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Rapid/Point of Care Test

rapid hiv test 1 year post exposure

Hello, I received the rapid POC test in ontario 1 year after my exposure. It was negative...Is this conclusive or do i need to go get a different test to double check? Thanks



Had unprotected sex with a lady on 9th march 2016 (4-5 rounds on three occasions) letter when we tested the lady was positive with Determine. am worried, my first test with rapid test showed negative, in 21 days after last exposurer, Did PCR they said NO HIV DNA seen. in other laboratory after 56 days another laboratory results said my immune Virus-DNA quantitative less than 12iu/ml and this lies below cutoff point, but weak signal detected plus DNA, am infectious, when to another viral research centre at 58 days, they did rapid test (determine, stapak, unigol) all negative, cambo negative and try viral load, no HIV virus copies detected and at 76 days after last exposuser, determine still negative, which test should l believed in, am worried, becouse had even pharyngitis now but am being allergies to cold wherther and sit in a room with AC as an office.

Worried about HIV test at 87 days and 94 days post exposure

I experienced the worst days of my life especially that I am here far from my famile, living alone. I am just worried about the test i have done 87 and 94 days post exposure. Should I move on and forget all the things that happened and rule out hiv?

I had different tests undertaken that includes.
3 weeks - rapid 4th gen ag/ab
5 weeks - rapid 4th gen ag/ab
7 weeks - rapid 4th gen ag/ab
8 weeks and 4 days - lab test ( New Zealand Aids Foundation )
87 days - rapid 4th gen ag/ab
94 days - rapid 4th gen ag/ab


hiv infection

after 6 month doing sex , i have done rapid test is negative, should i go further test

depressed post four weeks of exposure.

I am from India. I have found your platform really helpful. But I still wanted your response on my particular condition.
I had a sexual encounter with a 'call girl' four weeks ago on 14th april 2016. there was no oral sex, anal sex, kissing. I used a condom and penetrated her twice and then I lost erection. I sucked her breasts twice. so it was not a complete intercourse. after taking out condom i saw a tear between foreskin and penis which was not there before. but after around 10 days i started to notice hardened glands in neck for brief periods and then it became normal. also i had very tiny pimples on face and arms. but they were identical. I went to the physician on 6th april 2016, exactly 3 weeks post exposure. he recommended a hiv 1&2 'rapid card' test which resulted 'non-reactive' but since past couple of days i have witnessed more tiny pimples on hands. what should i do?

Fingering with a 1 day old cut, 20 seconds oral sex

long story short, after a couple of french kisses, I proceed to finger her with a slight cut that burned slightly and them some oral sex which only featured one or two licks, then attempted to insert my penis (not hard) in her briefly and failed then she attempted oral sex on me but gave up after me not getting hard..
I suffered from a dry sore throat 2 weeks in and a one day long fever. No other symptoms arise so far besides bad breath which I remember having the day of the infection because I asked for tooth paste and a slight white tongue which a doctor denied being oral thrush.. also one painful gland under the chin which didn't hurt until I checked for swollen glands about 25 times.
I had bloodwork done for antibodies and antigens done 3 weeks in after the day of risk, and then I preformed an oral swab test a couple days later (both returned negative), her on the other hand had a HIV test 2 month prior and another oral swab one when I did.. They both returned negative which scares me even more because acute infections carry the most virus..
Am I at risk of anything or am I being delusional?

Worried :(

Good afternoon,

I went to a trip to Cancun, Mexico for spring break. I slept with a girl with a condom, but I was under the influence of the alcohol and don't remember if the condom broke or stuck in her. I am very scared and worried. I had pumps on the back of my toung and freaked out. Soon as I got back to USA, I went to a doctor and told her about the pumps and what happened. I got checked for std's and I was clean. I got checked for hepatitis C and it was negative. Then I started feeling Super dizzy, tired, soar toung, and tingling in my right arm and leg. Then my knee got swollen a little bit. I lost appetite, and a little weight. I asked the doctor and they said its anxiety. I haven't got a fever and it is 3 months and more now. After 8 weeks, I got a rapid HIV test and it was negative. I let my girl check herself as well she is clean. She got tested after 2 months and a half and ELISA and she is negative. I am still feeling weak and tired and concerned. I got my HIV test after 3 months, but I am still waiting my results. They told me that the rapid HIv test isn't very accurate, is that true? Also I feel my leg and arms still hurt and sometimes itching me. My skin is drier than before too. I am so scared, please help me.


what is the approximate widow period range for determine,statpak and uni-gold strips in detection of HIV

***URGENT*** is my test conclusive???????


I had a kiss (just kiss) and some body rubbing, rubbing the dick.. There was no oral or anal or any other activity. But the guy later said he had bleeding gum in the morning when he brushed. The kiss was many hours later in the evening. Even while kissing I did not taste any blood, and no cuts or sores etc. It was a healthy lips from both of us. I remember his lips was dry in the corner.

1) Rapid test- Tested myself Negative at 31 days - Can I take this as conclusive?
2) What if he had bleeding gum while kissing- Is that risky? how much blood is actually required to transmit hiv through kissing
3) Considering the activity described do you suggest another test after 3 months?

Please answer

please help

please help
i am so worried because i have symptoms as my partner (girl) has symptomes.
i am a male 32. i had unprotected sex with a female (csw) in 2013.
- did a rapid test (finger blood) after 6 weeks it came negative.
- i did a second rapid test after 15 weeks came negative.

and after 10 months i did :
- ECLIA test : Anti HIV1 &2 & sous-type 0 + Ag p24 and
- chromatographique rapide.
- all STD test = results are negative

after 3 years now i have symptoms like shortness of breath and dry cough with no responding to inhaler. and repeated night sweat.

my partner girl symptoms
- irregular period and to much bleeding during the period
- Abnormal vaginal discharge.
- fatigue
- nausea

can you help me and telling me what to do please. do i have to test again??
my life is getting so bad.


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