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4th generation duo test

Hi sir,I am 30 male. I had unprotected sex on 14th oct 2012 with a Brazilian sex worker whose HIV status was unknown to me.The next day onwords frequent urination and slight burning after urination occured. Still I am suffering from that problem. And from day 4 after explosure I got some loose motions (pus like stool) upto 8th day.I went to the doctor(dermatologist) on 14th day and he suggested ELISA test and P24 antigen test (duo test) and VRDL TEST. Both results came negative .But the doctor advised me to take pep drug on 16th day onwords for 28 days ..is it Useful to take this drug on 16th day1)If I started this drug , will The elisa tests give the acurate results during this 28 days period?2) On 14th day after exposure how acurate the elisa test (COMBO duo test)?how many days after i have to go for the test again to conclude?.please advise i am very much scared...nagaraj s

Condom slipped off during vaginal sex


I'm a male virgin (age25) and had sex for the first time with a commercial sex worker (who always uses a condom- age around 35).
I used a condom when she gave me oral and vaginal sex, I gave her oral sex unprotected.
The condom slipped off during vaginal sex after I pulled out - I did not ejaculate inside her. I think i was in that position for about 2-3mins.
There were no signs of blood or anything from her or me afterwards.
I'm worried at the moment.
i obviously want to get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV. I've read that chances are very very low for acquiring HIV.
My questions:
What are my chances of getting HIV?
Should i take pep? how much does PEP cost roughly? Does it get covered my most health insurances (ie from my work place)? Does it get prescribed by walk-in clinics? Is pep just pill form or is it other forms of medication as will (ie ointment)?
How long should I wait until I get tested for STIs? And how long for HIV?

Broken Condom

Hello. I am writing from Brazil.
A few hours ago I had sex with a sex worker, but the condom broke in very moment I insert my penis in her vagina. I realized that and took of my penis of her vagina. Not 5 seconds of insertive sex. She was not lubricated.I asked her about her health and she said she always gets tested and that she is ok for all diseases. She has nothing and never does any kind of sex without protection.
She just does sex without protection with her boyfriend, but she says he gets tested and he is ok too. I think I'm going crazy. I have some questions.
Please, help me with them.
1 - What are my odds of have being infected in this episode?
2 - Would you suggest I have PEP. I think I can have medicine from the black market.
3 - If I do the PEP, how long do I have to wait to get test?
4 - If I don't do the PEP, after how many days is the PCR QUANTITATIVE FOR HIV reliable, have accuracy?
5 - My wife and I always use condom, but not for oral sex. If one of us has any teeth cavity, do I put her at risk?
Thanks, Doctor and sorry for my bad english.

hiv test at 52 days

i had receptive anal encounter without ejaculation with -i think-positive male..(he had many partners the last years so i assume his is positive)..i took the test at 52 days...i don't have any clear sympotms..i only have lower back pain after taking the test..(at around week 8 until today) ..and today(10 weeks after the possible exposure) i feel my tongue a little weird..plus a clear fluid from my anus..the hospital told me that they use 4th gen reactors...and they told me not to go on a PEP..i leave in greece..i made a contact with the national epidemic center...they told me i'm ok at this point even with a 3rd gen elisa..can i trust them?

Do I need PEP ? Am I in a real danger of catching HIV ?

2 days ago I had sex with a sex worker. While we were having sex, lots of blood came out from her to my skin concentrating on my thigh and the back of the penis and also on my testis and on the condom. After that, we went to the bathroom and she removed the condom and then washed my penis and skin with water and soap then dried it with a towel. I was very scared and went to the Accident and Emergency in the hospital asking them for PEP ( Post Exposure Prophylaxis ). It was Sunday so I could not go to the sexual health clinic. I started the PEP only 4 hours after having sex. Now I am not really comfortable with the PEP drugs due to their side effect but I am also worried that I could catch HIV. Am I in a real danger of catching HIV ?

Please assess my risk and test i have done

I had my exposure on 12-07-12 and stater my Basic PEP truvada on 13-07-12(42hrs). 14-07-12 HIV Antibodies,Serum-Enzyme Immunoassy(Rapid) was negative, My doc asked me to get this done. Finished PEP on 10-08-12 and Got my HIV DNA Detedtor-DNA PCR test on 20/08/12, show NOT DETECTED, but it only for HIV-1 not HIV-2 that confuses me.
On 22/08/2012 i got my 1) HIV P24 Antigen + HIV Antibodies(HIV Early Screen-Micrpparticle Enzyme-Immuno-Assay/Electrochemiluminescence/CMIA)
& 2) HIV Antibodies,Serum-Enzyme Immunoassy(Rapid).
Are these test 3 or 4 generation test. Are there any false-negative as well in test or just false positives.
Why there is only HIV-1 test in DNA PCR
HIV p24 doesnot specify HIV-1 or HIV-2 just says negative.
For HIV-2 should i go for any other test?   I am really scared
How conclusive would you consider my reports?  My exposure was due to, condom slip and not sure when it slipped but it came out with my P**** and was hanging over it.Not sure if it was around or over, light were closed. Source was CSW. Status unknown.
Thanks in advance

The perfect storm: Unprotected receiving, HSV, and confessed HIV+ encounter. Anxiety to say the least and begging for help.

