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Clearview Antibody Test

Dont ask how, but I came into contact with the liquid that is used to perform a Clearview Hiv 1 & 2 HIV test.  Is there live virus in these tests that is capable of infecting?  I cannot tell from the website, but it seems to suggest that there is immobilized antigen. Please help asap, I am deciding if i need pep

Need help please, scared to death

I need your help in letting me know the chance of me getting hiv from the following scenario.
3 days ago, i had protected sex with a women of unknown hiv status. we had vaginal sex. After that, she gave me a blow job with the condom on. We then changed condoms. She placed the new condom on me with her hands full of vaginal flued. I am afraid that some of her vaginal flued came on the inside of the condom while she placed it. After she placed it, we had vaginal sex again. We replaced the condom 3 times in the same manner.
Should i get pep medication ?
Kindly let me know the chances of hiv infection under the above scenario....i am really scared. I need your help. thanks a lot.

PCR test after PEP

I started using PEP after 38 hours of possible exposure.it is 2 days thai I have finished PEP.But I am confused about PCR test.I want to use DNA and RNA PCR test 4 weeks after finishing PEP(2 month from exposure).are the test results conclusive?


Hello-thanks for such a great site
how reliable is PCR after finishing PEP?

Manicure disaster

Dear volunteers, thanks for having a look at my question as its causing me a bit of grief.
I went for a manicure - the technician sprayed the tools (cuticle cutter etc) with a disinfectant but it was very quick quick and I dont know if it was adequate to kill any HIV that may have been left on it.  The woman before me would have had the tools used on her about 10 minutes prior.  The technician cut my finger and made me bleed during the manicure.  If the woman before me had also been cut and bled on the tools and I was then cut, would hiv be able to be transmitted? Also - the salon technician touched my finger wound - she did not appear to be bleeding.  Would transmission happen like this?
Do I need PEP???? This happened today


Hi! I had a massage at an adult entertainment outlet. I was naked. As it was an erotic massage I kissed the lady with an open mouth a few times. i was excited and she relieved me with a hand job. I remember she used her saliva when doing the hand job on my penis. I realized and did not have any sexual activity  -vaginal, oral or anal with the lady and walked out.. i am worried about risk of HIv transmission. It is less than 48 hrs from the incident. Do I need any post exposure prophylaxis?
Please advise.

Qualitative RNA (TMA) Test Question

Is there any reason *AT ALL* why a negative Qualitative RNA test (TMA - 30 copies) taken 28 days after completion of PEP ... would not provide the same reassurance of a negative Antibody test at 6 months? (Other than the less than 1% chance that the individual is an Elite Controller).I have spent the past 8 weeks struggling with this because of the conflicting information from Doctor to Doctor. HIV specialists I have spoken to have told me one thing. Yet doctors online seem uncomfortable acknowledging the accuracy of a Negative RNA result. When they are questioned as to why, they provide the following reasons: (1) Its expensive and (2) There's a chance of false positives. Neither of these reasons has anything to do with the accuracy of a *negative* result. Neither negates the data showing that a negative result at 28 days post-PEP is confirmation of no pending HIV infection. It is very frustrating that i can not get a straight-forward answer about this.Is the "Elite Controller" issue the *only* reason why a Negative RNA result might be inaccurate? If so, we are talking less than 1% of people on earth. Is there any other reason why an RNA result 28 days after finishing Postexposure Prophylaxis medications would not be conclusive proof that there is no HIV virus in that person's body?

HIV from fish & human blood

Hello.   It's nasty I know.   We use huge gallons of fish blood and remains. Fish and some human blood from cuts that my fellow fishermen had.   I fell inside the big tank and some came in my mouth and eyes.  Do I test or go on PEP?

Post PEP Testing

Hello - thanks for such a great site.  Apparently the CDC and the organization that puts together the testing guidelines after Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) recommends the first antibody test to be performed 6 weeks post exposure.  That is only 2 weeks post-PEP.  
Can you give some insight into why this test is even recommended at all given the fact that PEP delays seroconversion?  Im just trying to get my head around their thinking here, and why the results would have any relevance at all.  
Their second recommendation is 12 weeks post exposure and 3 months post exposure.  I understand those two, as that would be 6 weeks after PEP.  Enough time for antibodies to develop.
I was exposed to an HIV+ female with two sessions of unprotected insertive vaginal intercourse.  I was put on PEP medications within 9 hours of exposure and completed the full 28 days.  I tested negative on an OraQuick Saliva test at 5 weeks, 6 weeks, and again at almost 7 weeks (47 days).  
Yet 13 days after completing PEP, I became very ill with intense fatigue, glandular activity, headache, and noticeable nausea.  I'm not sure that 17 days (post PEP) 47 day (post exposure) negative test has any value or meaning whatosever....
What do you think?

What are the steps if you are detected HIV +?

HI there,
It is a scary moment for me right now as I had sex yesterday and the condom broke inside me and i had some cum all in me. The guy I had sex said he is clean and tested Jan. Of course I;m terrified about it and didn't sleep at all last night... I want to get tested of course, but I;m soooo scared and no idea what to do if the test comes +...
Is there a "pill" or something I should do as this happened less than 24 hours?
Sorry to be so opened but when that happened I duched and cleaned myself in the shower with water for like 10 min or so...
Is there any thing I should do or know? Is there any test that I can go in and get it done and know the result right away? The wait would just kill me and I wouldn't be able to go through this...
I'm freaking out of course.. any help and comment would be soooooo good right now...
thanks a bunch!


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