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Oral Sex


i would like to know if i have any risk for HIV.
A women did a handjob with her saliva she spat two times and then she made me a blowjob with a condom.
I ejaculate in the condom.
Do i have any risk of HIV in this situation?
I don't remember if there was blood in her saliva. I'm not sure.
Thank you so much.

Peace of Mind

Hi good morning,
I would greatly appreciate your support on the below. I am a really anxious person and my conscience plays a really big part in my daily life. So, since the below situation occurred, I have been in complete sadness not only for the risks that I experienced, but for what I did to my wife, son and family… My feelings of regret are unbelievable.

I had an encounter with a transsexual woman last sunday. At the beginning we did not do much, but then she touched my unerect penis with my underwear on for about 10 seconds, then I touched and kissed her breast for about 10 seconds or so, then I touched her bare skin penis with my hand for about 10 more seconds – she was not fully erect btw. Then she put a condom on her penis and I decided to do protected oral (making sure the condom was properly wore in first place), but after 10 seconds or so, I stopped because I did not like it (it felt awkward and not right) on top of the nasty latex flavor. Then she masturbated my penis for about 10 seconds, but I decided I wanted to do it on my own so I “finished” in my hand. I asked her about her HIV status and she told me she was clean (although she was upset with my question). As far as I have seen, these activities (breast kissing without any fluids, brief mutual masturbation and protected oral sex) offered little to no risk of infection, but I need to have peace of mind…

I took a really close look at her, at her hands her breasts, penis and I did not notice any kind of signs of infection. Also she reassured that she was not sick…

Later that day I took a plane and started feeling a sore throat and little bit of cough, so I started having fears of what i did (not sure if the onset hiv window could be so fast!). Also I noticed that I had a really small canker sore in my front lower gum (not bleeding btw)…

Support group, please let me know what should I do? Should I just learn from this sad episode and move on with my life? Or should I get tested? If I should get tested, is there any quick test that can be trustworthy at this stage or should I wait for 90 day window?

Please help me, Im desperate!


Am I at Risk for HIV from Oral Sex?


I'm currently dating this guy. I'm feeling really paranoid right now because we've been having sexual contact recently. The furthest we have gone is oral sex (giving and receiving unprotected) and him rubbing his penis (covered with a condom), and almost inserting it inside me. Yesterday, I was concerned because when I performed oral on him, there was precum but he didn't ejaculate. I only performed oral for a little bit. Afterwards, I became worried because I had sort of an open sore on the inside of my lip. It wasn't like a bleeding sore. I have a habit of biting my lip and peeling the old skin off so it sort of leaves a sore, but it doesn't bleed or anything. I heard that oral sex is a lower risk of getting HIV, but a huge risk is posed when the person performing oral has open sores or bleeding gums in their mouths. The guy I'm dating, before we ever became sexual with each other, I asked if he's clean and been tested for STD's. He replied that with him being in the military, they often test soldiers for stuff like HIV. So, he said he was clean. Now, I'm not familiar with the military and how often they get tested, but I still can't help but feel concerned because of my paranoia and worry about getting STD's. So, it's hard for me to take his word for it. Anyway, from what I have explained so far, could I be at risk for HIV? Should I get tested?

Licked my hand after rubbing her genital part

Dear Mr, Ms,
One week ago, I had some sexual activities with a sex worker in Germany. We didn't had sex. She gave me a protected oral sex with a condom and I rubbed her vagina with my hand. While rubbing, the gel dried out and her vagina too, so I licked my hand one time with my tongue to make the rubbing easier. I have no idea if my hand catched vaginal fluid but I still remember that it was dry. My question:
is there a risk of HIV transmission in this case?
I checked my mouth and I had no bleeding gums or sores, but I checked my tongue and and the very end of it there are Candida albicans (white things) which I don't know if they are normal or not or they give a route for the virus.
Thanks for your efforts!

