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Pooled RNA/Early Test

HIV Pooled Nucleic Acid Testing vs RNA Quantitative, Real-time PCR

I am planning to perform HIV screening after potential incident(oral sex) at 5 weeks.
I am planning to perform antigen (ICMA,Western-blot) test however if i am in window period this test may come negative so in addition to this test i am also planning to perform either HIV Pooled Nucleic Acid Test or RNA Quantitative, Real-time PCR.
Please advice which test should i take in addition to antigen test for near conclusive results. Please let me know difference between these two Pooled NAAT vs RNA Real-Time PCR test.
I have psoriasis which being auto-immune disorder, can it affect any of the test results?
Thank you.

rna pcr accuracy after 15 days ?

 rna pcr accuracy after 15 days ?

HIV testing

Hi there,
I was wondering how long after my sexual encounter should I wait before I get an HIV test? What's the safest amount of time I should wait, but also the best time to go to make sure I get 100% accurate results?


Where in Vancouver can I get a PCR RNA test for HIV?


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