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Pooled RNA/Early Test

When should one get tested

If you had a unprotected sex with anyone, after how long should you go for testing, so that test results are final & conclusive

Can my test results change in 5 months?

Is it possible for my negative four almost five month test to change.(test ordered was hiv ab 1/2 with reflex which was non reactive ) I just got tested for my tenth month test currently waiting on results. I have not had any other exposure. The last sexual exposure was in late September 2014. What are the chances of my test results changing? Also can you explain what "reflex" means on test.

false positive rapid test?

I am a gay male who went in for my regular semi-annual hiv test at a random free clinic. I was not testing over any particular exposure, it was just a check-up (i always use condoms for anal sex, but sometimes i perform oral sex with ejaculation in my mouth). They used a rapid finger prick test on me, and to my surprise the test came back "weakly reactive," with a very very faint grey line; additionally, the purple color of the top control line was bleeding down the test strip, in a big purple smear. These unusual factors, combined with my lack of high-risk exposures, made my counselor hesitant to call the test "positive." He retested me twice with 2 more rapid tests, both of which came back negative. At that point he, along with another counselor that he consulted with, were comfortable dismissing me with a negative result. On that same day, i went to another clinic where a fourth rapid test was performed (negative), and blood was drawn for a "pooled NAAT" test. The results of the NAAT came back negative as well. Prior to these testing events, the only "exposures" i could think of were instances of receptive oral sex with ejaculation that occurred one month and 2 weeks beforehand.

After that battery of tests, i waited one full month after the date of the "bad test," and returned to have 2 more rapid tests performed on me, along with full blood draws for a 4th generation elisa, as well as a second pooled NAAT test. All 4 tests came back negative. On paper, these tests were performed 6 weeks since any sex I had whatsoever.

Finally, after that, I waited 7 more weeks to hit the 3 month/13 week mark from any potentially infectious sex I had, and had one more rapid test, as well as a full 4th generation lab elisa, both of which came back negative.

Is this enough evidence that the first faint line test was falsely positive? I know very well that any test with a second line must be interpreted as reactive, no matter how faint the intensity of the line is, however I have had 10 subsequent negative tests taken over the course of 3 months, with the most recent test being performed 95 days since any sex i've had whatsoever, and a total of 81 days since the date of the first positive test. I guess i still feel uneasy because I never had a western blot, or any of the usual confirmatory tests used to rule out false positives. Can I rely on the test results i have now, especially since they are beyond the official 3 month window period?


Dear Sir / madam, I had protected sex with one of my female colleague. After that I never bothered of contacting to HIV. But after 18 months I started feeling mounth discomfort and and rashes on my tip of penis. Then I went to test for ELISA, WESTERN BLOT, AND PCR RNA. all three came back negative. But still I am not able to convenience myself that I am negative. Now I have started feeling pain in my groin area, armpit. Pls help me whether I am 100% HIV negative.

test pcr and 4th generation at 67 days is conclusive?

Im female i had sex with one men and he is positive hiv 1 was in treatment (i learned after about his status )..we used condom but as he tried to came inside the condom broken i heard the sound was out but i worry that seconds he was in contact with my vagina if i infected..i went to clinic they dont give me treatment cos i was not on risk..i had symptom like cough low fever till 37.2 the evening and pain in my arms and my tongue was white and i had tremor..i went and psychiatric and said all is from my stress..cos im very very bad..
36 days 4th gen antigen 24 negative
53 days 4th gen antigen 24 negative( and hep c -hep b -syphillis-herpes was negative)
67 days pcr rna and 4th gen antigen 24 negative
also i did vaggine for hep b
is conclusive my test?
does vaccine for hep b affect my test?
ALSO (and this is very important for me )my daugther used my toothbrush by mistake after 5 hours and she told me that wash it with her hands before dhe used nad there wasnt blood on it...im afraid if she infected from me if i am and the tests didnt saw that yet
im waiting your response with anxiety
thank u

thank u for your time

Tired of testing - what to do, please

Hi. Please help me.

