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Oral Sex

Potential HIV+ semen on towel + other sex acts

Hey, I came here to just get an opinion on what I should do. So earlier today (About 3 PM EST), I hooked up with a guy (I'm gay), I didn't know too much about him, but I did so anyway. I know, definitely horrible judgement on my part. There was no anal, but we did do some other stuff. We jerked each other off, he did suck my dick, we frotted (rubbing our dicks together, tip of our penises didn't touch though), and I rimmed his ass a little bit. Just some small kisses to his cheeks and hole, I didn't stick my tongue in his ass though.

Also, he came on my chest. So he wiped off with a towel. Then like 3 mins later, after dry humping his butt (tip didn't touch his butt), I came on his back. We wipe off with the same towel. The only thing is... that towel touched the tip of my penis. I'm not sure if it was the side with the cum on it or not. And I know nothing about this guy, I don't know his status and what not. We didn't do anything too crazy, but I'm still just worried and am wondering if I should go on PEP. So far it's been 8 hours since this all took place, so I would really appreciate a response back soon. Thank you all. Sorry if this post is too messy, and sorry if this has already been asked. I just wanted a clear opinion from you guys, about all the stuff I did.

Also, here's a re-cap of what I did in case you're confused:
-We were kissing
-We both rubbed each other's dicks
-He sucked my dick
-I rimmed his ass (no tongue)
-We frotted (tips of penis didn't touch)
-I dry humped his butt (tip didn't touch his hole)
-His cum was on a towel for 3 mins before it touched mine

HIV Risk of receiving ball licking

I had an encounter last month, i met a prostitute in train and at last we went to bathroom and she licked my penis.She didnt touch my peniis and anywhere else. only yhe balls. i dont know the hiv status of her. this activity happend only less than 1 minute.i checked my balls after this incident and i didnt see any open cuts or sores. is there any chance of getting hiv/std with this incident.?

I am really worried about it and sleepless nights for me, i am getting more mental stress because of this.

Can you please help, on this. Do i need to test HIV or STDS? When i need to test it(after how many days from the encounter)

Is this risky? please do help me, thank you!

Dear Expert

I have had a incident with a sex worker and we had no penetrative sex, she give me a handjob which is safe but during the process she touched the outside part of her private area and the continued the handjob until I come, she is on her period which means there could be period blood and vagina fluid on her hand, is the potential blood and vagina fluid pose a possibility to transmit hiv? I couldnt stop thinking this, do i need a test?

Thanks very much!


Cunilingus Risk

Hello! I'm a man and I had a sex with a girl, but the vaginal sex was protected so I hope there is no risk. What I'm mostly worried about is the oral sex. I was performing cunilingus and I'm worried about the risk of HIV transmission this way. Is it a high risk, should I be worried?

HIV through broken phone screen

Hi All,

First of all i wanna thank you for your assitance answering all the questions.

Last week i went to a bar i was talking to an escort who took my phone and saved her number. The problem is that i used my phone directly after i took it from her and my phone has a broken screen. I have been using it for 2 months and i did get any injury. Assuming that she injured herself by the broken screen and when i used it after her i had some scratches. Does this put me into risk as i didnt see coz it was very dark inside the bar.

Furthermore, when we went home she took shower and i only had tit fuck with her i was wearing a condom ut at the end i realized that the condom was removed. I did not have any sort of anal vaginal oral sex with her. It was only tit fuck.

does the above 2 incidents put me into risk?

Appreciate your assistance.

Careless and reckless mistake

I made a mistake and got very very drunk with some friends who, at the end of the night, paid for all of us to get rooms and prostitutes. My friends told me I could do whatever I want but just don't "put it in". So I was able to control myself a bit,... When she arrived, we both took a shower and cleaned ourselves well. After drying off, I sucked on her breasts for a while, then I put on a condom and she gave me a protected blow job. She then crawled up a bit and was about to put my penis into her vagina when I asked her not to. She grabbed my penis anyway and rubbed it against her vagina and the head went in a little, the condom was still on and intact from it's appearance. Then she changed position and I played with her vagina with my hands a little, then wiped my hands against the bedsheets, removed the condom, and proceed to finish between her breasts.

