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oral sex


Hi, on jan 14/2013 monday, a 20 years old girl asked for lift, i gave her lift in my car. she proposed me to have sex but i refused her. after she proposed me to have oral sex. That time i thought that oral sex is safe. so she gave me unprtected oral sex but before giving oral sex she asked me if i have condom or not? she gave me non protect BJ in non-erect position and it was less than a minute. i dont know her hiv status? that night when i came home and check on net, i was shocked to hear that oral sex is risky. i stopped to do sex with my wife after that incident, i have some question.(1) when she asked for condom before oral sex, it means that she was also try to find safety (she was clean), what you think?(2) any chance to get hiv in this matter?(3) do i need PEP because its only 78 hours passed of incident?(4)when i can do earliest test?pls reply me. i am in solid stress from that incident. even i cant eat and i cant concerate on work. everytime i opened my laptop and try to find any case like that. but every where different opinion.thanks.

Should I go for PEP?

Recently (36 hours back) I had sex workers in Tijuana.
There was some fingering, kissing, oral, vaginal sex. I used condoms with both of them.
As far as I can tell, condom did not break or anything.
However I am scared now if I have got HIV or AIDS. Browsing online I figured about PEP.
Its been 36 hours since I had sex. Should I go for PEP?

How effective is PEP against contracting HIV?

Hi there,
I had an exposure of contracting HIV, and subsequently took PEP at the 20 hour mark. I took the drugs Truvada and Isentress for all 30 days. I was wondering if there has been any study done that shows the effectiveness of it.
As well, I realized that although I took them once in the morning and once at night, they were not spaced out at 12 hours evenly (I took 1 tablet of Isentress from 8-9am) and both (1 tablet of Isentress and Truvada from the time of 5-6pm). Would that reduce the effectiveness?

oral sex Hiv PEP

Hi im looking for some information.
I was drunk on Monday night and ended up kissing and having oral sex with a good friend. He sucked me and I sucked him, he had precum which stayed in my mouth, cant remember if I swallowed it or not but i think it lingered. I also put my finger around his anus and massaged it but did not put my finger inside. He told me on Wednesday that he was infact HIV positive even if he told me he was sure of his status and negative before we started kissing. I went to my Doctor and he put me on PEP 46 hours after the exposure.
Everyone keeps saying im low risk but what does this actually mean? Is it low risk? What are the chances of getting HIV from this experience and if I did get it in my system, what are the chances PEP will work.
I am really anxious at the moment, i have always been about HIV, im 27 and have only had 3 sexual experience due to my anxiety around STI's. 
Thanks for your help

Rapid HIV Testing Accuracy for my situation

Hi there,
I had exposure on October 11 and immediately went on PEP (Truvada + Isentress) for 30 days within 20 hours of exposure. Since then, I have finished my PEP completely (finished November 11).
Today (November 22), I did a rapid HIV test (I asked the nurse and she told me that it was an antibody rapid HIV test). The test was a small dish that mixed my blood with solutions, whereas one circle meant that the test was working, and two meant that it is HIV positive. The test results showed that I was HIV negative.
I was wondering how accurate this test is, as it has been 6 weeks post-exposure, but because I was taking PEP, it has only been around 11 days since I have stopped taking PEP.
Thanks, really appreciate your thoughts!

Worried and need advice

Hello -
I had met a person online back on September 4, 2012 and had a one nightstand. It was male to male sex and I had unprotected oral sex and protectedanal sex where I was the bottom. I started to get symptoms (swollen glands,nasal congestion, loose stool and upset stomach, some red spots on my stomachand neck (thought it was more like folliculitis) around the 4th week and Icompletely freaked myself out by using Google to look up my symptoms (not agood idea). So I decided to get myself tested.
On day 28, I got a negative Antibody Test ResultOn day 35, I got a negative DNA PCR Test and Negative antibodyOn day 56, I took a STD 8 Panel test and everything came back negative exceptfor Herpes 1 (so normal negative results according to the lab).
At this point, my doctor thinks I may have a sinus infection because I haveheadaches, swollen neck glands, post nasal drip, but not fever). I justwanted to understand if you can help me with the following questions:
1. Are symptoms of initial HIV infection very similar to other commonalignments? In addition, how long will they last?2. Have you ever heard of anyone with negative PCR DNA after 28 days and anegative antibody test after 8 weeks become positive at 12 weeks? Can youquantify a percentage of accuracy of an 8 week antibody test?3. Why is an Antibody test at 12 weeks considered the gold standard, but nota PCR DNA Test after 28 days? Is it because of the potential for falsepositives without confirmatory test like a western blot when an ELISAantibody test is taken?4. If after 12 weeks, I do come back negative again (praying I do). What areways to cope with this post traumatic event and move on with your life?
Thanks in advance of your help! 

