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My BF turned out to be POZ


Sorry about my post being too long but I have somewhat specific situation and I have not found the info on the net that would calm me down even though I ve been reading about HIV in the past 5-6 weeks.I have been through probably the worst few weeks of my life so far (and Im not trying to be dramatic). I have several questions and this forum seems the best place to bring it up.

So I am dating a guy since August who claimed to be negative as his test in June was negative. I was still insisting that he did a recent test as I also did one myself. On 17 Dec he turned out to be HIV positive and admitted having a risky encounter back in May (which his June test did not pick up). He was also devastated by the news so I believed him and stayed with him as I really didnt/dont want this to be any reason for a break up. However, this situation is not easy especially that I am still not sure about my status.

We had more and more unprotected sex as time passed in our relationship since I started to become more confident with him. I was bottom 100% of the time and I would say we had maybe 10% unprotected, never with ejaculation though. Since it is a distance relationship the encounters were on a 2-3 week basis. The last risky unprotected encounter was on 13 Dec. I was tested negative on 18th Dec right after he told me the bad news (I was already too late for PEP). On 2 Jan we had an unfortunate condom accident after which I immediately started PEP and I am currently doing it. Basically we found something whitish on the outside of the condom.

I was tested negative again before the PEP started on 2nd Jan (3 weeks after last unprotected encounter) and on the 18th Jan (5 weeks after unprotected sex and 2 weeks into PEP). About a week before my last test I had very bad flu like symptoms (sore throat, headache, shivering, sweating, swollen glands) but it faded away as quickly as it came within 24 hours.
My test centre uses 4th generation testing. I am confused a bit about the effect PEP has on the results.

So my questions are:

1. If I was tested negative on my last test 5 weeks after the last unprotected encounter but 2 weeks into PEP can I take it more or less accurate or the 2 week PEP alters this? (I know about PEP altering the test but my case is again somewhat special as the 3 weeks could have been enough to produce enough antibodies, right? Or the PEP can also reduce the number of such antibodies over time?) The last unprotected encounter worries me much more than the condom accident. So if I can somehow be sure about that encounter I will feel much better.

2. Should the symptoms I had for only 24 hours worry me?

3. My HIV specialist foresees the next test on 11 Feb (5.5 weeks after starting PEP and almost 9 weeks after last unprotected sex). Is this a correct time? Can I sleep better after this test in case it is neg?

4. I really dont want this to be a reason for break up as I love my BF and I want to be there to help him through these very bad times he is going through (he started the ART 10 days ago, and he is going through depression - me being the only one he can rely on). But I cannot live my life continuously taking PEP. Is there anyone here who is in a mix-status relationship? It would be great to hear some good practices we should get used to in order to live happy in such a relationship. (of course he sticks to his medication regimen, fortunately so far no side effects and he is also very worried about my status, and he loves me too :) ).

That's the story. Thanks a lot for reading and for all the info you may have.

why anti body?

hello, I have been wondering about this and it makes no sense to me to test for antibodies rather then the actual virus.
Why is it that most clinics prefer to test for antibodies rather than the virus itself. Also there is not enough education about prep. In my case after a risky activity, I ended up waiting six weeks for an antibody test and now I have to wait another4 1/2 months according to my dr to be conclusive. I didnt even know a thing like prep existed. In addition, i am so freaking nervous after getting my negative at six weeks. I started feeling sick right after I got my negative result. I had a sore throat for a day or two and a small bump on the left side of my neck. Im so nervous i dont even want to go back. It is very hard to deal with the stress and anxiety of having to go and re test....is it possible that my test was accurate after six weeks?

Gingivitis hiv transmission

I have question about a recent incident. I met someone for a date and after a couple drinks we went back to my place. We made out a lot (deep kissing), he sucked my penis for a short bit (I didn't suck him), and then performed mutual masturbation. After he ejaculated, I licked his scrotum and did taste some seamen. I do have minor gingivitis - I had brushed three hours earlier before we met, but I wasn't bleeding profusely (a very tiny bit). The next day we were chatting and he told me he was on Prep, and that since his last test in November has had unprotected sex with his ex. Am I risk for exposure? Should I consult a doctor about Pep. This happened on Saturday night, so I have until Tuesday night.

Thank you for all your help!

Fight with high HIV risk person (multiple scratches)

I had a fight with a female african escort today , she told me she was high on cocaine.
I am saying she is a high risk cause she's an escort , drug user and as far as I know statistically HIV is more common in people from Africa
The fight lasted for 15 mins since she was so high and would not leave my room.
After the fight , I checked my self and found multiple scratches that were bleeding that I guess were from her nails.
I don't know what happened during the fight or if there was blood from her that got into these scratches
I am worried sick now and I have an appointment with an internal Medicine doctor tomorrow
Is this is a high risk encounter ?
Should I consider PREP?
If I took the RNA test tomorrow would it be accurate ?
Thanks and sorry for the long story

How much does a cut on your penis increase HIV transmission rates during unprotected anal sex?

I recently had penetrative anal sex with a stranger while on vacation in Barcelona, and it was unprotected. The next day, I noticed I had a small cut underneath the head (the more sensitive skin or inner foreskin) which is worrying me. At the time, I felt some discomfort which I attributed to friction or a lack of lube, but I now suspect I was feeling discomfort from the small cut. To make matters worse, I read that Barcelona has one of the highest HIV incidences in all of Europe, especially among MSM.

I also read that penetrative anal sex, unprotected, with an HIV positive partner is a 0.11% chance of infection if you are circumcised and 0.62% if you are uncircumcised, per encounter.

This leads me to three questions:
1. Roughly how do HIV transmission rates change/increase if you have small cuts or abrasions underneath the head of the penis (basically on the inner foreskin)?

2. If the receptive partner was recently infected (in the "window period" where their body is not yet producing antibodies to HIV), how much does the transmission rate increase? A friend had said it's 30x as high -- but that seemed like too high of an estimate (implying 3.3% if circumcised or 18.6% if uncircumcised)!

3. What is the best way to treat a cut on the sensitive skin beneath the penis head? Clearly a band-aid is not practical.

Maculopapular Rash after possible HIV exposure

23 yoM that had sex with another man about 10 days ago. First it was protected and then we had a minute of unprotected sex without ejaculation. What I know of the guy I had sex with is that he has been on PrEP since February, tested negative in July, and I am the only one he has had sex with unprotected since testing. Today I am experiencing a mild maculopapular rash - looks like a heat rash on my trunk and very small red bumps on my arms that is making my body warm. No high fever, but due to the anxiety and heat from the rash my temperature is probably elevated. I am scared to death this is HIV, what do you think the chances are?


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