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Pooled RNA/Early Test

Unprotected oral with bruises

Pls help, I had unprotected oral with a girl, after that I noticed I had bruises on my penis, really scared, I went and did rapid antibody test with the girl and we both came back negative. Do I need another testing?

HIV test and allergies


Can allergies such as dust,feathers, and grass cause a delayed seroconversion? I don't know if they are considered auto immune disorders or immunodeficiency. I definitely know they are caused by overreaction of the immune system to a harmless substance.


I had a sex with a Cuban csw with a condom. I did not check to see if it had a hole, tear, or broken. after a weak I came down with a high fever, sore throat, and well affected tonsils. I became alarmed and took the fallowing test.

week2 (antibody test)
week5 (4th gen test)
Week7 (4th gen/rna)
Week10 (blood rapid test)
Week13 (blood rapid test)

Fist question is what are the chances that the rna test was a false negative because I might be an elite controller? and have not develop antibodies, although I heard these cases are ab positive, but I could be delaying the seroconversion because of my allergies.

Second can I have some type of supervirus that might of gone undetected such as crfs?

Third Does the 6 months complete window period only apply when testing alone for antibodys?

Fourth most ID specialist in my area test for one year. is this because some people might go undetected for so long or just because extreme conservatism?

Thank you and god bless

Possible HIV exposure??

Dear Dr. Please help.

I recently had a condom break situation. I had safe sex with a pilot at night and while passing my stool I saw some drops of blood (I realized the sex was rough but safe)by next day everything was fine, no more blood or anything similar.

I met another guy who is a flight attendant and during sex the condom broke, i didn't realize until I disengaged myself from his penis (I was the receptive partner) . He hadn't come..when he threw the condom away I went to cross check if everything was fine but the condom was broken (I assume it broke three minutes ago when i was sitting on him, previously I checked the shaft had condom on) and ever since then have been living a nightmare... I asked him if he was negative and he said he was but I do not trust him as he tried to enter unsafe the first time..
I do have herpes though the first and last outbreak was in february 2015 on my lips. i had syphilis in past which i do not have anymore after I took penicillin shots. All my VDRL tests (4 in last 9 months) have come negative

It's been three days now and waiting until 6 weeks seems like waiting for a decade. I have read 100's of hiv forums to asses risk ..

Please if you can provide a risk assessment and if there's any test that I can go through before 6 weeks. I am hiv negative as of june 2015.

Additional info: The tip of condom must be broken..I am not sure if it broke during sex or while the guy was taking the condom out
I live in India where the treatment of positive people is appolic. You can't get a job because every organization puts you through mandatory health checkup..You can't date anyone because the extremely few Gay men who are out would run miles away from a positive person...I know nothing can be done of what has happened...please help me with assessment.

So many negatives, but still fearing ! symptoms!

I had a high risk and exposure protected oral and protected vaginal with a local CSW (legal brothel I guess). In between my condom tore I removed it after 1 minute then she made me cum.

I do not know the status of the person as it was my last day of my education and I got high.

She got the condom / rolled on me, gave me oral, then vaginal, and again oral with broken condom for 1 minute. The whole act was less than 6-7 minutes.

A few weeks later, I got sick with fever and diarrhoea sore throat . The diarrhoea and fever lasted for 4 days, but the sore throat lasted for 24 days and still have minor white coated tongue. Had chills along with some weight loss in beginning but again gained weight soon!

As of now I am down with minor sore throat / white coated tongue minor / dry mouth / abdominal pain / unproper stools for 12 days, skin sometimes itchy.
I got tested at the 4th and the 8th week, both were non reactive and were 4th generation duo tests.

However, I was anxious and fear is causing me go mad.

I was not reassured and got tested again at 13 weeks non reactive! I got tested again at 15 weeks, again this was non reactive. One HIV 1 PCR RNA along with duo combo CMIA method, both non reactive. All tests were taken from reputed lab, and this is 4 months post exposure.

Questions which makes me go mad, feel sick, guilty, and other emotions.

1) What is the window period? Some sources say 4 weeks some experts say 6 weeks ? Some say 3 months some say 6 and even 12 months?

2) Any chances of my tests being false negatives?

3) I am lot of fear ! Being too anxious? Can be too scared/ anxious/ fear / stress cause delay in results or production of antibodies? Would appreciate some info on my following !

I'm really worried please help me 09/12/15

First thank you for all the help.
So about 7 weeks ago 07/21/15 I had unprotected intercourse with someone of unknown HIV status. Yesterday 09/11/15I had again unprotected intercourse with a different partner . It was foolish I know. But I want to test . I am planning on testing with the HIV early detection test from stdcheck.com here in the USA . My question is as follows
1. Will the HIV DNA material be detectable from 7 weeks ago?
2.) how about 10 days post exposure from 09/11/15
I plan to test again October 12 with a 4th generation HIV test and another RNA test .
Would this be accurate for both exposures ?
Thanks again :)