HIV risk and I am really worried

Hi , I had an embarassing situation on 31 oct as things got linked and I ended up in an brothel on Desker road. I had two exposures. In first as I was very much afraid I just kissed the CSW and she gave me a handjob with condom which was safer I think. But in second exposure I had protected intercourse with the CSW and after the intercourse when I was removing the condom from my penis I used the tissue and with the same tissue I cleaned the penis top , so my concern here is that the tissue had been in contact with the vaginal fluid on the condom and same fluid touched my penis head . I am really freaked out with this and really anxious about this exposure. I went to doctor he suggested me to go for PEP even though the risk is low. I started PEP at 45th hour. Do you think it was really risky and what are the changes of PEP success ?

4th generation duo test

Hi sir,I am 30 male. I had unprotected sex on 14th oct 2012 with a Brazilian sex worker whose HIV status was unknown to me.The next day onwords frequent urination and slight burning after urination occured. Still I am suffering from that problem. And from day 4 after explosure I got some loose motions (pus like stool) upto 8th day.I went to the doctor(dermatologist) on 14th day and he suggested ELISA test and P24 antigen test (duo test) and VRDL TEST. Both results came negative .But the doctor advised me to take pep drug on 16th day onwords for 28 days ..is it Useful to take this drug on 16th day1)If I started this drug , will The elisa tests give the acurate results during this 28 days period?2) On 14th day after exposure how acurate the elisa test (COMBO duo test)?how many days after i have to go for the test again to conclude?.please advise i am very much scared...nagaraj s

Condom slipped off during vaginal sex


I'm a male virgin (age25) and had sex for the first time with a commercial sex worker (who always uses a condom- age around 35).
I used a condom when she gave me oral and vaginal sex, I gave her oral sex unprotected.
The condom slipped off during vaginal sex after I pulled out - I did not ejaculate inside her. I think i was in that position for about 2-3mins.
There were no signs of blood or anything from her or me afterwards.
I'm worried at the moment.
i obviously want to get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV. I've read that chances are very very low for acquiring HIV.
My questions:
What are my chances of getting HIV?
Should i take pep? how much does PEP cost roughly? Does it get covered my most health insurances (ie from my work place)? Does it get prescribed by walk-in clinics? Is pep just pill form or is it other forms of medication as will (ie ointment)?
How long should I wait until I get tested for STIs? And how long for HIV?

Broken Condom

Hello. I am writing from Brazil.
A few hours ago I had sex with a sex worker, but the condom broke in very moment I insert my penis in her vagina. I realized that and took of my penis of her vagina. Not 5 seconds of insertive sex. She was not lubricated.I asked her about her health and she said she always gets tested and that she is ok for all diseases. She has nothing and never does any kind of sex without protection.
She just does sex without protection with her boyfriend, but she says he gets tested and he is ok too. I think I'm going crazy. I have some questions.
Please, help me with them.
1 - What are my odds of have being infected in this episode?
2 - Would you suggest I have PEP. I think I can have medicine from the black market.
3 - If I do the PEP, how long do I have to wait to get test?
4 - If I don't do the PEP, after how many days is the PCR QUANTITATIVE FOR HIV reliable, have accuracy?
5 - My wife and I always use condom, but not for oral sex. If one of us has any teeth cavity, do I put her at risk?
Thanks, Doctor and sorry for my bad english.


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