Last year I took an HIV test at 12 weeks post last exposure (sex without protection with a woman that I dont know). This one came out as:

1) ICMA HIV1/O/2: High >1.46, and ABS QUAL: Repeatedly Reactive
2) Then they reflected with the same sample to a Supplemental test (bio-Rad Multispot): HIV 1- Non-Reactive, HIV-2 Non-Reactive
3) The recomendation for me was to get an RNA test, but I couldnt get one and instead I got an ECLIA test at 13 weeks - NEGATIVE (different lab)
4) Then at 22 weeks I did another ICMA HIV1/O/2: Normal <1.00, and ABS QUAL: Non-Reactive (different Lab)
5) Then at 22 weeks I did a 4th generation HIV test: NEGATIVE (with same blood sample above, item 4)
6) Then at 32 weeks I did the RT-PCR-RNA Test: <20 copies/ml
7) Then at 35 weeks I purchased a Home Oraquick Oral swab Test: Non-Reactive
8) Then at 36 weeks I purchased a Home Oraquick Oral swab Test: Non-Reactive
9) Then at 37 weeks I purchased a Home Oraquick Oral swab Test: Non-Reactive
10) Then at 48 weeks I purchased a Home Oraquick Oral swab Test: Non-Reactive

I still nervous with the first positive test. Can I move on or I need more test? Can people test positive and then test negative? Does antibodies disappear? Thanks

Protected sex with CSW, unprotected blow job and fingering

Long story but after a bad break up and my birthday i decided to hire a call girl. We had sex, i fingered her to try and arouse her, i normally perform cunnilingus during foreplay, but i usually will only do that for people i know well. I also noticed, as she was on top pf me before the condom was put on that her vagina may have touched my unprotected penis, genuinely could not tell. Erring on the side of it happening.

Anyway i unroll the condom with the hand i had been fingering her with and realized my hand was touching the inside of the condom, not the outside, kind of shoving potential vaginal fluid into the condom as opposed to outside. Now I know HIV dies very quickly after it hits the air but i can't help feeling stupid with my borderline carelessness with a higher risk sexual encounter. I always use condoms with every girl I've slept with though.

She performed fellatio for a matter of seconds before i stopped her, i said because i was too close to climax, but the truth was i was just uncomfortable with it.

She was a very sweet person, I don't want to come off as one of those people who think that people in this profession are just disease ridden, but my own carelessness during the sex makes me worry regardless.

Facts of the matter:
* Unprotected fellatio, albeit short, incredibly so.
*Fingering and handling condoms with same hand, no hand washing in between, also no washing in between removal of condom after ejaculation and application of new condom for next act of intercourse.
*Possible genital rubbing, not sure, ex-GF used to do it as foreplay and i know the feeling, this didn't quite feel the same, but close.
*Condom used for every act of sex, new one applied each times.

I realize the facts and that you probably get bombarded with questions of this nature all the time, I'm just worried, I might need to abstain from call girls given my hypochondria, but it was something i did and I plan on getting tested as soon as my window period is up, but that's a long wait from right now, even for the 14 day NAT/RNA test i will be in a cold sweat.

Thank you for your time, and god bless, my parent's where doctors (hem onc) when the AIDS crisis first hit and the stories I've heard are so sad and so frightening and those stories stick with me and frankly make me kind of afraid of sex.

Anyway, I've ran my mouth per usual, again thank you and keep up the good work.

hiv and thyriod

i have unprotected sex 6 months ago after 68 days symptoms starts iam still sick with alot of symptoms i did 3 HIV test one screnning and two 3rd generation all test are after window period and last one was after 6 months after HIV test i was tested for thyriod and they said u have tsh 3.45 and i don,t known its hyper or hypo but my question is this having thyroid disorder can effects HIV testing means i false negative result

in egypt - CMIA

Unprotected vaginal with african girl , it was 20/10/2014 then i test negative HIV AB after 12 week then 2nd Gen. Elisa HIV 1/2 AB Negative after 4 months then 6 Months i test CMIA Ag/Ab Negative , but since these period i start having Tinea in groin i was on Diflucan for two weeks then now i start to have Rash all over the body ,, i need advices

High risk

Question 1) If I had a very high risk exposure is a HIV test still considered conclusive at 3 months?
I'm wondering because I've been having ongoing symptoms for a long time after my 3 month negative result.

Question 2) Are you all sure a HIV test will detect the virus for everyone by 3 months except people who have the 4 conditions that delay window period? Question 3) Whats the likelihood of someone with no other medical conditions turning positive later at 5,6, or even more months down the road?

I need reassurance because I'm really doubting my test results and I'm always sad and stressed thinking I have HIV and the test result isn't correct, please help me. :(


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