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Pooled RNA/Early Test

in egypt - CMIA

Unprotected vaginal with african girl , it was 20/10/2014 then i test negative HIV AB after 12 week then 2nd Gen. Elisa HIV 1/2 AB Negative after 4 months then 6 Months i test CMIA Ag/Ab Negative , but since these period i start having Tinea in groin i was on Diflucan for two weeks then now i start to have Rash all over the body ,, i need advices

High risk

Question 1) If I had a very high risk exposure is a HIV test still considered conclusive at 3 months?
I'm wondering because I've been having ongoing symptoms for a long time after my 3 month negative result.

Question 2) Are you all sure a HIV test will detect the virus for everyone by 3 months except people who have the 4 conditions that delay window period? Question 3) Whats the likelihood of someone with no other medical conditions turning positive later at 5,6, or even more months down the road?

I need reassurance because I'm really doubting my test results and I'm always sad and stressed thinking I have HIV and the test result isn't correct, please help me. :(

HIV risk

Hi, you have a fantastically informative website that offers peace of mind for anxiety ridden people like myself! I had sex with a male sex worker a week ago, i am male. I am going out of my mind with worry that i have caught HIV. There was a lot of rubbing with his penis around my anus unprotected before protected penetration, the condom did not split. I have since had very painful haemorrhoids come up that bleed and am worried that there may have been open sores whilst the unprotected rubbing was happening. I have a RNA test booked on Monday, please could you answer me the following questions?

1. Is there a risk of HIV infection from these actions, even if there was open sores?
2. How accurate is the RNA test 10 days after exposure?

when to test with pcr rna qualitative test for hiv

Hello sir.

Can a pcr rna qualitative test detect the virus after window period if a person is not in ART. As it is not clear in Web and also so many infectious specialist. 2) does auto immune disorder like rehmatiod arthritis can prolong the window period more than 1 year. 3) is there any reported case that actually infected with hiv but tests are not detect it. Because different tests have periods. 4)does rna qualitative test gives always positive throughout his life if a person is infected with hiv
thinking u.

exposure maybe?

I had unprotected intercourse with my male friend but afterwards I start freaking out that was constantly on my mind " what if he gave me HIV?" afterward the incident My stomach was very upset I had extremely bad gas then i got diarrhea that lasted 5 days it stopped after i took pepto-bismol after dealing with incident i decided to get tested at 21 weeks is this test conclusive? Or should I get tested at the six month mark?


I had a negative HIV test 3 months after an exposure (condom broke, unknown status of partner) it's ending 4 months since my exposure and I have nonstop symptoms of AIDS . I'm scared that I'm positive and the HIV test isn't picking it up, maybe cause since I have AIDS it's not picking up the HIV antibodies? Has/does HIV progress this fast? I'm just scared that I'm positive and it's not showing up, I need to know so I can start taking medicine. I feel like the 3 months isn't accurate, I also had a negative at 6 weeks. I'm going to get a 6 month test, hope it's still negative. But I don't know cause these symptoms aren't going away, and this can't just be the flu like you all say it could be. I have been way too stressed out these past months. Thanks for your reply

exposure recieving blowjob

I got tested using SD Bioline HIV 1/2 3.0 168 days after the exposure and the result is negative should i retested at 12 days to make 180 days/months for conclusive result?

accuray and reliability of tests in terms of time

I got hiv antibody test at 6 weeks and hiv pcr plasma at 8 weeks post possible exposure.
Almost all the symptoms have been experienced. Fever, night sweats and sore thoroat are recurrent.

1. How reliable and accurate antibody test at 6 week post possible exposure?

2. How reliable and accurate pcr plasma test at 8 weeks if even viral load is very very low?

3. Could these test detect if there is coinfection with hepatitis.

4. Is fever and sore throat in hiv recurring and intermittent?

aids without detectable antibodies

my question is can someone have aids and the antibodies test be negative after the window period or after many years of exposure ?
i found case that someone is hiv infected and the antibody test was negative and he was not in window period
is that information reliable ?
can antibodies test be false negative after many years ?
even if this case is very rare to happen but is it possible to be infected with aids and the antibodies test be negative ?
i am so scared and confused please help

8 tests, 3 labs- Can I move on?

I had unprotected vaginal sex in Feb 2014(Im a male). My partner was of unknown status- it lasted 1-2 minutes (not sure if that changes anything).

I've had 8 tests done by 3 different labs in one years time.

5-7 months past possible exposure I had a generation 2 rapid antibody test
8-10 months past possible exposure I had a generation 3 antibody test
11-13 months past possible exposure I had a DNA PCR test
13-15 months past possible exposure I had a generation 4 antigen/antibody test

All test came back negative or non-reactive. My question is: since i've looked for the virus (PCR) and the antibody, can I consider my results conclusive?

Thank you so much.


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