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Pooled RNA/Early Test

Possible transmission from something on the ground?

I have OCD and have had a recent fear of contracting HIV after an intrusive thought I got in the hospital I work out. I am in therapy but I just started and my disorder has not been this bad since about 3 year so please bear with me. I know just how ridiculous I sound but it's a hard disorder to rationalize.

I got over that instance in the hospital and accepted I didn't prick myself on anything but now I'm still scared. Alot of time when I'm walking down the street I analyze the sidewalk and get nervous I touched something like a needle. Today I was walking to the bus and I saw something that caught my eye and I kept walking back to analyze it. I saw brown twigs but I feel like I saw a silver needle in there (probably a sewing needle type thing? the length of a small twig) I'm not sure if my mind just forced myself to see twigs as needles because I am anxious or if there was literally something. I was gonna miss my bus so I forced myself to leave but I kept getting nervous I touched it. I was inclined to touch it in order to feel the sharpness but I can't know for sure if I did or not. I think my hand was towards my back I don't know my mind kind of blanks in this situations. Now I am fearful I am exposed and I don't know what to do. I am on my period so this is going to make me hyper paranoid, causing me to hand wash like crazy. I also recently pierced my nose so the blood from that nose ring is gonna stress me. This leads me to disinfect stuff and wash my hands a lot. I also have been withholding sex from my boyfriend because of my period and just general fear. Although we still do oral.

I don't want to live with the fear of a conclusive test at only 3 months because this fear will eat me up and so much in my life is going to happen within three months. I cannot waste it on stress. I was dead set on buying a HIV RNA test from STDcheck.com as it says it is 95-99% accurate from 9-11 days past exposure. Is this true? A lot of people say this test is not for diagnostic reasons but then others say that this should be conclusive if negatively because it detects something else as compared to the rapid test. I want to get rid of this anxiety and enjoy my life right now but I can't it is about to consume me. I would go back and check the area with my boyfriend but the needle, or what I saw, probably got blown away. I'm trying to reassure myself that it probably was nothing because I have OCD and I convince myself so much bullshit all the time. However, I don't know i feel like I saw something and I don't know if I touched it. So, how should I go about testing? How do I keep my boyfriend and I and strangers I come in contact with protected. Thank you!

Also I read a lot of posts here and it seems like there is no risk because of air exposure. It's just now I'm stuck retracing my memory for clues as to whether or not it was a syringe rather than a actual simple needle.

Thank you. I sincerely appreciate all of the work you guys do here, it is very very helpful!

condom broke while having sex with a prostitute

I am now extremely nervous since the condom broke(my glans have facial contact with the virgina but less than 60 seconds) while having sex with a prostitute. Right after finding out the condom was broke, I change with a new one. The prostitute, afterwards, calms she regularly checks for STD/HIV and the result is negative, but it could be a lie. How is the chance of getting any sex related diseases. I am now feeling extremely regretful..

Condom dammage

Hi , 2 weeks back I had a sex with commercial sex worker while performing I found my condom broke , I immediately remove my penis and washed with soap and also did a pea. Could you please let me know the percentage of having any std diseases. Because I am worried. I just like to add I did it feel any systems of sickness after that.

HIV window period compared to other STI windows

There are many post about accuracy of HIV tests and as stated it is always best to retest at 3 months period for absolute confirmation.

The lower limit (4 weeks) on the window period is likely set by the sensitivity of the test while the upper limit (3 months) is set by the biological variation in humans.

But I was interested to know why the window period is so long specially for HIV compared to other STIs including bacterial and viral.

Is this something to do with

1) How your body produces antibodies to HIV specifically, it is slower? Maybe because HIV can hide inside of cells more efficiently?
2) Means of testing, other STIs especially bacterial will look for the bacterial itself therefore will always be able to detect much sooner? Although syphilis is also form detecting antibodies from a blood test as well I thought?
3) Or window periods are essentially the same for all infectious diseases just in the case of HIV to make sure we can catch all the cases, we must be much more stringent and extend the window period to catch as many statistical outliers as possible.

If the latter is correct and if most people test for STIs such as chlamydia (3 weeks) much sooner than HIV, is likely that there a lot of missed cases of chlamydia, on top of the fact that most people don't present symptoms and get tested in the first place.

Two encounters that got me scared of HIV

Last March I had sex with an escort and after I was done I discovered that the condom was broken.
I had a combo test 4 weeks post (April) and it was negative , I had another combo test on 4 Months I think and it was negative too.
My second encounter was with an escort too , I had protected sex with her but she was grinding on my penis with no condom and her
vaginal fluids were all over it ( I am not sure if I had scratches or not) but when we were talking she told me she never has unprotected sex.
My last test was the rapid test which was one week after my second encounter and 7 months after my first.

Now it all began after my first encounter , since after that I started getting very anxious and super scared of HIV because I see a lot of escorts and not in monogamous relationship , I have sex with multiple partners of unknown status all the time.
I always use protection but after I am done with all the sex I start getting worried

My questions are:
1-What are the risks of my two encounters considering my tests
2-I am thinking about getting the RNA test tomorrow , how accurate is that and whats its window period?
3-Are escorts considered high risk as most people including me think they are?

Am I in seroconversion period?

