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Pooled RNA/Early Test

oral sex

hi,i gave blowjob to a man that i found later is HIV positive.the man ejaculated in my mouth .after 11 days i developed fever,101 f, productive chest, stuffy nose and extreme fatigue. it takes about 4 days to get rid of the fever.regarding the fact that during the time of performing the oral sex i had some fresh cut in my moth can i ask you , are these symptoms related to HIV symptoms or not.

He gave me oral intercourse and stroke with his pre-cum

Hi there,
I read all the previous answers to the same questions as the one that I would like to raise. But I still want to raise my own question, my own concern, because it is very individualistic.
Yesterday, I went to a coffee shop for a “regrettable” meet-up with an old friend of mine. However, our meet-up continued to his place, and in the end, in to his bedroom. Actually, I didn’t really consent to his urge to lie down on his bed as I said I want to go home. From there, he gave me a blowjob. After a few minutes, I asked him to strip his clothes, and afterward, he was totally naked.
Later, while he lied down sideways, I noticed his pre-cum was running down his penis’ gland and even over to the shaft. A moment later, he alternated stroking his own penis and stroking my penis including the urethra. He did this quite a few times. And sometimes, he also pushed his tongue deep into my urethra. “I am totally sure that his pre-cum has entered my urethra while he stroked and sucked me.” In the meantime, he also said that his mouth is totally healthy and free of sore.
To answer my question, he mentioned that he had done HIV test with a negative result around two weeks ago; however, in that two week period, he had done three – according to him – safe sexual encounters.
Do I need to take a test? And what is the good time to take the test which checks the viruses – not the antibody – to have a very conclusive result. In this case, there was no anal intercourse involved, and I didn’t give him oral intercourse as well.
Thank you

Early HIV test

Hi my exposure. Was a oral sex with woman I got a early HIV test after four weeks was negtive do I need other test what is my risk m so worried please help

street fight

yesterday i tried to break up a fight. one of the fighters did hit me for no reason. he was bleeding and i was too. falling down on the street made me bleed. after i did fall down he hit me again and at that  time both of us were bleeding.
am i at risk of getting hiv this way? if some of his blood got into my body.
i am really worried.
do i need to get tasted? if yes, i cannot wait 4 weeks .is there a test that i can have before the  4weeks please help thank you

NAAT Tests

I'm frustrated that international bodies like WHO have not revised the testing guidelines and still stick with antibody tests at 12 weeks. Why aren't Naat tests included in testing guidelines ? Why won't WHO acknowledge the role of Naat test in ruling out risk.


I opted for an HIV test at the BCCDC.  The nurse told me that the test consists of two portions, a portion that tests for antibodies and the other that looks for the virus.
I thought the 4th generation tests are not yet available in BC but this almost sounds like a 4th generation test.  Will you be able to tell me what tests were done please?  Also, how accurate is the portion that looks for the virus and does it have a window period as well?
Thank you!


Hi there!, I just want to ask what do you call the test where a blood is extracted to your arm (vein).Thanks!

HIV testing

Is there anywhere in Vancouver you can pay for the HIV test that can give you definative results after 2 weeks from the suspected date of exposure. I know you can get them in the USA

Condom broke/ HIV risk

I am 32 year old male. Just 24 hours back I has intercourse with one commercial sex worker. I used condom for intercourse, but meanwhile she found that condom has broken and immediately she stop there and bring out my penis outside. I was not ejaculated till that time. After that we completed the session with another fresh condom. I asked her medical history also, and she told me the used to go for regular check up.
I am too much worried since last 24 hours, did so many gooles, feeling guilt also,that why I did that. I also know that no one test can assure me before 3 months. Please let me know, what is the risk for me to affecting HIV.
I also heard about RNA test, Can I go for RNA test after 7 days? Please help me I am too much anxious now and out of control also. some expert recommond PCR RNA test can be done after 72 hours of exposure also. Please help me.

Stressing out!!!

Good Afternoon,
Just yesterday i was made aware that i might have been exposed to the HIV virus on April 28.
Also they said something about not being a transmitter and only a carrier (witch i think is bull).
Also i know that its criminal not to tell someone or withhold that information..
First question, is there 100% chance that I have contracted the virus if I was exposed?
I have been ultra stressed out and have gone to a clinic, they sent me to the hospital, then the hospital sent me back to another clinic, then that clinic said that they would have to get me an appointment for the end of the month..
I feel like its not being taken as seriously as it could be, I feel like crap i think its mostly stress but still can not sleep I feel like can't eat anything, Im noticing every little rash or bump, I can't concentrate on anything and my life feels like its in shambles...
Hope someone can offer some sort of answer here..


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