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HELP required

So here is my story! I'm 29 years old guy

I'm one of the healthiest person in the world. Before this could happen. I had an sexual encountered with CSW (vietnamese) on Dec 5th with protection. However , while doing second time(vaginal sex) , my condom broke and I wasn't aware of it. After sometime , female partner realized it and pulled out my penis.I was on the top and she was lying down. When she took out, my head was completely exposed. I thing it could be approx 1 to 2 minutes.But I'm certainly not sure. I asked her if she was safe, she said yes. Albeit, I asked her to come with me for HIV test. But she refused to come. So, I suspect she could be HIV positive.

During this time, I'm wasn't aware of PEP. So it took me sometime to access PEP.I was tested negative for all STI's and doctor prescribed PEP. I started taking it at 70 hour 40 minutes (tenofovir & isentress).
Tenofovir was prescribed to take once a day and isentress twice day with 12 hours interval.
Tablets was prescribed for 30 days.

I strictly followed as prescribed. But on 26th day by mistake I took Tenofovir twice. So, Tenofovir tablets happens to complete on 29th day.

1. Since I started PEP very late , will PEP fail?
2. Since I completed Tenofovir before 30 days, will they be any impact ?

After completion of PEP exactly 16th day,I suddenly developed shivering fever after my dinner. But in the early morning ,I was fine. But I believe I had mild temperature with cold and dry cough. And 3 days later, I notice my lymph node near neck was swollen. I also had a fatigue. Within a week I was fine but fatigue remains. One week later , i notice white spot in my tongue and 3 red spot in thighs & buttocks. White spot was so weird it more looked like geographical tongue. This was there till 12 weeks after completion of PEP. Now , my tongue looks normal.

At 12 week , again my right lymph node got swollen. 3 days later , my right lymph node got alright but left lymph node was swollen. At 13th week , my lymph node looks fine. Sometime , I burning sensation in my blood ,pain in my ribs, twerking in my legs, shoulder, numbness in the leg.

From Dr. Google, I had all possible symptoms that one HIV person could have.

When search all this symptoms in the internet, I completely convinced that I have HIV. I'm in highly stressed and anxiety. I'm not afraid of dying, it all about discrimination in the society.I'm happy to have cancer than HIV. By having HIV, I left my family down. Because of my mistake, my family members also have to face the discrimination. I don't have guts to say this news to anyone and I'm afraid to go for the test.

1.I know we cannot diagnosis over internet but, what is probability that I have HIV?
2.Now I'm at 13th week after completion of PEP and 18th week after exposure, when should I go for test?
3.Does, anyone have tested negative , in-spite of having all this symptoms?

needle pinch

Please I really need your help.. but before I just want to tell you that I have a major anxiety disorder and OCD and im on medicine for that.. (I am gay but im not out yet, and I have a major phobia of homosexuality and hiv).
I want to ask you I went to a gay sauna last night (place is very dirty and lots of drugs), I didn’t do anything with anyone. But while I was walking around it was very dark and you can bearly see, I felt a prick or pinch in my finger, could it be a needle that contains hiv blood in it ? this is so weird I know but I did feel something .
I read that hiv lives in the barrel(syringe) or if the needle is detached or broken it can live inside the needle itself. I could not see if there was blood or not since it was very dark. But the pinch was not very painful like I did not jump but I felt something in my finger. Is this possible ? or if you get pricked by a needle you should definitely feel it ?
Please please give me some help, should I go to the ER ? ask for PEP to be safe ?
Thanks for all your help I need it, and my doctor (psychiatrist ) is out of town for now and im very scared.

Protected sex with a female CSW, but with a *potential* tear in the condom

Two nights ago I had sex with a female CSW and we engaged in unprotected oral sex(which I understand is negligible risk) and two seperate occasions of protected vaginal sex.

During the second episode of vaginal sex, the heater in her room got me fatigued so I took a few minutes to cool down. When we started again I felt a cool sensation on the tip of my penis, she usually applies lube to her vagina, the condom, or both-- which she did as we started to have sex again. However it felt much cooler than I would expect to feel from outside of latex so I pulled out, near immediately.

The condom had no visible signs of breakage, in fact the reservoir tip was elongated (I always pinch the air out of the tip when I roll it down) We decided that since it had been a while since I put the condom on we might as well put a new one on, as to not wear this one out.

If it makes any difference I'm uncircumcised (very rare in the US, especially rare in Los Angeles where I live), but my foreskin retracts completely, and I always roll the condom on after pulling the skin all the way back. For all intents and purposes, I apply condoms the proper way.

I slipped the old one off-- while I didn't notice anything torn or unusual when pulling it off-- I also didn't check carefully and it was dark inside her bedroom.

Now in the sober light of day I'm terrified because I have never had a condom break on me, so I have no reference point for how it feels what so ever.

Other than the loss of my virginity nearly 10 years ago, I have always worn condoms with every sex partner I've had, whether it be a girlfriend, a one night stand, or a sex worker.

And I know that just because she is a sex worker doesn't mean that she has anything, but never the less I'm worried, as I know that she does have a lot of partners.

I'm upset with myself that I did not run the condom under the sink to check and make sure it passed the water test-- I figured I was being safe enough, switching during the uncertainty.

I can't stress the fact that I really don't know if there was a tear or not, if so it was not an obvious condom 'pop' like my friends have told me about.

