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Pooled RNA/Early Test

HIV Testing

Should I trust the accuracy of my last hiv test?

I had unprotected sex back on Dec 14. I went to a lab after 10 days and had and STD exam which included HIV early detection test and it came out negative. Later at 30 days I had another one done and it was also negative. Lastly at 15 weeks I had a rapid test (Oraquick) and it was also negative.

how accurate is hiv duo test at 2 weeks if having symptoms

I am a doctor. 14 days ago I had a very minor needle stick injury (25g needle, infiltrating subcutaneous local anaesthetic, superficial injury (finger only bled with squeezing), no visible blood on needle). I am unsure of patient's HIV status but from low risk group. I bled and washed the finger. (Foolishly) I did not report the injury as I deemed risk was negligible. 2 days ago (12 days post injury) I developed flu like symptoms (low grade fever, sore throat). I realise that this is almost certainly an incidental viral URTI but nonetheless I am now very anxious. I have now reported the incident to occupational health but they have told me I have to wait until 6 weeks to be tested. I have read on line that HIV duo is quite sensitive from as early as two weeks. How accurate is the test in the context of symptoms? Should I get the PCR instead? Many thanks for any advice.

HIV ARS symptoms and RNA tests

Hi, I really hope you can answer since im really anxious.

About a month ago i had protected vaginal sex with a sex worker. After removing condom i might have gotten a bit of vaginal and menstrual blood on my fingers (hard to see) and then i masturbated to finish.

About a week later i had diarrhea, nausea, fatigue and and a week after that a low-grade fever, body aches, malaise, slight sore throat, and headaches. I was diagnosed with influenza b and pneumonia. Prescription was levaquin antibiotics. I felt better after a couple of weeks but got oral thrush, for which i was given nystatin and almost clears up now, after two weeks.

I had RNA tests at 12 days and 20 days. First result didnt specify which test (labcorp) and second test said Aptima. Both tests negative as well as rapid test at about 24 days.

Im still anxious due to the various symptoms and their duration. Even now i have slight throat discomfort, headaches, tendency to nausea. Hard to tell if some red spots in chest and neck are rash, also i dont know if slight discomfort in neck, and armpit could be from swollen lymph nodes.

Not sure if these symptoms got worse due to stress and im still fighting them. Im afraid all this is due to weakened immune system.

Will do another antibody test but need to wait for window. Im at 4 weeks now, will wait for 6 weeks.

Meanwhile can you please help me assess my situation, with risk, symptoms and tests done so far?

Thanks in advance, you are doing a great job.

Hep c test positive HIV test negative


I had a hep c test at 8 weeks that came back positive for antibodies. I had another test to confirm and it was negative at 8 weeks and 15 weeks.
I tested for HIV antibody at 13 weeks. Could the hep c positive antibody test be delaying the HIV test? I am now pregnant and very scared I could have HIV and not know it due to the hep c and I have seen so many different articles saying if it is co infection it will affect the window period.

Thank you for your time!

My bf just tested positive

I just turned 24 and found out my bf whom I will I refer to as "v" was confirmed positive on April 15th. His estimated exposure was in late September 2014 when he had unprotected anal sex. "V" recalls the week of thanksgiving 2014 experiencing ARS fluelike symptoms. Currently he is experiencing sever depression. He has not started antiviral therapy or HART yet and I am confused about this?! I was tested April 16 2015 with RNA test and I am still waiting on the results. Moreover I tested negative Feburary 2015 before we had sexual relations. I took an oruaquick test April 15th 2015 and it was negative. We had sexual relations around Feburary 26. Since then we have had protected anal intercourse 6 times which included unprotected oral sex. I haven't been able to function since then. I am curious about what my risk for these prior events?! I have spent approximately 72 or more researching hiv and can't seem to stop. Someone please give me advice.
Concerned Lover


Window period for hiv2

Can pneumonia be caused by HIV ARS ?


Two weeks after having protected vaginal sex with a sex worker I started to have symptoms very similar to early HIV ARS.
I went to urgent care and I was diagnosed with the flu, which complicated into pneumonia.

Could the flu and pneumonia still be related to HIV ARS?

Also, I had an qualitative RNA test two weeks after potential exposure and it came back negative.
Is this conclusive?

Thank you!


CAn I consider a negativd Clearview rapid test done at 82 days conclusive?

Had a negative Aptima RNA at 7 weeks as well

Window period for different hiv test

I know there are many different hiv test, what is the window period for each of them? And what is the most common one used in the United States?

meaning of discordant of tri dot test for Hiv

Hello sir. I have read in Internet that after completing the process of tri dot test immediately read the reading and discord with stop solution. My question is 1)why immediately read the readings because of if it is positive then there may be two or three dots right. And if stop solution is used the positive dots are not visible? Is it true. 2) the latent Hiv can be detectable by pcr rna and dna qualitative test (tested after a possible exposure of 9months).Please answer my questions.


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