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Pooled RNA/Early Test

Early testing

hello so i had a HIV RNA test and a HIV 1/2 antigen/ antibody test done at 4 weeks all negative.However i am still worried because i now have flu like symptoms ; headache, sore throat , dry mouth , fatigue after 6 weeks. I had receiving anal sex "protected" with another guy but still worried. i do plan to get retested at the 3 month mark but i need help evaluating the situation.
is it likely that my results may change?
did i test too early ?
how accurate were my tests?
And any advice for me ?

HIV RNA Test Reliability

How reliable is an HIV RNA test performed 14 days after possible exposure?

Chances of STDs after protected vaginal intercourse?

Hi there,

About a week ago I had vaginal intercourse with a women. First we used a condom for oral sex, and then I used a new condom for vaginal sex. The condoms were put on properly both times and they did not break. A little bit of lubricant was also used.

My only worry is that I know this individual has many sexual partners, although she is always safe, as in this case. Also, she has been tested within the last 6 weeks for any STD's.

I'm still a little concerned though. I do have anxiety problems which makes the whole situation worse. My question is, should I get myself tested?

It's hard for me to wait many more weeks so I was thinking to get the RNA test done next week, however, this test is extremely expensive.

I spoke with a few people and the main advice I received is that if we were safe and the condom did not break, then even if the other individual had an STD, it is not really possible for her to give it to me (unless it is something that can be passed along with just skin to skin contact of course). And on top of that she has been recently tested. I have been told it is not necessary to get tested given the facts. What would you suggest in this case?

broken condom/Worried about HIV risk

i am a 18 year old girl, i was having sexual intercourse with a 22 year old man, towards the end of the intercourse, the condom broke, but he did not tell me and continued but not for very long, not even 2 minutes, as he then ejaculated but using the withdrawal method, which is when i found it the condom was broken.... he has had a history of sleeping with a number of girls, i dont know whether he is HIV + or - , and so i am freaking out, i guess i just want to know the chance of me getting pregnant and getting HIV... please help

giving medication to an HIV positive via port IV

I gave medication to an hiv positive patient via port IV, then I accidentally poked my finger after I gave my medication, can I be infected with HIV? tnx

Pooled RNA test

Thanks for answering my question on chances of HIV when the condom broke condom during intercourse with a sex worker.
I will appreciate if you can address my following concerns :
1. Is there a place in Edmonton where I can get Pooled RNA test done.
2. should I wait 10 day or exactly 12 days after the exposure to get this test done.
3.are the results to this test conclusive of my HIV status or do I need to get another test done after 3 months.
4.I was reading other blogs on the situation where the condom broke during intercourse and the Dr.s have recommended the chances between 1/10000 and 1/1000 of getting HIV in this case. which is again very confusion.
Is there any substance to these statistics? if so then what are the chances?
Please advice I am really very scared.

I have a question about testing

I have a protected vaginal sex, but I got anxious after I don't know why so I went to have RNA PCR test at 14 days it turn out negative. After that I went to have 4th gen antigen/antibody test at 6 weeks and 3 days its turn out negative. Is it conclusive? please let me know thanks

broken condom while intercouse with a sex worker

I am in my mid 40s I recently had sex with a sex worker in a message parlour. This was in Edmonton and the parlour was licensed.
My condom broke as we had just started the intercourse. I would say we were hardly 15-30 sec in the process.
my penis is un-circumcised. I immediately withdrew. thereafter I took bath and cleaned my penis with soap. I asked her if she suspected any problems and she was very cool and said that she was in very good health and got herself tested regularly. I asked her this question a several times and she said she was in good health and gets herself checked every 10 days. She said the last time she had got tested was after she had left her boyfriend and after that she had had no intercourse. She further said that she had not tested in the last 10 days as it was her second day at the parlour. She had said that she was new even when I met her.
I am diabetic. my questions are:
1. what are my chances of contacting HIV or other STD?
2. are there any preventive measures that I can take.?
3.Does my diabetic type 2 condition increase my chances ( my sugars are usually under control)?
4. This incident took place just today, is there any kind of preventive medicines that I can take to reduce the chances of HIV or STD.?
5.I visited a walk in clinic and the Dr. advised to get a blood test done after 7dyas. should I wait 7days or 9 days for more accurate results?
6.Is there any other test that I can do in the meantime?
I am really scared, please advice?

PCR RNA Qualitative Aptima Test

I have had unprotected vaginal intercourse exactly 2 months ago. My partner tested negative I tested inconclusive. I've been told to repeat the test in 3 months but I cannot wait as my anxiety gets the best of me. I have heard that PCR RNA Qualitative test that is run through Aptima is FDA approved for diagnostic purposes so I want to make an appointment for this test. Though I am seriously concerned about the possibility of false positives as they are fairly common with PCR RNAs in general. I do not want to fuel my anxiety but I need something for my peace of mind before I go back for the antibody test.
Are PCR tests really prone to so many false positives due to their sensitivity? Is PCR RNA Qualitative a good way to resolve your indeterminate Western Blot test results? Can concurrent infections throw off the viral load test and provoke false positive? Also, should I maybe take DUO antigen/antibody test instead of PCR? I just need something before the 2nd Western Blot and not even sure if I will get another indeterminate with that test, therefore, I need something with a difnitive answer.


hello.i visited a massage parlor on 9 jan and get protective sex( using condom) and unprotective oral sex. im just wondering and i want to know if its any risk if your finger has a severe small cut and not bleed, fingering a woman and been giving an oral sex on her with posibble me having a mouth ulcer and bleeding gum.am i at high risk?. about the 4th generation(cmia) if we get tested early in first couple week from that event, (actually i get cmia test 4th day and 11 day after the event ) and the result is non reactive, should i be worry because lately i havent slept well, ate well, and my shoulder aching. how accurate the cmia test? im very afraid to get next test.


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