More annoying questions 09/12/15

Hi . You guys are great and should be commended for your work in answering so many questions even if they are repetitive. You guys have answered many of my questions and really helped calm down my anxiety. Yesterday 09/11/15I engaged in protected sex again. And again my anxiety went back up. I am mad at myself for doing it again . I don't know if condom broke or not but HIV has hit my mind once again. :(. This is my last time engaging in this activity until I get married I can't handle anxiety anymore . Less learned . Well my question is I called stdcheck.com here in the u.s and they offer the early HIV detection test for 175$ U.S dollars. I was informed their public health specialist that this test for HIV is 95-99 % conclusive by 9-11 days and that it is conclusive by 28+ days post exposure . Would you agree with this ? Should I trust them. I will test at day 10 and day 28. And I think I'll be able to Lowe my anxiety a lot that I'll be able to wait 3 months for a 4th generation. I hate the fact that this scary disease takes so long to detect . It's hard to wait for the clear of 3 months .
Sorry for making this long. Hopefully I don't annoy you. Thank you very much for your great help
Much love

Testing anxiety

Hi there, I took a rapid finger prick test at 33 days (1 month) post possible exposure.
It was negative. I was a low risk scenario and had caught a cold 2 weeks after the possible exposure, my underarm turned red for a few days and a light reddish area near the side of my back...but this was all before the test and the nurse said if I was symptomatic of HIV the test would of picked it up. I'm near 7 weeks now and fighting myself to get another test? Should i? Would that 33 day negative change? I'm not a drug user or have been on cancer treatment....please help me, thank you!

Article that doesn't make sense

I am reading this article on Mayoclinic website and it doesn't make much sense.
I am pasting couple of disturbing lines here.

Antibodies against HIV-1 and HIV-2 are usually not detectable until 6 to 12 weeks following exposure and are almost always detectable by 12 months. They may fall to undetectable levels (ie, seroreversion) in the terminal stage of AIDS when the patient's immune system is severely depressed.

----- Why it says it can take up to 12 months to be show the virus ------ when it takes 3 to 6 months ?

Negative results for both HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies usually indicate absence of HIV-1 and HIV-2 infection. However, in patients tested reactive by a fourth generation HIV antigen and antibody combination immunoassays, such negative results do not rule out acute HIV infection. If acute HIV-1 infection is suspected, detection of HIV-1 RNA (HIVQU / HIV-1 RNA Quantification, Plasma) or HIV proviral DNA (PHIV / HIV-1 Proviral DNA Qualitative Detection by PCR, Blood) is recommended.

Negative results for both HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies do not rule out acute HIV infection. If acute HIV-1 infection is suspected, detection of HIV-1 RNA (HIVQU / HIV-1 RNA Quantification, Plasma) or HIV proviral DNA (PHIV / HIV-1 Proviral DNA Qualitative Detection by PCR, Blood) is recommended. For patients at risk for HIV-2 infection (eg, having lived in West Africa or have sexual partners from West Africa), testing for HIV-2 DNA / RNA (FHV2Q / HIV-2 DNA/RNA Qualitative Real-Time PCR) is recommended.

----- what are they trying to say that when they say negative test doesn't rule out the acute infection ---

Here is the link of that article:

Low risk activity with a positive test result. How??


In April 2015, my husband and I had a threesome with a male acquaintance. I did not know his status at the time. I engaged in unprotected oral (giving and receiving) and protected vaginal with condoms and the male not ejaculate. My husband did not engage in any activity with the male. Just me.

In May we did the same with another male though there was no vaginal sex, I did give and receive unprotected oral without ejaculation. My husband did not engage with the male, just with me.

On June 21, we had another threesome with a third male acquaintance of unknown status. I engaged in unprotected oral and vaginal penetration without ejaculation on the part of the male. I did use my hand to bring the male to ejaculation (masturbation).

In July my husband and I travelled to Bangkok and received body to body massages by two women. There was no oral, vaginal or anal sex. We bathed together and touched each other only. They kissed my neck, ears and back as well as manually stimulate my husband and myself.
On a separate occasion in Bangkok my husband received 2 massages ending in a hand job and the masseuse fingered his anus without protection.
Two weeks after this, my husband came down with flu-like symptoms. We both got tested for HIV using Aptima HIV-1 RNA from a nearby lab. My results were negative and his were positive.

We are getting retested and getting his viral load and CD4 now.

I thought we were only engaging in low-risk or negligible-risk activities. Is there any chance he got a false positive? Prior to April of this year, we have been monogamous for ten years together. And we do not use drugs. No blood transfusions. I don't understand how this could happen?? I've read all the numbers calculating the risk of each activity and it seems more likely that he got a false positive. Looking for advice or thoughts. Our doctors don't seem to believe us or care how it happened.
Please help.

Unprotected and tested

Hi, I live in the United States and I had unprotected sex with a female and she has said that she is safe from all diseases and that she has been tested before. I was still concerned because I had a small rash on the head of my penis a few days later and went to my urologist and told me it was fungal and cream cleared it up.

I still had following test done to make sure I
33 days after exposure HIV 3rd generation test negative.

49 days after exposure HIV 4th generation combo test and HIV RNA test (that detects the virus directly and conclusive at 28 days) both negative.

77 days after exposure HIV 3rd generation combo test was also negative

84 days after exposure HIV 4th generation test negative

126 days after exposure HIV 3rd generation test along with STD panel for other STDs also all negative.

I was told that 84 days is conclusive and no other testing is needed. I have thyroid condition caused by and autoimmune issue but was told that doesn't fall under the 4 categories that would delay an HIV test. Could you please help and tell me if my result are indeed conclusive. For some reason there are no websites in the USA that compares to your website with all the information you have. I would appreciate any help and thank you.


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