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Pep and hiv symptoms

Hi, today ia my 26th date since i started taking pep and am worried of some hiv symptoms in my body... i feel tired, got some funny teklok deposit on my tongue and mouth yeast. Kindly help me.

frontline worker

Hi, I work at a group home. My question is: If a youth who is HIV+ and they have blood underneath their nails, can they transmit it to you if they scratch you? I had been scratched and noticed blood underneath their nails and also when they scratched me, I bled a little.

Fingering and Oral

I gave a blowjob and there was no ejaculation. I also fingered butt briefly and later found an open friction blister on my finger. The guy was HIV positive. Should I be worried that I may seroconvert/start PEP (I did start PEP 35 hours after exposure)?


Taking PEP for few days

My short question is: Taking PEP (after a risky activity) for only 4 or 5 days can alter the windows period of HIV testing? Thank you.

HIV transmission through pre-cum: PEP needed? Very stressed

Dear Dr.,

I had an exposure one week ago with another male. I rubbed/shagged his uncircumcised hard penis with my hand, and then just afterward rubbed/shagged my uncircumcised hard penis with same hand (No cuts on the hand). Is there a possibility that his pre-cum came on my hand and hence, was transferred to my urethra leading to HIV infection.

Also, I visited a doctor who has given me 28 day PEP course starting one week after the exposure, which I don't think is very effective, but have started because I am scared. Please guide me. You are doing great work Sir.

Pep concerned

I know it is a stupid question still I am concerned. If I went on pep 27 hours after the incident for a bleeding scrape after I took my pen out of a bin with used stil wet HIV rapid tests, glucose, cholesterol strips ( wet blood stained) and wet blood stained cotton wools and it wasn't nessasary for pep can I get HIV from pep or any of the above? Hope it make sense?

PEP treatment and concern


First of all thanks for this amazing website and helping us clear all of our doubts. I had a high risk event (unprotected anal sex, receiver) with someone I didn't know. I ask the status to this person and said two times that he is hiv-, although I didn't convince me and I started to freak out. There was ejaculation but this happened outside me, seconds after. I went to the ER room to get advice and they recommended me to start a PEP treatment, which I'm actually doing.
At the clinic they tested me for HIV and the result was negative but it came to my mind afterwards, when I already started the PEP treatment that I had another risk event (the 2nd of 3 in my life) but it this ones was less risky as it lasted very little and there was no ejaculation at all. This happened almost 3 months before; actually to be accurate it was 11 weeks and 2 days before getting tested at the clinic.
I have three questions regarding my story;
1) Do you think it's reasonable that I started the PEP treatment considering my risk? Or I'm actually risking more by doing the treatment and considering the side effects.
2) Considering the test was not exactly 12 weeks after my first exposure, if not a couple of days before. Was it a bad decision to start PEP? Will this bring any consequence in case I am infected?
3) Can I test for other STD's while doing PEP? Like hepatitis, Chlamydia,etc.

Thank you very much in advance,
All your answers will be very much appreciated.

How much does a cut on your penis increase HIV transmission rates during unprotected anal sex?

I recently had penetrative anal sex with a stranger while on vacation in Barcelona, and it was unprotected. The next day, I noticed I had a small cut underneath the head (the more sensitive skin or inner foreskin) which is worrying me. At the time, I felt some discomfort which I attributed to friction or a lack of lube, but I now suspect I was feeling discomfort from the small cut. To make matters worse, I read that Barcelona has one of the highest HIV incidences in all of Europe, especially among MSM.

I also read that penetrative anal sex, unprotected, with an HIV positive partner is a 0.11% chance of infection if you are circumcised and 0.62% if you are uncircumcised, per encounter.

This leads me to three questions:
1. Roughly how do HIV transmission rates change/increase if you have small cuts or abrasions underneath the head of the penis (basically on the inner foreskin)?

2. If the receptive partner was recently infected (in the "window period" where their body is not yet producing antibodies to HIV), how much does the transmission rate increase? A friend had said it's 30x as high -- but that seemed like too high of an estimate (implying 3.3% if circumcised or 18.6% if uncircumcised)!

3. What is the best way to treat a cut on the sensitive skin beneath the penis head? Clearly a band-aid is not practical.

Help had protected sex with a sex worker in South Africa


I have a issue that has been bothering me. I hired a sex worker yesterday, It was a foolish decision one that I regret. So first we started with foreplay, we kissed for like a minute (I'm not concerned about that- since, HIV isn't transmitted this way). She gave me oral sex for about 30 seconds. We then started intercourse. It was vaginal sex from behind. It did not last long. Lets say it lasted less than 50 seconds. Now I did not test the condom after intercourse. However, from what I saw was that there was no tear or holes visible. Is it safe to assume that the condom was not damaged?

The important information is that she was black South African (I don't think she was from a rural settlement as she lived in an urban area. However, HIV is highest among low socio-economic groups in South Africa (black South Africans). So the risk that she was HIV positive was higher.

Also I wanted to ask what are the chances that a condom has small holes in it, because it clearly wasn't damaged. I want to conclude that the risk of HIV transmission was low since, no bodily fluids were exchange and the duration of intercourse was very short.

I understand that the chance of transmission was very low, and many people say that the test will likely come out as negative after 3 months. Should I still go for one. It has been approximately 24 hours I don't know if I will be infected, is it a viable option to see a practitioner as ask for post exposure prophylaxis. I know what the side effects are and honestly I'd rather suffer the side effects than live with HIV for my entire life.

Please advice, I am really double minded on what to do. I want to go for the post prophylaxis option but at the same time I keep on telling myself there is no need because the risk of HIV transmission was very low.



Had protected sex with sex worker in South Africa


I have a concern right now. I made a really foolish mistake. I hired a black sex worker (found her on a website) in South Africa. I have not had sex in the past. This was my first time. The sex worker proceeded with foreplay only kissing. She gave me oral sex with a condom. I did not give her oral sex. We proceeded with vaginal sex. It didn't last long, about 50 seconds. I didn't inspect the condom properly, but I did not see any holes or damages on the condom. The condom was on during the whole experience. Now I am worried that I might be at risk for contracting HIV. I know the risk is low, but considering that black South Africans have higher risks for spreading HIV.

So I really don't want to get tested for HIV because I know there is a slight risk and besides waiting a few months then getting tested, and finding out I'm HIV positive. I was wondering if I could take post-exposure prophylaxis to almost eliminate the chance of being HIV positive. I would rather bear the side effects of the medication than have a disease for the rest of my life and constantly regretting.

Please advice



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