I did short-length oral sex to a man and I had wounds in my mouth help please

Hi, I'm worried because I was masturbating with a man (no risk at all) but I tried to perform some oral sex to him, but after 2 or 3 seconds I realized it wasn't correct so I stopped, and now I'm scared because I washed my teeth like 1 hour before that, and also I had small sores as I'm using braces permanently. I couldn't see any wound or lots of pre-seminal liquid on his penis, but I'm scared because maybe I got infected if he was HIV positive, is there any risk in your opinion? Will a 4th gen test be reliable after 21 days? Thanks for your answer I'm really worried

HIV Risk face-vaginal contact

Hello, I apologize and will try to make the details as least graphic as possible.

Long story short, I received protected oral from a sex worker. But my concern is that at some point, she sort of sat on my face for a couple of seconds (nude). She then kept insisting I lick her vagina but I was too afraid of HIV, so I only kissed her inner thighs a couple of times, and then I kissed her a single time on the exterior part of her vaginal lips, most likely (I can't remember exactly) just very near her vagina, actually. With my lips tightly closed, and feeling no fluid touch my lips. I never once stuck out my tongue.

Still, I'm a bit afraid of having been exposed to HIV.
1. Would her sitting on my face and receiving a single, closed lip kiss on only the outside surface of the vagina (or possibly very near) count as cunnilingus? If so would it be a risk to test over and worry about?

2. I don't recall anything wrong with my mouth, other than slightly chapped lips. Would this be an adequate barrier? Sometimes when I brush too hard I bleed a little.

Thank you for your help!

Condom went inside escort without ejaculation

Hi there couple days ago i had a sex with an escort by appointment only. I took a shower and she came back she wash my hands to make sure i'm clean than we started. She put condom on my fellatio to give me oral sex, and than she came on top of me than we did sideways when we did sideways the condom went inside her i pulled out and we put new condom on i think the condom went inside of her maby for 1-2 minute but at the end i came inside the condom my question is what are my risk for catching STD? when something like this happen do i need to go doctor or im safe? i have no history of STD i always put condom and check for STD every year they always come back negative im a bit worried that my condom went inside the escort what are my risks? thanku

Oral Sex Giving and Receiving


I have meet someone that is HIV (Undetectable). She has been Undetectable for a little more then 3 years. I am planing to use a condoms and seeing a physician PrEP. I have a clean bill of health.

But when it come to Oral Sex giving and receiving. What are my Risks?

unprotected oral sex with

Hello, first of all thanks for reading this. I had a massage (with vegetable oil) and a prostate massage with an active escort today. She stick one finger in my Anas and sucked my nipple. Some light kissing too. Am I at risk? I have a slight cut on my thumb before I went to her. I always play with my hands and have skin tear off sometimes. She also gave me oral sex without protection. Shall I talk to a doctor of taking Post-exposure prophylaxis? How expensive this is? I’m under no health insurance coverage. Many thanks in advance. Living in NYC, called a hotline, who refused to prescribe me anything. I, however would rather take it before too late. Thanks for the Doctors, experts and friends here.

Gonorrhea and Chlamydia from blowjob

I received blowjob from a CSW around a month ago. The blowjob act was unprotected. However, there was no cunnilingus or penetrative sex involved. I know that transmission of HIV in such a case is quite unlikely, however, I am concerned about other STIs, more specifically Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. What I know is that the symptoms for both of them usually appear approximately within 10 days of contracting the infection, for males. Since, it has been more than a month now and I have not experienced any symptoms, except for some rashes around the genital area, which I think is not a classical symptom of these STIs, I wanted to ask:

1. What are chances of contracting Gonorrhea/Chlamydia through unprotected blowjob, with no other type of sex involved?

2. Since these infections are usually treatable with antibiotics, I wanted to ask that what happens if these infections remain untreated for around 6 months or a year? Are these infections treatable a year after contracting them?

3. Considering that no other specific disease is present, can a CBC or urinalysis somehow indicate the presence of these infections?



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