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Risk of Infection HIV from sexual contact with a person of HIV positive status (without the exchange of bodily fluids)


I hope am not being silly but am concerned. I had contact with an HIV+ person over the weekend and it included fondling of breasts, buttocks and playing around with the vagina though with no underwear removed. Soon after that the lady made a confession that she was living with HIV and i kind of freaked out and since then have been concerned. What if she injected me with some blood or something to infect me(just being paranoid i guess). I have visited the doctors and refused me a dose of PEP. what should i do? Am i infected?

HIV Testing


Due to a low risk event I was given PEP for 28 days. Event was happened last week of April. Below are my test dates and Results :

1 day after PEP - 4th gen combo Test - Negative
4 weeks after PEP - 4th gen combo Test - Negative
8 weeks of PEP(12 weeks after exposure) - Rapid Oraquick Test - Negative

I would like to know

1.These results are assuring?
2.Is Oraquick antibody test is good enough?
3.Did you see anyone turn positive after 8 weeks negative test?


Pep started 48hrs but having all ARS symptoms from day 1

From 16 days I'm struggling with fever between 98.3 - 99.5F, night sweating. Seems like I'm infected with HIV or other STD disease.
I used 1 condom for oral and vaginal with CSW, my bad as this was my first time and at the end it was loose.
After 2days I consulted a doctor and did complete blood work. He prescribed me to take Truvada 1tab and Raltegravir 2tabs daily as PEP safer side because of my anxiety.

Fever 98.3 - 99.5
Tounge taste changed
Exess Saliva
Night Sweating

Blood test results after 2 days of exposure :-
HSV 1 IGG AB HERPSELECT ---> 0.15 Negative
HSV 2 IGG AB HERPSELECT ---> 0.05 Negative
HSV 1/2 AB (IGM) W/RFL(S) --->Negative
HIV 1/2 AG/AB, 4th Gen RFL ---> Nonreactive

C. Trachomatiis RNA, TMA --> Not detected
N. Gonorrhoeae RNA, TMA --> Not Detected
RPR (Monitor) W/REFL Titer --> Nonreactive

I'm now waiting for my blood culture results. But do you guys think that PEP is working in my case?

Cut on scrotum may have been in contact with vaginal fluids

Hello - I had a fresh cut on the scrotum and received a body to body massage using PH neutral massage gel. The masseuse rubbed her entire naked body up and down my back for 30 minutes and I am worried that vaginal fluid may have mixed in with the massage gel and dripped over the open cut throughout the session. There was no sexual intercourse of any kind. Should I be going to get a PEP regimen?

Possibly consumed HIV+ blood while actively bleeding in the mouth?

Hi there,

I've read up on a lot of your answers about oral transmission, and needless to say, I'm still anxious. I was snacking on a vegetable when I looked down and noticed that it had blood in it. I also realized that I was bleeding from the gums (actively). I know that HIV dies when exposed to air, but what about if someone injected HIV+ blood into the vegetable? Would consuming it put me at any risk, given that it was in a "sealed" space, and then put into my mouth which was currently bleeding? I also realize that saliva breaks the virus down, however, I didn't have much it the time and was chewing rather "dry." Please help. Feeling really anxious and need to know if I should PEP or not.


Hi,need help i was in my pep medication but on the 25th day i had remain 3 days to finish my medication i slept with my wife unprotected could i have infected her I'm worried please help,thank you?

pep and testing

I know that this question has been asked but still really confused. I had an unsafe dipping incident for about 10 seconds, i was the bottom, when i realized what was going on i immediately stopped it. 48 hr later i was on pep (truvada and isnentress) 4th generation ab/ag w/rfl negative also neg rapid. finished the 30 days, 5 days later went in had another rapid test and 4th generation and both negative. dr told me i was in the clear, he said even antigen or antibody at a low level would of been picked up by the their 4th gen test. I questioned it considering everything i had read on the internet about pep maybe delaying seroconversion. he said i was clear but if i wanted to be cautious i could do another rapid test at 3 months but that he has never seen the 4th gen test right after pep get it wrong. please help. nervous wreck.

Condom slipped off during sex.

I am a dancer, and on Friday 6/24, I agreed to have sex for money. i had put the condom on him to ensure it was on properly and during a short period of maybe 3-4 min ( maybe less) i was on top. I got off to switch positions and as i was getting off slowly i used my hand to hold the condom down so it doesnt come off, thats when i noticed it wasnt on, it had slipped off inside me. He had another condom n this time i was EXTRA cautious. He didnt come until sometime later after i had changed the condoms. He assured me hes a cautious person as well, and always uses condoms even with his girlfriend. I live in Texas, usa and for some reason pep is not well known here. Ive spoken to a few healthcare providers and have been told such a thing does not exist. I found a clinic in houston, TX that does offer a prescription for it, and knowing that its really expensive I needed to know if its somthing that I should get.

Barber cut hit finger right before shaving my head,should i take pep?

Today I go to barber shop. When the barber change the razor blade, he cut his finger. And then, he shave my head with exactly that blade :( Now Im really worry. Is this a risk? SHould i take pep? Thank for your help and sorry for the bad English

Risk from external surface but on active bleeding

God bless you for your help on assessing risks.

My risk is - There was blood draw happening for many patients in a row. After my blood draw, nurse put band-aid on my arm as I was having small blood coming out. The band-aids she was using were already opened for readily use. Opened bandages were slightly stick in a tray. I noticed that the tray was having lot of red blood spots all over, may be from her gloves because her gloves were having blood and she was not changing gloves after every patient. It went so quick that I could not stop her. But now I am worried what if the band-aid swab (cotton part) was soaked with infected blood from tray or from her hands. Then that touched my actively bleeding dot and HIV might got a passage from that contact - if I think from microscopic view.

I read HIV don't transmit from surface it is reactive only inside human body. But we have documented cases of HIV from dental procedure which can be considered as surface.

Request you to please advise should I go for Post-Exposure Prophylaxis as it just happened today


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