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Oral Sex

can i get hiv from oral activities?

**** I am 30 year old male.I want to know can i get infected from oral activities like deep kissing(after brushing my teeth),hickeys and vaginal fluid on my finger.I know this are low risk activities but still i am very much concerned.I did some blood test (Tri-dot, Elisa and P24 Hiv Duo) after 9 weeks of exposure. All came out as negative. My question is should i retest at 13th week or the results are conclusive?

Only Hand Job


appreciate you for the vital infos.

as repeatedly quoted by you that below offers high chance of acquiring AIDS
(i) HIV transmits through bodily fluids(semen, vaginal fluid, anal fluid, rectal fluid, breast milk, blood, pre-cum)
(ii) high risk unprotected sex activity like vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, exchanging needles,french kissing when the partner has large bleeding injury on the mouth, lip etc that offers direct access to carry high level of HIV to another person's blood stream through Vagina,anus, penis, urethra, open injury's on mouth.

Currently do not have any injuries on my penis or anus or testicles etc

my question is ,

(1) wearing condom and if i get only hand job (not blow job or oral sex) & fingering on my penis, testicles etc from a sex worker but not allowing her to insert her fingers into my anus, hope this activity will not transmit HIV ? please clarify
(2) the skin on the penis, testicles etc are very soft and delicate so such softness or sensitiveness gives any chance to get HIV?
(3) Taking bath with a sex worker either naked or not and in jacuzzi or pool do not transmit HIV. am i correct?
(4) 6 months before had underdone a surgery on my hip but have removed the stitches 5 months before and the wound is completely cured and am also completely recovered but the scare on the skin which is stitched is still there, yes only the scare, so is this a risk to get AIDS?
(5) also am aware that HIV will not transmit through sweat, saliva(theoretically) or when exposed to AIR/OXYGEN. am i correct?
please advise

Blood during oral sex


A week ago I was performing oral sex to my partner of unknown status and I knicked his penis unwantingly. He started to bleed a lot, I don't know where did I knick him but there was a lot of blood. When he went to clean himself, I went to wash my mouth and noticed that I did get blood on my mouth because my saliva was red.
I'm going to get tested but I wanted to know what kind of risk I was exposed to. Would it be able to get infected by HIV from blood in mouth?

Thank you for your answer,

Possible HIV infection

I really appreciate the work you guys are doing. I have had a sexual intercourse in Bangladesh where i had Vaginal and oral sex. I had used a condom to limit my risk but i was a little drunk and could not have proper intercourse though i had penetrated her vagina 5 or 6 times.She then used a tissue to remove her vaginal fluids it took her approximately 2 mins and then she performed oral sex after a few mins she had taken the condom off and now she performed oral sex without condom. I am worried i might get HIV through this session i had done 3 Elisa 3rd generation tests one at 2 week after the intercourse one at 22 days and one at 29 days. i have a cold and tonsils inflated also the right part of my neck is stiff and i have had 2 inflated lumps. Please give me a feed back it would be really hepful

Very Worried

Hi, yesterday after I got drunk at a bar,I met a girl of easy virtue and she performed a unprotected oral sex(blowjob) for around 20 seconds .I seriously doubted her health conditions as she looked slightly ill and I am not sure if she had any sores/bleeding inside her mouth .My anxiety started as I had a rise in temperature of my body form two hours after the encounter and still continuing. Please answer my question and thank you very much

Negligible oral sex risk

I received unprotected fellatio from a sex worker. Do you recommend I get tested for HIV?

HIV concerns

last week i had bath and sex with sex worker in intercourse i used condom but after removal of condom i touched the outer part of condom which was wet then i washed my hands but i am not sure i touched my hands to penis in that period after 10 to 15 min we she sucked my penis for 5 min . so can this is possibility of hiv ??? plz suggest me i am very tensed now . can i go for hiv test.

Gum Disease and Experience with HIV+ person

Hi. I seriously need help right now. I was diagnosed with Periodontal disease (Gum Problem) and from that moment i stopped doing Blowjob to someone without condom. However there are times when i kissed a guy but normally its just smooching (without tongue, normally its lip to lip but on a numerous level). I have experience a lot of oral sex wherein i am the insertive partner, if sometimes i do blowjob i make sure they are wearing condom. I never do anal fun (NEVER) because i am very much aware that it has a high risk of acquring the virus. even with condom because i normally get paranoid very easily.

One day i met this guy from gay app. I had a swollen gums at the back of my molar. I kissed him and again without tongue because i know that i have a swollen gums and i dont know if i have cuts in my mouth. He gave me a blowjob without protection and he just jerked off until finish. I just suck his nipples to also help him cum faster. After awhile he admitted he is HIV positive. And now im slowly dying with fear and anxiety, i couldnt sleep or eat. please help me i need giudance.

1. Do i need testing with this incident?
2. With so many insertive oral sex that i did, did i put my self on risk?
3. Could i get infected with if we only did smooching without tongue? Could my gum disease be a factor even if its just lip to lip on a numerous level?

Please help me.....

made a mistake with a weird guy

Hi. today i met with a guy i met on online. He told me to stop by his house.
i went to his place. he started touching my penis. it was awkward because he was in a such a rush.
we went upstair to his room and he started to massage my dick, all of the sudden he told me to fuck him.
i said i do not do that. he insisted and sat down on my dick , of course i was wearing a condom.

then we tryied different position but i did not feel my dick never entered because i was little bit limp or flassid
due to the frustration of having a hard time to stick it in to his butt.

he sucked me with condom, i also sucked him with a condom
but he never finished. and i finished myself with the condom on

do i have to go and get tested for HIV?
i am just concerned about it , because he later texted me asking if i have poppers
so, i knew right there that he is not reliable, and maybe do others drugs
do you think i put myself at risk.?

i brought the condom to my house, and tested it, filled with tub water in the bathroom and it was perfectly intact no damage on it. do you think i have to go and get tested?

Clinic Called.

Hi there, so i received a call yesterday telling me that i have 'Been exposed to HIV and Chlamydia' from a clinic in Vancouver. I immediately arranged to go and get tested. When there, they did full spectrum tests including, i assume an RNA test (10-12 days window was given for that test) and a pinprick test. I also took medication for the Chlamydia

Now, because i limit my sexual contact to purely oral sex out of a relationship, I assumed my risk was low to very low to contract HIV from oral alone? Could you clarify the level of risk on that front for me given that
A. it's obvious the person involved has been recently diagnosed, and thereby likely to have a higher viral load (?)
B. they also tested positive for chlamydia, which i understand increases your likelihood to catch another STD, but does it also increase your infectiveness?

I have OCD so this situation creates a great deal of anxiety in me. Im trying my best to manage it and be calm. Just to clarify, my pinprick result from yesterday was negative, i have had no unprotected anal sex or even protected anal sex since my last tests which were window-period proof, and i have ONLY performed oral on maybe 3-4 guys, and received oral from a few more

There is one evening in the club i blacked out for 20 minutes and was thrown out for being too drunk - something that I actually stopped drinking over, but i am extremely doubtful that would have lead to sex inside a club, and i would have known about it, as there would have been someone else ejected with me for such an act.


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