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Oral Sex

Possibly HIV?

Hello, I recently (end of October) had a high risk encounter unprotected oral/protected vaginal sex with a woman from the Philippines and am concerned about a possible infection. Although a condom was worn, it slipped off at some point during intercourse and as I was intoxicated, I didn't even realize. Intercourse was between 10-15 mins. We had sex again a few hours after the first time but this time the condom remained on. Within 24-36 hours I began to have a burning feeling in the genital area and developed some small flu like symptom, had sore throat for a couple days, had a sore spot on the roof of my mouth, one sore lymph node in neck but no swollen. Therefore after a week visited the doctor. After visual inspection he didn't suspect anything so he just had me tested for chlamidiya/gonnorhea and gave me some pills to help with a burning urethra (not when I urinate though). Both came back negative and the burning had pretty much disappeared. I thought I may have gotten lucky then (mid november) I had unprotected oral/unprotected vaginal sex with a woman whom was not high risk. 24 hours after that the burning was back and a pain in the prostate area was present. Also leg pain had started to bother me quite a bit. Suspicious of HSV2 I went to be tested (HSV Type 2 Specific ELISA) and that came back negative, (this test was at the 5 and 1/2 week mark after the high risk encounter). The pain persisted and upon return to Canada I had a blood test for everything (HIV, Hep-B, Syphillis, Hep-B Immunity) and Chlamidiya/Gonnorhea again. All results once again came back negative (This was at the 8 week mark after the high risk encounter). I am going for more tests shortly (15 week mark after high risk encounter) and still have persistent pain in my legs around the knees and up in my thighs. I sometimes get small headaches as well. How conclusive would my first HIV test have been at 8 weeks? How conclusive will the coming 15 week test be? What are the odds that I contracted HIV? Also if it is not HIV what are some other possibilities as to what could be causing this pain? Sorry for the length, your answer would be much appreciated..

6 weeks and 8 weeks hiv duo test - negative

greetings from Europe!
I had unprotected vaginal sex 2 and half months ago and received unprotected oral sex 8 weeks ago at west Africa. Made 3 rapid tests and 6 & 8 weeks DUO
test - all negative.
Around foreskin of my penis there is redness and veins are blue and noticeably increased. I have visited many dermatologist, using different ointments, but above described changes are still there.
kindly asking for your opinion and help


i had protected anal sex and had got a blow job without condom....i got hiv duo test after 26 days..its negative and i wil get another test in 60 dayz i wana to know how accurate is 25 dayz hiv dua test 4th generation...plz help

HIV risk

I had protected sex with a masseuse in Bangkok on 28 Jan. She had been giving me an oil massage on my back and legs, then she went and showered and came back and we had intercourse. She helped me put on the condom and pinched the tip. I am worried abou whether she could have got oil on her hands during foreplay by touching me and if it could have got onto the condom and damaged it.
I also had brief uncovered oral during foreplay.
I was rubbing her pubic mound and clitors and felt some wetness. I had slightly injured the nail of the finger I was using, while opening a can two days previously and there was a small bruise under the fingernail (not bleeding however) and the nail was a little looser because of the damage but healing. Is there any possibility of her vaginal fluid having got under my fingernail. I don't think it did but can't be sure.
As it is only three days so far I haven't got tested but am planning to get a PCR test after 10 days. I have also started PEP (after about 65 hours after exposure).

Rapid Test Results..Still worried

Hi, I recently had a very low risk exposure. I received oral sex from an escort as well as mutual masturbation and frottage. I didn't feel the need to test. Yet I still was worried I might have had some penetration (i think it was my mind playing tricks on me because this idea came to my head as time went on). I decided to get tested at 7 weeks. Would a negative UniGold Recombigen be conclusive at 7 weeks considering it was so low risk? My fear is that it was a false negative. (Maybe it was too soon or the lab guy messed up). Help me please :(

Am I HIV neg?

I've always used anal protection in my life. I recently went down to MIAMI oct 28-31 ... I've performed UNPROTECTED oral sex only throughout my trip there twice & got rimmed. All those encounters were less than 10 min each. I got tested dec 5 with a 3rd chemiluminescence hiv test. Some sites say antibodies react after 28 days but now Im living in fear in feb when i have to retest 3 months later ... scared it will be positive

