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scared of being infected

please i had sex with two condom worn but discovered one was broken but the other intact and tested the girl immidaitely and discover she was positive. and not aware of it . i went the nxt day and started pep with two combination [lamuvudin and tenofovir} but 5days later was told by a pharmacist that 2 combination from same class is not protective ; then immidaitely added effaverenz to it . is 8th day today and am so worried cos of the two combination i started with and introducing the last one after 72hours. pls help me

High Risk, symptoms but HIV neg at 5.5 weeks


Over seven weeks ago, I had a high risk (broken condom/anal sex) with a HIV + person, since then I have experienced a myryad of symptoms until today, however I have tested negative in three occasions, at three weeks (Rapid test), four weeks ( P24 antigen test) and almost six weeks (5.5 weeks) ELISA HIV 1/HIV2. I know my tests are not considered to be conclusive , but are they a good indication? I am not a IV drug user, nor a chemo/cancer patient.

RNA test post PEP

I had an exposure almost 8 weeks ago. I took PEP but stopped after only 4 days because it was a low risk exposure. How long after stopping PEP can I take a RNA test that will be 100% accurate?
Thank you so much for your time

has pep failed

i had insertive sex with a prostitute. the condom broke during the process. i immediately withdrew and cleaned my penis. after 15hrs i was prescribed pep for 30 days. i never had any side effects except for tiredness and sleeping early. after finishing pep i was test with rapid test method and the results were negative. two days after i had one sore on the tongue and itching in the groin area. there was a flu outbreak in the family and i had a soar throat for two days and no coughing. could this be a sign of pep failure? if i go for another test six weeks after exposure can the results be assuring?


What will happen if I took 1 Atripla after "no risk"needle exposure and then stopped it, because of side effects. I used Atripla 6 months ago as pep for a high risk needle exposure.(all 28 days- tested neg after 6 months) This time I only got pricked by a single used lancet after a patient pulled her hand away and the lancet poked me instead. Thank you for answering I'm scared the Atripla may give me HIV now.

Occupational exposure, eye

Hi there,

While assisting a HIV+ patient in his chair, he suddenly coughed at me while I was really close- I felt his breath/cough on my face and eyes. The patient does not have optimal oral conditions- with poor hygiene and open areas/sores in his oral mucosa. I am very concerned, is it possible that an amount of blood from his mouth may have gotten into my eyes (or nose / mouth) and I may get infected because of this? Should I get tested or should I have PEP treatment?

After PEP

Hi!, A test after 5 weeks and then 1 month later that I take PEP are trustworthy?. Thanks!

Help Required

I am 25 year old guy, I had exposure on 26 May 2016, I had my Penis for 30 Seconds in vagina of a sex worker, I pulled it out without ejaculating, I started Taking PEP on 28 May 2016 morning. after 20 days of starting PEP, I have devloped a Swollen lymph node in groin 2-3mm and there is rash on penis tip and my penis tip is sore and a white pale material is there with smell. Is it due to PEP or is it HIV symptom or any infection?

HIV Symptoms and NOT testing Positive


I had a lot of risk (gay, anal receptive, unprotected) in San Francisco about 21 months ago before getting sober from alcohol. Two months later, I came down with night sweats/fevers, sore throat, no energy, loss of appetite and had to go to half days at work for a few weeks. My doctor sent me to an oncologist thinking I may have leukemia. The oncologist thought it was HIV, but my doctor said I was testing negative. My oncologist did a bone marrow biopsy and found it to be negative for cancer. I tested just 3 months ago (blood test through my San Francisco doctor who works with patients who have HIV), and I tested negative again.

However, in the last 3 weeks the afternoon/night fever/sweats have returned and a slight sore throat. I was on Truvada (rarely) during the risk period 21 months ago before getting sober from alcohol. But since then, I have regularly taken my Truvada. Could this skew the test result?

Could this be HIV? Is it possible that I was infected and the blood tests don't show it because of the Truvada? A friend of mine said he got violently ill and did not test positive during that time. It took a year before he tested positive and he wasn't on Truvada.

Any thoughts?

Fingering after anal Sex

I'm 25 years old and I'm exploring my sexuality. My recent sexual encounter would be meeting a traveler in a hotel. We cuddled and made out. At the heat of the moment, I decided to try anal sex. He had a condom on and it was my first time to try it. It did hurt from start as he is trying to thrust in. After moments of trying, I decided to stop and in that instance he did spit on my anus and started fingering me till I came. He never did cum nor did I gave him an oral.

My question is, As i have mentioned above, is there a chance for hiv transmission?

Will the saliva on my anus somehow penetrate and enter the thin linings of the anus and started infecting?

Also, as he fingered my anus with bare fingers, is there a chance that if he had a cut on his finger and with blood on it while fingering me, it might have entered the linings of my anus and started infecting?

Should I get PEP treatment already?

THank you


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