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Many thanks to your team for the selfless works on HIV education. I read your posts and advice on HIV prevention and testings.
I am so scared of HIV and so I always try to take precautions. But looks like I really made a mistake now and am dying of anxiety.
I had a sex with a woman I thought was negative but who later told me that she is positive after the acts, just diagnosed not on drugs, super infectious. We performed the following acts.
1. Vaginal sex with condom (there was no breakage or slippage, only partial slippage like 30%)
2. Oral sex with condom. This scares me the most as it looks like she bit my penis occasionally during the process as I can feel her gnashing teeth sometimes . I examined my penis for physical injuries afterwards but did not see any, but I can feel the sensation. She also vomited on my penis at the end. Can the vomit be full of HIV virus that will pass through any invisible cuts the teeth may have created.
3. After the oral, we performed another vaginal sex with condom, no slippage or breakage. But am worried here if the bite from the oral may have created some fine cuts on my penis above the area covered by the condom.
4. Some long time fingerings. I have no finger injuries

I checked the condoms after each act with water and there was no leakage.
I thought I can have safe sex, but this has turned sour despite all my efforts. My anxiety level is above the roof, I can’t even go to work.
Please did I put my self at risk on any of the above acts. I just did regular HIV tests two months ago as required by my job. Do these acts need specific testing. Also do I need PEP for this?.

PEP after protected Intercourse

I had a protected (Condom) Vaginal Intercourse with a sexworker . Condom was intact , My fingers had some vaginal fluids and used the same hand to remove the condom and wash my p*nis. Does this contact of finger with vaginal fluids may lead to a HIV infection.
After completion of PEP would a 4th generation test at 6 weeks after completion be conclusive enough of a result ?

How risky? And when can I test

Hi all

I had intercourse with a CSW. I am not sure of her status, but I rate that it is likely she has HIV due to the country I live in.

Here's the deal. She put a condom on me and gave me a BJ. I didn't check the condom afterwards and we had sex in three positions. Before ejaculating, I pulled out, and took the condom off with one hand and then masturbated with the other.

I foolishly did not check the condom afterwards and so I have no idea if it broke. I also am not sure if it slipped a lot.

I am not circumcised, and condoms tend to slip a few centimetres on me. I rate that the condom could have slipped to halfway up my penis, but I am not sure. I really didn't look.


My concerns are:
1. If the condom slipped halfway, would my foreskin be exposed? I don't think so, but maybe someone here actually knows?
2. Could any fluid have moved from the base of my penis to my foreskin when I masturbated? I tend to lock my hand down, so I'm not sure if any would have been transferred.
3. Would I know if the condom broke?

I started PEP 23 hours afterwards, and I would like to know when to test. Most guidelines say 4-6 weeks after exposure, but the internet says 4-6 weeks after PEP.

Thank you very much; I am incredibly anxious

giving medication to an HIV positive via port IV

I gave medication to an hiv positive patient via port IV, then I accidentally poked my finger after I gave my medication, can I be infected with HIV? tnx

4th Gen Test negative at 2.5 weeks post PEP

Thanks for the great work and support.
In December, I had unprotected oral (cunnilingus and fellatio) with a CSW followed by protected vaginal sex. The condom appeared intact after the act.
42 hrs later, I was put on Truvada and Isentress and finished the 30 day course.

2 weeks after starting PEP, I experienced malaise, lethargy, gland swelling in the groin & armpits. These improved but I am still having groin ache and mouth ulcers at the moment (8 weeks post exposure).

2.5 weeks after completing PEP (6.5 weeks post exposure), I underwent a 4th Gen test at a clinic which came back negative.

My questions :
1. Would you have recommended PEP in the first place ?
2. Can ARS symptoms last so long (6 weeks) ?
3. How reliable is the negative 4th Gen test result at 2.5 weeks post-PEP ?

Please help.

Oral Sex Encounter

Last night I briefly gave oral sex to someone. In fact I think there penis was in my mouth no more than 10 to 15 seconds. Though I did get some pre cum on my face so I am sure it had also gotten into my mouth. He told me afterwards he was pretty sexually active and now I am worried about contracting something from him. Do I need to go on PEP for this incident or am I totally blowing this out of proportion.


A condom burst after ejaculation and having sex with my HIV positive girl friend. We first did tests and I'm negative. Is there a chance that I have it?

HIV risk through fluids

Good day,

I had slept with a women of unknown status and before we started anything, she took out a small bit of Gel on her finger and rubbed it on her vagina and then she took out a condom and the same finger touch the inside top of the condom and she then put the condom inside my penis, am I on any risk of being exposed to the virus? Could that finger put me on any risk? Do I need to go on pep? Please help.

Accuracy of 4th Gen test 13 days after finishing a course of PEP

I had a possible exposure to HIV on 11 December 2015.
i went to the hospital on 11 December and started PEP on the 12th of December.
i had non-reactive HIV Gen 4 tests on the 24th of December (2weeks) and on the 22nd of January (6weeks)
the test on the 22nd of January was 13 days after i finished the PEP and 6 weeks after potential exposure. Can I assume that the test on the 22nd of January is conclusive?

Post Exposure Anti Retroviral Medication

Have any studies been done on the effectiveness of anti retrovirals in preventing Hiv Infection with regard to there effectiveness if they are stopped before the 28 days. How much if protection would they offer if someone could only complete say 5 days of therapy or 14 days of therapy before going off them ? I ask this question because a lot of people can't complete the entire 28 days due to the side effects. A doctor once provided me with a study done answering this question, but I can't seem to find the study anywhere now. Thanks


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