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Please help I am panic

Hi, I am an Indian male and after being intoxicated I had vaginal sex with a stranger woman 2 days back.
I used condom while having sex. But after ejaculation I withdraw my penis from her vagina I was shocked that there is no condom on my penis.
Immediately I asked her where the condom is, she told that it slipped in her vagina. I don’t know she said true or lie. I don’t have any idea about the condom slipped or torned? If it slipped it happened while withdrawing or during the middle of sex?
I don’t know whether she has HIV or Any other STD.
I am very stressed after this happened. I don’t know what to do.
Please advise me what are the possibility to catch HIV or Other STD from the situation?

HIV Testing HIV Transmission

Just 24 hours back I has intercourse with one commercial sex worker. I used condom for intercourse, but meanwhile she found that condom has broken and immediately she stop there and bring out my penis outside. I was not ejaculated till that time. After that we completed the session with another fresh condom.i do not know she is hiv positive or not . till last night i fell sick.

possible pre-cum

I had unprotected sex (penis in vagina) and I am worried about possible exposure to HIV through pre-cum. The male I was with did not ejaculate at all though. Are there any statistics regarding women who have contracted HIV through pre-cum alone?

Unprotected oral sex (no ejaculation) and Protected Vaginal

Hi. I am a young heterosexual female who had protected vaginal sex and unprotected oral sex with a heterosexual male. We are both attending the same university. I have a history with being overly anxious about STDs, so I should not have done what I did, but I would just like some peace of mind/information.
About 3.5 weeks ago we had protected vaginal sex. The condom remained intact (I checked thoroughly after the act). I gave him oral sex for about 3 minutes and there was no ejaculation. I was in the beginning stages of a cold, so I was worried that would increase my risk. I don't recall there being any pre-cum, but I can't be 100% certain.

He reassured me that based on his sexual history he was negative, but that was not good enough for me and a little over a week after the incident, we both got tested at a local clinic. Both of us came out negative. He was not surprised. He told me that the last time he had sex was August 25. I am just having a hard time believing this because I found out that he is now dating someone. I don't know if this is recent or if he lied to me.Maybe he was telling the truth about the last sexual incident still. I guess the likelihood that he caught HIV in a small period of time that would have made it undetectable in the test we got is slim.
Anyways, I had a panic attack a few days after the incident and got on PEP within 64 hours of the incident. I am pretty good about taking it, but I was 4 hours late for 2 doses.

Did I overreact over this? I know the events were low risk, but I feel like I am just so anxious I am not able to look at the facts straight. I feel like I have sore lymph nodes now, but maybe its because I've been poking them so much to feel if they're enlarged. Maybe I'm just doing this all to myself.

Do you think I will come out of this negative? Thank you!

penis cut from vaginal sex (hiv positive )

I had unprotected sex with a positive woman who is on treatment for a year now.'took pep after 3weeks and tested negative at 4 and 8 weeks with Elisa antibody. , I got muscles pains nd a runny nose.what are my chances of being infected. Will be testing at 12weeks after exposure

180 ask question part 2

What are the special conditions affecting the window period of an HIV test?

Pep and hiv symptoms

Hi, today ia my 26th date since i started taking pep and am worried of some hiv symptoms in my body... i feel tired, got some funny teklok deposit on my tongue and mouth yeast. Kindly help me.

frontline worker

Hi, I work at a group home. My question is: If a youth who is HIV+ and they have blood underneath their nails, can they transmit it to you if they scratch you? I had been scratched and noticed blood underneath their nails and also when they scratched me, I bled a little.

Fingering and Oral

I gave a blowjob and there was no ejaculation. I also fingered butt briefly and later found an open friction blister on my finger. The guy was HIV positive. Should I be worried that I may seroconvert/start PEP (I did start PEP 35 hours after exposure)?


Taking PEP for few days

My short question is: Taking PEP (after a risky activity) for only 4 or 5 days can alter the windows period of HIV testing? Thank you.


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