat and mud over his body came into contact with my palms but not at my wound. After that i washed my hands with plain water.
Iam afraid that his sweat could have mixed with his blood and it would have come into contact with my wound during hand wash. Also high number of lorry drivers in india have hiv, though iam not sure about this person..
Kindly advise..

will HIV get by eating food with HIV positive blood?

I am having a bad habbit of eating tobacco with betel nut and betel leaf(a street food). Me and My friend eat this food and my friend saw that his finger is broken but my friend doesn't told me that. we both ate it. but the problem is when I am eating that my mouth have "open wound and open sores", If the blood is HIV+ what are the chances of getting this disease. pls help me....

Blood on toilet seat


I hope I can get some reassurance on this matter. Last Friday, I entered a female bathroom cubicle as soon as someone else vacated it and I neglected to check if there was anything on the toilet seat before sitting down to urinate. When I got up, I noticed there were some dried red stains on the seat which may or may not be blood. I'm now afraid that I might have actually sat on fresh blood and the reason why I didn't see the liquid blood was because my buttocks might have rubbed up against it. I was wondering if there was any risk HIV transmission from this action. I didn't check if I had any cuts on the part my buttocks that came into contact with the blood but I would think if there was a deep, open wound that was gushing with blood I'd have felt some sort of pain but I didn't. Was wondering if the HIV virus could be contracted from superficial fresh cuts coming into contact with fresh blood on a surface (this would be the worst case scenario in my situation). Would really appreciate a response on this and whether I need to get myself tested.


Is it possible to acquire HIV from Handjob ?


I am from india and I had a session with a massage therapist/csw for the first time where she used papaya cream for massaging my body and after she massaged my whole body. I was wearing the tissue paper kind of underwear which was offered by them. The massage therapist then offered me a handjob where she removed her bra and was over me and rubbed her breast against mine. there were no visible marks on her chest and she then licked my both nipples for a second to stimulate me and then she moved towards my left and she placed her nipples in between my mouth. I didn't lick/suck it. It was in between my lips for a few second and there were no visible sores on her nipples. During the session she didn't remove her underwear. The massage therapist then proceeded giving me hand-job without any lube. The handjob was kind of rough and i had a tight foreskin and she did masturbate and i ejaculated with a burning sensation and there was no blood. I didn't notice any visible cuts on her left hands and not sure about the right hand. I then cleaned myself with the same tissue underwear which i was wearing and then went to the bathroom and washed the area where my semen was on my body. I then came back to my hotel and did brush my mouth due to the fear that i might have got something from her nipples to my mouth and had a hot bath then washed my penis with antiseptic soap. The next day i saw my urethra was red and inflamed. I had fever and knee/joint pain after 2 days of massage and it went away in 2-3 days.I then consulted my GP 2 weeks later the incident as the inflammation didn't reduce. there was no discharge or pain from my penis and she gave me 500mg Ciprofloxain 2 tabs for each day for 5 days. After taking the tablet for 3 days i started to have calf muscle pain and my hands started to feel cold not sure if it was due to the AC. I still continued taking the cipro and started to feel worse. My tongue turned white and i had thrush. I felt extremely tired and had trouble sleeping at night and had night sweats,body felt warmer(3rd week from the contact as massage parlor). I browsed the internet and though i have been infected with hiv and thought this could be ARS and the anxiety literately made me even more nervous. It did scare the hell out of me. I then consulted my dermatologist and he did asked me to take a HIV(not sure if it was 3rd gen or 4th gen),VDRL & HsbAG and CBC tests and urine test as well and everything came negative and CBC was normal. This test was taken 25 days from the contact of incident and i know its too early for the tests. The doctor said everything is fine and i had throat infection where my throat was red like strep throat and had white dots on it for which he said its mucositis due to the antibiotics allergy and gave me probiotic tablets for the thrush. I once again consulted another doctor for the inflamed penis and he gave me cefixime 200 mg 1 dose for 3 days and later gave azithromycin 500mg for 3 days. I started to have diarrhea for 3 days after taking the tablet and felt bloated. Its been almost 2 months and still i have the inflamed urethra and currently applying mupirocin cream for the inflammation. My legs been aching for the last 3 weeks and also have sore kind of feeling in my groin area on both the legs and i feel like my goin lymph is kind of swollen and when i go for sleep or when taking rest my legs ache and t doesn't ache when i walk. I still quite afraid that i might have contacted something from the massage parlor and couldn't get over this out of my mind. I know hand-job is No risk event but i m quiet afraid something might have passed through my urethra during the hand-job as i had tight foreskin and uncircumcised. Could you please assess my risk from the incident ? I have been going through a lot for the past 2 months. Any piece of valuable information/comments are highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Risk of Infection HIV from sexual contact with a person of HIV positive status (without the exchange of bodily fluids)


I hope am not being silly but am concerned. I had contact with an HIV+ person over the weekend and it included fondling of breasts, buttocks and playing around with the vagina though with no underwear removed. Soon after that the lady made a confession that she was living with HIV and i kind of freaked out and since then have been concerned. What if she injected me with some blood or something to infect me(just being paranoid i guess). I have visited the doctors and refused me a dose of PEP. what should i do? Am i infected?


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