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Rapid/Point of Care Test

please help

please help
i am so worried because i have symptoms as my partner (girl) has symptomes.
i am a male 32. i had unprotected sex with a female (csw) in 2013.
- did a rapid test (finger blood) after 6 weeks it came negative.
- i did a second rapid test after 15 weeks came negative.

and after 10 months i did :
- ECLIA test : Anti HIV1 &2 & sous-type 0 + Ag p24 and
- chromatographique rapide.
- all STD test = results are negative

after 3 years now i have symptoms like shortness of breath and dry cough with no responding to inhaler. and repeated night sweat.

my partner girl symptoms
- irregular period and to much bleeding during the period
- Abnormal vaginal discharge.
- fatigue
- nausea

can you help me and telling me what to do please. do i have to test again??
my life is getting so bad.

Many worries, anixety, and distress.

Hello Helpline,

I had a risky encounter and knew that I needed to get STD testing done. I never really thought about HIV until I started searching up symptoms because while that anxiety started i've developed a swollen lymph node that is still on my neck, i've lost a lot of weight, and I cant sleep at night. I went to my walk in clinic and told the doctor what happened and they said HIV is not a very common STD to get but you should still get tested, so I did. It was 5 weeks after the exposure and the doctor told me to get tested at 3 months as well. They took blood of out of my vein so I dont know what generation test was being done. I couldn't wait 2 weeks to get the blood work back so I ended up finding a Sexual Health Clinic that does Rapid HIV testing. I went there and the woman told me my risk was very low and the test was done it came back negative. The test was an INSTI test, not sure how accurate these are. I felt some relief after the HIV test turned out negative but I met someone that I loved and I still had this persisting lymph node and i've been stressing a lot about that too. It's been a really distressing time for me. So I went back to the Sexual Health Clinic at 6 months just to make sure again and they asked me why I wanted to come back I just told them I have anxiety about the last test and again it came back negative. I saw some articles about people that dont have antibodies until their in AIDS stage and that really frightens me.. and does Anemia, low Iron, Lymphoma interfere with these? I've never had chemotherapy or anything done. I'm just really worried cause I dont know if I have an immune deficiency or something.

Thanks to whoever replies.

possible ARS infection and anxious about HIV

i had sex with a prostitute exactly two weeks back. Now i am having flu like symptoms since 3 days. i am having fever, tiredness, headache. But i read about other possible ARS symptoms and i am not experiencing any sort of diarrhoea,swollen lymph nodes, muscle joint pains etc. Now , after 3 days, my fever and headache are gone. But the online reviews suggest that ARS symptoms disappear soon after it occurs. i am so confused whether i am having a HIV infection or not. FYI:- i had protected sex, we didnt indulge in any oral sex. please help. what shall i do..?

48 day rapid test

how good is this test I read somewhere that im now 90% in the clear is to true what are the chances it changing at 12 weeks

Possible exposer on Apr 1st (Fools day)

I am male
I have unprotected oral and protected sex with Dancer on Apr 1st night.
Can you please tell me the possibility of the HIV infection ?
I am very much depressed and afraid

I took Oraquick home kit on

Apr 9th , Apr 15th Apr 22nd and Apr 29th – all are come as negative

Apr 28th – I gave blood work for HIV-1 AG W/HIV-1 & HIV-2 AB (4th generation test) along with STD test. And got the result on May 4th as Negative. Doctor asked me do one more test after 6 months.

May 2nd – I took Rapid Combo test in different clinic with finger blood –that came as negative. This time Doctor told me to take one more test after 3 months.

Please let me know the possibility of HIV infection after 3 or 6 months

condom broke

had sex with a sex worker which is hiv negative and the condom accidentally broke and i ejaculated inside her .
experienced flu like symptoms and and many associated symptoms like headache, lightheadedness and nightsweat

tested using rapid hiv test 5 months and it show negative
do i still need to check up ?

Testing Accuracy and window period


I need to know the accuracy of 4th generation EIA method with blood draw ? I took it exactly after 49 days (7 weeks). It was negative after 1 week of waiting for results. the clinic said these tests are accurate after 11 days. ( i know CDC and many experts say 28 days to 6 weeks)

I got tested at 77days with a rapid 4th generation test and a Clear View rapid test. I got tested because i felt little sick and i doubted my results. But they were negative as well.

Finally, i got tested at 90 days for conclusive results with a Insti rapid test. It was negative.

Today its been 1 month after my last test
& 4 months after a minor incident. So i started worrying about my tests again.

Can you verify if my results are correct and the tests taken were correct in terms of their accuracy and window period ? thanks

Is my test result conclusive ?

I have a long duration of illness which consist of mild headache, joint pains, muscles pains and 2 small swollen lymph nodes on my neck after a week i had a sexual intercourse with a Female ( i am Male). I believe it was a protected sex with condom but i was slightly drunk so i do not want to 100% confirm that the condom was always intact during the sexual intercourse. Those symptoms lasted at least a Month.

After 35 days i took 4th Gen RAPID test and the results was NEGATIVE, i also took another rapid test from a government clinic at day 42 which i am not sure whether it was 3rd or 4th gen but the result was NEGATIVE as well . Although it was negative but i am still paranoid.

After some research from the internet i found out that there are different views on the window period regarding 4th gen test. Some say 28 days is conclusive while some still claimed that 3 months is needed.

1. Is my test conclusive ?
2. I found out that World Health Organization claimed that 4th gen Rapid test is conclusive after 28 days. But CDC and many countries still suggest a 3 month re-test. So, who is right ?
3. Should i re test ?

48 day rapid test

what are the chances of my result changing at 3 months freaking out

unprotected cunnilings

i performed unprotected cunnilings on stripper! i got tested with hiv rapid test after 45 days(negative) and they said it is conclusive at 28 days. can i consider this conclusive and that was the first encounter and never had any after that. thanks in advance


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