I'm 28 years old male. I had unprotected and insertive anal sex with a commercial sex worker exactly 15 days ago. ( I was top) It was a very brief encounter (about 2 mins) and at times I was not even hard. My partner had used a lot of lubes and I would say it went in without any friction. He told me that he got tested for hiv in September and showed me the medical report too. After 10 days I had fever, fatigue and loss of appetite which lasted about four days. No rashes, no muscle pain or diarrhea. I saw a GP who gave me medicine for cold. I'm worried now and I got Elisa testing done yesterday and my results show that I'm negative. Please help me.

Unprotected oral sex (no ejaculation) and Protected Vaginal

Hi. I am a young heterosexual female who had protected vaginal sex and unprotected oral sex with a heterosexual male. We are both attending the same university. I have a history with being overly anxious about STDs, so I should not have done what I did, but I would just like some peace of mind/information.
About 3.5 weeks ago we had protected vaginal sex. The condom remained intact (I checked thoroughly after the act). I gave him oral sex for about 3 minutes and there was no ejaculation. I was in the beginning stages of a cold, so I was worried that would increase my risk. I don't recall there being any pre-cum, but I can't be 100% certain.

He reassured me that based on his sexual history he was negative, but that was not good enough for me and a little over a week after the incident, we both got tested at a local clinic. Both of us came out negative. He was not surprised. He told me that the last time he had sex was August 25. I am just having a hard time believing this because I found out that he is now dating someone. I don't know if this is recent or if he lied to me.Maybe he was telling the truth about the last sexual incident still. I guess the likelihood that he caught HIV in a small period of time that would have made it undetectable in the test we got is slim.
Anyways, I had a panic attack a few days after the incident and got on PEP within 64 hours of the incident. I am pretty good about taking it, but I was 4 hours late for 2 doses.

Did I overreact over this? I know the events were low risk, but I feel like I am just so anxious I am not able to look at the facts straight. I feel like I have sore lymph nodes now, but maybe its because I've been poking them so much to feel if they're enlarged. Maybe I'm just doing this all to myself.

Do you think I will come out of this negative? Thank you!

Test Results Question

I recently had a sexual encounter with a transsexual female (born male). I received unprotected oral sex and we had protected anal sex (condom). She ejaculated, cleaned off and then gave me oral sex plus anal fingering. I have no idea how well she cleaned up after ejaculation and if there was any left on her body/hand which was then used back on me in form of handjob and anal fingering. I also had slight open abrasions on my penis from previous sex that week which had not fully healed.

The day after I had shooting migraines that lasted 2 weeks. At 14 days after possible exposure my lymph nodes swelled and became sensitive to touch. I also woke up on day 14 in a panic/sweat. I had blurred vision and was experiencing dizzy spells with waves of nausea.

We both got tested the next week (9 days, 21 hours after the sexual encounter). Not sure what test she got but I believe a full test panel (but the HIV test must have been rapid because she got results right away). Results on that test were negative for everything.

My test (same exact time frame, 9 days 21 hrs) was performed using the APTIMA HIV-RNA Qualitative Assay (Gen-Probe). Test came back negative “HIV 1 RNA, QL TMA NOT DETECTED, REFERENCE RANGE: NOT DETECTED”

My question is am I definitively clear of possible HIV exposure or do I need extra testing? Is it possible that the test I got was done too early? I've since read that 11 days post-exposure are needed for that test to be definitive.

I ended up in an urgent care unit today due to the amount of anxiety and stress I am feeling about this entire situation. My heart felt like it was going to burst through my chest I am so nervous. Can't focus and am feeling depressed and overwhelmed. I feel a slight bit of relief with this negative test result but I am not convinced…not sure I will be convinced for a long time the way I am feeling…

Thank you for your response and help

Windows period with PCR and fourth generation tests

Dear AIDsV. I practiced unprotected receptive anal sec 7++ weeks ago then two weeks later I got all ars symptoms. Partner tested one day before sex > negative
I tested on day 19 and 35 results were negative.
I plan to retest at 8 weeks with PCR and fourth generation tests. My question are:
1- Is 8 weeks test with PCR test conclusive?
2- will I need further test after 8 weeks PCR test negative?
3- what the chance that my five weeks negative result with rapid blood test change at eight weeks?
4- if my PCR at eight weeks were positive, would I need confirmation test?
Thank you:

HIV Infection - Incredibly Complicated / Inconsistent Results - HELP!

I have a very complicated situation and would love any thoughts.

Two weeks ago, I had an incident where the I had sex with 3 men, as a bottom, and used a condom, but don't know the status of the individuals. I also don't know if the condoms were put on correctly (as it was dark) and one of the individuals came in me (I don't believe the condom broke but not sure).

So two days after the incident, I started on PREP (I couldn't get PEP) and then 5 days later, I went and got tested. The Antigen, Antibody test were both Negative but the clinic also did an HIV RNA quant test that showed up Positive with a viral load amount of 294. At this point, I had been on PREP (Truvada) for 5 days.

5 Days later, I got another RNA Qual (Super sensitive so from what I was told, detects viral load of <20) and that was negative. I also re-run the antibody and it was negative.

My doctor is hoping that the initial RNA was a false positive (due to the context) and because the initial viral load was so low, but also uncertainty because of being on PREP and perhaps that bringing down the viral load prior to the test.

Any thoughts? Sorry, it's a bit convoluted of a scenario but would appreciate any counseling.


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