Instead of a long, self-sorrow oriented message, I'll simply state the facts and ask for your opinion. Thank you ahead of time for both your time and effort - and please know, your thoughts are greatly appreciated.
I'm bi and didn't have a bi experience for a LONG time - until 8 days ago. I ended-up at a guy's house I met, naked on his bed, and in the throws of passion, made what amounts to the biggest, irresponsible, selfish mistake of my entire life.
I asked several times before we engaged in sexual activity - "No, I'm HIV negative". We exchanged oral, he was inside of me for about 2-3 minutes (unprotected but not rough) and did not ejaculate inside of me. However, he had a fair amount of precum during oral and I'll assume as much when he entered me anally. We finished by masturbating on each other. I showered and left - mad at myself already but had no idea what was coming my way the following day.
The next morning, I received a message from him: "Hey, I know you asked many times about my HIV status and I know you left really concerned about our activities. So, I got you a bottle of Truvada just to ease your mind". I  knew what he was saying but afraid to say. I called him immediately and asked again - and again he stated he was HIV negative. But after informing him of the legal consequences of not informing me if he was in fact HIV positive, he eventually admitted to being just that, HIV positive.
The world stopped and went dim.
The facts:
1 - HIV negative (me) as of 5/2012 and no exposure risks within 6 months prior or afterwards.2 - HSV2 positive. Acyclovir for outbreaks. Last outbreak was about a week prior to the above encounter. The two sores were healed before above encounter.3 - The guy I had the encounter with stated he was diagnosed in 1999 and has been compliant with meds and undetectable since 2001. His last labs: March 2012 - CD4 383, viral load undetectable. States no known comorbidities (STI's or otherwise).4 - I started Truvada 18 hours after exposure and have taken my 8th dose today. I have taken the doses within a 2-hour window of the initial dosing time and have not missed a day. I also have a full 28 day supply.5 - Today, I experienced a prodromal HSV symptom.
1. Given the above scenario/facts, how would you rate my level of acquiring HIV? Unprotected sex, me being the receptive partner, precum, me having HSV - all increase my risk; partner being undetectable, med compliant, no other comorbidities, he did not ejaculate inside of me - all decrease my risk. But my brain is weighted with anxiety, stress, and confusion. . .having someone else spell it out for me is really, to be blunt, exactly what I need to gain just a little clarity/sanity.
2. With the prodromal symptom occurring today, I want to take my normal Acyclovir dose. Should I take Acyclovir with Truvada? My renal/liver functions are all WNL - my main concern revolves around Acyclovir decreasing the efficacy of Truvada?
3. Is Truvada the best/only med I should be on at the moment?
Again, thank you so much. I don't know if any of you have been in this position before - but simply having someone to ask questions to is a heart saving service you guys provide.

PEP and 4th generation testing

Hi I was put on PEP for receiving a handjob from an HIV+ female, there was no cuts on my penis or her hands. I also licked her nipples for less than 3 seconds and she was not lactating. I went for a 4th generation test at 28 days and it was negative, can I move on with my life?

Clearview Antibody Test

Dont ask how, but I came into contact with the liquid that is used to perform a Clearview Hiv 1 & 2 HIV test.  Is there live virus in these tests that is capable of infecting?  I cannot tell from the website, but it seems to suggest that there is immobilized antigen. Please help asap, I am deciding if i need pep

Need help please, scared to death

I need your help in letting me know the chance of me getting hiv from the following scenario.
3 days ago, i had protected sex with a women of unknown hiv status. we had vaginal sex. After that, she gave me a blow job with the condom on. We then changed condoms. She placed the new condom on me with her hands full of vaginal flued. I am afraid that some of her vaginal flued came on the inside of the condom while she placed it. After she placed it, we had vaginal sex again. We replaced the condom 3 times in the same manner.
Should i get pep medication ?
Kindly let me know the chances of hiv infection under the above scenario....i am really scared. I need your help. thanks a lot.


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