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Rapid/Point of Care Test

HIV Insti rapid test

Hi and thanks for the informative forum and services. A few months ago I had intercourse with several sex workers. I used condoms protection to be safe. As I am now entering a new relationship with a new partner I thought it would be smart to get checked for every STD and HIV before engaging in sexual intercourse. All STDs were negative and I did a Insti HIV test at an HIV testing checkpoint near my home. The rapid test was done by a trained HIV counsellor and I got the results in one minute which were negative. I did the test exactly 86 days since my last encounter with a sex worker. As I know absolutely nothing about testing and noticed you often refer to this rapid test I thought I would ask you, if this test can be considered final and I can go in this relationship fully reassured?
I look forward to your response!!
Warm regards :)

symptoms for 2 months, do I have HIV?

I had protected sex 2 month ago and I know its protected and hiv can't be passed this way but during the intercourse I heard the condom pop but after ejaculation when I took out I couldn't see it break but since then after 10 days I had fatigue and diarrhea which lasted 1 month and swollen lymph nodes on my neck which lasted about 5 weeks and my main problem is some mouth lesions or ulcers inside my mouth in the area between the wisdom tooth and the tongue and I get sore throat till now that come and go and also night sweats now I know I used a condom but these symptoms have no other explanation I made cbc which was normal t3,t4 were normal also negative for epv and mono and negative at 27 days for syphlis and gnorrhea.

I went for an hiv antibody test at 27 days after the exposure which came back negative but I don't know what generation it is but its name is hiv 1,2 antibody test
and also tested negative at 47 days using the same test they took blood from the vein not finger prick
so what are my chances that I am hiv positive and are these mouth problems an ars symptoms that stay for this long?

Accuracy of Point of Care HIV Test

How accurate is a rapid antibody test at 24 days post exposure? Also, what are the chances of a negative rapid antibody result at 24 days changing at 90 days or 12 weeks assuming no further exposure to HIV.

Fear of HIV - Have symptoms but tested negative using Oraquick

On 08/22/18 I gave unprotected oral sex to a man. He did not appear to ejaculate. We also tongue kissed. He had a recently chipped front tooth that appeared red where the tooth had been chipped. I do not believe I had any open cuts in my mouth, but my gums do bleed a little from brushing daily, so I don't know how high the risk is that I could contract HIV that way. 9 days after being with him on 08/31/18 I started experiencing severe stomach pains that felt like bloating or excess gas (GasX did not help), and vomiting, along with constipation (hard & very little stool daily). I have never experienced this type of stomach pain before, and had not vomited in years before that day. I purchased an Oraquick test kit today (09/09/18) which is now 18 days after being exposed and the result was negative. My stomach discomfort has mostly subsided, but I now have a strange nagging muscle/joint ache in my left hip area whenever I move that leg, along with constipation still. I do not know the status of the man I was with. Any info would be helpful. I am planning on having a Rapid HIV test done as soon as I hit the 4 week mark.

Reactive Point of Care Test Result


I did a HIV test after I found out that my partner slept with someone unprotected 6 months ago. I tested positve for Chamidia and for the HIV it was negative but reactive so I need to get antother test over a month. I'm really scared to have it now. What are the changes that I've got HIV? I'm on a antibiotic for athlete's foot for 3 months. Can this also influence the test to be reactive? Or what can be causes to have a reactive negative outcome?
I'm sleeping now for more than a week badly because of this and am verry scared.

Accuracy of Point of Care HIV Test

Hey guys,

I would like to start with the thing that I am on PreP and taking it every day. 3 weeks ago or maybe a bit less I had unprotected sex and starting from Saturday (4th day today) I've been having a severe headache that never had before and some fever not higher though than 37.8C.
I am on painkillers right now and I would say it works quite alright. I tested my blood for HIV by HIV DUO Quick HIV1/HIV2 BIOMERIEUX yesterday and got results to be negative today. I asked the consultant about my situation taking into consideration the fever and severe headache whether it's confirmed that these symptoms were not caused by the conversion just by smth else since I believe that if someone has a conversion going on in their bodies with above-mentioned symptoms it means that a viral load is high and it would be easily detected by the machine. The consultant asked me to contact my doctor since he was not sure about that. I am out of the country now and I've got no possibility to do so. Could you please help me with that?
P.S. I stopped taking PreP on Saturday, the day I felt bad.


I had a risk last year with an escort (vaginal sex, i was too drunk , so i dont remember if a used the condom propperly), and took the INSTI test, on an AHF foundation, is this test reliable, the result was negative, i took it after 6 months of possible exposure, resulting non reactive, can i trust in the test, and in this result?

I did 2 HIV test, 1st test after exposure of 5 months and 2nd after 1 year of 1st test. Both were negative. Are these results conclusive?

Hello Sir, i had a girlfriend, who was HIV positive, and after our break up she told me that she is HIV positive. We had sex alot of times but most of time i used Condoms. But still i tested myself on sep 2016, it was an Antibody and antigen p24 test. The report was nonreactive. Again after 1 year i tested myself cause i was abit confused due to having a wart near my genital ... test was same Antibody and antigen p24 test. Again the report was nonreactive. can i rely on these reports or again i should go for a HIV test?

Question about Rapid Testing

hello! plz help... i have some questions on hiv testing.

I had a possible exposure in late may, three days after possible exposure. I gave a man unprotected oral sex. after this, I went into the ER with concerns that i have may have contracted hiv. They performed a rapid hiv blood test and the results came back negative. I know this is far to early, but it doesnt stop there. I am literally freaking out, I went to my personal doctor 14 days after exposure. I had a full panel std test done through my doctor. My main concern was hiv, that test came back negative. That following friday, 19 days after exposure I went to a HIV testing center and had an insti blood test done. They pricked my finger and performed the test, which came back negative. Of course I had access to the internet, so reading multiple sites I learned that this is also to early for a test. So 26 days after possible exposure, I went to another HIV clinic and had Alere determine rapid hiv test. The reason I went to get this test done is the people who work at this testing center told me that this test has a window period of 2 weeks after exposure. So i dont know this test came back negative also. But i am still freaking out. please help me with some advice regarding the accuracy of these test, and give me some advice with what i should do next. Thank u!

Conclusiveness of TRI-DOT Test

I had almost all symptoms for acute hiv infection and after 11 day i got HIV RNA PCR (qualitative) test which came not detected then after 51 days(7 weeks nd 2 days) i got hiv TRI-DOT (3rd generation test)antibodies test which too came back non reactive....so am i safe?


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