Worried About a Non Risk Activity

Hello There,
I've called already three time to your telephone about the same situation, I'm still concerned and I don't know why, I'm still, thinking on the "What If?". do I need any psychological therapy to this? Here's is the situation.
On December 14th 2011, I had an encounter with a guy on the steam room on my gym. I'll try to describe the situation as explicit and detailed as I can.
I was sitting on the steam room relaxing after my workout, and a guy entered the room, after a few minutes we were sitting beside each other touching our penises, masturbating each other, he wanted to do oral sex to me but with the phobia I already have of getting AIDS I just let him lick my testicles and that's it, in some moment I passed my finger around his ass without penetrating, only touching around his ass, that's it. I saw some pre cum at the top of this penis, in the urethra , I then licked his testicles , only his testicles, I did not perform oral sex at all.
I also remember that after a minute of masturbating this guy for some minutes , I used both hands ( the pointing fingers) to remove water from my eyes from the part that is close to the nose, he never eyaculated ,neither did I.
After a few minutes he went to take a shower and we met again the steam room and I licked his testicles for a minute again, and then I said I would go to get some water and I never returned.
Shortly After I traveled to Mexico , to my country of origin and last week and on January 19th I took a rapid HIV test and the result was negative, I'm aware of the 3 month window period.i also know that there is no risk on this.
But I've developed like a phobia or something that isn't letting me rest in peace in the nights, I'm thinking on the "What if":
What if some pre cum, dripped into his testicles and I licked it.
What if I had some pre cum in my hand and then touched my eyes,and some of this pre cum went into my eyes.
What if I had a cut on my finger ( I checked my hand before we started touching and didn't find anything) and some of his rectal secretions went into my finger What if I had a cut in my mouth and this ore cum was licked for his testicles
I forgot the fact and I was ok, but when I hit a flu when I got to Mexico a month ago I started to think of all these things. I know that there is not risk at all, but I can't be in peace, probably because the guilty feeling of cheating to my BF
What can I do.? Do I have a problem?
I asked him his status, he said he was negative, then I said " well, people lie" , and he said again. " I don't lie" I know that we shouldn't believe in people in this. however i can't stop thinking on this situation, plz help.

combo test

first of all here is my risk...
i had sex with a sex worker the oral was without condom,she licked my balls also my anal part. and i used condom for verginal sex....in next round again oral was unprotected, and i used condom for anal..i only inserted my penis in her *** for a min, i did not discharge, i pulled it out and change the condom...i put new condom on for verginal sex, i again didnot dischange, then she took the condom off and she dischaged me by giving oral and hand job....
now my sysmtoms..
a week after this, i started having flue like symptoms,,,almost 9 dayz after i started feeling sick, extreme diearea and vomiting..... then few weeks later i have a sour throat, few red tiny dots kind pimples on my stomach that hurt. i m getting stiff neck and pain in throat....
i read on the internet the condom are not always 100% for hiv, is it true,,,i used a lubricated condom which was not expired,
also can hiv trasmit thoguh oral, i recevied oral withour condom....
i m so worried...
now the tests..
the test i did was "a anti hiv is a chemiluminescent mictroparticle immunoassay for the simultaneous qualitative detection of HIV p24 antigen and antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus type 1 and/or type 2 in human serum.""elisa methoad was used/..
i have done 4of these test so far,,,
1st right after the sex, results, non-reactive, and viral load is 0.8
2nd 5 days after results non-reactive and viral load is 0.9
3rd 2 weeks after results non reactive and viral rate is 0.10
last 23 days after, results non reactive and viral rate is 0.12
thank you

Risk of transmission and other questions

Hello ,
I am Rodrigo. I write you because I have inquiries about risks of transmission of HIV, and also other questions. By October 31th, 2011, I had receptive and protected anal sex ( we used condom which did not break) with a guy whom has HIV (I realized of that the next morning of the intercourse). Also, I did fellatio to him (without condom), but there were not ejaculation, and when we were kissing ( eating a chocolate), I accidentaly bit his lip so I guess there was some infected blood that came into my mouth. I did not have any cut in my oral mucosa, but I was receiving treatment for peptic ulcers because of Helicobacter Pylori infection. He was diagnosed by June 20th, 2011 ( when his viral load was 76,500 copies/ml). Since that time, he is receiving HAART with lamivudine-zidovudine-Nevirapine twice daily, but he told me that there are some days ( at maximun 3) that he does not take the pills.
When I realized of him diagnosis, I went to a doctor who gave me profilaxis about 18 hours post-exposure with lamivudine-zidovudine, at 24 hours I received Efavirenz, and at 36 hours I received Lopinavir-Ritonavir. My question is : What is my overall risk of acquiring HIV, taking in consideration all that I have described above?.
I got an EIA 4th Generation at 33 days post-exposure, and 63 days post exposure ( 33 days post-PEP), both came back negative. How accurate are my results?. Do I need more testing?. I am planning to get another test within 1 month, What is the likelihood that my results would change?.
Thank you very much in advance.

Do I need be tested?

I received oral sex with condom and received rimming without any protection but no other sex activities. Do I need to be tested? And where Can I go for a rapid test in Vancouver?


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