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Pooled RNA/Early Test

HIV Risk

Hi all,

I would be grateful for any advice. Last week I had unprotected sex with a woman I met for the first time. I had been drinking and in the heat of the moment I failed to take precautions. The intercourse lasted no longer than 3 minutes, in truth I would be surprised if it lasted longer than one minute, I ejaculated inside her (not worried about pregnancy as she assured me she is on the pill), later (minutes after we had finished) she got her period.

In the past outside of relationships I’ve always been careful so I’ve never worried about HIV or passing it on to someone. It would be entirely hypocritical of me to be judgemental, but as she never asked me to take precautions I presume that she has not asked other partners to do the same. With that in mind I’m very worried that she could have picked up something that I may have caught. Short of her behaviour with me I’ve no reason to think that she may have anything. This week I’ve been so overwhelmed with worry that I felt I had to ask her if she had anything and her recent sexual history. She said that the last two people before me she had unsafe sex with were her partner of 5 years (who she split up with in December) and before that the father of her son. She said that while she has slept with other men since, she has always used protection until me as while she took a lot of risks before having her child (in the UK women are tested for HIV when they are pregnant) he was too important to her to do so again and that she has no STDs.

Additionally, I’m not sure if this is relevant but she also told me she has suffered from Endometriosis since she was 16 (she is now 31) and recently has had a full insertive pelvic exam and smear tests relating to this. I know only the HIV test actually checks for the virus but I presume other STDs are visible during the exam and come up in some of the tests. Could these tests give doctors an inclination if she was suffering from HIV? I mean if for instance her white blood cell count was low etc could that be cause for further query on the doctors part.

I have had friends who have had similar mistakes in the past and picked up things like Herpes and Chlamydia, when I googled for them I found HIV. I have read that it is unlikely for the penetrative partner in vaginal sex to pick up the virus but it’s a chance I’ll never take again if I’m lucky enough to avoid HIV this time. It may sound silly but at the moment I’m really unconcerned about having picked up other STDs from her – HIV seems to put them all into perspective. In terms of symptoms I’ve been so anxious that I’m interpreting everything in a really scary way. I have had a bruise from the gym, a red mark from leaning on my arm and a spot which I have attributed to HIV only for them to disappear within minutes or hours. Since the second day it happened throat has been mildly uncomfortable – particularly when I think about it, and I’m worried it could be a sign of the virus but I am hoping it is stress or even a common cold. I have a spot on the skin between my testicles and penile shaft, I called another STD nurse when I noticed and she told me this was not a symptom of HIV. My temperature does not appear to be fluctuating, although I know many people with HIV do not have symptoms.

I’m from Scotland in the UK and the women I had sex with was not African/Eastern European or a sex worker (not trying to offend anyone, those are just higher risk categories in the UK, along with men who have sex with men from what I have read). Nor is she an intra venus drug user. A sexual health nurse I spoke to on the phone said it was very unlikely that the woman would have HIV and even more unlikely that I’d pick it up…A volunteer on the phones of the Terence Higgins Trust (UK based HIV charity) had already said a similar thing to me but I just thought it would be worthwhile asking here. I

I wondered if more learned people than myself could answer a few questions. Firstly – does the length of contact matter? I understand that HIV can be passed the first time you come into contact with someone or may not be passed after 100 times, but I wasn’t sure if the length of time was a factor. Also, if she was menstruating while we had intercourse would that increase the likelihood of me picking up something? Finally I wondered how long I should wait before I get a test. I’ve heard of 11 day tests but when I spoke to the nurse/THT they suggested it was more common to wait a month for the first (and generally conclusive) test. I've also read that the 11 day RNA test has a high rate of false positives and I wondered if that was why it was generally only used for those who have almost definitely come into contact with HIV.

This has really worried me and I feel like it is the biggest mistake of my life. I feel like I have anxiety issues for worrying this much but I feel like I need to know as much as I can. I've managed to persuade the woman I had sex with to come with me for a Rapid HIV test next week, which if she's telling the truth about no unprotected sex, should reveal if I'm in danger (obviously I'll still go for further tests to be sure).

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, I’m very grateful for any advice and answers anyone can offer.

Is ELISA test enough within 3 weeks after exposure?

Hi, I'm not sure whether I have HIV or not. To be brief, I observed diarrhea, muscular pain for couple of days after 15 days of having intercourse. Have also had CBC/HBV/HCV/FBS and lipid profiling along with the ELISA test and all the results are normal. ELISA test also showed non reactive results. It has been only 3 weeks since the intercourse (protected) and the individual claims of being HIV negative. However I might be feeling a bit different as this was the first experience. There are no mouth/ tongue sores. I workout almost everyday. But somehow there's question if I am infected or not. Could you guide what would be the earliest way to detect HIV?

help me on this Symptoms

I had protected vaginal and unprotected oral with women.
by next week i has fever and diariehia and fever .
I took antibody test on 2 weeks after it is non reactive
later at 18 th day took HIV -RNA PCR test -it is not detected .
Also took Antibody test after 31 days also non reactive.
Please help me i dont have fever now but swollen lymphocytes is there still after month .

