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Oral Sex

PCR Test

Hi, I had sex with a sex worker on February 17th 2012 in the Red Light District. I was ignorant of proper condom usage and put on two condoms, she gave me oral for about 3 minutes, then I had vaginal sex with her for about 1 minute and a half, pulled out because it was my first time with a sex worker and it felt kind of wrong. She then pulled off my condoms, which didn't look ripped but intact, and put a new one on finishing me with a hand job.
I started sweating that very night from fear, and haven't had a good night sleep without a nightmare since (67 days now) pain in my body prevents me as well. I began developing joint pain, then muscle burning on my shoulders, and hips 2 weeks later that migrated from my feet up to my shoulders. 13 days after Amsterdam I got a PCR test, my doctor told me any virus would show up in 8 days. It came out negative as well as all STDs. I know it was too short for the STDs to show up in a test. I don't have any ulcers, no vomiting, no swollen lymph nodes, no rashes, no mysterious fevers. Just pain throughout my body that migrates, I don't know what to do. I checked for lyme disease, rhuematoid arthritis, and all came out clear. 
I'm still left with the real pain in my body, it's been 7 weeks of pain in my body, and I don't know if it's acute HIV because it usually doesn't just last for 7 weeks from what I've read. There is a part of me that I have HIV, it shows up in my nightmares, so I'm gonna put a rest on the 90 day mark, but do you know if anxiety/ depression can cause this? Or another STIs that I should test for associated with migrating pain? Thanks again, and I'm on my 68th day.

Oral Sex Without Condom - Abrasians on Penis

HiI had received oral sex without a condomn both before and after protected intercourse. It was silly - and the girl just did it and I stopped her each time. Each occasion lasted about 30 seconds at most. I remembered that I had a little abrasians on my penis head - sort of red dots (I knew about this before and should have been more responsible). I think this was from masterbating previously. Should I be concerned about possible openings for transmission of HIV? I have had to take PEP earlier this year due to a condom breaking. I don't want to use it again unless I have to. It has now been just one day since this occurred. So I could take PEP tomorrow or the day after. Am I being paranoid?

Oral Sex & HIV

What are the chances of acquiring HIV from giving someone head and having a little bit of precum in your mouth but never letting them ejaculate fully in the mouth. I have good oral health and I'm worried after i gave someone i barely know a blow job there was a little precum but i don't know if i could have acquired HIV. I'm going to get tested but i need to know ... is it most likely that I'm safe? and What does Saliva do to HIV?

Kissing and Protected Oral

Hello, I French kissed a women for 10 seconds and she gave me protected oral sex where I dont think the condom tore.
I had a PCR DNA test 14 days post exposure, 12 antibodies in a gap of 5 days continuosly and most recently an ELISA test 9 weeks post exposure. Making 14 Negative HIV tests in 9 weeks.
Do you think this can be conclusive? Thank You for helping worried wells like me and others. 

Semen on Chapped Lips

Some of his semen landed on my slightly chapped lips (not bleeding but sore with tiny cuts).  Am I at risk?  Do I need testing for this?

Im scared

Hello I gave someone Oral sex back in June of 2011 and then a month or 2 later I heard they had HIV. Im so scared still , the last time I got tested was in January of 2012 and it was negative ... whenever I do oral sex I never brush or floss my teeth right before and I alwasy check for cuts or sores in my mouth . Also would the test be wrong this far out.... oral sex is the only thing Ive ever done cause i heard it is low risk and my friend say its unlikly that I could have gotten it ... also there was no ejaculation but im unsure about precum? why im worried is casue im sweating excessively and saw that was a symtom of HIV can someone please help me )=

Inderterminate Result

I had sex with a sex worker twice on Jan 20th. I used condom but I was not sure whether it was broken or not because the condom was too small. She gave me oral sex (no condom) for me when I was cum. She had orthodontics with her teeth. However, I felt hurt (may be from the intensely sex) for a couple of days. On Feb29th (5 weeks and 4 days from the exposure), I had an anti-hiv test and the results showed 'positive' on first ECLIA 4th gen test but 'Negative' on another ECLIA and Immonochromatography anti-hiv test. So, the results was 'Inderterminate'. Then, I tested HIV PCR the next day. And the result showed Negative. I was still not so sure about the result, so I had another Anti-HIV 4th gen and HIV PCR test at another hospital on Mar 10th (7 weeks from the exposure). And both results came out Negative. I also tested on WB on 8weeks after the exposure and the result was 'negative'. The question is Am I safe now? Do I need a further test? Why the first anti-hiv test was positive?

HIV Infection

I am a male, 37 yrs old living alone and working on a project in another country. After possible exposure through unprotected oral given to me by a sex worker woman around Nov 20-2011 for less than few seconds, very next day i developed cough and serious fear that i contracted HIV. After 15 days I got HIV-1 RNA Qualitative (detection)-COBAS Taqman done 20 copies/ml, Result: Not Detectable. Meanwhile, I got very week, depressed and pain in my leg and limping. then I joined my family and got better. After 8 weeks, my HIV Anti-body test was negative, then my 12 weeks HIV I*II Abs+p.24Ag also negative. I moved back to my job in another country where i live alone. I recently had throat infection which got settled by anti-biotics and now i have ear blockage and cramps in legs, regular headache and still worried about possible HIV infection. I am very sensitive and feel something is wrong with me. Please, advise

Oral Sex

I'm a little confused on oral sex.
What is the risk for giving oral sex without ejaculation into the mouth but maybe some pre-cum? 
Does saliva stop infection in the mouth ?

About anonymous site and unprotected oral sex

Hi there! 
I just want to ask about an anonymous testing site around the Vancouver area?
Also, what is the possibility of getting the disease if I let someone cum in my mouth?
Thank you very much!


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