I feel like I've read these forums a bit and not sure whether this was any risk or not... ? Needless to say, I feel emotionally guilty as I had swore to never mess with prostitutes, but I was really drunk and my friends paid for it and I did not want to disappoint them...

sevral time oral sex

last few days back i had received oral sex from a spa girl she sucks my penis without condom and then made me discharge by shaking by her hand......it was total 6 time in last 3yrs of span i received oral sex but i didnot discharge any of a girl's mouth.sometime i sucks breast nipples but no one milking.....now lastday i am having little burning sensetion in the time of my urination and feeling headache first girls was a pros.should get affected by aids.what should i do.in my entire sex life i have always done sex with condom.

Perform oral sex to a man who is wearing underwear


I performed oral sex to a man, who was ALWAYS wearing cotton underwear. I 'sucked' and licked the underwear he was wearing. This 'oral sex' lasted around 30 - 40 seconds. I never touched his penis, but there were always his underwear between my mouth and his penis. However, at some point I felt pre-cum taste in my mouth (the pre-cum probably passed through the underwear to my mouth). I spat it after 10 seconds.

There was NO eiaculation.

Is it at risk for HIV?

Thank you!

abrasion of skin on low shaft - hiv infection port ?

vaginal rubbing on penis shaft all the way up to head of penis performed by southeast asian sexworker with pupic hair stups scratching skin of shaft and scrotum to the point where it left the skin with an abrasion - 1,5 days after I found the abrasion on the lower shaft with a scap on it - did think anything of it - but 4 weeks after the incident I am itching all over - but don´t have a rash but do have 6 to 8 small raised skin sores which bleed a little and my upper lip is swollen and itchy and my penis head is painful - no sores on penis and no other symptoms - I also performed oral sex on her clitoris and I had 2 mouth sores which I forgot about while having sex with her - the sores both had scaps on them - I used Durex water-based gel in her vagina and could in fact taste the gel while licking her clitoris - the penis shaft was very wet after the vaginal rubbing - probably also from the gel but also from her vaginal fluid - as she was very horny - in fact she wanted to engage in unprotected vaginal penetration during the vaginal rubbing - which I stopped so I never penetrated her vagina without a condom - and then washed my penis but in a rushed and not thorough way - I have never before put my self at such risk - and I am worried - I was taken by her very sexual and sensual seduction - but I think she was very unprofessional - in hindsight - as she but both of us at risk - she also wanted to perform oral sex on my penis head without a condom which I also did not allow her to do - all this has made me think she was in fact careless because she already knows she is infected - I asked her if she was hiv + and she said NO ! - but I am in serious doubt and am afraid

Protected Anal Sex & receiving unprotected Oral.

Hi, I'm 24 years old & I got in touch with a random guy of my age group through internet on 25th April this year .on the same day I gave him a protected oral (he didn't cum) and then he gave me unprotected oral ( just a few licks ) & then we had a protected anal (I was the receptive partner & he didn't penetrate inside and I don't know whether he cummed or not) . though one can never know but it's unlikely that he could be having HIV as he did say that he never had any intercourse with a male but yes he did say that he had sex with girls before . I haven't have any symptoms till now ( though I know having or not having symptoms could be misleading) . On the 23rd May I got tested from a laboratory here in Delhi (India) & my test result was ''non reactive''. it was a (4th generation qualitative detection of HIV-1 p24 Antigen and antibody (IgG, IgM,IgA) to HIV-I and HIV-2 in Human serum/ plasma by enzyme Immunoassay based on Sandwich ELISA ) test. though when I talked to the doctor she said that 4th generation tests are 97% conclusive at 28 days but I do need to wait for 3 months after exposure for the conclusive result. I have only one doubt that condom might have got broken (though I didn't notice any such thing ) ,though right now odds are too low for me having an HIV. I wanted to know is it possible that i could be having HIV and should i move on with my life after 3 months or there will still be some chance of me having HIV despite of a non reactive test? I'm very tense & anxious since then & despite of all precautions I'm not able to have peace of mind. I've read that a false negative result has 3/1000 chance does this stat include the possibility of HIV not being detected because of complex immune system ? Please help me .


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