HIV transmission through cut on a finger?

Hello, this is A**** from India,
Recently I had been to a sex worker where I indulged in a safe sex using condoms. I had a small cut (paper cut) on the middle finger of my hand that was 2.5 days old which bleeded for very less time (mostly 10-15 secs approximately when the cut happened).
When I was unable to ejaculate within her while having sex, I just started masturbating. My biggest fear is while masturbating, is there any possibility that the HIV (present on the condom because of vaginal fluids) can transfer through the cut (not bleeding while masturbating) and will I be at risk?
And if the vaginal fluids happened to touch some end part of my shaft (which the condoms barely covers), will it cause any harm like transmission of HIV?
Later when I finished with everything and when I washed all my hands and penis safely through handwash, I had not washed my mouth (had sucked the nipples of the sex worker, no blood or milk was present).
When I came out the house, I took some mouth freshner (oral b), and while removing the mint of the freshner through teeth, the aluminium sheet coated to the fresher casing slit the lip of mine a little and it started bleeding. I then ate the mint and sucked the blood, spit it completely, will I be at risk since the cut on my lips came in touch of the saliva which I had sucked the sex workers nipples?
I had been to a doctor after 2 weeks of the incident and the Doctor recommend a DNA PCR test which resulted HIV Negative! Should I still worry and do I need to go for a test after 3 months?
Please help, scared to death.
Thanks for the awareness you are doing.

Unprotected Oral Sex


On 1st March 2016, I met a hooker in Thailand. I had protected vaginal sex but I was too drunk and went down and had oral vaginal sex. She gave me blow job that too without condom. Its been 9 days now, and my throat is little itchy. No fever or so but itchy throat. I am just too worried for getting HIV infected. Its been 9 days, should I go for RNA test and how accurate will it be. Should I go for other STD tests too.

Test after 80 days

In 3 december 2015 . I had sex without condom with girl and i was worry . In 13 december 2015 i took the girl for test hiv and she had oraquick test and she was negative .

In the same day i had another sex with her without condom . Then i was worry . I went to took test in 19 december its call hiv rna qulatitive and it was negative .

After 35 days from the second relation i had another test its call hiv1&2 antigen antibody . And was negative But i dont know with generation .
And i went again after 58 days after second relation to same test and was negative .
And i went again after80 days from second relation that happened on 13 december to the same test hiv1&2 antigen& antibody and i had result after two hours and the result was negative .

And i went to doctor for blood and he ask me for cd4/cd8 ratio and thr result was 2 and he told me you dont have any problem in your immune system , and the test for immune system did after two month from the second relation that happened on december 13 . Do you think i need mor test or im ok . Thank u

HIV risk

I am very scared. My gf cheated on me. she was hiv negative but she had sex with someone of unknown hiv status and then we had sex with me after 12 days. My condom beak. what are my chances of hiv from this as she has a exposure 12 days ago with someone else and i had sex with her. Can i get hiv if i had sex with her after she exposed to the virus?

What should I do. Please advice.

I had sex with a sex worker 5 days back. It was vaginal sex with condom and blowjob with condom. I had a minor cut on the front of my penis but it was fully covered by the condom.I did not kiss her in her mouth but sucked her breast which was not lactating. I do not have any symptoms as of now and I do not know if the lady was HIV infected. Am I at high risk?What should I do now?? Which test is better RNA or 4th Generation Anti body test? When should I do the RNA test???

What should I do. Please advice.

I had sex with a sex worker 4 days back. She gave me a blow job with condom and I had virginal sex using a condom for like 3 mins. I did not kiss her in her mouth but sucked her breast(with out milk). I had a minor cut(little bleeding) on the front part of my penis but it was covered by the condom during blowjob and sex.I am feeling perfectly fine as of now but I am very scared and I will never do this again. So here are my questions
1- How high are my chances of getting infected with HIV.
2- What is the best testing available in the market. Is RNA Testing or 4th generation HIV testing more effective and when should I do the testing?
3- Is it safe to have both protective and unprotected sex(both oral and Viginal) with my girlfriend if the results comeback negative.
4- Should I consult a doctor before testing ? If so which doctor would you recommend. I live in Irving(TX-75038).

Early test- pooled RNA NAAT

The window after possible exposure to HIV for the Pooled RNA NAAT (Early Test) says 10-12 day. Would this test be more effective or accurate waiting say 21 days after exposure?


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