I'm so worried I'm nauseous, I can't leave my apartment or think about anything else. I just keep thinking what a stupid way to contract such a horrible disease, and while I don't see sex workers habitually, it is something I do a couple times a year when I'm lonely, and actually I only go to the same girl. I'm don't think I can handle the risks involved anymore.

I guess I'm wondering how much my risk is increased (been too scared to google it-- that always makes anxiety worse) and if it would be appropriate to take PEP, or if that's over kill. I would also like to know how soon I can get an RNA test, I know that the window is 2 weeks, but I've been wondering if that's shrunk at all over the years? Like how 6 weeks is a pretty good indicator for the antibody test, would a week be a decent indicator for an RNA/NAAT test?

Again, I don't know if the condom broke, I just don't know. I wish I could tell you. All I know is something felt different, but not in that "oh god it just got better' obvious condom break way. At least from what I've been told.

Thank you for your help, what you do is incredibly commendable and I'm sorry for any excess information, I'm just quite scared.

HIV exposure and testing

I have an oral sex from Jan 15th 2016. My local doctor prescribed PrEP with "tenofovir disoproxil and emtricitabine". I completed the medication in Feb 11th 2016. 2 weeks later, I took the 4th generation test (combi test) and negative. I am going to take the test after 3 months on this weekend by rapid test as my local doctor's requirements. However, I am so worried and stressed that it turns into positive. Could you please help to advise my likelihood of negative status in this case?
Thanks so much,

Penis head

I had a romance with a man, I don't know his hiv status

while having romance he ejeculates his sperm on my body and also in my penis head (not on urethra open).

I am worried
Do I need to go for HIV test
and do I need PEP???

Thanks for the help

Risk after my condom tore during anal sex?


Tonight I had sex with another guy and while we were engaged in anal sex, I was wearing a condom and it tore a little along my shaft near the penis head. As soon as I noticed I pulled out and stopped. He had already told me he was negative and assured me again that he is negative, but what do I do?

Do I need to do anything just in case he doesn't know he's positve? I'm very worried. Thanks for any help.

Condom broke with HIV positive who might or might not be on ART


Exactly eight days ago I had unprotected (condom broke) receptive anal sex with a guy, by mistake I waited until he got tested and didn't go for prophylaxis right away ( stupidest decision ever) , his results came back positive and although he acted as if he didn't know, I am almost certain that he did knew his positive status and was playing along. Since day 4th I have been experiencing some odd symptoms ; metallic taste in mouth, stomach pain and today I woke up with a nasty headache which has been resolving for now. I know my risk was very high, but should I consider such risk an eminent and definite infection? I am planning on getting tested at 4 weeks, and later on if I get a negative result. because due to my high risk I think it could be a good indicator . To be honest , I am not as concerned as I think I should have been, I just want to know my status and if that incident has indeed changed it. I am a rather healthy person, so these symptoms so soon after possible infection might be an awful indicator of my future prognosis and that's really worrying me.

Thank you!

my condom broke

Hello Allison ,

Today I had protected sex with a sex worker and the condom broke just on first intercourse.
I immediately took out my penis and cleaned it with hand sanitiser.
But my worry is i saw some fluid coming out of my penis as I had masturbated half an hour back. I immediately discontinued and cleaned my penis with water and left for my home , on the way I peed and was quite worried .
I washed my penis with "savlon" and soap when i came back home.
I didnt continue the sex with the sex worker as I feared further risk.

Please kindly advice, is there a chance of any risk of infection. Pls help!


bleeding hand and HIV positive semen.

Hello Everyone,

I really need some professional help and your help is much appreciated.
My hands are really really dry with a lot of red scratches cuts from the cold weather(I also have a dermatological skin condition where my skin is so dry that it opens and bleeds in different places of my body). They bleed and stop bleeding a lot during the day, depending if I touch them or rub them.
Im a gay male not out yet and a bit scared of getting sexual with men. I went to a bath house today (gay sauna), I usually don’t touch anyone because of my hands condition, I just like to walk around and watch people. I watched a guy masterbate, as soon as he ejaculated, he ejaculated on his hand and I have no idea why he touched my hand directly. I freaked out because I might be bleeding, I put the towel directly on my hand to see if there was blood, and yes a patch of dry skin was bleeding, basically my towel had a lot of small dots of blood on it. I washed my hand directly and that patch of dry skin kept on bleeding for 20 minutes.

The issue is once he ejaculated he had semen on his hand, and touched my BLEEDING hand skin directly, so his semen touched my blood.

I spoke to the man and found out that he is HIV positive, I made sure of this information through someone else there and indeed he is HIV positive. He was helpful and told me to go to the hosipital directly.
My friend is a nurse at a hospital and she says I need to go to the emergency room and get my situation checked and she told me to insist on take treatment (PEP – post exposure that’s what she called it). She told me because the towel did not have just one drop of blood it had a lot more, which means that my skin was open and actively bleeding.

I am REALLY WORRIED scared I feel numb.. please tell me whats my risk from this situation. What shall I do at the moment ? am I infected ?
Thanks a lot for all your work and help here.

Possibility of transfer of HIV

How possible is it for me to catch HIV having been pierced with a safety pin through my shirt and vest by an HIV positive friend who unpinned the safety pin from her own cloth and could have hurt herself in the process of removing it? I started taking PEP immediately after 47 hours and I have taken them for 2 days now. But, I am getting worn out by the effects of the drugs. Please, help me out.


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