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condom broke while having sex with a prostitute

I am now extremely nervous since the condom broke(my glans have facial contact with the virgina but less than 60 seconds) while having sex with a prostitute. Right after finding out the condom was broke, I change with a new one. The prostitute, afterwards, calms she regularly checks for STD/HIV and the result is negative, but it could be a lie. How is the chance of getting any sex related diseases. I am now feeling extremely regretful..

Testing after PEP and giving blood

First of all, I want apologize for my bad English.
I had a sexual risk exposure. Within 4-8 hours later, I started taking ATRIPLA for PEP. A week later, I had another sexual risk exposure, but lower, so I took PEP for one more week aprox (I was taking ATRIPLA for 5 weeks, not 4). I couldn’t return to the clinic but I was very anxious, so I gave blood 45-47 days after finishing PEP for get an 4th generation test, and I gave blood 4-5 months after finishing PEP (I know it was wrong, irresponsible and dangerous, but I was so scared and no one supported me). It was negative. I re-test 1 year after PEP, it was negative too. I continue nervous, because I’m afraid 5 weeks of ATRIPLA and loss of a significant amount of blood can produce a false negative, even a year after PEP.
1. Can I consider conclusive the 4th test made 45 days after PEP?
2. It’s possible that a single or any infected cells remains in my body but in state of proviral latency (resting cells)?
3. It’s possible that these restings cells produce some infective virions, but they (virions or productively infected cells) can be lost with the blood I donated?
4. Can I be negative 1 year after PEP and become positive in a future for this incident?
Please, answer me because I’m really ansioux and depressed by this since more of a year. Thank you so much.

RNA QL & 4th Gen 4.5 weeks after PEP

Good afternoon,
Firstly I would just like to thank you for providing this incredibly helpful and educational service. You all have done a lot of good for people in situations similar to myself. So thanks!

I am a female who had protected vaginal sex and unprotected oral sex (no ejaculation) with a straight male from my university. He tested negative with an INSTI test a week after the incident and claimed his last sexual exposure was over 2 months ago, but still I was nervous. I don't normally have casual sex, so I become anxious and finally decided to get on PEP 64 hours post-exposure. I finished a 29-day regimen and after 4.5 weeks, I took an RNA Aptima TMA QL as well as a 4th generation HIV test. Both were NEGATIVE. Is it time to move on? I saw an infectious disease doctor who didn't seem concerned at all with my incident, but I have just had SO much anxiety over this whole thing that I just don't know how to let this go or forget about it. Is there any reason at all why my tests would not be conclusive, especially the RNA test? Is it likely that I could have gotten HIV from this incident? The anxiety has just become too much to handle. I've had to see a therapist and a psychiatrist over this and it's affecting my life entirely. I just want this all to be over.

Thanks so much.

Threesome with shared condom

I recently engaged in a threesome with two guys (I am a guy). One of them (the top) switched between penetrating me and the other guy multiple times, and while there were condom switchings, I was sure it was not consistent with the partner switchings. I have heard that HIV dies instantly upon exposure to oxygen, so I want to know whether this is indeed true, the risk level for this activity, and whether I should consider PEP. I have may be 50 hours left for PEP so any prompt response is highly appreciated.

Oral sex with a newly diagnosed HIV man

Dear friends

One day ago, a sex worker gave me one second unprotected oral sex. There was some one his saliva present. I immediately wore a condom then he sucked my penis protected for less than 10 seconds. He also licked my nipples. I used a light to see his mouth condition, which was generally good. However there was a tiny blood dot under his tongue. I am not sure whether it was bleeding when he sucked my penis.

This guy was negative few months ago but tested positive today. Should I take PEP or is this a risk for HIV ?

Many thanks

Gingivitis hiv transmission

I have question about a recent incident. I met someone for a date and after a couple drinks we went back to my place. We made out a lot (deep kissing), he sucked my penis for a short bit (I didn't suck him), and then performed mutual masturbation. After he ejaculated, I licked his scrotum and did taste some seamen. I do have minor gingivitis - I had brushed three hours earlier before we met, but I wasn't bleeding profusely (a very tiny bit). The next day we were chatting and he told me he was on Prep, and that since his last test in November has had unprotected sex with his ex. Am I risk for exposure? Should I consult a doctor about Pep. This happened on Saturday night, so I have until Tuesday night.

Thank you for all your help!

possible exposure after one night encounter.

I have a few doubts in my mind after one encounter with the sex worker.
I m 25 year male and went through hell after that.
1. I m drunk that night so I didn't notice that condom breaks during sex so the girl told me but I take out after 1 mint.
That I visit A doctor and he gives me Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate 300mg as a prEP.
Today I completed 28 days of that medicine. Today I saw some rash on my back and it's itching also so that makes me crazy. My my keep thinking about the hiv exposure and I m not able to do any thing. Can u tell me my chance of getting hiv from that one exposure.

Extention of PEP 28 days treatment: Yes or No?

Dear all, I'm taking PEP (Combivir+Kaletra) for last 25 days, experiencing some sideffects (low grade fever 37.2, fatigue, general weakness...). 7 days ago I had unprotected sex with a guy HIV positive - on medication for last 2 years... Should I extend my PEP or not? Thanks

PEP Query

Hello. I had an exposure on 18th April 2015 (receptive oral sex with blood in mouth). Next morning, I went to the local HIV clinic (10 hours after exposure) and was prescribed PEP for a duration of 28 days. I took the medication religiously and completed the 28 days prescription. After one month, I had an HIV test and it came back as negative. I re-tested after 3 months and it again came back as negative. I went back to the clinic yesterday (after nearly 8 months) and performed a rapid test. Again the result was negative. However, the doctor has requested for a western blot test for confirmation purposes as I was on PEP. He said that this test is normally done to ensure PEP has worked. I am now very worried. All my tests came back as negative. What if the western blot comes back as positive. I am very stressed at the moment and your advice will be highly appreciated.

Kind regards

Please help I am panic

Hi, I am an Indian male and after being intoxicated I had vaginal sex with a stranger woman 2 days back.
I used condom while having sex. But after ejaculation I withdraw my penis from her vagina I was shocked that there is no condom on my penis.
Immediately I asked her where the condom is, she told that it slipped in her vagina. I don’t know she said true or lie. I don’t have any idea about the condom slipped or torned? If it slipped it happened while withdrawing or during the middle of sex?
I don’t know whether she has HIV or Any other STD.
I am very stressed after this happened. I don’t know what to do.
Please advise me what are the possibility to catch HIV or Other STD from the situation?


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